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Iron Man

Iron Man may have originally started as a Black Sabbath tribute band, but their original material more than stands up on its own. The quartet sprung from the fertile Maryland doom scene and now, 15 years after formation, are preparing a new LP for Lee Dorian's Rise Above Records/Metal Blade, out October 1. Underground no more, check out "Hail to the Haze" from the band's new LP, South of the Earth (preorder yours), which you can stream below.

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UK doom trio MOSS have released their latest LP, Horrible Night, stateside. Though the band have yet to really break on our shores, the record, out via Rise Above/Metal Blade, shows a mature band with strong songwriting chops, restraint (a key element in doom metal) and the thick sludgy tone to make genre fans worldwide take notice.

Packing soaring vocals over woofer-quaking riffs across six tracks, the long-player adds to the band's already fabled doom lore. Horrible Night has spawned a pair of singles in anticipation of its release: the title track and "The Coral of Chaos." The latter makes its premiere here and you can stream both below.

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG

Tim of Clutch at Emo's East, December 2011 (more by Tim Griffin)

One of my first ever live shows (not including arena jams with mom and pop) was seeing Clutch at the original 9:30 Club in DC. I remember it vividly, vocalist Neil Fallon strutted on stage and sang like he was reading from a bible, ripping out page by page and throwing it into the crowd. Along with the thundering groove-oriented instrumentation, that left quite an impression on my young mind (early teens at the time), as did Transnational Speedway League's mix of hardcore and stoner metal. The early days of Clutch, the always bountiful DC hardcore scene, and another little semi-local band from the area, The Obsessed, helped form my early tastes.

It's hard to believe that show was close to twenty years ago and that Clutch is approaching a quarter-century as a band. Older is wiser in my book though, and the Maryland stoner/hard rock crew are back with Earth Rocker, their tenth LP due on March 19 via their own Weathermaker Music imprint. The LP is definitely a departure from their last few efforts, which climbed further down the blues rabbit hole, and a return to the band that penned riff-y rockers like  the ones found on their self-titled, The Elephant Riders and Pure Rock Fury. We've got the premiere of the new album's title track which you can stream below.

With the band's new LP on deck and more than two decades behind him, I cornered Clutch guitarist Tim Sult to ask him a few questions about the release and their history. You can read that below.

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by BBG

Bobby Leibling @ Webster Hall (more by Toby Tenenbaum)

Godfathers of doom Pentagram are getting on the road in January. A few select US dates, including a NYC show on Jan 17th 2010 in NYC at BB King's, have started popping up While that alone is enough to send doom fans' hearts-a-racin', it looks like the band is bringing one of the current greats of traditional doom, The Gates of Slumber, along for the ride! NYC tickets go on sale Saturday, 11/14 at 10am. All currently known dates below.

The show marks the second appearance for Pentagram in a year, with their last NYC appearance taking place at Webster Hall in March of 2009 with Priestess and The Devil's Blood. The Gates Of Slumber also recently played NYC, in August they decimated the Studio at Webster Hall with Zoroaster and Serpentcult.

The Gates of Slumber was also recently added to the killer lineup at Roadburn 2010.

All known dates as well as a few videos are below...

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by Black Bubblegum

Saint Vitus @ Roadburn (the decline 88)
Saint Vitus

Hey doom fans! Are you sitting down? The legendary Saint Vitus has announced three east coast dates, including Europa in Brooklyn on Oct 16th. According to Blabbermouth, "these dates will mark frontman Scott "Wino" Weinrich's (THE OBSSESSED, WINO, SPIRIT CARAVAN, PLACE OF SKULLS, THE HIDDEN HAND, PROBOT) first appearances in these cities with SAINT VITUS since 1987!" Tickets for the NYC show are on sale (though there seems to be a problem with Ticketweb at the moment). Support is still TBA, though Type O Negative and the "Misfits" (who are playing BB King's on Halloween) are opening the October 17th show in Worcester (weird lineup). We'll keep you posted when more details surface.

Wino will also be in NYC with his solo band less than one week before the NYC date, supporting Clutch. Tickets are still available for both dates at Irving Plaza, 10/9 here and 10/10 here.

Our man JJ Koczan recently caught Saint Vitus at Roadburn. Dates below...

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by JJ Koczan

We continue with JJ's report from the Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, Holland. If you missed it, check out Day One and Day Two. Here is Day Three (Saturday April 24, 2009)...

Om @ Roadburn 2009 (Herr Hanz)

Saturday night I communed with The Riff.

That's not a joke. I was just drunk enough at just the right moment so that as Neurosis took an all-too-rare trip through their back catalog, I was taken somewhere, like a living out of body experience. They opened with "A Sun That Never Sets," and split the middle with "Stones From The Sky," and ended in a huge Steve Von Till/Scott Kelly/Jason Roeder drum barrage; it was almost too much for a human psyche to endure. Survival instinct kicked in. They played for an hour and a half and I felt years pass.

The day was long, but worth the effort. I got to 013 Popcentrum a couple minutes into Grails' set and was reminded of just how much I enjoy that band and why I keep buying their records every time they put one out. Having never seen them live before, I was glad to learn that they pull off every texture and nuance of their songs on stage with presence and conviction. When Neurot put out their first two records, I was into it, but didn't really understand, and though their albums have gotten incrementally better, now I feel like I really get it. They're well on their way to being geniuses.

Amenra was in the Green Room at the time, which was full of those seeking something more abrasive than Grails could offer. "Dark" is the first word that comes to mind in thinking about their sound. "Crushing" is the second. They had a little of the post-metal cadence in their rhythms, but they were onto something much more sinister, mood-wise. Heavy as hell, seriously.

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by JJ Koczan

We continue with JJ's report from Roadburn in Tilburg, Holland. If you missed it, you might want to start with Day One. Here is Day Two (Friday April 23, 2009)...

Cathedral LIVE at Roadburn (Erik Luyten)

It's really easy to tell as you walk around Tilburg who is here for Roadburn and who isn't. Even when I first got here from Amsterdam on the train, the front of the station looked like an Eyehategod show could have broken out at any minute, all the bearded longhairs and black t-shirts, including my own, standing around looking for a bus or a cab. Like some kind of convention for the International Society Of Social Awkwardness. But oh, we do have a good time.

The thing about the "doom scene," as much as there is one, is that it's really more of a community. Maybe it's because the majority of its patrons are a little older, a little more stoned, a little more concerned with paying their rent, but there are way fewer scene rules than, say, in black metal, where the contest to be more kvlt than thou goes on ceaselessly. Certainly there's a uniform -- see "beards and t-shirts," above -- but there are some normal looking dudes running around here and no one really gives a crap one way or the other what they look like. I'd say it's refreshing, but it's been this way for as long as I've been into doom, so it's nothing new.

This is easily the best festival I've ever seen. The fact that I'm here still astonishes me. Yesterday, as I watched Angel Witch demolish bands half their age (though Saviours would answer back heartily later on), I couldn't help but look around me and be amazed at the gathering of riff worshippers. The Atomic Bitchwax, for example, played to a Green Room so packed that people were lined up into the hallway watching them through the open doors. I've seen the Bitchwax plenty of times in our shared home state of New Jersey, and most of those shows have been relatively empty. Here you can barely go from one part of the venue to the next without doing a bump 'n grind on some poor schlub. It's something to get used to, but I made a conscious decision to take a different approach to day two than I had to day one.

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by Black Bubblegum

Pentagram circa 1981

Ask any doom metal fan about the true pioneers of the genre and two bands will be mentioned: Black Sabbath and Pentagram. One of those bands is to take the stage on March 6, 2009 for a rare show at Webster Hall. It's the legendary Pentagram and tickets go on sale Friday at noon!

Pentagram... was quite prolific in the underground scene of the 1970s, producing many demos and rehearsal tapes, but did not release a full-length album until reforming in the early 1980s with an almost completely new lineup. Throughout the band's history the only constant member has been vocalist Bobby Liebling. The revolving lineup of Pentagram has featured many well respected musicians in the local doom metal scene... -[Wikipedia]
That "local" doom scene is in Maryland, which spawned MANY great doom-y bands including Clutch, Monster Magnet, Wino and his projects The Obsessed and Place Of Skulls (with a member of Pentagram), Earthride, and many many others.

Pentagram, and specifically Bobby Liebling will be the focus of a documentary via 914 films entitled "Last Rites: The Fall and Rise of Bobby Liebling". Here's a synopsis of the movie:

Cult rock legend Bobby Liebling has been churning out genre defining and highly admired hard rock / doom metal for over 36 yrs. Drug addiction, band break ups, bad record deals, jail terms, chronic illness, Satanic blood sacrifices and various acts of self destruction haven't haulted him as he continues to claw his way to the top. This film in progress will highlight the triumphs and downfalls of the life of an underground icon. Experience his daily struggle as he attempts to not only succeed but to survive.
In related Maryland doom news, Wino's new album Punctuated Equilibrium is out on Southern Lord on 2009 and features Jean-Paul Gaster of Clutch. Wino is also reforming his legendary doom band Saint Vitus at Roadburn.

Check out the documentary trailer featuring appearances by Hank III and Witchcraft, and a whole bunch of other videos, below...

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