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photos by Leia Jospe

Lightning Bolt

Forced to listen to that sucky band Lightning Bolt giving a concert right outside my window:( -Xtine000

Lil Wayne is here at the lightning bolt show no shit!!! -rezound

Lightning Bolt show was fucking mindblowing. Knee is pretty fucked up from mosh. -aMetallurgist

Lightning Bolt played Broadway Backyard on Sunday (Aug. 30th) for an afternoon show that also included sets by Teeth Mountain, Talk Normal and Hot Box. Lightning Bolt, who usually play from the crowd (like at their gig at the same venue last year), played from the Backyard's stage, with a massive array of speakers behind them.

I don't think Lil Wayne was there, but Jay-Z was at the Grizzly Bear show which was happening at the same time in the same borough. Lightning Bolt's new disc, Earthly Delights, comes out October 13th on Load Records.

More pictures below...

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Best Fwends

"As I type this post, I can still feel the dry crunchy residue of canned whipped cream in my hair. Oh well, its a small price to pay. Best Fwends at Emo's, the show was bonkers." [The Peen Scene]
Dates below...

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Lightning Bolt @ Broadway Backyard 9/13/08 (more by Leia Jospe)
Lightning Bolt

Jacket Copy: Do you feel the concept of the "record review" is still relevant? Was it ever?

Henry Owings: I've always felt that the more constraints that are put on writers, the less compelling the writing will be. For instance, I wrote for the NME for a nanosecond and was forced to write record reviews of bands like Lightning Bolt and Hot Snakes in less than 100 words. I mean that's like cramming an elephant into a phone booth. But are record reviews relevant? I don't know. I still purchase records the same way I did when I was 16 -- which is to say it's done entirely by word of mouth. I've always considered record reviews to be suspect, but if you need to read them, just read the last sentence because that's the essence of what the writer is trying to convey. Try it sometime, it's a great trick. Trust me. ["The Precarious State of Music Criticism," LA Times]

Lightning Bolt will be returning to the Broadway Backyard, where they played last September, for an afternoon show on Sunday, August 30th (though the venue is listed as "tentative" by Todd P). In that same week, the band will also be performing in Philly and at L.A.'s FYF Fest.

On Octoer 13th, the Providence duo will be releasing the follow-up to 2005's Hypermagic Mountain, Earthly Delights, on Load Records. The label writes that the new disc comes after "scrapping two entire full lengths." Check out the album art and tracklist from that record, with the band's full tour dates, below...

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Dum Dum Girls @ Woodsist Fest - July 4, 2009 (bajapuntos)
Dum Dum Girls

The two-day Woodsist & Captured Tracks Festival happened in Brooklyn on Friday (7/3) and Saturday (7/4). Both days were supposed to take place at 979 Broadway Backyard, but Friday was moved to the very hot Market Hotel due to the threat of rain. Pictures of both days coming soon, but first here is video Bill took on Saturday during the first-ever performance by Dum Dum Girls.

Dum Dum Girls is really just one person - Dee Dee.... aka Kristin Gundred from Grand Ole Party who is married to Brandon Welchez of Crocodiles who she released a duet with (video below) and who was one of the members of the Dum Dum Girls band at Woodsist. The other two members of the band were Mike Sniper of Blank Dogs and Frankie Rose of Crystal Stilts (and a former Vivian Girl)...

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DOWNLOAD: Woods - To Clean (MP3)

"...it has been damn near impossible to keep up with [Blank Dog] Mike Sniper's Captured Tracks label, who have hit the ground running with eight releases since the start of the year and many more slated for the near future. Captured Tracks is, to put it plainly, an outlet for Mr. Sniper to release records by bands he loves. In his mind it is "not a boutique label, " and by that he means that the releases are not meant to become instant eBay collectables, and will remain in print as long as there are people buying them. Some will have limited edition versions with alternate artwork or bonuses, but even these editions are easily and widely available. Affordable, available and well made, Captured Tracks is the populist record label. " [Agit Reader]
The previously announced Brooklyn Festival got much, much more interesting...

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HEALTH @ Knitting Factory in November (more by Ryan Muir)

HEALTH's previously announced NYC show on Saturday, June 20th will be happening at 979 Broadway Backyard, the same outdoor space that hosted Dan Deacon in May. Also on the bill for that New York Night Train-hosted gig are Awesome Color, Kid Congo Powers, Anna Copa Cabanna, Lone Wolf and Cub, more (poster below).

On Sunday, July 26th, HEALTH will be playing one of this summer's free JellyNYC 'Pool Parties' at the Williamsburg Waterfront. (Dan Deacon plays his own Pool Party with No Age and Deerhunter the week after, on August 2nd.) More Waterfront gigs are listed HERE.

Then, after a string of August European shows, HEALTH will tour North America in September. That tour includes a Thursday, September 24th show at the Bowery Ballroom with tourmates Pictureplane. Tickets for that show will go on sale Friday, June 12th at noon.

HEALTH's new disc, GET COLOR, comes out September 8th on Lovepump United. The first single from that, "DIE SLOW," is out now.

All tour dates and NY Night Train show flyer below...

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Broadway Backyard (more by Tim Griffin)
Broadway Backyward

Woodsist and Captured Tracks have joined forces with Todd P to present a two-day festival of bands at Broadway Backyard in Brooklyn this July 3rd and 4th. More info and full lineup (so far) below....

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words by Andrew Frisicano, photos by Tim Griffin

Dan Deacon

Dan Deacon, wearing an arm sling because of a dislocated shoulder, played three shows in NYC over the weekend (3/16 & 3/17). The first was a performance at 979 Broadway Backyard, an open lot in Bushwick, Brooklyn under the M train. The spacious spot was a mixture of rocky terrain, freshly cut grass and refuse-laced rubble. Amazingly, even with stage diving through most of the show and Dan Deacon's constant dancing instructions that sent people running across the space, there weren't any (more) major injuries (that I know of) from falling on the dark, uneven ground.

Acoustically, Deacon and the band sounded much better than at their Brooklyn Masonic Temple performance last December (didn't see NYU in April). "The ensemble," as Deacon referred to his band throughout the night, played clearly, with a sound that added nuance to Deacon's usual overblown-synth sound.

Dan Deacon stood on stage all set and filled the space between songs with instructions for dancing, rants about elves, warnings about stavediving (particularly after someone knocked his gear on to the front row) and appreciation to the neighborhood. The heavy crowd participation (singing, making people-bridges, dancing in a circle) came off as genuine and matched the spirit of the ad hoc venue (which I'm sure took a lot of cooperation to get together), its summer-fest vibe and the energetic crowd.

Teeth Mountain and Future Islands opened the show. One commenter writes that "homosexuals were an unannounced special guest, right at 6:15."

The second and third Dan Deacon shows of the weekend were at the Bowery Ballroom on Saturday, March 16th. How were they? On Sunday he played the 9:30 Club in DC, and like they did for Animal Collective, NPR recorded and is streaming the whole show.

More pictures from the Friday show with all tour dates from Dan Deacon's upcoming European tour, below...

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photos by Leia Jospe


...the core of Krallice is the lightning (sorry) fast pairing of Mick Barr (Ocrilim, Orthrelm) and bassist Colin Marston (Behold... The Arctopus, Dysrhythmia) with Lev Weinstein and Nick McMaster. The band is riding high off of their triumphant self-titled release for Profound Lore, one of my favorite records of the year so far.
[Black Bubblegum]
DIY venue Less Artists More Condos have announced a pair of shows for the discerning heavy music fan: Sep 27 with Krallice, Satanized, & White Suns and Oct 4 with Drunkdriver supporting Extra Life and Dan Friel (Parts And Labor). [Black Bubblegum]

Krallice played before Growing who played before Lightning Bolt at Broadway Backyard (under the M train) in Bushwick on Saturday (9/13). More pictures, and a video of Krallice from the show, below...

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photos by Leia Jospe

Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt

The special guests all bailed last minute, but luckily the consolation prize was a headlining set by Lightning Bolt at the Todd P show under the M Train in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn on Saturday (Sept 13, 2008). More pictures from the show below...

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