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You may recognize Vincent Castiglia from the album art for Eparistera Daimones by the great Triptykon, the Tom G. Warrior project formed from the ashes of Celtic Frost. Or maybe you know him in other ways...

VINCENT CASTIGLIA recently announced his upcoming solo art exhibition entitled 'Resurrection' [which] will include a striking collection of Vincent's paintings... created exclusively in his own human blood.
That show, 'Resurrection', opens tonight at Sacred Gallery NYC (424 Broadway 2nd Floor btw Canal and Howard) with a reception from 8-11pm. The show lasts through October 31st.

Check out a few pieces that will appear in the exhibition below.

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WAVVES @ Market Hotel last night (9/25) (more by Leia Jospe)

"Wavves was playing with Zach Hill as his drummer [at Market Hotel] and the sound was different and pretty cool.

We were partying pretty hard, and as always seems to happen, the party moved to Daddy's after everything was settled up. Daddy's was packed and the remnants of the Beets (welcome home, boys!) show at Dead Herring (happy birthday Cathy!) and the Black Lips show [at Roseland Ballroom (they opened for Yo La Tengo)] also had migrated to the ever popular "hot spot". Star Studded scene to the maxxxx, if you like slightly "important" indie rockers.

Now, I didn't see exactly how the fight happened, but I had heard the gossip a few months back about Jared (from Black Lips) talking shit about Nathan on the Internet. Pitchfork went as far as to wonder if Nathan and Jared would have a confrontation when they both played this summer's p4k fest in Chicago. Needless to say, that didn't happen.

Well, I suppose last night was the perfect storm. I didn't see the beginning, but I did see people dragging Nathan and Jared apart, and then Jared and a popular DJ running at Nathan again, spilling beer all over everyone (including me), and punches being thrown. The lights at Daddy's were turned on, the cops showed up, but Jared and the chick were not ready to stop fighting and were even trying to fight other people outside the bar. Jared was bloody. Nathan was fine. Insane. Weirdest indie rock moment I've experienced." [PopJew]

My friend Dave G tells me there was a broken bottle which might explain Jared's blood and serious anger. Stay tuned for more details.

UPDATE: Nathan says Jared "got what was coming to him"

UPDATE 2: Jared says "Wavves was NOT involved in that fight"

photos by Justina Villanueva, words by Black Bubblegum

one of the tamer pictures in this set
Hank Williams III

"There are many artists clamoring for the now-vacant title of Hardest Working Man in Show Business, but my vote goes unquestionably to Hank Williams III. The reason is simple: I've never seen another performer play three completely different (yet equally raucous) sets without taking a break in between... Starting off with a traditional country set, ...Williams took the audience on a musical tour of the American South, churning out both original and classic yarns based on tales from West Virginia, Georgia, Texas, and Tennessee. ...From there, he [went] into the Hellbilly part of the night with Assjack, bringing out singer Gary Lindsay to help belt out rockers like "Six-Pack of Beer," "Country Heroes" and "Life of Sin."... [and] It really wouldn't be a Hank III show without a final punk rock set, paying particular homage to GG Allin and the Murder Junkies (GG's brother Merle and drummer Dino took the stage for a song), the band went through several hellacious, industrial-strength tracks and... after much sound and fury--not to mention equal parts spilled beer and blood--the show came to a frenzied, sweaty end." - [Zena Metal]
Those who don't know have probably guessed by now... yes, Hank III is the grandson of Hank Williams and son of Hank Jr. Interestingly enough, Hank was not the only kin to country royalty at Music Hall of Williamsburg that night (6/24). Lucky Tubb, who is serving as the opener on the Hank III/Assjack tour, is the great nephew of Ernest Tubb, considered a pioneer of country music.

The Hank III tour soldiers on, with a couple weeks left in the US, and a European tour after that. All tour dates and more pics from MHOW show (some NSFW?) on 6/24 are below. And, yes, that is real blood. And yes, vocalist Gary Lindsay did wash off the gushing blood (which gushed heavier while he choked himself with a mic cord) with cans of Guinness...

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