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Curran with Today is The Day, May 2012 (more by Fred Pessaro // BBG)
Today is The Day

Curran Reynolds always tends to be up to a lot, sitting behind the kit in Today Is The Day and Wetnurse included. After January though, he will be up to a little less as his Precious Metal series at East Village club Lit Lounge is sadly, as previously mentioned, coming to an end. There are just three more installments, including one on January 7 with Ghostlimb and The Year Is One with BV's own Fred Pessaro (BBG) DJing. The flyer for that show is below. After the 1/7 date there's one on 1/14 with Jar'd Loose, Gentlemen, End it and DJ Mike SOS; and the finale on 1/21 with Hivesmasher, Fashion Week, Flaming Tusk, SOS and DJ Zeena Koda, which is a benefit for South Sound.

We spoke to Curran to find out what he's been listening to all year in between everything else. His Top 10 Albums of 2012 list includes some of the big heavy records of the year like Converge, Napalm Death, and Swans, but it also has some indie pop like School of Seven Bells and Violens (who Curran has been digging since his friend Jorge formed the band around 2008). The whole list is pretty eclectic and you can check it out below.

Today Is The Day will kick off a tour in 2013 with a killer support lineup of Black Tusk, KEN Mode, and FIght Amp. That tour hits NYC on March 6 at Saint VItus (tickets) and March 8 at The Studio at Webster Hall with a "special guest" TBA (tickets).

Precious Metal show flyer and Curran Reynold's year-end list below...

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Flourishing at Lit Lounge, June 2010 (more by Samantha Marble)

Flourishing's brand of death metal approaches early Broadrick-ian heights on Intersubjectivity, the band's new EP due on 11/13 via The Path Less Traveled Records. Sure, the band's The Sum of all Fossils LP told tales of their experimental spirit but the new EP clearly shows the band's impressive death metal chops combined with noisy Godflesh-style dirge and purge. Stream a track below and preorder the EP here.

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words and photos by BBG

Corrosion of Conformity

The Animosity lineup of Corrosion of Conformity played all of their Animosity LP at Highline Ballroom on Sunday (10/10) with one-off help from Today is The Day, Keelhaul, and The Ghosts of Saturday Night (who I missed). The three piece headliner (Mike Dean/Reed Mullin/Woody Weatherman) ripped out jams from the fave LP while sprinkling in new material along the way. Look for that soon on Southern Lord.

Today Is The Day is currently writing new material for their forthcoming LP on Black Market Activities/Metal Blade Records. The band now features Ryan and Curran of Wetnurse in addition to TITD mastermind Steve Austin.

In related news, Wetnurse will play Fontana's on 10/23 with Powerglove, Meek is Murder, Pack of Wolves, Batillus, and The Binary Code. The show kicks off at 4PM, 3 hours before the kick off of the Official BV-BBG showcase at Union Pool with The Body, Cough, Inter Arma, and Royal Thunder. The Fontana's show is one of two for presenters MetalSucks & 1000 Knives who are also bringing A Life Once Lost, Baptized in Blood, and Carbomb to Europa on 10/20 (tickets).

Keelhaul is done opening for CoC dates for now, and will hit the road next weekend for a string of dates with Russian Circles and Call Me Lightning (none in NYC). Those tour dates, as well as more pictures and video from Highline are below...

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photos by Paul Birman, words by BBG



The first night of the Salome / Landmine Marathon madness struck Union Pool last night (7/13), leaving a wake of overheated bodies and bruised/unprepared mosh casualties in it's path. The show saw the return of Wetnurse, who have been hiding as of late while the band works out new material and 40% of the band concentrates on performing as new members of Today Is The Day. Some of that new material, albeit in instrumental form, surfaced at the show and definitely shows potential.

Landmine Marathon primed the fourth pit that I have witnessed at the venue (the others being Skeletonwitch, Krallice last year, and Misery Index / Magrudergrind), with vocalist Grace personally instigating one of those. Salome were beyond brutal, showcasing a few new songs in their set.

The madness continues with Batillus (No Cleanteeth or Wetnurse) on Thursday (7/15) at Cake Shop, but until then, bear witness to the Union Pool show in pictures and video below...

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by BBG

Landmine Marathon & Salome @ Emo's (more photos by Tim Griffin & Brian Reilly)
Landmine Marathon

It's with the utmost excitement that I can announce Landmine Marathon and Salome will team up for a TWO nights of carnage in NYC! The pair will swap headlining duties over the two dates. LM headlines Union Pool on July 13th (with the return of Wetnurse). Then two days later Salome will headline at Cake Shop (on 7/15) with Batillus and Cleanteeth. The pair of dates are part of a stretch of shows that Landmine & Salome will do together, and part of a longer set of dates for Landmine Marathon that will also land them at Dudefest 2010 (alongside Arab on Radar, Voetsek, Trap Them, Weekend Nachos, Coffinworm, and many notable others). Most of these dates are still TBA.

Current tour dates, some video and the show flyer is below...

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by BBG

Laura of Kylesa (more by Paul Birman)

Earlier I discussed my favorite LPs of the year, but why leave the fun to just one? I asked some of my favorite artists and promoters for their 2009 highlights. The responses were great. You already saw some of them. Justina listed some quotes, Liam Wilson talked about Philly, and Josh Graham listed good things about 2009. They continue below. You'll find lists of favorite songs and albums of the year, not to mention answers to crucial questions like:

  • What are Coalesce's favorite pizza toppings?
  • Which one of my top 20 artists of the year tried to get in a cab with Kirsten Dunst?
  • What is the #1 sauce/condiment of 2009?
Find out the answers to those questions and more, below...

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words by BBG, photos by Sam Marble

Stevie Floyd of Dark Castle
Dark Castle

Dark Castle, The Atlas Moth, Wetnurse, and Tiger Flowers played on 11/17 as part of a BV sponsored event at Union Pool - part of a super intense week of NYC shows.

Young badasses Tiger Flowers started out the show with a steely dissonant hardcore intensity, but seemed to have a few nerves. As the set progressed the band became more focused, taut, comfortable, and WILD on stage. By the time they finished with personal fave "Drag", I was ready to hear another few songs.

I've liked Wetnurse for many years, and the local band were their usual intense and fun selves. They seemed water tight, possibly due to the show being the last of their touring cycle with The Atlas Moth. Frontman Eugene was in prime wild man form.

Chicago's The Atlas Moth were up next. The band's recorded output has been a recent favorite, but it doesn't match their live intensity and exacting execution; unreal live. The juxtaposition of vox/guitarist Stavros's high & low pitched screams against David's soaring and spot-on clean vocals sounded great against the wall of slight synths and crunchy guitars. I already can't wait to see them again.

It's hard to imagine such unholy bellows and thundering six-string power coming out of Dark Castle's thin as a rail frontwoman Stevie Floyd, and Rob Shaffer matches her riff-tensity with an intimidating drum kit. He uses both a marching snare and bass drum, with a floor tom that could pass for a regular kick drum and a rack tom that could pass for a floor tom. It was loud when i saw them at Lit Lounge, but through the more significant PA at Union Pool, needless to say, it was even louder. If you've never seen Dark Castle, you are truly truly missing out.

More pictures and Dark Castle tour dates below...

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by BBG

Wetnurse at the BV-BBG Showcase at Europa (more by Zach Dilgard)

As if Dark Castle and The Atlas Moth wasn't enough, we have now added the awesome Wetnurse to the previously announced bill at Union Pool on 11/17! One last band to go, details are to follow.

Wetnurse is hitting the road for a string of dates that will team the band up with other faves like Complete Failure (who played the BBG/Relapse Showcase), Lord Mantis (we premiered their track here), Javelina (who are poised to destroy The Charleston with Blacktusk, Batillus, and a secret guest), The_Network (we premiered their track too), and many notable others. Full tour schedule below.

Sepaking of The Charleston, another fave by way of Texas, Mammoth Grinder, has announced more tour dates with Dead City to promote Extinction of Humanity, including a date at The Charleston on 1/12. Full tour dates are below. We premiered two songs from Mammoth Grinder here, and caught the band when they opened for Hatred Surge at The Charleston.

Alex of Mammoth Grinder also plays with Hatred Surge and Iron Age. Iron Age recently "played" The Charleston.

All tour dates and some videos are below...

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photos by Zach Dilgard, words by Black Bubblegum


The first half of the BV-BBG showcase at Europa on 6/14 featured some excellent performances by the always dependable Wetnurse, "white-metallers" Liturgy, the intense weed-doom of Cough, galloping crusty-thunder of Howl, and sludgy-punk of Philly's Javelina. Though some equipment issues on the 2nd floor stage caused timing issues which ultimately led to both floors playing at virtually the same time, I managed to catch at least half of every set at Europa. Of what I saw, a few highlights come to mind:

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by Black Bubblegum

Wetnurse in front of the downstairs bar @ Europa last night (Sunday, June 14, 2009)

A sincere thanks goes out to all that attended, supported, or otherwise big-upped last night's (6/14) BV-BBG Showcase at Europa (part of the first-ever Northside Festival). Special shouts go to the out-of-towners (Doomriders, Clouds, Javelina, Howl, Cough, Sourvein) and the mighty Unearthly Trance for filling in for the fallen Zoroaster at the last minute. More pics will be up soon, but until then, here are a few videos from the show of Doomriders performing three new songs, as well as the classic "Black Thunder" courtesy of our peeps at MetalInjection...

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by Black Bubblegum

Nate Newton of Doomriders, mean-muggin' (photo by Cerebus Photography)

With supreme f'n excitement, we are pleased to announce the Official BrooklynVegan-BBG Showcase on June 14th at Club Europa as part of the inaugural Northside Festival! Hide your wallet, lock up your daughter, and scoot on down for the following lineup of miscreants, rapscallions, and ne'erdowells:

* Doomriders
* Zoroaster
* Clouds
* Sourvein
* Javelina
* Cough
* Howl
* Wetnurse
* and more TBA!

Stokeage! Tickets are only $12 and go on sale Wednesday 5/20. You can also get in with a Northside Festival badge.

Note: you won't find The Tallest Man On Earth at Europa on 6/14 (you'll find him at MHOW two days earlier at the first BV Northside showcase), but you may find some of the loudest (men on earth).

Doomriders recently completed recording their new album Darkness Come Alive due this summer via Deathwish. Europa is one of three shows that the band has scheduled so far, and the only NYC area date.

Zoroaster are touring off of their new album Voice of Saturn, and playing a string of dates with Mouth Of The Architect, followed by some dates this summer with Serpentcult and The Gates Of Slumber.

Doomriders, Zoroaster, and Sourvein tour dates, as well as a Zoroaster video from their last trip to Europa, below...

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words by Black Bubblegum, photos by Justina Villanueva

A Life Once Lost

The outer reaches of hardcore had it's time out of the darkness on May 3rd, as A Life Once Lost teamed up with Buried Inside, Rosetta, and Wetnurse for Show No Mercy at Public Assembly. The show was one show of a previously announced tour for ALOLwho currently has dates lined up through middle May with Thy Will Be Done.

If you missed Rosetta, make sure and catch the "astronaut-metallers" next month at Death By Audio on June 5th.

The next Show No Mercy is lined up for June 7th with Salome, Woe, Black Anvil and Snake Sustaine (featuring members of ALOL).

More pictures below...

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by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: Black Kites - "Advancement To Ruins" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Grayceon - "It Begins, And So It Ends" (MP3)


The mighty YOB have revealed details on their upcoming new album for Profound Lore! In a blog post entitled "Tracking And Mixing Is Done", the band offered the following update:

The new album has been tracked and mixed. It will be mastered at the end of the month by Billy Barnett at Gung-Ho Studio in Eugene, Oregon. Sanford Parker did such a fantastic job and was so easy to work with. Truly professional and amazing at every turn. We are confident our friends worldwide are going to dig our new vibes channeled through Sanford's engineering wizardry.

The album will be titled The Great Cessation with 5 songs clocking in @ 62 minutes... The tentative release date is late July... The titles: Burning The Altar, The Lie That Is Sin. Silence Of Heaven, Breathing From The Shallows, The Great Cessation


I second Mike Scheidt's last statement.

As we mentioned before, 108 will be in NYC on April 25th, bringing along with them the mighty Pulling Teeth, who just dropped their new album Paranoid Delusions, Paradise Illusions. Tickets are still available, or you can win a FREE pair of tickets and a copy of Pulling Teeth's new CD! Details on how to win are below, before the tour dates.

Black Kites
Black Kites

Black Kites have dropped their new LP, Advancement To Ruins, and it is a manaical chunk of crust-laden hardcore that reminds me of Acme, Cursed, Disembodied, and a ton of other bands that I WISH the hardcore community would look up to. Comprised of ex-members of The Assistant, This Ship Will Sink, You and I, and current members of Zhenia Golov, check out the title track available for download above, and pick up the record at Ride The Fury Records. In the meantime, look for the NJ trio to play June 13th at ABC No Rio, as well as a few other shows around the tri-state. Full tour dates are below.

Pentagram will team up with Nachtmystium for a handful of dates on the west coast and in Blake's native Chicago. Nachtmystium's new EP Doomsday Derelicts drops on May 15th via Battle Kommand/Century Media. Pick it up before one of them gets killed in a drive-by. Pentagram played Webster Hall earlier this year.

Footage of Crom Live at Cake Shop, 1349, Anaal Nathrakh, Napalm Death live footage, and so much more as This Week In Metal continues...

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photos by Justina Villanueva, words by Black Bubblegum

Black Anvil, in mid thrash.
Black Anvil

The bunny was shown no mercy on Easter Sunday, as Genghis Tron, Tombs, Wetnurse, and Black Anvil took care of business at Public Assembly (4/12). The Brooklyn venue was packed for the show that "might be" the last NYC show for da 'Tron in 2009 - the band is setting aside some time post-Coachella to work on new material.

Tombs, who are back from a long trek with Pelican and Wolves in The Throne Room, have only a couple shows lined up until the band hits the road with Isis (and Pelican on some dates). Tickets for Isis/Pelican/Tombs on June 2nd at Irving Plaza are on sale.

Wetnurse have a couple area dates in the next couple weeks: April 16th in Bloomfield, NJ with Landmine Marathon (who fuckign DESTROYED last night, more on that later) and April 26th at Union Pool with The Austerity Program & Tournament. After that, the band will play a second Show No Mercy event at Public Assembly on May 3rd with A Life Once Lost, Buried Inside, and Rosetta. A month and a half after that, the band hits the road with Lord Mantis (who we profiled here) for a US tour.

By my strictly unscientific polling, Black Anvil might have recieved the most "oohs and ahhs" of the night. If you missed them, then you have two more chances to catch the band in NYC in the coming months: May 20th at Chief Bodega with Vermefug, Entrails Massacre, and PLF and July 11th at Rock Star Bar with Dimentianon. The band has one additional show lined up for Richmond, on May 9th, where they will team up with Occultist and Bastard Sapling.

More pictures from the show below...

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words by Black Bubblegum, photos by Justina Villanueva

Bloody Panda
Bloody Panda

Bloody Panda headlined a night of NYC metal with Villains and Wetnurse at Santos Party House on Feb 26th... check out the bloodbath/aftermath adorned in the pictures below...

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by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: Woe - "Alone With Our Failures" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Castevet - "Stones" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Crucifier - "When The Bough Breaks" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Crucifier - "The Funeral" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Dimentianon - "Dead and Forgotten" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Batillus - Batillus EP (ZIPPED MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Wetnurse - "Not Your Choice" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Ocean - "The Beacon" (MP3 Snippet)
DOWNLOAD: Ocean - "Of The Lesser" (MP3 Snippet)

Woe on 1/7/08, photo by Scott Kinkade

The Ocean/Salome/Riff Cannon/Batillus edition of Brandon Stosuy (Pitchfork)'s Show No Mercy showcase at at Public Assembly isnt even here yet (that's on 2/15. Check out the Seldon Hunt flyer below), but we have already have word on some of the bands in the months to come, including Genghis Tron, Krieg, Tombs, Wetnurse, Villains, and Crucifier!

First up, March 1st, a scant two weeks after the Ocean/Salome rumble off, Show No Mercy turns the speed waaaaay up with the pairing of the black metal horde Krieg and Philly's Woe (others TBA). Krieg is the brainchild of Imperial, former member of Nachtmystium and Twilight, the defunct black metal super group that at one time featured Blake Judd (Nachtmystium), Malefic (Xasthur), Wrest (Leviathan, Lurker of Chalice), Hildolf (Draguar) and even, for a short time, Aaron Turner (Isis). Woe released the awesome A Spell For The Death Of Man, which is available for pay-what-you-want digital download.

Three weeks later (3/22) as part of a record release party for Paragon Records, Crucifier, will team up with Villains, Castevet, Nocnitsa, and Dimentianon. Crucifier are welcoming their new 10", Trampled Under Cloven Hooves and have posted a pair of MP3s for download... check out "The Funeral" and "When The Bough Breaks". Castevet are welcoming the Salt/Stones 7", which is available for pre-order here. Check out "Stones" from that 7" available for download above. The new Villains album, Lifecode of Decadence, is due "soon" on Nuclear War Now.

And finally, on April 12th, Genghis Tron will headline an eclectic night with Tombs and Wetnurse. Genghis Tron are also playing a show scheduled a few weeks before at Europa, with Converge/Coliseum/the entire Deathwish roster (not really) (tickets). Genghis Tron are also playing Coachella. Tombs will release their new album Winter Hours on Feb 17th. Wetnurse recently played The Charleston with Graf Orlock and Lewd Acts.

Woe and Tombs will team up on Feb 21st to play ABC No Rio with Black Anvil and Bastard Sapling. Later that same night, Tombs plays Death By Audio with Defeatist, Engineer & The Wayward. We interviewed Mike Hill of Tombs here.

Villians & Castevet recently played Public Assembly with the mighty Malkuth and Ipsissimus.

Cannabis Corpse recently played Show No Mercy with Skeletonwitch. Vice Magazine dressed up as the Cannabis Corpse Weed Monster and lived to tell about it. Here's a great quote about the experience:

"The costume smelled of many many many men, and beer, and scrotum, and more beer and MORE scrotes."

February 15th flyer below...

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words by Black Bubblegum, photos by Lori Baily

Graf Orlock
Graf Orlock

"Check it out... independently targeted particle beam phalynxes... WAP! We got tactical smart missiles, base plasma pulse rifles, we got sonic electronic ball breakers! We got nukes... we got knives... sharp sticks"
And with that pitch perfect whine delivered by Bill Paxton in Aliens, then re-delivered via sampler in the basement of The Charleston on 1/18, Graf Orlock sailed into the first song of their set, "Game Time" from Destination Time: Tomorrow. The LA-based grind crew were slated to headline the night, but came on third due to some scheduling issues with the opening bands 26 Beers and Vermefug (who played 4th and 5th, though I didn't stay for them).

Wetnurse was first, drawing mostly from their latest record, Invisible City. Gene is a madman on "stage" (read: dirt floor) and the band sounded as unpredictable as ever, even though guitarist Greg Kramer was barely audible in the mix. From my poor vantage point, I literally had to check and see if they were missing a guitar player. They weren't.

Lewd Acts were up next, and although it was my first experience with the band (and likely Lori Baily's last.. a casualty of Tyler Lewd's "dancing"), their firebrand style of hardcore was simple, direct, and just plain great. Kurt Ballou (Converge) is on the boards for their upcoming LP, so I would imagine that this is one for hardcore fans to look out for when it drops.

Continued below...

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by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: Graf Orlock - "Run Over By A Truck" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Graf Orlock - "A Shocking Interrogation" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Wetnurse - "Not Your Choice" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Lewd Acts - "Play Me Something That I Know" (MP3)

Sweeeet undies, GOrlock!

What do you get when you cross a metal band with a serious case of ADD and multiple personality disorder, spazzy-grinders with a Point Break fetish, and a crew from a whale's vagina with a Deathwish? A f'n good show, that's what!

Wetnurse, Graf Orlock, Lewd Acts, and 26 Beers will redline the RPH meter (that's riffs per hour) when they team up to destroy The Charleston in Brooklyn on Sunday Jan 18th. The shindig kicks off at 9.

Graf Orlock and Lewd Acts are in the midst of an East Coast tour that also brings the band to New Brunswick, NJ on Saturday Jan 17 and completes in Atlanta on Jan 24.

As we reported in July, Graf Orlock is prepping Destination Time Today, due on March 3rd via Level Plane. Decibel proclaimed it one of the most anticipated albums of 2009. I gotta agree.

Wetnurse recently released Invisible City, garnering heaping shit-tons of end-of-year accolades, including by John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats...

John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats' Best of 2008:
Wetnurse, Invisible City (Seventh Rule)
Larkin Grimm, Parplar (Young God)
Tata Young, One Love (Sony/BMG)
Kaki King, Dreaming of Revenge (Velour)
Aura Noir, Hades Rise (Tyrant Syndicate)
Cece Winans, Thy Kingdom Come (EMI Gospel)
Killer Mike, I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind 2 (SMC Recordings)
Planet Asia & DJ Muggs, Pain Language (Gold Dust Media)
the Breeders, Mountain Battles (4AD)
Enslaved, Vertebrae (Season of Mist)
We interviewed Wetnurse drummer Curran Reynolds around the time the album came out.

Lewd Acts recently signed on with hardcore heavyweights Deathwish Inc, and are finishing up their LP with Kurt Ballou at God City Records. Until that drops, the band has a few 7"s including their latest one, Lung Patrol, on 16oh Records... check out "Play Me Something That I Know" from the Lung Patrol 7" above and pick one up at the show!

By the way, I'm not usually one to point out merch, but one gander at Graf Orlock's merch from past and present is good for a chuckle.

All dates and Sunday's flyer below...

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by Black Bubblebgum

sunn o))) @ Knitting Factory (more by Damien Neva)

Ya hear that rumble? Thats the sound of great records perched in the distance waiting to descend on 2009 (more on that later). While this year will bring about great music and another set of "next big things", let's take the time to be thankful for 2008 and all of it's memorable records and shows. Here are my favorite records of 2008:

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words by Black Bubblegum, photos by Tim Griffin

Harvey Milk
Harvey Milk

Harvey Milk headlined the "weird & heavy" festival, known as The Beasts Of East fest, at Europa in Brooklyn on Sunday(11/2). Bison BC (pics here), Casket Architects, Bezoar, The Body, Wizardry (pics here), Wetnurse, and many others were also on the bill. Unfortunately, Harvey Milk was a trio - newest member Joe Preston was nowhere to be found. More pictures from the show, including a shot of HM's setlist, below...

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by Black Bubblegum

Weedeater @ Knitting Factory, Aug 2008 (davebgimp)

Weedeater have dropped off their tour with Today Is The Day:

We regret to announce that our Oct/Nov dates are now canceled. Shep broke his hand in a bicycle accident and he needs orthopedic surgery. Unfortunately he will not be healed in time to join the tour with Today is the Day. We are all very bummed about this, and although we won't be there, we encourage all of you weed-metalists to go to these shows and support Today is the Day. Please wish Shep a speedy recovery and we will see you all again soon!
Today Is The Day is still on and Wetnurse will now provide direct support at the Knitting Factory on 11/5 (tommorrow). Tickets are still available. All/affected dates are below...

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Beasts of the East

This is that Harvey Milk (with Joe Preston) show we were talking about. Also playing the 12-hour, 2-stage show: Wetnurse (see our interview with Curran Reynolds), Wizardry, Bison B.C. and probably most of the bands listed on the flyer above, BUT Tombs seems to have dropped off the bill (though, as previously mentioned, they have a show coming up December 20th at Union Pool).

Alternatively (Sunday), Killdozer is at Knitting Factory and Pelican plays Bowery Ballroom

Listen to Harvey Milk's "I Do Not Know How To Live My Life" in the video below...

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by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: Wetnurse - Not Your Choice (MP3)


The source argument of Malcolm Gladwell's bestseller The Tipping Point is that the smallest of sparks can set the world ablaze. Hailed as one of "the most vital music nights in town" by Time Out New York, Curran Reynolds is testing Gladwell's theory every Monday at Precious Metal, where the heavy underground can literally be found underground.... in the basement of Lit Lounge.

In addition to Precious Metal, Curran Reynolds has a few other balls in the air. He does PR for multiple heavy indie labels and beats the skins for his band, Wetnurse. This April Wetnurse signed with Seventh Rule (starter home for Akimbo, Sweet Cobra, Plague Bringer, among others). They'll drop Invisible City on September 30th (this Tuesday).

Invisible City is just that, an unseen metropolis of unpredictable left-turns and locals-only rights that only the most learned of metalheads should be able to traverse, yet catchiness grows like a weed through the cracked concrete. Stylistically, Invisible City reflects the diversity of Precious Metal, representing noise rock, metal, post-hardcore, and grind while never falling into the trappings of any single genre.

Wetnurse is prepping for an east coast tour in the month of October, kicking off with an Invisible City record release show at Precious Metal at Lit Lounge on Sept 29th (tonight) and concluding with an opening slot for the mighty Harvey f'n Milk at Europa on November 2nd (tickets are on sale)

We sat down with Curran earlier this month to discuss his party, Lansing-Dreiden, the influence of Steve Austin, and..... Tchaikovsky?


BrooklynVegan: So let's start out with the origins of Precious Metal...

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DOWNLOAD: Ehnahre - "Part II" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Wetnurse - "Not Your Choice" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Agenda Of Swine - "Amongst The Forgotten" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Early Graves - "Safety Net Acrobats" (M4A)
DOWNLOAD: Wrnlrd - "Breath Of Doors" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Behexen - "Born In The Serpent Of The Abyss" (MP3)

Enslaved's Vertebrae

Enslaved announced domestic details of their new album "Vertebrae"..... it's due October 28th at their new home, Nuclear Blast! As previously reported, the band is ready to pounce on Europe with Stonegard & Krakow in tow. In related Enslaved news, Herbrand Larsen of has been tapped to produce the new album by the Gaahl/King Ov Hell version of Gorgoroth. The band will enter the studio on August 25th to record eight new tracks written by King ov Hell with Frost of 1349/Satyricon/Keep Of Kalessin fame on drums. 1349 will be at Nokia on Sept 6th (stoked! tix still avail) with Carcass, Rotten Sound, Suffocation, and Necrophagist. Satyricon recently announced the title of their new album due on November 3rd, The Age of Nero.

Boston's Ehnahre, featuring former members of Kayo Dot, will drop The Man Closing Up on Sept 1st via Sound Devastation Records. The gloomy experimental death/doom band enlisted Nick Zampiello (ISIS, Old Man Gloom, Mare, etc) to master the record, Jonah Jenkins (Only Living Witness, Raw Radar War) on guest vocals, as well as appearances by ex-Kayo Dot-ers Forbes Graham & Greg Massi. Check out on "Part II" (downladable above) featuring vocals by Jonah Jenkins!

Early Graves (fka Apiary) dropped We: The Guillotine on August 19th. Featuring a guest shot by Eugene Robinson (Oxbow), Steve Austin (Today Is The Day) appears on (vocals and guitar) and produced the record for Ironclad (Trevor from Unearth's label) Check out "Safety Net Acrobats" above.

Nifelheim, Lamb Of God, Wetnurse, Kylesa, Integrity, Withered, Om and more below...

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