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by BBG

Complete Failure
Complete Failure

Pittsburgh grind/hardcore crew Complete Failure have offered their latest release, The Art Gospel of Aggravated Assault, for stream via bandcamp. No word on what the band intends to do with said release. The band's previous LP, Heal No Evil was originally offered for free download, and eventually came out on Relapse. Stream all of The Art Gospel of Aggravated Assault below!

Velnias have launched a kickstarter to help fund their forthcoming LP RuneEater via Peasanta Urfolk. The all analog recording is pricey, and you can check out the accompanying video for the project below.

Check out Torche's flexi contribution to the Decibel series at Soundcloud. Reminder, they hit the road with COC in February/March.

Kicking Spit will hit Acheron on January 27th with Nuclear Santa Claust (who just played with Night Birds), Artificial Limbs and Aint Rights. Flyer for the show is below.

The Black Dahlia Murder will headline a string of dates with Nile, Skeletonwitch, and Hour of Penance as part of a US campaign that will hit NYC at Irving Plaza on April 19th. Tickets are on sale.

Kayo Dot have releases their new LP Gamma Knife via Bandcamp. Download a copy at their site and stream it below.

Check out new material from Zoskia, ex-Caina, streaming below.

Check out the new track from the forthcoming Worm Ouroboros LP Come The Thaw below. "Withered" premiered on Pitchfork earlier this week and the LP is due via Profound Lore on 3/20.

Download the Birds in Row LP in full and for FREE via their Bandcamp.

Stream the new Unholy Majesty 7" (it rips) below in full. Fans of negative hardcore ala Holy Terror will dig. Order your 7" via A389 Records.

Population Reduction have called it quits.

All tour dates, a bunch of streams, a new Crippled Black Phoenix video, a new Coliseum video and upcoming suggested NYC shows are below.

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Bloodiest @ Saint Vitus in Nov. (more by BBG)

When music documentarian (((unartig))) was first asked about a year end contribution, his initial reflex was: "Sausage - Hummus - Hitler!", the first two clearly being worse than the third. But then a performance enhancing Hewlett-Packard printer got in the way and spat out the list of 10 bands, video shot (((unartig))) included, that is below...

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words by Stefan Raduta, photos by Greg Cristman


Well, it finally happened.

Portland's finest dark metal export, Agalloch, played New York City for the first time, in front of a packed audience at Le Poisson Rouge. The show, part of a larger tour for the band that kicked off in Austin, was definitely one of the most anticipated shows of the year, and the turn-out was nothing short of spectacular: great atmosphere, enthusiasm all over, pristine sound.

Agalloch were preceeded on stage by Aerial Ruin, Daniel Menche (who was the surprise of the evening as far as I'm concerned, really intense, original and quite a shocking performance) and the amazing Worm Ouroboros - without a doubt the cherry on top of the cake at this show. Fronted by the beautiful Lorraine Rath (Amber Asylum, The Gault) and Jessica Way (World Eater), they really were the perfect opener for Agalloch, enwrapping the venue in a very dark and gloomy vibe.

Their debut album on Profound Lore turned quite a few heads last year, and finally seeing Worm Ouroboros live was a really cool experience for me. Equally fragile and delicate, at times showing some grit but mostly dreamy and harmonious, Worm Ouroboros might just be the perfect winter soundtrack for a good bottle of red wine in front of a warm fireplace. Even if they're creating their own path, I have to say I've always been a big fan of Amber Asylum so their set went straight to the heart.

Agalloch is constantly reinventing themselves, pushing their own boundaries in spite of everything that happens around them. 2010's Marrow Of The Spirit is truly a phenomenal album: it's their bleakest & darkest record yet, it has the heaviest, most aggressive sound ("Into the Painted Gray" for example) and yet it also captures the band at it's most fragile and suffocating moment ("Black Lake Nidstång"). Definitely worth all the praises it's been receiving, the new album has also left quite a few people in disbelief, especially due to the harsh production...to them I can only say that one day it will hit you like a truck, because this album will age beautifully. Come to think of it, it's definitely the Agalloch "reserve" album, best open in ten years.

It was a real pleasure seeing Agalloch again, exactly one year after their two exclusive shows in Romania, one sharing the stage with Alcest for their first ever live performance. They were pretty stressed coming in Tuesday night, being very late due to traffic and they were also rushed through the sound-check, which irritated them even more. All water under the bridge, their set was simply great.

They opened with "Into The Painted Gray" with the clear intention of waking everyone up, then moved into the killer "Falling Snow" and carefully visited each album. Aesop's drumming was vicious and in your face, guitars sounded crystal clear, and lighting was perfect. The band played two brand new songs besides "Into The Painted Gray", the sorrowful "Watcher's Monolith" and the insanely beautiful "Ghosts Of The Midwinter Fires", a song I personally think has some of the best guitar parts they've ever written, reaching dizzying heights...so uplifting and magical!! Other winning highlights of the night include "Dead Winter Days", "Of Stone Wind And Pillor", and (thank god!) they even played my favorite song off of The Mantle, "In The Shadow Of Our Pale Companion", which ended the stellar evening.

It was really cool to watch the joy on people's faces at this show. Clearly a special occasion for all, many who were seeing Agalloch for the first time, an experience I wish I could relive after seeing them for the first time a year earlier. The atmosphere was exactly the same, some getting really emotional and listening with their eyes closed, some applauding, others head banging so intensely. I even ran into people I met in Bucharest last year, that flew from Europe (Italy, England, etc) and are pretty much catching every show on this tour! Thank you Agalloch for a memorable evening, and everyone in the audence for the warm welcome!

For those of you who missed the show, you can listen to the entire thing via NPR. More pictures from Le Poisson Rouge are below.

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by BBG

Yob at Scion Rock Fest (more by BBG)

Amongst the zillions of bands playing billions of showcases, every year presents certain must-go events at SXSW. Thursday Mar 17th at Barbarella Patio will feature an incredible line-up of bands as part of the Nanotear Showcase, co-headlined by the one-and-only Yob with Agalloch, and featuring appearances from Witch Mountain, Worm Ouroboros, Amber Asylum, Arabrot, and Wizard Rifle. The show will be Yob and Agalloch's lone appearance at SXSW, and the first date of a East Coast tour for Agalloch/Worm Ouroboros that will eventually land them at NYC's Le Poisson Rouge on March 22nd. Tickets are still available.

Yob recently cancelled their appearance at Roadburn, as well as their entire European tour. While that comes as sad news, the festival has added Keiji Haino, Jesse Sykes & The Sweet Hereafter, and a performance of Eve by Ufomammut in its entirety to counteract that. Full Roadburn lineup is below.

Arabrot will hit the road with Wizard Rifle, playing dates along the East Coast. More on those dates very soon, but for now check out some video, the Roadburn lineup and all Agalloch dates below...

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by BBG

Agalloch in Brasov (more by Stefan Raduta)

Hot off of their year end list-topping LP (it was my #3), it has been revealed that Agalloch will play Le Poisson Rouge in NYC on March 22nd with San Francisco's Worm Ouroboros. Tickets are on sale.

West Coasters can catch Agalloch this week in LA and San Francisco. All current dates are below.

Worm Ouroboros, Agalloch, and Ludicra all feature Aesop Dekker on drums and all released LPs via Profound Lore in the past year. More details regarding an Agalloch tour around the NYC date (which we hear is in the works) are forthcoming, but for now, their current tour dates and some videos below...

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by Kim Kelly

Ludicra at Scion Rock Fest (more here)

The metal world is rife with curious individuals and iconoclasts, demonic personas and mysterious, elemental figures. We're none of us "normal," and neither are our heroes. One of the most interesting (and hard-working) figures in modern American extreme metal is one Aesop Dekker. As an artist, Dekker makes his mark on this ever-evolving world as the drummer and driving force behind such fascinating, innovative, and often life-affirming projects as Agalloch, Ludicra, and as of recently, Worm Ouroboros. As a fan, his rabid and bottomless enthusiasm for all things heavy, dark, obscure, and honest is laid bare in his popular blog Cosmic Hearse and in various other behind-the-scenes efforts.

The man himself recently granted an e-interview to BrooklynVegan's erstwhile pillar of ravishing grimness, Kim Kelly, to discuss his thoughts on USBM, the lure of San Francisco, and Agalloch's upcoming 4th album (and upcoming live shows!). Read the whole thing, below...

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