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photos by Chris Doss

Nosaj Thing

Jason Chung is Nosaj Thing (get it? Jason -> Nosaj), and the LA artist/beat-killer played Music Hall of Williamsburg on Friday 12/3 with Mary Anne Hobbs, Toro Y Moi, and Dirty South Joe. The very visual show was also marked with an acrobatic performance (literally, not just on the MPC/drum pads) by Brooklyn aerialist Anya Sapozhnikova to accompany the glitchy thump.

More pictures and an 18+ minute video from the show, along with a revealing documentary on Nosaj Thing produced during a recent trip to Brazil, below...

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photos by Paul Birman

I take on more than I can handle. That results in a lot of unposted content. In the name of catching up, while also taking it easy during this final week of the year, here's some of that lost material. Happy Holidays!


"this was an event called "stranded" that took place on saturday and was organized by kevin balktick and mark winkel. i heard about it through "the danger". i got there kinda early, that's why some of the photos look like the turn out wasn't all that great.. people started really piling in around midnight. it was pretty cool.." - Paul Birman, September 2009
More "Stranded" pictures (with some more details of the event) below...

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words by Showtrotta, photos by Ryan Muir

Streb Dance Company

"S.L.A.M. is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and is the home of STREB activities. Open rehearsals, performances, STREB classes, and other explorations of action mechanics happen here daily. SLAM is open to the public any time that staff is present." [STREB]
After seeing the Tallest Man On Earth for the second night in a row at Bowery Ballroom on Saturday (6/13) (he was at MHOW the night before) I headed to the S.L.A.M. Warehouse in Williamsburg for "And Everyone Laughed" which was essentially a cross between a dance party and a circus (and part of the Northside Festival). As I was getting I.D.'ed I could see someone swinging back and forth on a trapeze as some bassy tunes bounced their way toward the entrance. Unfortunately the circus/performance part of the evening seemed to be winding down once I was inside, save for a dancer or two perched up front or climbing on various structures in the warehouse.

I wasn't certain who was deejaying initially (though I think it was either Worst Friends or Jakub Alexander) but within 5 minutes of being on the pleasantly packed and moving dancefloor J├╝rgen Paape's "So Weit Wie Noch Nie" (a favorite track thanks to Erlend Oye's excellent DJ Kicks mix, that I'd never heard played out before) was dropped and I freaked out. The rest of the set was decent, though nothing really stuck out too much as I was walking around, checking out the venue and trying to beat the horrible humidity that seemed to have settled in the warehouse.

Right around 2am Trus'me went on and transformed a floor full of people that were already moving pretty well into a group of people who were furiously getting down. His set was all over the place but in way that flowed very well, logically progressing from one of many genres (house, funk, soul, disco, techno) to the next and back again. The transitions were smooth, and the beats were expertly manipulated over the course of what was an excellent hour and half long set that seemed to fly by.

More pictures from the night below...

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words & photos by Kevin Tachman

Night of a 1000 Stevies

NIGHT OF 1000 STEVIES, New York City's legendary STEVIE NICKS homage, returned for its nineteenth annual edition on May 1 at THE HIGHLINE BALLROOM. NOTS 19: SONGS OF RHIANNON was a May Day marathon of twirling and enchantment, attended by over a thousand fans. This year's theme - and the centerpiece of the show - were the ten "SONGS OF RHIANNON" penned by STEVIE NICKS in her BUCKINGHAM NICKS days. In stage decor, visuals and costuming, NOTS 19 paid homage to the Celtic white witch RHIANNON - fitting for a date that was both MAY DAY and BELTANE. As always, "The Night" climaxed with the heart-stopping BATTLE OF A THOUSAND STEVIES, as all the show's performers and costumed fans took the stage for a final dose of "Total Stevie Realness".

NIGHT OF A THOUSAND STEVIES is the biggest and best-loved STEVIE NICKS fan event in the world, one of those great New York City spectacles that sparks travel from all around the globe. Born in 1990 at the tiny performance venue MOTHER at the weekly JACKIE 60 party, "The Night" has run for nineteen years, even inspiring the 2001 film GYPSY 83. Neither a contest nor a karaoke show, NOTS is the Stevie celebration plus ultra - a riot of shawls, lace, baby's breath, twirling, tambourines and great performance.

The real Stevie has a show coming up at Madison Square Garden. More pictures from Highline Ballroom below...

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Photos by Kyle Dean Reinford

Diesel Party

His latest CD, "Paper Trail," sold more than 560,000 copies in its first week to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard Top 200 album charts, and his newest single, "Live Your Life" featuring Rihanna, supplanted the album's first single, "Whatever You Like," at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. [AP]
As pointed out in the previous two Diesel party picture posts, after Hot Chip & Chaka Khan came T.I. who made an unbilled, but planned appearance which ended with Franz Ferdinand (who had just played two more Brooklyn shows earlier in the week) playing as his backing band which then went into Franz Ferdinand's set - the longest of the night. T.I. and F.F. collectively were the best entertainment of the evening. The circus performers were a nice touch too. That included two sets (female then male) of aerialists who performed above the crowd before TI and after FF. Circus was the theme with Joey Arias also acting as "ringmaster" and free cotton candy, popcorn and hot pretzels. T.I. didn't bring out Jay-Z like he did at his recent show at Highline Ballroom, but he did have someone else that represented Brooklyn (help?) and...
T.I. also performed a song with the pregnant M.I.A., and called the lyricist "the hottest rap chick in the game right now, period." T.I. recently sampled "Paper Planes" for a collaboration with Jay-Z, Kanye West and Lil Wayne. The song, "Swagga Like Us," appears on "Paper Trail." [AP]
More pictures from that part of the night below...

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