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by BBG

Kvelertak in Oslo

Compared to days one and two, day three of By:Larm was considerably more indulgent. Two artists (Kvelertak and Mayhem) have played the US several times, and though I was definitely familiar with both, I wanted to see them on their "home turf" so to speak.

After a day of looking at records at Tiger and Big Dipper, I caught a super-early show from The Avalanche (who I saw on day one) before heading to Folketeateret to catch some of Ida Maria's opening set of indie-laced pop-punk. She commanded the crowd to get out of their seats and the audience agreed, dancing in the aisles.

continued below...

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by BBG

the basement of Helvete in Oslo

Day two of By:Larm (read about day one HERE) started out with a "black metal" tour of Oslo lead by Anders Odden who has played with everyone from Celtic Frost to Satyricon to Ministry and played in death metallers Cadaver. The tour, which was especially educational for those with limited knowledge of the genre, took us to Holmenkollen Chapel (which was famously burned down by Varg Vikernes, Faust & Euronymous), the site of Helvete (the store owned by Euronymous of Mayhem) which is now a coffee shop, and Neseblod Records, a sort of museum/record store located downtown.

continued, with lots of pictures, below...

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by BBG

Dark Times in Oslo - 2/16/2012
By:Larm 2012

By:Larm is Norway's version of SXSW, a mass of bands and seminars in Oslo over three days. By:Larm's focus is the best of Scandinavia though, and they highlight the region across 24 venues and seminar sites. As a result, most of the bands at By:Larm have never broken on our shores and more than likely haven't even played the states. That made for a lot of research and a considerable amount of excitement when I found something new and fresh. I definitely found some fun and interesting bands during day one this year (February 16th). Read more about it, commplete with pictures, below...

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by BBG

Beaten to Death at by:Larm (photo by BBG)

Greetings from Europe. I'm currently in Norway for a doubleheader of Oslo events: the World Snowboarding Championships (complete with an Andrew WK-curated Norweigian version of 'Santos Party House') and the by:Larm Music Festival. You might remember the snowboarding portion was also celebrated with a Turbonegro show at Santos in NYC in November. Regular programming and a review from Oslo, with requisite sausage/hummus/fat rock comments, will resume in full tomorrow.

In honor of my current trip, I'll leave you with some Norwegian favorites like One Tail, One Head, Haust, Okkultokrati and Hellhammer (honorary Norwegians with respect to their influence). Listen below.

In case you missed it, we debuted a new Municipal Waste song, a new Asphyx video, got excited for the return of Sham 69, and confirmed that Nasum will play NYC.

What else is going on? A list of upcoming NYC shows and those songs, below...

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I caught the Norweigian, David Byrne-approved, all-girl group Katzenjammer while I was in Norway for the by:Larm Festival earlier this year. Naturally, I never posted the pictures, so here they are in honor of the group's current tour which brings them to Mercury Lounge in NYC TONIGHT (7/6). They're a little corny, but super energetic and fun, and Mercury Lounge is a way smaller venue than where I saw them play in Norway to a highly enthusiastic crowd.

Jon Parales referred to them as "a Norwegian version of the B-52's" (and the B-52's just so happen to be playing a NYC show tonight too). More pictures from Norway and all tour dates below...

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by BBG

DOWNLOAD: Alcest - "Percees De Lumiere" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Woe - "Alone with Our Failures"
DOWNLOAD: Have a Nice Life - "Bloodhail"
DOWNLOAD: Have a Nice Life - "I Don't Love"

Alcest at their first ever live performance in Bucharest (more by Stefan Raduta)

Wardruna at the 2010 edition of by:Larm in Norway

April is supposed to be the gateway to rejuvenation; spring is around the corner and warm sun awaits. Yet Thursday, April 29th is a dark day in NYC despite upward swinging forecasts, as the city will host a pair of black metal events.

First up, is the seminar 'A Blaze In The Northern Sky - Norwegian Metal and The Culture That Spawned It", a discussion featuring Nocturno Culto (Darkthrone), Gaahl (ex-Gorgoroth, Wardruna), and Harold Fossberg (Turbonegro) at Scandinavia House (58 Park Avenue):

In the last two decades, a bizarre, intense, and violent musical subculture called Black Metal has emerged in Norway, and has subsequently become a worldwide phenomenon. In a unique seminar-meets-radio show format moderated by Patrizia Mazzuoccolo (also known as Miss Pee), the lecture will explore and promote the genre and its country through audio clips of bands, interviews with musicians and special guests (see below for details), and an audience Q & A session.
Secondly and as previously discussed, Alcest will play NYC along with blackened blasters (and recent Candlelight signees) Woe and Have a Nice Life Tickets are still available for their show at The Studio @ Webster Hall, and I have a pair available for giveaway!

Nocturno Culto recently played Roadburn 2010 as part of Sarke, part II of Kim Kelly's review is on the way.

Wardruna, Gaahl included, recently played Folketeateret at the by:Larm Music Festival in snowy Norway (on Saturday, Feb. 20th) . An unposted set of pictures from that show, which was one of the major highlights of the long weekend, is continued below.

Details on how to win those Alcest tickets, some videos, and flyers for both events are below too...

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DOWNLOAD: Seabear - Lion Faced Boy (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Soley - Theater Island (MP3)

Seabear @ by:Larm

Seabear was one of the bands I made sure not to miss when I ventured to Norway for the by:Larm festival in February, but I came away with mixed feelings about the band whose leader Sindri Már Sigfússon has been called the Icelandic Beck. Maybe I had jet lag and was sleepy or they were sleepy or they just make sleepy music. That's not to say the 7-piece band completely scared me away. If they had, I wouldn't be writing this post to point out that you can download the perfectly pleasant track "Lion Faced Boy" above (and listen to more like it at their MySpace), and that you can see them when they make their NYC debut at Mercury Lounge tonight (3/25) and when they play their 2nd NYC show at Southpaw on Friday (3/26). Both shows are with their tour-mates, Chicago's Via Tania, and Friday (and most of the tour) also includes a set by Soley aka Seabear's Sóley Stefánsdóttir. Check out an MP3 from her up there too.

Naturally, the band is visiting from Iceland for a trip that included SXSW where they played a bunch of shows last week. The trip was also timed to coincide with the release of their new album We Built A Fire. It's out now on Morr Music which is also the label that will release a new Soley EP on the day of the Southpaw show (both MP3s above are from those records).

Some live videos from SXSW, more pictures from by:Larm (where they performed at a club called John Dee), and all tour dates, below...

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by Bill Pearis

DOWNLOAD: Megaphonic Thrift - Acid Blues (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: The Good The Bad - 004 (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Pirate Love - A Kiss Hello (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Choir of Young Believers - Action/Reaction (MP3)


By now you hopefully you know that Norway's awesome Casiokids are playing our Brooklyn Vegan Pre-SXSW party, alongside Let's Wrestle, The Wave Pictures, Banjo or Freakout and WhoMadeWho. There's now also free PBR for an hour or two (exact details on that soon). And I'll be DJing in between sets. It's all very exciting, isn't it? There are still some tickets available -- only $8.

In that previous post about Casiokids, we mentioned a compilation of the band's 2009 singles called Topp stemning på lokal bar that was, as of that writing, only coming out in Norway. The band have since announced that they've signed to Polyvinyl in the U.S. who will release the album, complete with bonus disc of remixes just like in Norway.

The Knitting Factory show is actually one of three that Casiokids will be playing in NYC before they head to Austin for SXSW. They will also play Pianos this Saturday (3/13) along with Banjo or Freakout, Denmark's synth-rock quintet Spleen United and our Italian friends A Classic Education. Casiokids also play Littlefield on Sunday (3/14) afternoon for an all-Scandinavian party that again features Spleen United, plus Denmark's only surf/flamenco band, The Good The Bad, and The Megaphonic Thrift.

Megaphonic Thrift

The Megaphonic Thrift are made up of members of Casiokids and The Low Frequency in Stereo and are definitely of the '90s indie rock variety (in this case think GBV or Dinosaur Jr.) that seems to be coming back into style lately. You can download their single "Acid Blues" at the top of this post. Their debut, Decay Destroy, just came out in Norway and is available here through your favorite digital store. I haven't seen them play yet, but BV caught them at by:Larm and said they were pretty good. Pictures from their February 18th show at Oslo club Sub Scene are below.

In addition to the Littlefield show, Megaphonic Thrift are playing Sunday night (3/14) at Bowery Electric and then on Monday night at Santos Party House for a Oya Fest / Oh My Rockness party with fellow Norwegians Pirate Love (High energy, Hives-ish garage) and Hanne Hukkelberg (orchestrated pop), plus The Depreciation Guild. Mind you this is the same night as our Knitting Factory show, so Megaphonic Thrift will play Santos then certain members will race across the Williamsburg Bridge to join their Casiokids bandmates in time for that set. It's all going to work out fine.

Pirate Love will be back after SXSW for a couple shows with UK garage act Thee Vicars. Catch them at Cameo Gallery on March 26 and Lit Lounge on March 27.

Spleen United @ CMJ 2009
Spleen United

The aforementioned Spleen United are also playing this Wednesday (3/10) at Union Hall with fellow Danes Choir of Young Believers. I caught Spleen United at CMJ back in October and they reminded me of the kind of band that 20 years ago would've been on Wax! Trax! or Play it Again Sam records -- the poppier side of goth/industrial. They've had #1 albums in Denmark I've since learned. With multiple percussionists, they put on a pretty good live show too.

Choir of Young Believers were also here at CMJ. Their debut, This is for the White in Your Eyes, is elegiac folk that gets the band compared to Fleet Foxes quite a bit but CoYB are a bit more instrumentally varied and grandiose than Robin Pecknold and co.  It really is a lovely record. The Union Hall show also features The Loom (who played that BV loft show during CMJ 2009) and Spain's The Right Ons. Choir of Young Believers also play Pianos on Thursday (3/11) with Brooklyn's ARMS who are worth checking out in their own right.

Choir of Young Believers
Choir of Young Believers

That's more than enough for one post. Below are videos, flyers and tour dates for some of the bands mentioned here...

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serena maneesh

I've seen a ton of great bands [in Oslo] so far. Most are new to me. I'm trying to avoid bands I've seen or will definitely see soon. Serena Maneesh fall into both categories (SXSW = the "see soon" part), but I couldn't help myself and went and checked them out [Friday] night at [Sentrum] Scene in Oslo. They went on after Johann Johannsson who went on after Efterklang (it was 4AD night). I actually watched all three and even saw some bands in nearby venues during set change... there's a band on somewhere every half hour, and all bands only play for 30 minutes.... so if you're quick you can see at least 25 minutes of a 30 minute set twice an hour for about 7 hours straight...except Serena Maneesh actually who got 45 minutes as tonight's big headliner... actually [I think] Johann played longer too, but I left before he finished). [me, over the weekend]
That's what I wrote over the weekend as a quick update while I was still in Oslo for the by:Larm festival. Meanwhile I'm still working on a complete post with everything I saw there, but, as it always goes - I'm so busy doing 100 different things so it's not done yet. In the meantime here is a full set of pictures from that Serena Maneesh show... which was great. It was especially cool to see the band play to a large crowd in their hometown, speaking only their native language and just generally being huge rock stars - loud sound, poses, great lights and all

As mentioned above, Efterklang played the same venue the same night, but the pictures I posted yesterday were from the show they played one night later. Both Efterklang and Serena Maneesh have shows coming up at Le Poisson Rouge in NYC. Both will also be at SXSW.

More pictures from Oslo below...

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DOWNLOAD: Efterklang - Modern Drift (MP3)


On Tuesday February 23rd [TODAY] from 5-7pm at the Clark Studio Theater [at Lincoln Center] in Manhattan, an 8 piece orchestra, made up of kids from PS. 859, a public school for musically gifted children from grades K-8 (aka The Special Music School) will perform Efterklang songs in tandem with a filmed performance of the band. The band will be projected on a 20-foot high screen behind the kids. We call this collaboration Efterkids! With this performance, 4AD and Efterklang hope to raise awareness for the overall issue of music education in schools.
Entry to the Efterkids show is free; RSVP to rsvpnyc@4ad.com. Prior to the show, there will be a listening party for Efterklang's new album, Magic Chairs, which is out today (and a song from which is above). More details are below.

I saw Efterklang twice over the weekend at by:Larm. Both were 30 minute sets which is standard for all shows at the Norweigian festival. Like Oh No Ono, the Danish band are big in Scandinavia. Efterklang are more established though, with three studio albums, the newest being on 4AD. Both shows I saw were in big theaters. The second was in a seated venue called Folketeateret...

Folketeateret is a stage for music and theatre in the centre of Oslo. The building is over 70 years old and used to be the home of the Norwegian Opera & Ballet.

In 2009 Folketeateret opened after a long renovation process, and the building's rich tradition and architectural greatness is clearly visible in the new theatre.

Folketeateret has 1,400 seats, making it Oslo's biggest stage for theatre. The theatre is connected to Restaurant Folk and Clarion Collection Hotel Folketeateret. [Visit Norway]

As you can see in the pictures that continue below, the place was pretty packed, and at this performance especially, Efterklang put on a beautiful performance. It was also really nice to be seated, even if just for a short time. Most of the time I was running around like crazy in the snow from venue to venue.

Efterklang's upcoming US tour includes a March 3rd show at (Le) Poisson Rouge and ends with a run of SXSW shows in Austin. For their LPR show and others, they'll be touring with Austin's Balmorhea. LPR tickets are still on sale.

All tour dates for the band are here. Efterkids details, flyer and re-posted "Modern Drift" video, along with more pictures from Norway, are below...

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DOWNLOAD: Oh No Ono - Internet Warrior (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Oh No Ono - Helplessly Young (MP3)

Oh No Ono

Denmark's Oh No Ono played two nights in NYC earlier this year in January. Of the band's new record, Eggs, Bill previously wrote: "It's psychedelic, baroque, glammy, 70's AM, with some synth pop and the occasional church choir thrown in. And very catchy stuff too." The two tracks above definitely showcase that eclecticism.

Since then I saw them this past Thursday (2/18) at by:Larm in snowy Norway. Three things: they were super tight, they are kind of getting huge over there, and my new name nickname for them is MEWGMT. The show took place at a third floor venue called Samfunnsalen which seemed to double as some type of lodge or government-run room. There were paintings and busts of men who could have been politicians since passed on the walls of the room which included a huge stage and plenty of standing space. Or maybe it was a school. That's what it reminded me of as I went up the three flights of tiled steps which included art sculptures on each floor's landing. Pictures from that show continue below.

The band next comes to the U.S. for SXSW which is followed by another visit to NYC for two more shows. They play Mercury Lounge on Wednesday, March 24th. Tickets are on sale. They'll also be opening for Little Dragon and VV Brown at Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn on Thursday, March 25th. Tickets to that are still on sale.

Live videos from their last NYC stint, more pictures from Norway and all tour dates are below...

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by Dominick Mastrangelo

Hanne Hukkelberg

One night after opening for The Watson Twins in Brooklyn, Norway's Hanne Hukkelberg headlined her own show (an early one) at the Mercury Lounge on Saturday (2/13). Hukkelberg's set consisted mostly of songs from last year's full-length, Blood From A Stone. Saturday's show - which was full but not sold out - was the second night of a short, four-show, two-city tour that wraps tonight (2/15) in Boston. Then it's back to Norway for the by:Larm Festival later this week.

Norway's ruling party celebrated its election victory in a rock venue; more than 20% of the population attends a music festival every year; and it's not unusual to find gigs taking place in a mausoleum. Oslo is the music-mad capital of this music-mad nation, and the city's modest population of 550,000 sustains numerous venues, outstanding record shops and countless festivals.

Annual events cater for a wide range of tastes including metal, jazz, folk, world and electronica, while the Øya rock festival puts most larger UK equivalents to shame when it comes to bands, organisation and environmental credentials. And while showcase industry events Folkelarm and by:Larm attract music business figures from around the world to check out the talent, Norway's social democratic principles ensure that the gigs are also open to the public. [Guardian]

Opening the Merc show was New York's Ravens & Chimes whose next scheduled show is with Robbers on High Street at the Bell House on March 6th. More pictures including one of the setlist below....

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by Andrew Frisicano

Hanne Hukkelberg

If you can imagine it, Norwegian singer Hanne Hukkelberg used to carry vocals for doom metal band Funeral before settling into her own atmospheric folk. She's in NYC this weekend - her first show is at the Bell House on Friday, February 12th with The Watson Twins (who are at the Living Room tonight, 2/11 - for WFUV members only) and La Strada. Tickets are still on sale.

She headlines Saturday, February 13th at Mercury Lounge with Ravens & Chimes Tickets are on sale.

Hanne Hukkelberg is one of the many Nordic artists participating in By:larm, a regional showcase/festival in Oslo, Norway on February 18th-20th (a fest we'll be attending... more on that later). The full list of artists participating in that is below.

Her album Blood From a Stone came out last year on Nettwerk. Videos from that and all tour dates are below...

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DOWNLOAD: Casiokids - Fot I Hose (Axemax Remix) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Kittens Ablaze - Gloom Doom Buttercups (MP3)

Casiokids @ On the Side @ the Seaport (more by Kyle Dean Reinford)

One of our favorite bands from CMJ is coming back to the United States in March. Norway's Casiokids will play two shows in NYC before they head to Austin to play a bunch of shows at SXSW. The NYC shows are March 17th at the Annex with BM Linx, and one day earlier at The Bell House with fellow Norwegians The New Wine, NYC's Anamanaguchi, and NYC's Kittens Ablaze. Tickets for the Brooklyn show are on sale.

Norway's annual by:Larm music conference went down in Oslo this past weekend. Billboard reports:

In total, 280 bands participated in over 500 concerts (a substantial increase from 2008's 350), with several more playing unofficial by:Larm shows in fringe venues during the event. Attendance was strong from the international delegate fraternity as well as local residents, amounting to an approximate total audience of 25,000, according to organizers.

Some of the hot tips packing out venues were recent Universal Music Norway signing Harry's Gym, Icelandic outfit Hjaltalin, Norwegian-language group Casiokids and the Whitest Boy Alive, an electronic act featuring Erlend Øye of Norwegian indie-folk duo Kings Of Convenience. Danish electro group WhoMadeWho headlined the Saturday night main tent finale.

Moshi Moshi is releasing a new Casiokids single on March 2nd. One of the songs on that is the instrumental "Fot I Hose". A remix of that song above, and its new official video, and all tour dates, are below...

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