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words by Bill Pearis, photos by Ryan Muir


Seattle band BOAT were in town over the weekend playing Friday (11/13) at Union Hall and Saturday (11/13) at Bruar Falls. The band were on at both shows, probably due in part to vocal and ready-to-participate crowds who did not want them to stop playing. BV photographer Ryan Muir was at the Bruar show and took the band out for a photo session after the show. Before the show, I sat down with them over dinner for a long, funny conversation that included such topics as not fitting in in today's indie landscape; how recycling would seem less important if we knew aliens were going to invade; and a quiz about 1989 (the name of the new album's lead track). You'd be reading all of that right now if I properly knew how to operate my digital recorder, which only managed to capture 54 seconds of the interview. I'm infinitely bummed... However, BOAT frontman D. Crane agreed to a little post-tour wrap-up Q&A to make up for it. More of those pictures and that interview below...

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photos by Ryan Muir, words by Bill Pearis


Seattle band BOAT were in town over the weekend playing Friday (11/13) at Union Hall and Saturday (11/13) at Bruar Falls. (They also played Boston and Philadelphia while on the East Coast too.) Both shows were a lot of fun, the band made a Big Apple with a Mets logo on it (BOAT loves the underdog), and their kick drum was adorned with iconic New Yorkers (Sarah Jessica Parker, Debbie Harry and Davids Letterman, Dinkins, and Schwimmer). Union Hall got confetti, Bruar Falls got funny signs, and at both shows they passed party whistles to sub for the theremin used on "Name Tossers" from their great new album, Setting the Paces.

More pictures from Bruar Falls, and videos from both shows, below...

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by Bill Pearis

DOWNLOAD: The Cribs - We Were Aborted (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: BOAT - Prince of Tacoma (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: BOAT - We've Been Friends Since 1989 (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: BOAT - I'm a Donkey for Your Love (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: BOAT - Last Cans of Paint (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Pants Yell! - Cold Hands (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Frankie Rose - Thee Only One (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Brown Recluse - Night Train (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Brown Recluse - Contour and Context (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: The Ropers - Revolver (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Nord Express - The Natural (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Lorelei - Stale Houses (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Max Tundra - Which Song (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Deastro - Reaction To Substance M (MP3)

Tonight (11/11) and tomorrow are the last two shows of The Answering Machine's extended NYC visit, playing Bruar Falls tonight (with Dinnosaur Feathers and Zambri) and Cake Shop tomorrow (11/12, with Sholi). As I've said before, this Manchester band make superior Brit Indie and like their debut album, Another City, Another Sorry, quite a bit. You can get the whole thing at their bandcamp.com page.

The Cribs
The Cribs

Speaking of superior Brit Indie, The Cribs fourth album, Ignore the Ignorant, was released this week, just in time for their shows at Bowery Ballroom on Thursday (11/12, still tickets available) and Friday (11/13, sold out). As you may know, The Cribs are now a four-piece, having added Johnny Marr to their otherwise all-Jarman lineup for the writing and recording of the new album which actually does sound like what you might expect it to. You've still got the big choruses and raw energy The Cribs are known for, but now with the flourishes and panache the onetime Smith is known for. I'd even say Ignore the Ignorant finds Johnny Marr sounding like Johhny Marr for the first time since his days in The The. It's a really strong record. But The Cribs are almost always better live than on record. I will be curious to see how Marr will affect the usual antics of Gary, Ryan, Ross. Will brothers still act like brothers when there's a legend nearly twice their age on stage?


The shows I'm most looking forward to this weekend are from Seattle's BOAT, a truly fun live band whose new album, Setting the Paces, is just terrific, loaded with irresistible indie pop, as much as you can fit on tangerine-colored vinyl. We're talking giant hooks, lyrics that are funny without being novelty (and have just enough of the crying-on-the-inside clown thing going on too), and production that is neither slick nor low fi. This is how it's done, and I've no doubt this will find its way into my Best of 2009 list.

BOAT play Union Hall on Friday (11/13) and Bruar Falls on Saturday (11/14) and you really should do yourself a favor and go see one of these shows. They don't make it East very often. Their live shows are fairly interactive -- they pass out bags of confetti and homemade shakers, and often work with signs and props -- but it never feels forced. They just want you to have a good time. The Union Hall show on Friday is with How I Became the Bomb; Saturday's Bruar Falls show is with Miniboone and Shark?

Pants Yell!
Pants Yell

I feel a little bad that BOAT's show on Saturday is competing with the Slumberland 20th Anniversary show at The Bell House for the indie pop consumer's dollar. As someone who spent his college years going on road trips to Washington DC to see shows and go record shopping, Slumberland is intertwined with my musical upbringing, be it thumbing through Velocity Girl, Henry's Dress and Aislers Set 7"s at Arlington's Go Records, or hearing Stereolab's Switched On for the first time at Smash on M Street.

It's kind of amazing that, after a few years of dormancy, Slumberland has come back stronger than ever in the last year with records that have achieved a national level of attention that seemed impossible in the '90s. I'm still stunned at how popular Pains of Being Pure at Heart have gotten. It's a label that continues to be a labor of love for owner Mike Schulman. Maybe the listening public (now with the wide-reaching abilities of the internet) has come around to his way of thinking.

Anyway, Saturday's eight-band spectacular is a hard-t0-pass-up bill for any indie fan, featuring label heavy hitters The Pains of Being Pure at Heart (previously unannounced) and Crystal Stilts. There's also Boston's Pants Yell!, whose new album Received Pronunciation was just released and is what I'd call a textbook "grower," one whose many pleasures don't reveal themselves till maybe the third listen. The band are also swearing it's their last, and plan to break up next year (Check out an MP3 of "Cold Hands" above). Additionally, the show has Philadelphia's baroque-ish Brown Recluse from the label's current roster, and what is likely to be most people's first time seeing Frankie & the Outs, who were really good opening for Grass Widow at the Woodser a week ago.

There's also sets from three bands from Slumberland's dreamy '90s era: Lorelei, who have been back together since 2003, and The Ropers, and Nord Express who I'm pretty sure are playing their first shows since disbanding. While I know some Slumberland fanatics were hoping, wishing, crossing their fingers Schulman and Bell House booker Skippy might pull a rabbit out of their hat with more classic Slumberland bands (The Aislers Set, Black Tambourine, Velocity Girl or Rocketship), it's hard to argue with this lineup. It's gonna be a great night.


While on the subject of '90s indie rock, Versus are playing at Knitting Factory on Friday (11/13). Now augmented with a violinist (at least at their fantastic Seaport set this summer), they're sounding as good as they did in the '90s. Maybe even better. I'm told there's a new Versus album in the can and they're just trying to work out the whens and wheres of its release. The whole line-up at the Knit is TeenBeat related actually, with label head (and former Unrest frontman) Mark Robinson's new band Cotton Candy; Plus Minus which features Versus' James Balyut and ex-member Patrick Ramos and who are equally popular in their own right; The Solitary Cyclist which includes John Lindaman of True Love Always, Plus Minus drummer Chris Deaner, and food blogger (and friend of mine) Ganda Suthivarakom who has also performed with Miho Hatori, as well as in David Byrne's Imelda Marcos opera, Here Lies Love. Which leads us to the other band on the bill: Filipino indiepop band Ciudad. They've been playing shows here for the last month or so but this looks to be the final one before they head back to the Philippines.


A couple other quick shows of interest. If you ever wondered what became of Einar, the other vocalist in the Sugarcubes (the one who shouted things like "I really don't like lobster!"), his current gig is GhostDigital which matches weird electronics to his particular style of vocals. They play tonight (11/11) at Monkeytown with fellow homemade diode musician Caspar Electronics.

GhostDigital also play on Thursday (11/12) at Town Hall as part of Music For 16 Futurists, which is further described as:

An evening-length concert of original scores and newly commissioned compositions for the intonarumori, or "noise-intoners" As part of its celebration of the 100th anniversary of Italian Futurism, the Performa 09 biennial, in collaboration with the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC) and SFMOMA, has invited Luciano Chessa to direct a reconstruction project to produce accurate replicas the legendary instruments (8 noise families of 1-3 instruments each, in various registers) that Russolo built in Milan in the summer of 1913. As the first instruments capable of creating and manipulating noises through entirely mechanical processes, the intonarumori can be considered to be the original analog synthesizer, and the ancestors to the latest electronic synthesizers used today.
The night also features Blixa Bargeld, John Butcher, Luciano Chessa, Joan La Barbara, Nick Hallett, Pauline Oliveros, Mike Patton, Anat Pick, Elliott Sharp, Ulrich Krieger, Jennifer Walshe with Tony Conrad, Ghostigital with Skuli Sverrison, Finboggi Petursson, and Casper Electronics.

Sounds pretty cool. Aside: I used to fantasize that Einar formed a band with Fred Schneider. The most annoying band ever created.

OK that's it for this week. Videos and tour dates follow....

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by Bill Pearis

DOWNLOAD: BOAT - Prince of Tacoma (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: BOAT - We've Been Friends Since 1989 (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: BOAT - I'm a Donkey for Your Love (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: BOAT - Last Cans of Paint (MP3)


Seattle's BOAT are heading back to the East Coast for a short tour in support of their great new album, Setting the Paces, which came out Tuesday on Magic Marker Records. (Available on tangerine-colored vinyl!) The band play Union Hall on November 13 and Bruar Falls on November 14.

Sporting slightly fancier production than the band's first two albums, Setting the Paces shows off what BOAT does best: unpretentious, clever, stick-in-your-head indie rock. If you wish there were more bands that reminded you of the good ole '90s (Pavement, Built to Spill, Lotion), BOAT are for you. You can check out three tracks from Paces at the top of this post, plus a couple of their older tracks as well.

Finest Kiss just did a track-by-track interview with the band's D. Crane and J. Long. Read the segment where they talking about "Lately" (available for download above), along with some videos from their record release show in Seattle last week, the album cover art and all tour dates, below....

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words by BBG, photos by Chloe Rice

Sammy Duet of Goatwhore (also ex-Acid Bath)
Goat Whore

Village Voice: It's been noted that CMJ is noticeably more "metal" this year, and there's a sense that metal's becoming more and more respected all-around.

Mike Williams of Eyehategod: Well, I wouldn't call Eyehategod "metal", but I do see extreme, heavy music in general getting new attention from some different areas of the population. Also we've played in NYC for CMJ before, back in the '90s, so it doesn't really seem like a new thing. Anyway, is it "respected" or is it "trendy"? "Trendy" meaning hipsters now have discovered us. Who knows? I welcome all people who are remotely interested to check us out.

In what was definitely one of the most highly anticipated NYC metal shows of the year, and one of only a handful of metal shows during CMJ (Type O Negative at Irving Plaza, the official BrooklynVegan-BBG Relapse Records Showcase, among others), Eyehategod returned to NYC with an appearance on a Rocks Off Boat Cruise with Goatwhore, Pig Destroyer, and Strong Intention. To say people went a little apey is a bit of an understatement (see below pictures of moshpits, people hanging from balconies, and general insanity for further proof).

The caged animal is unleashed again TONIGHT (10/26), when Eyehategod play their SECOND area show, this time at Europa with Unearthly Trance, Tombs, Strong Intention, and BV-BBG/Relapse showcaser Howl. Tickets are still available.

Pics of Howl, along with Misery Index, Salome, Revocation, Black Anvil, Complete Failure, and Gloominous Doom from the BV-BBG/Relapse Showcase at Fontana's are on their way. More pics from the boat cruise (from hell?) are below...

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DOWNLOAD: Deer Tick - Smith Hill (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Deer Tick - Easy (MP3)

Deer Tick in a sombrero on a boat (pic by Katie Alexander)
Deer Tick

Deer Tick played a boat on September 7th (Labor Day). More specifically, they played a Rock Off Concert Cruise with opener Jonny Corndawg (an old friend and fellow songwriter f Tick frontman John McCauley). Videos from the gig are posted below. Earlier in the weekend, Deer Tick played a set at The Positive Jam in Ithaca...

True-to-heart American music with a kind of dark poetic twist, Deer Tick sounded like the bluesy rock that fuels long nights at the bar talking about your true love, the job you lost, etc. Far from being a stereotype, however, John McCauley's slightly nasal, drawling voice gave new meaning to any preconceived ideas about country or folk music. The audience, which on Sunday was slow to get going, lingered in the shade during Deer Tick's set. Their lyrics encouraged a slow roll rather than rambunctious dancing -- "I've lived lies all my life / and I've been living here a long, long time / And it's been coming down a while now," Cauley sang in "Art Isn't Real." Introspective, indeed. [The Cornell Daily Sun]
Coming up, the band have added a week-long Partisan Records tour to their already-extensive upcoming dates. The NYC part of that tour will happen as part of CMJ at Bowery Ballroom on October 22nd. Deer Tick share the bill with Christopher Denny, Dolorean, Holy Sons and Paleo. Tickets go on sale Friday, September 11th at noon.

Christopher Denny is the latest addition to the Partisan Records family, and was recently seen actually on stage with Deer Tick in Prospect Park.

Holy Sons is the solo project of Emil Amos of Om who are also playing Bowery Ballroom in October.

Boat cruise video and all tour dates are below...

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Deer Tick

The first reason is illustrated in the flyer above (tickets). The second reason involves Dead Meadow and we're currently giving away a couple of pairs of tickets.

by Andrew Frisicano

DOWNLOAD: Desktop - Desktop EP (ZIP - 192 KB/S)

Electric Six on a Rocks Off Boat in NYC - Aug 20, 2009 (.A.A.)
Electric Six

When we left Electric Six last week, they were preparing a new album, KILL, due October 20th on Metropolis Records, and just about to play a boat....

"There's something a little unnerving about being anywhere for hours if you have absolutely no option to leave. So boarding a rock 'n' roll party boat for a three-hour concert cruise might not be for everyone; if you wind up hating the music, getting into a fight with your friends, or feeling violently ill, there's literally no way out until the boat docks.

That element of captivity feels more like a release, though, if you set sail at sunset on the Hudson and the bands are Electric Six, who are out east touring from Michigan, and Les Sans Culottes, the very best faux French retro-rock band in all of Brooklyn. Especially if the boat is named "The Temptress" and has multiple bars and a dance floor (and even if its aroma calls to mind the perspiration of generations past).

Electric Six's "Dick Valentine," the nicest front man who ever moved raving-drunk audience members to perform at-sea body-surfing, said that some people traveled hundreds of miles, some thousands of miles, to be at the show. Screams from the crowd indicated that perhaps it wasn't a joke." [Elle Magazine]
I wouldn't call a 3-hour boat ride a commitment to captivity, but to each his/her own.

Electric Six's post-river cruise plans include a full fall tour, which will feature opening sets by The Gay Blades and Millions of Brazilians. All three will play on Friday, October 16th at NYC's Hiro Ballroom. Tickets go on sale Thursday August 27th at noon. They'll also be in town for a show at Brooklyn's Southpaw on October 18th. Tickets for that are on sale now.

Electric Six bassist Keith Thompson and Zach Curd from The Pop Project recently launched a side-project under the name Desktop. The group's free three-song EP, linked above, shows off a knack for quirky, bedroom-casio-meets-'80s-prom-night electronic disco.

More info on Desktop and all E6 tour dates are below...

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Electric Six

The following can be attributed to Dick Valentine [Electric Six singer]:

Hello everybody. We've needed an update for a while, but I am of the mind that you don't force things like that. You bring it when it's time to bring it. Yes, we've been recording and I suppose that's newsworthy. Our sixth album will be finished soon and it will be released in October. It sounds wonderful and I fully intend for this to be the first Electric Six album that sees each and every song being included in our live set when we tour this fall. Because you see, I am getting older and I have very little patience for bullshit.

Electric Six's sixth album, KILL, is set to come out October 20th on Metropolis Records.

The band has a short run of August dates before their not-yet-announced album-supporting tour this fall. The first of those takes place tonight (Aug 19th) at Maxwell's with Les Sans Culottes and Jemina Pearl (Be Your Own Pet). Tickets are still on sale.

The group also plays a Thursday, August 20th Rocks Off Concert Cruise show aboard the Temptress, again with Les Sans Culottes. Tickets are on sale for that too. The band played a similar boat cruise last year. A video of that gig with a brief introductory clip from Tragedy, the all metal Bee Gees tribute band, with all tour dates below...

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words by Black Bubblegum, photos by Justina Villanueva

Goatwhore @ Gramercy! (July 23, 2009)

The legendary dark sons of southern hatemongering, Eyehategod, will trudge their way through the swampy muck of the Lousiana lowlands towards the Northeast where they will team up with Goatwhore and Strong Intention for a trio of dates. One of those dates will include Pig Destroyer on Oct 24th as part of a Rocks Off Boat Cruise in NYC!!! Tickets go on sale today (8/3) at noon. All dates below.

Goatwhore, winners of my award for "favorite band with the least favorite name", has a particularly amazing pedigree of former members of Acid Bath as well as current members of Soilent Green (which in turn shares members with EHG). Dax Riggs (of solo and Deadboy & The Elephantmen fame) was also a member of Acid Bath.

Goatwhore released the mega-Carving Out The Eyes Of God earlier this year and the band recently played (7/23) Gramercy Theater in NYC with Abigail Williams, SWAATS, Abysmal Dawn, and Daath. Pics from that show are above and below.

Meanwhile, EHG affiliated projects are going full speed ahead. NOLA supergroup Down (with Jimmy Bower of EHG) is hitting the road with Melvins & Weedeater (Nokia on Sept 11, tix here).

Pig Destroyer played NYC on July 31 with Repulsion & Brutal Truth. Those pics are forthcoming, but dig on a killer three way interview done between the guys here.

Other bands who recently announced boat shows include Deer Tick and Dead Meadow.

Pics and dates below...

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DOWNLOAD: Deer Tick - Smith Hill (MP3)

Deer Tick @ Bowery Ballroom - July 24, 2009 (more by Anna Scialli)
Deer Tick

Fresh off their tour with Dawes, which included Friday's show at Bowery Ballroom here in NYC, Deer Tick are announcing even more 2009 tour dates for September and October. The new dates include a Rocks Off Concert Cruise in NYC on September 7th, which is one day after they play Ithaca with The Hold Steady, and exactly a month after they open for Grace Potter and the Nocturnals (interesting pictures from their set at Rothbury HERE) in Brooklyn's Prospect Park (a free show).

Like Dead Meadow, Deer Tick's NYC boat concert will take place on the Jewel (not the Half Moon as Dead Meadow's listing originally read) (actually I don't know what the Jewel is... they are usually either on The Temptress or the Half Moon) (these are boat names I'm talking about). No Deer Tick-ets yet, but I'm sure they'll be on sale soon TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE.

Check out the track "Smith Hill" off Deer Tick's new album Born in Flag Day, above. All dates below...

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Dead Meadow

"The stage was projected with tie dyed lights, a trippy semblance of colors covering the undulating rhythms of Dead Meadow's guitar crazed rock. Dead Meadow is lead by Jason Simon's guitar and vocals through the mystic levels of rock n' roll psychosis. The addition of Cory Shane on guitar enables the band to develop the sound of the Meadow further into abstraction, producing instrumentation that is on the cusp of experimentation. Driving the tractor for the band through the waves of blues inspired guitar slaying in the likeness of old Hendrix solos, is Stephen McCarty on drums. McCarty is the band's second drummer. The original beat thumper, Mark Laughlin, left the band in 2002 opening up the Meadow for the pulse of MCarty, who wanders in and out of consciousness with the color of the music, maintaining a mechanistic time on his kit like the Bonham days of Zeppelin. Only McCarty revels in more of rhythmic entropy rather than the overpowered playing of Bonham. Fortunately for the band, McCarty loaned out his grand pappy's farmhouse for them to record one of their more celebrated albums Howls From The Hills (Tolotta Records).

In the album Howls From The Hills, and in the grasp of the hand painted dirt encrusted frescoes of [LA venue] the Orpheum, the billowing expanse of air was a catechism of misanthropic guitar rhythms and saturated bass lines from loyal bassist Steve Kile. The prominence of the bass is understated in the studio recordings, but within the walls of this theater the low frequency vibration was reverberating through the walls of the foundation. The lines brought continuity to the sound that carried the crowd through the diabolical riffs, and sent people's minds into a state like an opium bender coated in blotter acid." [Michael Dennis]

Dead Meadow are one of many bands that will appear at the ATP Festival happening in Monticello, NY this year. They play there on Saturday, September 12th (same day as Sufjan Stevens and Animal Collective). Three days earlier they visit NYC and play on a boat (the Half Moon to be exact) Tickets for the Rocks Off event are on sale now. All dates and some videos below...

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Boredoms @ Terminal 5, NYC in March 2008 (Trent Wolbe)

First came 7/7/7, then 8/8/8, and in 2009 the Boredoms will bring their Boadrum 9 drumming show to NYC's Terminal 5 on Wednesday, September 9th, 2009. Unlike past "Boadrum" events though, this one is not free. In fact, Tickets go on presale Wednesday, June 17th at 11am. General sale starts Friday, June 19th at noon.

Also unlike last year's NYC Boadrum show, the actual Boredoms will be there, BUT it's questionable whether there will be 99 drummers along with them (and not just because it seems impossible given the venue they've chosen)...

Last year there were two simultaneous Boadrum events - the real Boredoms were at the one in LA while 88 other drummers led by Gang Gang Dance performed on the Williamsburg Waterfront in Brooklyn (home of this year's Pool Parties). The year before that there were 77 drummers in Dumbo.

This year's show (9/9/9) is four days before the band plays the ATP NY Fest, and though details are limited for the NYC show at this second, the ATP show (taking place on 9/13/9) is advertising that "the Boredoms will continue their BOADRUM series, performing with 9 drummers on stage." Probably just 9 at Terminal 5 too? UPDATE: yes, 9 drummers. confirmed.

Boredoms did play NYC in 2008 also, but it was a non-Boadrum show at Terminal 5 (they must have liked it there).

Besides those gigs, the band is also scheduled to play a Pacific Ocean cruise on July 22nd, during the next solar eclipse. Joining them will be Gang Gang Dance and Japanese band Goma. More info on that show, with a poster, below...

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photos by Tim Griffin

Passion Pit

Passion Pit's last-minute, one-off NYC show on a boat was the fastest selling Rocks Off Concert Cruise in history (according to one of the promoters I talked to). It sold out in less than two days. Bad Brains took five. The show (last night) was timed to coincide with the release of the band's new album, Manners, out today (5/19) via Frenchkiss. As anyone who likes the band can probably imagine, the boat show was a super good time.

As the cruise, which departs from 41st on the west side, sailed up and down the Hudson River, there was lots of dancing, high-pitched singing, and birthday cake (Happy Birthday Michael). I think MTV was there filming too. More rehearsed than they were at SXSW in March (which is where I last caught them), the band seemed more confident playing the new songs. The audience, not surprisingly, went most nuts for the "old" (EP) stuff (like the song "Sleepyhead", which they actually also put on the new full length). More pictures from the show below...

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by Bill Pearis

DOWNLOAD: Patrick Bower - See Ya When We See Ya (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Amazing Baby - Head Dress (MP3)

a version of Amazing Baby
Amazing Baby

Wednesday (8/20) has so many good NYC show options it's criminal. Top of the list for me is probably Seattle's BOAT at Union Hall, who (as listed in last week's post) played a great show on Sunday at Cake Shop, one of the most fun shows I've been to all year. Add locals My Teenage Stride to the Union Hall bill and I would say it's a can't miss, but... there's also The Muslims at Union Pool; Vivian Girls/BFF at Death by Audio; and week two of Passion Pit's residency at Pianos (to which there are still tickets, so much for my own McGee-esque overblown hyperbole).

If you do go to Pianos, might I suggest you sneak upstairs beforehand to catch Patrick Bower. He fronts one of my favorite local bands, World Without Magic, but has also just completed a solo album, Beach Closed, which will be out in September. His solo band (at least at this show) will feature members of The End of the World, The Art of Shooting and Daylight's for the Birds. You can hear a couple tracks from Beach Closed on Patrick's MySpace and you can download an MP3 above, and watch a video for the song further down this post.

Grand Archives
Grand Archives

This Friday's Seaport Music Festival show should be a good one -- Grand Archives and Violens. Grand Archives' debut has been a real grower for me, one that I find myself listening to a lot. The CSNY vibe to the music really works, they put on a pretty good live show too and make room for choice covers. I like them more than their Sub Pop labelmates Fleet Foxes, but that's just me. And I'm anxious to catch Violens again, not having seen them play since May. I've worn out their three-song EP, though "Trance-Like Turn" (from a Green Owl Records compilation, video below) is their best song yet.

For those Brooklyn Vegan readers in the UK, Violens are opening for MGMT in November. Also playing those MGMT shows will be Amazing Baby, who remain my favorite new NYC band of 2008. That would be a hard tour to pass up if I lived over there, even though I'd say the headliner is the weakest live band of the three.

Amazing Baby also play this Friday (Aug 22) at Market Hotel where there is apparently open bar (Colt 45) all night long. I've seen them four times now -- each time a slightly different line-up but always good. Speaking of good and free, you should download Amazing Baby's Infinite Fucking Cross EP from their website. There's also an even newer song for download on top of this post. It's the same song they perform live in the video below (where you'll also find tour dates and other videos too).....

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by Bill Pearis

DOWNLOAD: Sky Larkin - "Molten" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: BOAT - "(I'm A) Donkey for Your Love" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: BOAT - "Last Cans of Paint" (MP3)
: BOAT - "The Bar is Too Low to Fail" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Cheeseburger - "Jelly Bean" (MP3)
: Cheeseburger - "Saturday Night" (MP3)

Sky Larkin
Sky Larkin

Don't miss show(s) of next week: The American live debut of Leeds, UK group Sky Larkin, who are one of 2008's real hopefuls (to me at least). Not really part of any scene that would get them on the cover of NME, Sky Larkin are pretty straight-forward melodic guitar pop with a charismatic frontperson (Katie Harkin) and two ace singles under their belt. A bit slow in released material (they've been together since 2005), but the floodgates are about to open as the band have just finished recording their debut album in Seattle with producer John Goodmanson. They're here in New York to shoot a video and are thankfully playing two shows when not in front of the camera: Wednesday (8/13) at Pianos and Thursday (8/14) at Union Hall (tix).


Seattle's sloppy, poppy BOAT are making a rare trek to the East Coast for a tour they've dubbed "We Jam Super Econo and a Bit Cramped." Signed to one of my favorite American labels, Magic Marker Records (Tullycraft, The Bats, The Owls), BOAT have a sort of classic American indie rock sound (think Pavement or Butterglory), with super-catchy songs and a nice sense of humor. I highly recommend last year's Let's Drag Our Feet, and hopefully the band will be bringing lots of copies of their new baseball-themed single "Topps" that comes with trading cards and stiff, crunchy bubblegum. Along for the ride will be similar-minded Philly band Creeping Weeds. The tour hits Cake Shop on August 17 and Union Hall (with the great My Teenage Stride as well) on August 20 (tix).


This weekend is all about All Points West (well, Friday and Saturday...are people going on Sunday?), but there are some worthy shows that aren't part of the megafestival.

Cass McCombsThis Friday's entry in the Seaport Music Festival is a good one: Cass McCombs, who didn't get as much attention as he probably deserved for last year's fine Dropping the Writ; and Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson who might be getting more attention than he really needs right now, like him as I do.


Saturday (8/9) brings the Vice/Colt 45 Tour with Cheeseburger to Glasslands Gallery, the last date on the tour. Has there been a more perfect marriage of rock to tour sponsors? I've never been good at math but Cheeseburger + free malt liquor + last night of the tour = mayhem. It's also free with an RSVP but, you know how these things work, get there early or don't get in.

Rogue Wave @ Lollapalooza 2008 (more by Bao Nguyen)
Rogue Wave

Also on Saturday at Union Hall is "Endless Shovels", a "Rogue Wave Tribute Band" which seem like an odd thing to have when Rogue Wave are actually in town the next day playing APW. Hmm... Tickets are on sale.


And if you are going to APW on Sunday, be sure to get there early to catch supertalented Slowdive/Mojave 3 guitarist Neil Halstead (check out our interview) who'll be there supporting his brand-new, very good 2nd solo album, Oh Mighty Engine. He's also playing Hamptons celeb hangout The Surf Lodge on Saturday if you're up that way, as well as opening for Jack Johnson on a few dates before continuing on his own. All dates and videos below...

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