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While Twinkies have a reputation for an unlimited shelf life, the company that makes the junk food may not not.

Hostess Brands, the bankrupt maker of cream-filled pastries like Twinkies and Ho Hos, said on Friday that it planned to wind down its operations. The decision comes a week after one of the company's biggest unions went on strike to protest a labor contract.

Friday's move could spell the end of Hostess, a company that has endured wars, countless diet fads and even an earlier Chapter 11 filing. But the liquidation may not mean the end of its signature product, the Twinkie, with its cake exterior and cream filling. The confection -- originally banana flavored, rather than the vanilla of today -- could find new life under a different owner, if the company auctions off its brands and assets.

In the short term, Twinkies may be in short supply. The last batches rolled off Hostess production lines early Friday morning, according to Tom Becker, a company spokesman, and no new products will be made for the time being. [NY Times]

I won't be running out and stocking up on any Twinkies. I mean, they're gross, but I can't help feeling nostalgic for the products that poisoned my body as a child and the ads that helped them do it! Continue the trip down memory lane and/or feeling hungry and/or disgusted and/or find some more ironic t-shirt ideas, below...

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by Klaus Kinski

Aqua Teen Live

Adult Swim programs hitting the road for live shows is really nothing new. Tim and Eric did it in 2007 with much success. They did it again in 2008 with even greater success. They also did it in 2009 when I finally had to say 'Mercy' as the venues were just too dang big to make the event enjoyable (or even viewable if you had a crummy seat in the back). For a live action show like T&E to hit the road makes total sense; you just need actors, costumes, some AV, and you're golden. Dethklok, the fictitious band from Adult Swim's animated masterpiece series Metalocalypse, went on tour as well. But that made sense to me as Dethklok is a real band with real musicians and their music works for my ears with or without the cartoon.

But for a primarily non-musical, hardly-ever live-action animated program to hit the road? What the? How is that even possible? How many more times will Klaus use the phrase "hit the road" (once)? Well, flashforward to 2010 when an astute BV commenter noted that that's exactly what's happening when Adult Swim staple Aqua Teen Hunger Force hits the road this spring for a 21-date jaunt that will eventually land at the Nokia Theater on Tuesday, May 11. Billed as Adult Swim Presents Aqua Teen Hunger Force LIVE, the shows will feature live music, script readings, rare clip screenings, previews of upcoming episodes of Squidbillies and Aqua Teen Hunger Force, free shwag, and more. The show is being semi-billed as an Dave and Dana LIVE; Dave being Dave Willis, the show's co-creator, and voice actor Dana Snyder. Tickets have been on sale since Friday April 2nd, so go git em! All dates below...

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DOWNLOAD: No Kids - For Halloween (MP3)

Halloween Grinch

This little-known sequel to the much-better-known 1966 hit, "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" came out in 1977 as a TV special. It's worth noting that the only mention of Halloween is in the title (indeed, starting in the late 90's, it was released under the name "It's Grinch Night," leaving Halloween out altogether). However, the events portrayed here clearly take place in late autumn. Grinch Night, perhaps, is the Whoville equivalent of Halloween. [Wikipedia]
The music for Halloween is Grinch Night was done by Joe Raposo and thanks to YouTube, you can watch the entire obscure cartoon below...

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