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Sam Hillmer (left) playing with Zs @ the Yard (more by Sarahana)

You Are Here (The Maze) is a performance festival in a sculptural maze taking place at Williamsburg's Death By Audio from September 10 - October 2, 2009. Emphasizing the sprawling and interconnected nature of New York's underground, a trip through the maze offers a peak inside NYC's diy art/music scene. A meditation on passage and desire, You Are Here engulfs the space and presents beckoning inhabitants, dead ends, and uplifting epitaphs. Medium and genre vary and overlapping and simultaneous performances are frequent, each performer establishing a different corner or dead end as his or hers.
The lineup and installation is being put together by TROUBLE (Sam Hillmer & Laura Paris). Acts in the three-week schedule include Calvin Johnson, Screaming Females, Mick Barr, Ty Segal, Grooms, Extra Life and others.

Skeletons kick off the first night of the festival on September 10th as the Skeletons Big Band, a 12-piece band (expanded from their usual four) that's also playing September 7-9th at Roulette. There they'll be performing "New Works for a Larger Ensemble" which includes "excerpts and new arrangements from their record in progress "PEOPLE," a long form piece based around conversations in Greyhound busses and stations, and beyond..."

The full schedule for the Maze (and the lineup for Skeletons Big Band) is below...

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Bowery Ballroom and Brooklyn Bowl

Brooklyn Bowl and Bowery Presents are announcing today that they've formed a partnership. Josh Moore of Bowery Presents is now the head talent buyer (booker) for, not only Music Hall of Williamsburg, but also Brooklyn Bowl.

Brooklyn Bowl will continue to occasionally program its own events too, and continue to work with various promotional partners (for instance partnering with JellyNYC to make the bowling alley / music venue the official afterparty location of the Pool Parties this summer), but I think for the most part, Brooklyn Bowl will now appear to be part of the Bowery family.

"We watched Brooklyn Bowl grow from the ground up," says Moore. "The project was indeed ambitious but it was so well conceived and executed -- it just worked. We are also excited to be in business with our good friends, Peter Shapiro and Charley Ryan, who did an amazing job bringing the venue to life. After spiritedly competing on bookings over the past few weeks we mutually realized that we should work together, rather than compete against one another."
Will Griggs, co-founder of Cantora Records, has been hired to work with Josh on booking the bowling alley, and Brooklyn Bowl's current talent buyer, Mia Sladyk, "will continue to work with Brooklyn Bowl as a favored promoter".
"This is an ideal development for Brooklyn Bowl," said Brooklyn Bowl co-founder, Peter Shapiro. "Even from the first few shows, the venue has developed a reputation for being one of the most unique live music experiences in New York. We've been thrilled with the response and want to take our momentum into this partnership with The Bowery Presents. We are very appreciative of the significant contributions that Mia Sladyk made to Brooklyn Bowl; she has been a key member of our team and we look forward to continuing to work creatively with her in the future."
Brooklyn Bowl is an amazing new venue. Bowery Presents books a lot of great shows. This could be a good thing.

Videos of The Drums and Cymbals Eat Guitars playing the recent Insound show at Brooklyn Bowl, below...

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photos by Tim Griffin

Girl Talk

"From every vantage point, there were flailing body parts, sweat-drenched faces and tumbling body surfers. After hours of shoving, pushing, jumping, air-humping and fist-pumping, the crowd screamed and let out a huge breath of air and walked their limp bodies home in the rain.

Even though his live show is little more than a dude from Pittsburgh with a laptop, Gillis' intensity is undeniable. He started the concert dry-headed and wearing a sweatshirt, but by the end of the set he was half-naked and completely soaked in his own sweat. By then, Gillis was just another dude in the crowd, as the audience had long since rushed the stage to join the party next to Gillis. Halfway through the set, the music stopped suddenly because the crowd had pulled out some cords. 10 minutes later, the music stopped again because the stage was falling apart from all the weight of the dancing fans.

"You guys broke the stage!" Gillis yelled." [MTV]

You can view one set of pictures from the show, HERE, and another set that's Gillis-free, below....

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You Are Here

Remember Death By Audio's 12-hour benefit on July 25th for something called You Are Here: A Maze?

Sam Hillmer & Laura Paris, who dubbed their art collaboration Trouble, had the first You Are Here festival in 2007, at 44th street between Sixth Avenue and Broadway. Paris drew out the floor-plan of the maze, while Hillmer, who plays tenor saxophone for the Zs, booked bands to play in the space and coordinated efforts to bring people inside to interact with the maze.

"It didn't seem like the kind of thing that could just sit in a gallery, it needs constant traffic," Hillmer explained. "That is the piece, people dealing with the situation [presented by the maze]."

This year's festival, scheduled for Spetember 10th through October 2nd, will take up the entire space of Death by Audio and feature a maze constructed out of salvaged doors from Built It Green, a nonprofit organization that sells surplus building materials. The space will also have woodchip-covered floors ("to reference mazes built out of bushes," Hillmer notes). The twists and turns of the venue will be littered by some 200 of Paris' sculptures, molded from some of her pieces and then cast repeatedly. [Greenpoint Gazette]

According to the promoter, "Medium and genre vary and overlapping and simultaneous performances are frequent, each performer establishing a different corner or dead end as his or hers." Sounds fun.

The preliminary lineup (aka almost a month's worth of shows at the venue while the maze is up) mixes interesting out of town names (Calvin Johnson, Ty Segal, The Coathangers) with local acts like Skeletons (as 'Skeletons and the Kings of All Cities'), Mick Barr (he is local right?), Extra life and Stars Like Fleas. Full lineup to be announced soon but more of it is below, along with video footage of the first Maze (starring Dave Longstreth, Thee Oh Sees and others), and other details and the flyer for the new Maze...

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Brooklyn Bowl (more by Chris La Putt)
Brooklyn Bowl


For the first time in it's history, Seaport Music is ducking the rain and headed to Brooklyn, to save tonight's scheduled concert featuring Polvo with Obits. The show will be held at Brooklyn Bowl located at 61 Wythe Avenue (between N 11th and 12th Streets) in Williamsburg. Doors to the 600-person venue will open at 6 p.m., with bands scheduled to perform at 10p.m. First come, first served.

Just like Friday nights on the Pier, admission is free and on a first-come basis ONLY for the first . Keep in mind, show is 21 and over only. We apologize to our all ages fans but we are doing what we can!

Come out to Brooklyn and check out Brooklyn Bowl tonight, come for the show, stay for drinks and dinner. Show your support for your favorite series by 21 and up only Brooklyn Bowl is accessible via the L Train to the Bedford Ave. stop or the G Train to the Nassau Ave. stop.

This is the awesomest bad news ever.

In the meantime, those at All Points West (many on the BV team included) are getting soaked at the moment.


"Hipsters are the friends who sneer when you cop to liking Coldplay. They're the people who wear T-shirts silk-screened with quotes from movies you've never heard of and the only ones in America who still think Pabst Blue Ribbon is a good beer. They sport cowboy hats and berets and think Kanye West stole their sunglasses. Everything about them is exactingly constructed to give off the vibe that they just don't care...

...Though the subculture is met with derision in wider society, hipsters have been able to eke out enclaves across the country, chief among them the Brooklyn, N.Y., neighborhood of Williamsburg." [Time Magazine]


Spank Rock & Amanda Blank @ The Shank in March (by Tod Seelie)
Spank Rock @ the Shank

"What went on inside soon became the stuff of legend, so much so that very few revelers were willing to go on the record for this story, even to admit they'd visited The Shank. Engel declined to comment specifically on The Shank's reputation as a drug den, but admitted to the obvious: "We weren't exactly policing things." Prerequisite hedonisms aside, the vast, windowless space seemed to radiate depravity from its very walls, from its unmarked entrance to the plank patrons had to traverse over murky waters to get to the much-abused bathrooms. "I bought the same jeans twice," explained Telli Gramz, also of Ninjasonik. "I like dirty white jeans, but these just got destroyed. The Shank will fuck your shit up."...

...According to many people I spoke to, the club's real decline started when Engel asked [Jonathan] Toubin to take a Saturday off and booked a one-off party thrown by promoters Bikes in the Kitchen. The evening began with sets from local party fixtures like Juiceboxxx, Ninjasonik and Team Robespierre, and culminated in a performance by Spank Rock and Amanda Blank."... [NY Press]

A performance by Spank Rock and Amanda Blank and Ninjasonik also marked the end (of the day on the second stage) of this year's Siren Festival. Video of Lightspeed Champion (with a guest from We Are Scientists) playing at the recent Jon Wiley benefit at the Shank, and some other videos, below...

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Heroin-addict hobos from around the country are overrunning hipster haven Williamsburg - living in stalled luxury condo projects in the trendy Brooklyn neighborhood.

The newcomers, who call themselves "gutter punks," are stirring outrage among residents and shopkeepers who charge the bums brawl on the sidewalk, shoplift and shoot heroin in trendy cafe bathrooms.

"It's like St. Marks in the '70s," said Williamsburg activist Philip DePaolo, referring to the notorious East Village hangout. "It's the bad old days all over again. There's crack and heroin all over the neighborhood." [Daily News]

* Jay Mundy returns with another Williamsburg rant (listen)
* Williamsburg trust-funders affected by recession! (NY Times)

words & photos by Chris La Putt


On Friday night (7/10), Brooklyn Bowl became one of the newest concert venues in Williamsburg with Brooklyn band O'Death as the first of many bands to come grace its stage. Bowling and concerts don't necessarily go hand in hand (editor's note: yes they do! I think.), but the sound of the rowdy shirtless band and its fans easily overpowered the sound of the bowling balls crashing into the pins adjacent to the stage. With 16 lanes, multiple bars, wait service, and a booming sound system, this venue definitely gives other venues (in the 600-capacity range) ample competition.

As part of its green commitment, Brooklyn Bowl has implemented a number of eco-conscious designs to its building such as: a no bottle or can policy (you get beer in a glass!), recycled truck tires for the stage floor and the use of LED lighting for the stage which uses 90% less energy than the typical stage lighting. It's also one of the few buildings in Brooklyn that run on 100% wind-powered electricity.

Will it be a success? We hope so. Currently, there's not many upcoming shows announced aside from the 2-night Lebowski Fest. There's also a Clutch listening party scheduled to take place there on Tuesday (7/14) @ 6pm (Clutch's new album, 'Strange Cousins From The West,' is out this week on the band's own Weathermaker Music). The schedule will probably fill out soon though - at least partly with bands that have played Wetlands (which Bowl owner Peter Shapiro previously owned). Right now the venue is still in some state of 'soft launch'.

More pictures from Friday night's show with O'Death and after-party by the Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt, below......

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Thee Oh Sees @ 979 Broadway Backyard (more by Tim Griffin)
Thee Oh Sees

San Francisco pals Thee Oh Sees and The Fresh & Onlys, who both made an appearance at the Woodsist/CT Fest on July 4th, are touring this fall. Their tour dates include NYC shows at the Bell House on Friday, October 9th and a Mercury Lounge show the day before on Thursday, October 8th. Tickets to the Mercury Lounge show are now on AmEx presale. General sale starts Friday, July 10th at noon. No Bell House tix yet.

Thee Oh Sees' next NYC appearance will be on Saturday, July 18th when they play as part of the free Siren Festival in Coney Island. To be more exact, they'll be playing on The Stillwell Stage at 3:30 PM. Siren's set times were just announced. Check them out below.

In addition to the July 4th show, Thee Oh Sees also played a July 2nd gig at Glasslands....

John Dwyer...pulled some serious rock moves [July 2nd] during a short and sweaty Oh Sees set: chomped microphones, climbed stacks, cut his knee open, and smashed the fuck out of that lovely green flood light with the headstock of his guitar.

But before all this happened, me and about twenty other people got approached by some circling van cops and told to produce IDs. Never a good sign, right? We all got summonses for "blocking the bike lane" outside Glasslands! I don't know about anyone else, but in my case, unless that bike lane is on the sidewalk thirty feet away from the venue entrance, that's bullshit. Damned quotas... they smelled blood when they saw a congregation gathered on an otherwise empty stretch of Kent and cruised down looking to bust people. They got someone for open container early, but the rest was just crap.

Worst of all, the cops tried to make it sound like it was the people using the bike lane that complained about the crowd, but no one was in the street until the NYPD showed up and started taking peoples' IDs!" [Chief]

MGMT played Glasslands on July 4th. A video from Thee Oh Sees' Woodsist Fest set, and all Siren set times, below...

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photos by Tim Griffin, words by Andrew Frisicano

Dum Dum Girls

The Woodsist/Captured Tracks Festival's Day One (7/3) was moved inside the Market Hotel. Thankfully, the weather held out for its second, 4th of July lineup, which went off as planned in the grassy, rock-filled lot of 979 Broadway Backyard.

I arrived just as Real Estate was going on, and the New Jersey band nearly stole the show with dreamy rock that seemed to be made for a sunny afternoon. The Beets held down their set with a casualness befitting a park lodge show (kind of what the fest was on a slightly bigger scale). The guys gave new meaning to the word "ramshackle" as things seemed to be toppling over continually onstage.

German Measles played a set before I got there. Bill caught them and said they "aren't actually that bad... But they're also not very good. And that kind of seems to be the point. Shambolic is an understatement, like 'why rehearse when we can just play shows?"

The Great Excape did a set of Jersey-style pop-punk that included their own theme song, several politically-themed tunes (a nice touch) and a cover of "Summertime Blues." Ganglians brought one of the day's only keyboards, and burst with a flurry of reverb and overdrive.

Brilliant Colors started out with straight-ahead noise punk, with a bit of a melody void left by their super-reverbed vocals (maybe a theme of the night) and washed-out guitar. When the bass stepped up its riffs a few songs in, the band immediately sounded twice as catchy. The Fresh and Onlys took that bass-forward momentum and went with it. Their bassist pounded the notes in between and then some. As a result, the group had one of the most complete sounds of the night (with a tambourine and three-part harmonies rounding it out). They dedicated their last song to the member of Tyvek in the hospital (the reason for that band's cancellation). Hopefully their situation turns out better.

Dum Dum Girls

Dum Dum Girls had to be one of the night's cleanest sounding groups. The band relied heavily on singer Dee Dee's vocals, which harmonized with drummer Frankie Rose on their songs' many hooks.

The atmospheric rock of Woods definitely got jammier as it progressed. As Bill Pearis pointed out, the group's fourth member, who sat on the floor twiddling effects and singing into a microphone strapped to his face, was a bit strange considering the rest of the guys were dressed proper enough for church. Whatever you have to do to make it sound good I suppose.


Kurt Vile & the Violators roared into the night as the sun finally went down. Vile and Vivian Girls (who, as one commenter pointed out, "played with a great intensity") more than warmed up the crowd for Thee Oh Sees, who capped the night (for some) with an unstoppable set. Frontman John Dwyer was literally foaming at the mouth as a streak of white drool smeared across his face for part of the set. Thee Oh Sees' strange, repetition-laced anthems are amazing for shaking and rattling, as the crowd proved. The band even got talked into playing an encore before sending everyone into the night.

The rest of the pictures from Day Two, with a bunch of videos, below...

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"After two years of development, we're happy to finally say... Brooklyn Bowl has arrived!"

Brooklyn Bowl

Brooklyn Bowl, the highly anticipated 16-lane bowling alley, 600-capacity performance venue with food by Blue Ribbon in Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighborhood, is pleased to announce it will be open for business in a soft launch capacity beginning this Tuesday, July 7, at 6:00 p.m.

Operating hours will be scaled back during the soft launch: Sunday, Tuesday - Thursday, 6:00 pm - 2:00 am, and Friday and Saturdays 6:00pm - 4:00am. During this time Brooklyn Bowl will not be open on Mondays, and are serving only to a 21+ crowd. A small snack menu will be served from July 10 through the 20th. On the 21st, an expanded "preview" menu will be presented, with the full menu by Blue Ribbon debuting on August 4th. Live music performances, advance lane reservations, and extended hours (including child-friendly weekend days) will begin in late summer. Brooklyn Bowl is located at 61 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211.

The venue, that's been in the works for a while, is finally opening. The first concert at the Brooklyn Bowl will be O'Death, Justin Carter, Eamon Harkin and Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt on Friday, July 10th.

The other event currently on the Brooklyn Bowl's schedule is the Lebowski Fest New York, which will hold one of its three nights at the space on Thursday, September 24th. Bowling and non-bowling tickets are on sale.

More info on the venue, below...

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Dont bring these things

"The emails have been piling up and everyone's asking, "dude, what's up with the Pool Parties?" Well DUDE, so sorry to keep you waiting, but here at JELLY we've been working our asses off to bring you one of the greatest free concert series in history. The Pool Parties are going to be extremely crucial this year, "epic" or "amazing" as you people say these days. Seriously, eight weeks of FREE shows on the waterfront of Williamsburg? Does it get any better? You might be thinking "waterfront"? Yeah, in case you didn't hear the McCarren Pool's closed so get over it :) , and yeah we kept the name Pool Parties even though the East River's not at a pool, so what? We've still got DODGEBALL, basketball, DJ's, bands, burgers the works! We love you more than your parents ever could, and if you want to have fun and hang out with us this summer. [Full schedule below]. Bring your friends but please don't bring these things [pictured above]. As you can see below, underage drinking will not be tolerated. . You guys wouldn't do that though, so there's nothing to worry about. Thank you for visiting and stay tuned!!" -Jelly
The big news here is that they finally announced! As far as this year's lineup, well, we figured most of that out already. The Black Lips will also play the show with Trail of Dead, HEALTH, and Grupo Fantasma. Jemina Pearl is also on the bill of the first show on July 12th (Mission of Burma). Full lineup poster and a video below...

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"In this monologue, conservative talk show host Jay Mundy lambastes New York City yuppies and hipsters, individuals that he assesses as self-loathing and who have been so psychologically disturbed by their earlier life experiences that they seek to become outcasts and start anew as "New Yorkers."" -Jay Mundy
Jay Mundy, whose Wikipedia page was deleted for being "Clearly a self-penned vanity bio", obviously enjoyed all the attention and comments he got from his first round of delusional Williamsburg bashing. He enjoyed it so much, that he recorded a new one. In this one he mentions the "freaks who have been listening to the program lately", and claims, among other things, that he has "hundreds of thousands of listeners around the country". File under comedy, and listen below...

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words by Showtrotta, photos by Ryan Muir

Streb Dance Company

"S.L.A.M. is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and is the home of STREB activities. Open rehearsals, performances, STREB classes, and other explorations of action mechanics happen here daily. SLAM is open to the public any time that staff is present." [STREB]
After seeing the Tallest Man On Earth for the second night in a row at Bowery Ballroom on Saturday (6/13) (he was at MHOW the night before) I headed to the S.L.A.M. Warehouse in Williamsburg for "And Everyone Laughed" which was essentially a cross between a dance party and a circus (and part of the Northside Festival). As I was getting I.D.'ed I could see someone swinging back and forth on a trapeze as some bassy tunes bounced their way toward the entrance. Unfortunately the circus/performance part of the evening seemed to be winding down once I was inside, save for a dancer or two perched up front or climbing on various structures in the warehouse.

I wasn't certain who was deejaying initially (though I think it was either Worst Friends or Jakub Alexander) but within 5 minutes of being on the pleasantly packed and moving dancefloor J├╝rgen Paape's "So Weit Wie Noch Nie" (a favorite track thanks to Erlend Oye's excellent DJ Kicks mix, that I'd never heard played out before) was dropped and I freaked out. The rest of the set was decent, though nothing really stuck out too much as I was walking around, checking out the venue and trying to beat the horrible humidity that seemed to have settled in the warehouse.

Right around 2am Trus'me went on and transformed a floor full of people that were already moving pretty well into a group of people who were furiously getting down. His set was all over the place but in way that flowed very well, logically progressing from one of many genres (house, funk, soul, disco, techno) to the next and back again. The transitions were smooth, and the beats were expertly manipulated over the course of what was an excellent hour and half long set that seemed to fly by.

More pictures from the night below...

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Williamsburg, Brooklyn (not Jay Mundy) on Sunday (photo by Ryan Muir)
Sir Richard Bishop

"I've never seen so many sick weirdos gathered in one place. They're all doing drugs all day. They have their hair dyed and tattoos so they can't have a job so they're all living on public assistance...They love Obama and the leftists and hate police power. They're carefree people. If I lived there a day, I tell you I would be in jail for murder. Take the weirdest hippie you know, and multiply it by 1000, and that's Williamsburg." -Jay Mundy
First of all, that is NOT conservative talk show host Jay Mundy in the picture above, but it is a dude who was very upset with most people on Bedford this past Sunday (6/14).

Jay MundyJay Mundy, quoted above, also doesn't like people on Bedford, but that can't be him in the picture because he's much younger. Listen to his whole rant by playing the two embedded videos below...

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Black Betty

"When I stopped into Black Betty last night [June 15th] around 8:30pm, there was an eerie sense of calm and night-like-every-other-nightliness in the air. The kitchen was smoky, the waitresses conferring about honoring reservations, and the tables populated, but not overly cluttered. It was hard to believe this place that embodied so much of Williamsburg's spirit would never again open its doors.

About two months ago, partners Bud Schmeling and Sandy Glover were given the sad news that they would not have the opportunity to renew their lease on Black Betty (366 Metropolitan Ave), the restaurant/music venue that has become a beloved neighborhood institution. Despite holding fundraisers in preparation to meet the rising rent of the neighborhood, and operating a business that, even in the worst of economic times, has flourished, Schmeling reports his landlord signed over the space to another restaurateur without notice or explanation, leaving Black Betty and her devoted patrons without a home." [Williamsburg Greenpoint News + Arts]

Rev. Vince Anderson and his Love Choir played the final show at the Brooklyn venue. Jonathan Toubin was in the house during that performance and tweeted that "Reverend vince and his love choir are breathing fire!" After the show, Chris said, "Closing night at Black Betty with the Rev was one of the most amazing musical experiences I've ever heard." Reverend Vince himself says, "Thanks to everyone that came to the show last night. I love you all."

According to Brooklyn Based, "Stephen Tanner, currently of Egg and formerly of Pies'n'Thighs, will take over the Black Betty space." The above picture is an actual screenshot of what Black Betty's website looks like today.

Video of the Rev performing in 2006, and other videos shot at the club, below...

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DOWNLOAD: Sound Fix Podcast #1 - April 10, 2009 (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Sound Fix Podcast #2 - May 13, 2009 (MP3)

Sound Fix

Five years ago, Sound Fix opened its doors with the aim of creating a new kind of record store, one that combined the finest in independent retail with food and drink and live music. The opening-night act in its adjoining bar were the Mountain Goats. Over the years, Sound Fix has hosted some of the biggest names in independent music, from Will Oldham to Beirut to Jens Lekman to the Sea and Cake and countless other acts. During that time, while record shops all over the nation big and small have closed their doors, Sound Fix has flourished, proving that the right kind of record store could still thrive in today's environment.

After five wonderful years on Bedford Ave., Sound Fix is packing up and moving to a new location - but not very far. In fact, only one block away, to the corner of Berry and N. 11th St. The new location, a beautifully renovated 90-year-old factory at 44 Berry Street, seeks to build on the store's success by offering more than ever - more titles in more formats, from CDs to vinyl to 7-inches to books to DVDs.

Together, with Beacon's Closet and Brooklyn Brewery and Brooklyn Bowl, this stretch of N. 11th promises to be one of Williamburg's more popular blocks. The store intends to continue its in-store tradition, but the days of selling booze and coffee and bagels are over. With several neighbors at 44 Berry offering those services, Sound Fix can focus on selling music.

The date for the reopening has not been established yet, but we are seeking to open sometime in September. Another press release will go out when the opening date has been determined.

photos by Maryanne Ventrice

Shilpa Ray and her Happy Hookers

You may have randomly come upon a band or two playing on the streets of Williambsburg this past long Northside Festival weekend. On Thursday, Pow Wow! was one of those bands. On Friday, many people on their way to the BrooklynVegan showcase at Music Hall of Williamsburg passed by a street performance by Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers. Those are the pictures in this post.

Shilpa also played a more official show (with Pow Wow!) at Spike Hill later that night, and as usual, there are plenty of chances to catch her and her band in the near future. Options include this weekend's Olive Juice Music Festival, a show at the Stone later in June, a gig at Southpaw on July 1st, the Heavy Trash/Those Darlins show at Mercury Lounge on July 9th, Citysol a couple of days after that, and then the Sly Stone tribute at Castle Clinton not long after that. All dates and more street shots, below....

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Tonight = Black Bety's last night (lachance)
Black Betty

Bud Schmeling and Sandy Glover, owners of Black Betty, announce the long-time Williamsburg boite and eatery will close its doors, effectively Monday, June 15th 2009, with Rev. Vince Anderson and his Live Choir taking the stage at 10:30pm featuring a special appearance from TV on the Radio's Jaleel Bunton.

According to Schmeling and Glover, the Metropolitan Avenue in Brooklyn, NY lease was renewed for 10 years at the end of April 2009, however the lease was also offered to other perspective candidates under more lucrative terms. At the end of the battle, Schmeling and Glover conceded and agreed to close by mid June. "We are saddened and heart-broken that this is the end of the Black Betty era," said Glover. "But at this time we're focusing on what a fantastic place Betty means to Brooklyn bands, DJs and of course all of our amazing patrons and friends" she added.

The kitchen and bar, offering North African and Mediterranean dishes and extended happy hours, will be in full swing until close.

A bit of history on the bar, with videos of Rev. Vince sitting in with The Roots at their Highline residency in April, below...

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Williamsburg Walks - Bedford Ave, June 6, 2009 (aloha orangeneko)
Williamsburg Walks

"Famed for its concentration of heavily subsidized 20-something residents -- also nicknamed trust-funders or trustafarians -- Williamsburg is showing signs of trouble. Parents whose money helped fuel one of the city's most radical gentrifications in recent years have stopped buying their children new luxury condos, subsidizing rents and providing cash to spend at Bedford Avenue's boutiques and coffee houses." [NY Times] (thx Hiro)

Car Free Times Square (BF 09)
Times Square

In addition to the car free Times Square, which started Memorial Day weekend and will run at least till the end of the year (see article below), New Yorkers and tourists will get more chances to enjoy pedestrianized city streets.

One of those comes in August...

NYC DOT and our partners are proud to present Summer Streets. We will temporarily close Park Avenue and connecting streets from the Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park to motor vehicles and open it up to people on three consecutive TBA Saturdays in August.
Check out the Summer Streets route below.

Then in Brooklyn...

The L Magazine and Neighbors Allied for Good Growth (NAG) have partnered this year to organize the 2009 Williamsburg Walks. We invite North Brooklyn residents, visitors and merchants to celebrate the community on a pedestrian Bedford Avenue: Williamsburg's lively main drag will be closed to cars between North 4th and North 9th Streets every Saturday from June 6th to July 11th from noon to sunset.
The second week of Williamsburg Walks on Saturday, June 13th will coincide with the Northside Festival. That afternoon, the shows happening a few blocks away include O'Death at the Music Hall of Williamsburg and, a few doors down at Public Assembly, Aaron Behrens (of Ghostland Observatory), Motel Motel, Henry Wolfe; Back room: Mia Riddle, Geoff Ereth and jacksonknife.

More info on the traffic free areas below...

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Inside Beauty Bar Brooklyn (L Mag)
Beauty Bar Brooklyn

Manhattan cocktail hub Beauty Bar is unveiling its Brooklyn location this weekend, with opening parties on Friday, May 29th and Saturday, May 30th. Located at 921 Broadway in Bushwick/Bed-Stuy, the bar is only about a block from the Market Hotel and down the street from Goodbye Blue Monday.

Full details on this weekend's opening, with RSVP info and the music/DJs lineup, below...

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Berry Park (roof): Looking east, McCarren Park treetops (via Eater)
Berry Park

Eater reported at the end of March:

"Berry Park [is] a new bar/restaurant/roof deck opening at 4 Berry St. in the next couple of months. One of the owners tells us they plan to open by May 1 and that they will have a large selection of European beers with an emphasis on their German selection and will serve "beer infused menu items." The lower level is 35,000 sq. ft. but the big focus here will be the 3,000 sq. ft. roof.
That story was updated on May 5th. Eater says:
'the giant bar/restaurant/music venue/roof deck Berry Park on 4 Berry Street in Williamsburg is slowly chugging along. The roof fencing is in, and they're building out the bar and tables right now. They're shooting for May, but June sounds more likely."
They better be open by June 13th because that's when Sound Fix is presenting a showcase there for the Northside Festival.

"After 10 years, Williamsburg Live-Music Haven and Mediterranean Eatery Shuts Doors"

Black Betty (spreetaper)
Black Betty

"Bud Schmeling and Sandy Glover, owners of Black Betty, announced the long-time Williamsburg boite and eatery will close its doors, effectively Monday, June 15th 2009."
The sad news came a month after the owners posted a message to MySpace stating that they needed money, but that "Black Betty is not closed, nor closing. We have signed a new 10 year lease..." According to the new statement (which you can read in full below), the lease "was renewed for 10 years at the end of April 2009, however the lease was also offered to other perspective candidates under more lucrative terms..." Long story short, it is closing.

Lots of changes on that block. Black Betty is right across the street from the in-development Knitting Factory Brooklyn (ex-Luna Lounge) (which we still don't have an official update on, though all signs and rumors point to the place re-opening some time this summer, possibly as a seated venue).

Say goodbye to Black Betty by having a drink and/or seeing a show there one more time (or for your first time). Options include The Phenomenal Handclap Band, who played Southpaw last night, and who are playing there tonight (May 13). Full schedule, including Antibalas, and full goodbye note, below...

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