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Nicole Atkins

Nicole Atkins is selling a new (re-recorded actually) song to raise money for her hometown of Neptune City, NJ, one of the many areas hurt badly by Sandy (Nicole's property included). In her own words:

I originally wrote and recorded this song in 2006. I wrote it about my feelings on the town i grew up in, Shark River Hills and Neptune City. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy and after seeing the destruction it has left for my neighbors, friends and family I decided to rerecord the song for everyone to raise money to help us rebuild.

This version of "Neptune City" was recorded November 4th, 2012 at the legendary Sun Studios in Memphis Tennessee with the help of engineer Matt Ross-Spang and pianist, Ricky Steff of Lucero.

100% of all donations received from the download will be directed toward nonprofit organizations working to restore and rebuild our Jersey Shore. The funds will be regranted from ATC's Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief Fund. Specific organizations will be announced once the full range of needed funds emerges.

After disaster strikes, the aftermath is broken down into three separate phases: Rescue, Relief, and Recovery & Rebuilding. Goverments and multinational bodies are usually best equipped and poised to handle the first two phases. The Recovery & Rebuilding phase is where donors can have the most impact in helping communities over the long-term. It is critical to full recovery but is often the most overlooked and under-resourced phase as news sources turn to other stories and disasters. Thus, we are holding off on announcing specific organizations until the full impacts and long-term implications of the disaster become more clear.

Nicole Atkins

Head to her Bandcamp now to listen and possibly buy the song. The picture above was taken while Nicole was recording the new version with Ricky Steff of Lucero.

In related news, Dean Ween was supposed to host a benefit in Asbury Park, NJ this Sunday, but the date has changed to WEDNESDAY. NOVEMBER 28 (the venue is still The Saint).

photos by Brian Russ

Hurricane Sandy
Hurricane Sandy

As Lola Star, who designed that "Coney Island Forever" graphic you see above points out, volunteers are still needed in Sandy-devastated Coney Island (maybe you're there today?). If you're working this week, you can head there this weekend:

Help Coney Island -- VOLUNTEER

Meet on the Boardwalk & STILLWELL AVE
at TOMS RESTAURANT [which is back open]

Wear warm clothes! Wear sturdy footwear or boots, and bring work gloves!
Bring your own flashlight (with extra batteries), a backpack, and snacks/water for yourself for the day.

Donation requests to help with Saturday's work:
-- Power strips
-- Extra flashlights
-- Outdoor brooms

Please note that bathroom access on site will be very limited.
No RSVP required
You can refer to MTA.info for latest transit updates. Carpooling and biking are encouraged.
Please forward this to all of your networks.
Organized by the New York City Economic Development Corporation, Brooklyn Community Board 13, Astella Development Corporation, and the Coney Island Development Corporation, & The Coney Island Dancers.

Alteratively, you can sign up now to help clean up Coney Island on Saturday.

Meanwhile bring your donations of nonperishable goods, individually wrapped sandwiches, toilet paper, baby formula, diapers, blankets, outerwear and baby clothes to Coney Island's FEMA station which is now located at The Shrine Church of Our Lady Of Solace at 2866 West 17th Street, Brooklyn, New York 11224.

And donate to help the aquarium get back on its feet. As discussed, the aquarium was flooded very badly.

If you're a Coney Island resident wondering where to vote today, check HERE (you might need to take a shuttle bus).

We previously posted a set of pictures taken in Coney Island right after the hurricane. Here's another set of pics by Brian Russ (who is in Brooklyn band backwords who are streaming their most recent album and playing Glasslands 1/18 with Gringo Star and Radical Dads). More below...

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photos by John Huntington/controlgeek.net

Hurricane Sandy
Hurricane Sandy
Hurricane Sandy

As you know, Coney Island took a beating by Hurricane Sandy. John Huntington headed down there Tuesday morning, and this is what he saw...

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photos by Dana (distortion) Yavin

Superchunk Mac/Florence & the Machine
Florence and the Machine

"The DeLuna Stage was set up on the beach, facing away from the Pensacola pier that stretches into the Gulf of Mexico. On the opposite side of the beach looking back was actually the Heritage Stage, a stage filled with the sounds of New Orleans jazz music. The quarters weren't as sprawling as Hangout [Festival in Alabama], but the Windcreek Stage location, in the adjacent parking lot, made for a much easier human traffic flow between the two primary stages. That concrete often kept the festival from feeling like it was intended, but its proximity also kept fans from missing anything from the weekend's largest acts.

Then, the setup allowed for unrestricted access to the ocean. So, you give and you take.

NBC Sports sponsored a "sports bar," lined with no fewer than 10 HD flat screens. The welcome addition allowed a region which loves college football to lounge near the beach and catch their favorite team on Saturday. Alabama's pay-per-view contest against Florida Atlantic was not carried, but most other national broadcasts were, including Auburn's near-miss against LSU." [Birmingham News]

Florida beach music festival, Deluna Fest, wrapped up its third year back on Sunday, 9/23. If you've been following along, you already saw a big set from the first day, the Bad Brains shots, Joy Formidable, and the rest of the pictures from the second day. Now here's our final set of pictures which include Bob Mould (who also played with the Foo Fighters the night before), the Corin Tucker Band (who then toured her way to NYC for two shows), The Wallflowers, Fitz & the Tantrums (who are on the soundtrack to the new movie "Butter"), Superchunk (whose frontman has a show coming up at Mercury Lounge), and Florence & the Machine. Check out the rest of the pictures and a Mould video, below...

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photos by Chris La Putt

Coney Island Polar Bear Club's New Year's Day Plunge

I posted a few pictures yesterday without even realizing that our own Chris La Putt was in attendance on the beach of Coney Island on New Year's Day. His pictures from this year's Polar Bear Swim continue below...

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by Andrew Frisicano

2008 Mermaid Parade Ball (more by Eric M Townsend)
Mermaid Parade Ball 2008

The 2009 Mermaid Parade will take place on Saturday, June 20th (2PM) along Coney Island's boardwalk. If you'd like to march (or volunteer) in this year's parade, registration is now open. Directions and new parade route, below.

Also at Coney Island this summer is the Siren Festival, taking place Saturday, July 18th. Bands playing include Built to Spill, The Raveonettes, Spank Rock, Frightened Rabbit, Japandroids and more.

The beaches at Coney Island, as well as the Cyclone, are both now open for the summer. The fate of the destination spot has been in limbo for quite a while. Astroland's "final year" was initially to be 2007. That was delayed until after the 2008 summer season -- since then, the old rides have been dismantled, and new ones have been put in their place, kinda, sorta...

What will finally end up in the spot is still in question. Thor Equities, the company that runs the former Astroland lot, announced earlier this year that it'll be setting up "Dreamland" amusement park. Curbed (which has recent pics of the condition of the site) reported on the new park's Friday, May 15th opening...

What was supposed to be a big day on Coney Island is already a bit of a bust. Today marks the grand opening of Festival by the Sea, the summertime amusement park and flea market set up by developer Joe Sitt on the former Astroland (pardon us, Dreamland) and other parcels owned by Sitt's Thor Equities. The hyped attraction is supposed to serve as Sitt's proof that he knows what's best for Coney Island's redevelopment, but a funny thing happened on the way to the freak show: the Brooklyn Paper reports that half the rides haven't arrived and the vendors will be "exposed to the element because of a tent mishap." [Curbed]
Add that to the fact that the City has made an offer on the lot to the tune of $105 million.

If the Coney Island development circus isn't enough, the actual circus is coming to the boardwalk on June 18th -- the Times makes the appropriate connections. Luckily, there's at least a slim chance that the circus' days in NYC may soon go the way of Astroland...

Almost half of City Council members [have signed] onto a bill that would prohibit "the display of wild or exotic animals for public entertainment or amusement." Other animals included in the bill: dolphins, walruses, hippopotamuses, giraffes, koalas, kinkajou, sloths, tarantulas, rhinoceroses and armadillos. Despite the extensive taxonomy in the bill, essentially everyone admits that the primary target for the legislation is the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

The bill, which has circulated for many years in different local legislatures, has [recently] drawn renewed attention in New York City with Ringling Brothers arrival [on March 26th] and [late-March] closing arguments in a federal lawsuit that accused the circus of mistreating its Asian elephants. [NY Times March 26, 2009]

Footage of the 2008 Mermaid Parade (kinda NSFW), with directions and its new route, below...

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