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Jessica 6

Nomi's new band Deep Red have changed their named to Jessica 6. It's been a while since we heard from The Berg Sans Nipple. Tonight (5/11) the two bands share a bill at Le Poisson Rouge in NYC. All dates below...

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Deep Red @ Le Poisson Rouge (more by Toby Tenenbaum)
Deep Red

tonight in NYC
* The Budos Band @ Maxwell's
* pow wow!, Attics, The Big Surprise @ The Delancey
* Heloise & The Savoir Faire, Deep Red @ Highline Ballroom
* Richard Buckner, Arboretum, Ruby Throat @ Mercury Lounge

For a Friday night there's not much, probably because of SXSW in Austin...

...where BV parties and Todd P parties continue today. We'll have free BBQ veggie burgers at the Sweden party (until they run out).

What else?

photos by Toby Tenenbaum

Deep Red

Morgan Wiley and Andrew Rasposo are members of both of the bands that played at Le Poisson Rouge in NYC last night. Nomi fronts (headliner) Deep Red and sang one song with Midnight Magic (opener). Pat Mahoney of DFA / LCD Soundsystem was the DJ for the night.

It was Deep Red's first NYC show (maybe their first show ever). Their second (at the moment) is February 13th at Highline Ballroom where they'll be performing Sade songs. Tickets are still on sale.

Nomi is now best known as the frontwoman of Hercules and Love Affair. Deep Red's other members also play with that band, and based on what I've heard so far, the apple hasn't fallen far from the tree (is that the right expression?).

How was last night? More pictures below...

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DOWNLOAD: Russ Chimes - She's Got the Heat (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: 33Hz - Sentinel of Love (OrtzRoka Remix) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Anoraak - Endless Summer (MP3)
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I was really, really looking forward to last week in dance, but it wound up being just alright (part of which was my fault). Friday night I went to Trusme's new monthly at APT, Disco3000. While there was good disco thanks to Kon & Amir, Trusme (who I was most looking forward to) was nowhere to be seen. I arrived at APT around 12:30, so theoretically I could have missed him. I would think even if that were the case he would have been hanging around though. Who knows...

A couple of notable things: APT was finally fittingly packed with people dancing (the past few times I'd been there recently it was dead). 2. There was someone "deejaying" who I didn't recognize, who wasn't mixing the songs. There were a couple of failed attempts...and then complete pauses in between each song. Really broke the momentum and my disco heart as the songs probably would have made for a good set if they had been mixed together.

Saturday night was a total debacle on my part. I was running around doing a bunch of things during the day...and by the time I would have left to see Romanthony at Love I was completely out of energy. Epic fail followed by immediate regret. Did any of you go?

Despite just having an OK time last week, I am still very optimistic about this week. There are lots of potentially awesome dancefloor scenarios that could unfold - here's what's up for Thursday (1/22) & Friday (1/23)...

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DOWNLOAD: Deep Red - Fun Girl (MP3)

Deep Red

Deep Red is a collaboration that includes Hercules & Love Affair keyboardist Morgan Wiley, bassist Andrew Raposo, and vocalist Nomi Ruiz who met while on the 2008 Hercules & Love Affair Tour. They combine minimal electro, dance, and R&B to create what sounds like a cross between Afrika Bambaataa, Kraftwork & Madonna. The synergy of their live show [by who I'm not sure] is said to evoke Fleetwood Mac & Sade incorporating live saxaphone & flute.

Their first single 'Fun Girl', is a dark dance number full of tough vocal hooks, dirty bass and spooky synth lines. They are preparing to release a 12" this Spring followed by a run of shows in Europe and the US.

Deep Red make their debut in NY at Le Poisson Rouge this Thursday, January 22nd. Doors at 9pm, Midnight Magic 10pm Deep Red 11pm. DJ Pat Mahoney (DFA/LCD Soundsystem) will be spinning throughout the entire evening.

Tonight's show was supposed to be last week at Zipper Factory, but that obviously wasn't happening so they moved it to Le Poisson Rouge.

Deep Red is also playing as "Diamond Life" as Sade at Highline Ballroom on February 13th. Tickets are on sale.

Andrew and Morgan were also in Automato.

The flyer for tonight is below...

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