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by Kim Kelly


dISEMBOWELMENT are the definition of a "cult" band. Formed in Melbourne in 1989, these avowed practitioners of unsettling, decrepit art released a handful of seminal early recordings before unleashing their sole LP and magnum opus. With 1993's Transcendence Into the Peripheral, the Aussie quartet unwittingly created both one of the cornerstones of modern death/doom and one of the first widely acknowledged funeral doom recordings (the band prefers the death/doom tag, while many others seems hellbent on dubbing them "funeral doom;" in this instance, we'll defer to those who actually wrote the damn songs!). Unfortunately, Disembowelment languished in relative obscurity for years, breaking up immediately after the release of their LP and busying themselves with other musical pursuits. Those who stumbled across their recordings, though, were captivated by the band's atmospheric, crushingly heavy amalgam of murky death metal, wretched doom, and dark ambiance, and their posthumous influence filtered through the underground as a new wave of bands began to take their cues from Transcendence Into the Peripheral.

Much like the rebirth of Winter, it took a concentrated outside effort to lure Disembowelment out of retirement, and even then, it didn't quite work. Disembowelment is good and dead, but some of the minds behind it, namely bassist Matt Skarajew and drummer Paul Mazziota, were willing to play ghost. In 2010, the duo recruited a few new members and announced that they would be playing Transcendence Into the Peripheral in its entirety at Netherlands' prestigious Roadburn Festival, under the moniker d.USK. That gig turned into several gigs, and the inevitable rumours of new music began to spread until the cat was let out of the bag - Skarajew and Mazziota had formed a new project, christened Inverloch, that was recording new material and planning to engage in a handful of live performances. Relapse Records have signed on to release their debut EP, Dusk...Subside, and anticipation's running high for next month's d.USK performance. I spoke to Skarajew and Mazziota about the past, present, and future - and of course, did my damnedest to convince them to come play NYC.

Check out the interview with Inverloch along with a track stream for "The Menin Road" below.

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