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by Andrew Sacher


Our friends Washed Up Emo launched this site IsThisBandEmo.com where you can type in a band's name and get the "emo council"'s verdict on whether or not said band is emo. It's a fun/funny site with some indisputable ones (like American Football), some that will surely anger people (sorry Fall Out Boy fans), and of course some on-the-fencers (let the Jawbreaker arguments begin). Whether or not a band is emo is of course an Extremely Important Issue, and we wanted to have some fun with it and stir it up some more by putting together a list of 10 great songs by non-emo bands that are pretty damn emo. Credit where it's due: in coming up with the list, I googled a bit to see other opinions on how emo these bands are, and found that Popstache did a similar list in 2011, and it actually included two of the same bands as this one.

Emo isn't meant as a bad word here, just a genre. Check out our list, in no particular order, below...

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by Andrew Sacher

Title Fight at Europa in 2012 (more by Rebecca Reed)
Title Fight

"Emo is a style of rock music characterized by melodic musicianship and expressive, often confessional lyrics. It originated in the mid-1980s hardcore punk movement of Washington, D.C., where it was known as "emotional hardcore" or "emocore" and pioneered by bands such as Rites of Spring and Embrace." [Wikipedia]
If you've been closely following along with the blogosphere lately, you've probably noticed talk, especially amongst the indie rock community, about an "emo revival." Some sites, like Stereogum and Buzzfeed, have directly written about the "revival," whereas others like Pitchfork -- a site which has previously derided even the most classic albums of the genre -- didn't explicitly call it a revival, but offered a valuable spotlight on the modern emo scene. NPR weighed in, asking, "Is Emo Back?," but still some, like Noisey, claim, "There's no emo revival, you just stopped paying attention." A writer at NYU Local agrees. Meanwhile, bloggers and local papers, like OC Weekly and Baltimore Sun, are running with this.

All of this attention is only doing the genre a service. As Chad Jewett points out on Half Cloth, "How did you find out about Diary, person born in 1988? Because you would have to have been preternaturally cool to have picked up on it in 1994 when it came out." In other words, maybe in 19 years someone will hear Is Survived By, and they'll thank their lucky stars for all these listicles and thinkpieces that pointed out that record and so many other great records. But does the increased attention for these bands (many of which have been around for years) in indie rock circles warrant calling it a revival? Maybe it's that people are realizing these "emo revival" bands have a lot more in common with indie rock bands than a lot of people thought.

For one reason or another (perhaps because kids who grew up on Drive-Thru Records comps are forming bands now), emo has been sneaking its way more and more into accepted indie rock. Nobody was screaming "emo revival" when Japandroids went from a well-liked indie rock band to one of the genre's most beloved with 2012's Celebration Rock, a record full of heart-wrenching lyrics, youthful spirit, and fast, catchy power chords -- all common descriptors of emo. (Not to mention it was released by Polyvinyl Records, home to such emo classics as Frame and Canvas, American Football, Look Now Look Again, and more.) Likewise, no one said it when Cloud Nothings' 2012 LP Attack On Memory got tons of love from indie rock critics upon its release and went on to appear in multiple year-end lists, including Pitchfork, Stereogum, Spin, and more. It's an indie record, but one with a heavy resemblance to early Sunny Day Real Estate and similarly emo lyrical themes ("I miss you 'cause I like damage / I need something I can hurt").

Japandroids at Bonnaroo 2013 (more by Dana (distortion) Yavin)

These records had all too much common with the great emo releases of that year, including Title Fight's Floral Green and Joyce Manor's Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired. Both of those albums embraced raw production, honest, innovative music, and were not geared towards a radio-pop fanbase, but yet were largely ignored in indie rock circles. It's essentially what indie rock is, and a far cry from what pop bands tagged as emo like Panic at the Disco, Hawthorne Heights, and Senses Fail were doing. Those pop-emo bands, and countless others, dominated rock radio, MTV, and a major part of the conversation on emo during the mid-2000s, scaring away many indie rock fans and critics from the genre all together. The two weren't always enemies. Emo kids and indie rock kids both hold equal claim to bands like Sunny Day Real Estate, Cursive, Bright Eyes, Death Cab for Cutie, Rilo Kiley, and others. Perhaps part of the split was because it was somehow cooler to look like this than like this.

Title Fight, who didn't appear on Pitchfork until the-year-of-the-revival despite notable album releases in 2011 & 2012, cited many of the same influences as modern indie rock bands for Floral Green, including Sebadoh, Hum, Nirvana, and Sonic Youth. And Joyce Manor did the same, namedropping Guided by Voices and Weezer's Pinkerton in interviews. It makes sense that fans who latched on to Japandroids/Cloud Nothings would gravitate towards Title Fight/Joyce Manor. So what makes them so different? Ian Cohen says in his 2013 Pitchfork review of the new Title Fight EP, "You're more likely to hear electro-pop or major-label bands such as Chvrches or Haim called "indie" more often than Title Fight. How is that? Is it because most of time, genre tags are used to described the perceived fanbase than the music itself?"

The question Ian poses in that review seems to be a huge factor in the need some have to cite an "emo revival." If Japandroids and Cloud Nothings are your kind of indie rock, or punkier indie-approved bands like Titus Andronicus and Fucked Up, or classic bands like Dinosaur Jr, Built To Spill, Superchunk, and Archers of Loaf, chances are you're going to (or already do) find a lot to like in Title Fight, Joyce Manor, Pity Sex (essentially a shoegaze band), Cloakroom (sludgy slowcore), Placeholder (fuzz rock/'90s-style indie/etc), and many more. And as certain people, like Jaded Punk Dan Ozzi in his Noisey article pointed out, these bands didn't come out of nowhere. This comparatively underground scene of emo has been co-existing with the mall-emo scene for years, and perhaps it's getting called a "revival" because of the sudden interest for it from a fanbase who, for the most part, previously ignored anything associated with that three-letter word.

I do think, to some extent, that at one point the "emo revival" tag meant something. Now-defunct bands like Algernon Cadwallader (who have a new band, Dogs On Acid, in the works and whose guitarist Joe Reinhart is now a sometimes-member of Hop Along) and Snowing/Street Smart Cyclist (whose singer John Galm now fronts the excellent garage punk band Slow Warm Death) revived a very specific type of emo in the late 2000s -- the math rock-influenced kind done (perhaps most notably) in the mid-'90s by Cap'n Jazz. That sound, which some people bafflingly call "twinklecore," can be heard in late-2000s bands Castevet, Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate), 1994!, and bands who rose more recently, including The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, Dads, and Prawn. But that's only a small sect of the genre as a whole. I recently said that Brand New's 2006 LP The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me is my favorite emo album since Diary, and Devil and God only came out two years before Algernon's first, 1994!'s first, and La Dispute's first. Thursday's final record, No Devolucion, came out in 2011 and in my opinion it's one of their best. The genre had a rough period as it entered the mainstream (but so did so many other genres) but it never vanished.

Touche Amore at Riot Fest 2013 (more by Kirstie Shanley)
Touche Amore

Why is it all happening now though? Perhaps with "indie rock's tuneful death rattle" and "the decline of guitar rock" in effect, with artists like Haim, Chvrches, Icona Pop, The 1975, and Lorde currently dominating the indie rock discussion, there are still people yearning for raw, scrappy guitar rock with DIY ethics and an alternative mindset. And a lot of us are finding that those cravings are satisfied by this large, thriving group of "emo" bands. In his "indie rock death rattle" piece on Grantland, Steven Hyden welcomed indie turning pop as a natural progression, but did point out some may be seeking something less pleasant, which he finds in Touche Amore's latest LP, Is Survived By.

Touche's record, another getting extra attention now thanks to the "revival," is one of the finest releases of this year, and embodies so many of the key factors of "underground rock." Its aggression is raw and unpolished, but it's melodically and dynamically exploring new ground for rock music. Lyrically, the themes won't be unfamiliar to indie rockers, exploring existential uncertainties ("To swallow mortality is enough of a task / And leaving your mark is just too much to ask") that aren't too different from a band like Titus Andronicus ("Okay, I think by now we've established everything is inherently worthless / And there's nothing in the universe with any kind of objective purpose"). They also happen to be musically and communally connected to post-hardcore bands like Converge and Thursday who have influenced forward-thinking underground rock bands, just as Pavement and the Pixies have.

At The Drive-In at Coachella 2012 (more by Dana (distortion) Yavin)

It's not only newer bands though. Many now broken-up bands have been reuniting, and getting welcomed back very warmly. It's no surprise that the much-loved At the Drive-In caused excitement when they reunited, but in case there was any doubt how large that excitement would be in indie circles: They got huge spots on major indie rock festivals like Lollapalooza and Coachella, and the reunion also got notable coverage on many indie sites, including Pitchfork, who weren't too kind to their classic Relationship of Command LP upon its release but scored it significantly higher upon its April 2013 reissue.

The fact that the idea of "indie rock" is so vague and encompasses so many things, many of which are not "indie" or "rock," is a great thing, but there are still kids who can't settle for Chvrches when a past generation got Fugazi. And luckily those kids won't have to worry. In addition to many of the bands mentioned above, there's Speedy Ortiz, Waxahatchee, Swearin', A Great Big Pile of Leaves, Courtesy Drop, Little Big League, Frameworks, Calculator, Iron Chic, Big Eyes, Single Mothers, Sundials, Aye Nako, Worriers, Caravels, Pianos Become the Teeth and so many more that all satisfy a similar craving, whether or not you call them "emo," "indie," or a "revival."

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Last week, we mentioned that The Jazz June are reuniting and will play the official Topshelf Records CMJ showcase with three younger likeminded bands, Caravels, Have Mercy, and Enemines, and one more TBA. Well it turns out that the TBA band is yet another reunited veteran emo band: Braid. Tickets for that show are still available. Updated show flyer below.

Braid have also announced that they'll be releasing a new full length record on Topshelf in 2014, their first since 1998's Frame & Canvas and the followup to their 2011 reunion EP, Closer to Closed, which came out on Polyvinyl. The band and label have also expressed a mutual appreciation for each other, with the Topshelf co-founder Kevin Duquette writing:

I first heard about this band from a cassette mix tape my friend Greg made for a girl at his church camp over a decade ago. He somehow never managed to give her the tape so he gave it to me instead. My old '94 Dodge Ram van's cassette player long ago ate up that tape, but the band has been a mainstay for both Seth and I ever since. We. Love. This. Band.
And Braid frontman Bob Nanna responding:
We're fans of all of the bands on Topshelf's roster and love the spirit with which Seth and Kevin run the label. It feels great to be a part of such an energetic and youthful movement - one that is happening right now.
Besides CMJ, Braid have a few other live appearances scheduled for this year, including a Chicago show and Gainesville's The Fest. All dates are listed, along with some recent live videos, below...

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Add Merel to the growing list of hardcore bands that have risen from the grave...

Featuring a rhythm section who went on to help form New Jersey's brilliant Rye Coalition, Merel played chaotic, abrasive, and quite loud experimental hardcore that separated itself from the norm with its unlikely musical creativity. Fierce vocals lead the way, and they are actually relatively understandable while still being quite aggressively screamed. The band toys with both straight-ahead hardcore and a much more explosive style comparable to a completely untamed Rye Coalition.-[Last.FM]
New Jersey's Merel wil return for their first show in 20 years at Grand Victory on April 5. Life Eaters (ex-Rye Coalition) and Entartete (ex Orphan) will join on as support and DJ Zachary Lipez will be on the wheels. Tickets are on sale.

As mentioned, Rye Colation will support The Sonics at Bell House on April 13, a Norton Records benefit show (tickets).

Head below for a refresher course on Merel, done by way of video/streaming audio.

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Iraqi Flag

The BBC reports:

Dozens of Iraqi teenagers have been killed in recent months by militias who consider them to be devil worshippers, human rights activists claim.

The young people are described as "emos", a term used in the West to refer to youths who listen to rock music and wear alternative clothing.

Reports say that up to 58 teenagers have been beaten to death or shot in the last month, most of them men.

Iraq's interior ministry recently described emos as devil worshippers.

In Iraq, the term emo is also conflated with homosexuality, which although legal is socially and religiously taboo.

Militias in Baghdad's conservative Shia neighbourhood of Sadr City have distributed leaflets with the names of 20 young people they say should be punished.

In a statement on his website, Shia cleric Moqtada al-Sadr described emo youths as "crazy and fools", but said they should be dealt with within the law.

"They are a plague on Muslim society, and those responsible should eliminate them through legal means," he said. -[BBC]

No matter what your thoughts are on the music, don't take your freedoms for granted.

by Andrew Sacher

The Promise Ring

As hinted at in a tweet on their new twitter last week, emo vets The Promise Ring have announced a reunion. Formed in 1995 by Davey von Bohlen while he was playing with Cap'n Jazz, The Promise Ring are responsible for the seminal '90s emo album Nothing Feels Good, their sophomore LP, which spawned over a decade of copycats and gave Andy Greenwald a title for his book documenting the emo movement. After the release of that album, the band began experimenting with a lighter indie rock feel, which resulted in two more albums before their breakup in 2002. Davey and Promise Ring drummer Dan Didier continued their foray into indie rock territory in the band Maritime, who recently toured in support of their fifth LP Human Hearts which came out this past April.

The band have announced two shows so far, including one in their hometown of Milwaukee, and another in Chicago at The Metro, where they played their first reunion show in 2005 for Flower 15 Festival. According to Alternative Press, these shows will be with the "formative lineup," von Bohlen, Didier, guitarist Jason Gnewikow, and bassist Scott Schoenbeck, who recorded on the band's first two albums. They also note that Dan Didier has mentioned The Promise Ring "will look into potentially doing more shows throughout 2012." They will also be releasing a rarities collection in 2012 on Dangerbird Records, which is also currently home to Maritime.

In the past week, they've posted two teaser videos to their vimeo titled "It's All Coming Back To Me" (parts 1 and 2). Check those out below...

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Christie Front Drive

Christie Front Drive was an American Emo/Indie band formed in Denver in 1993. Citing influences such as Superchunk, Jawbox, Buffalo Tom and Drive Like Jehu, the lineup consisted of Ron Marschall (drums), Jason Begin (guitar), Kerry McDonald (bass) and Eric Richter (guitar and vocals)...

Despite their short tenure [1993-1997], Christie Front Drive became a major influence on emo music in the 90's. Richter resurfaced in the bands Antarctica, The 101, and Golden City, and both Marschall and Begin went on to form The Blue Ontario. Marschall was also credited as an engineer on the The Apples in Stereo's album, The Discovery of a World Inside the Moone. Jason Begin is currently performing under the name This Body as well as the Portland based band Pireate Radio Deluxe and the random appearance with Modernstate. Bassist Kerry McDonald would go on to form The Mighty Rime, who released a self-titled record on Caulfield Records in 2002. -[Wiki]

After briefly reuniting in 2007, Christie Front Drive will return again to play a Brooklyn show at The Bell House on July 30th. Tickets go on sale at noon on Friday (5/20), but you can get presale tickets NOW using the password "InstantRomance". The band is celebrating the release their discography on Magic Bullet Records (the home of the Jesuit discography). Videos below...

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"i read this as Braid and got excited" - Anonymous | November 28, 2010 11:38 PM

"Third post about this band and I
always think it reads Braid..." - Anonymous | November 29, 2010 9:31 AM

"how are you gonna name your band braids without someone, anyone telling you "yeah,so there was already this band called braid in the 90s who were a pretty big deal and you'll look like clueless morons if you go around calling yourselves that"?" - Anonymous | November 30, 2010 12:22 AM

Braid (not to be confused with Braids)

The Eagle: Why did Braid initially break up?

Bob Nanna: Chris [Broach] - one of the guitar players - wanted to stop touring and go back to school. The rest of us were still into touring and wanted to keep going. Basically Chris wanted to go back to school and we all thought it would be better to break up the band at that point in time. We decided to start a new band at that point.

The Eagle: Why did you decide to reunite and go back on tour?

Nanna: Mainly for people who got into us after we broke up and never got a chance to see us play. We got together to do commentary for this DVD that came out [on May 11] and when we got together to do commentary we were just talking about how cool it would be if we played a show when the DVD came out to promote it and have fun and let people come and see us play. Then since we all realized we didn't have much to do over the summer that we would just do a tour and give everyone in the U.S. a chance to see us play.

The Eagle: How do you react to the assertion that Braid was one of the godfathers of emo?

Nanna: Mixed. I don't know. I guess it's kind of flattering, but when you think about it it's not like we invented something new. We were taking bits and pieces of all these other genres that we liked and making it our own. I would even think of other bands before Braid as the "godfathers" just because we tended to copy some bands as well.

The above comes from a 2004 interview with Braid vocalist/guitarist Bob Nanna during their first reunion. Now comes word, via AV Club Chicago, that not only will they reunite again, but Braid will record a new 12-inch with J. Robbins (who helmed their last record, Frame And Canvas) for release this year on Polyvinyl Records who will "officially announce the record tomorrow" according to AV Club.

Braids (the plural band from Canada) are touring in February with Baths.

In other emo inventor news, The Get Up Kids have a new album (out TODAY) and a tour coming soon too. You can stream "There Are Rules" over at Spinner and purchase it for just $3.99 over at Amazon. Their latest set of tour dates and a live Braid video are below...

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Cursive @ SXSW 2009 (more by Leia Jospe)

Cursive is going on tour with... with Alkaline Trio and openers The Dear & Departed. It starts February 16th in California and ends in Los Angeles on the second day of April. Before that the tour hits a slew of US cities and venues including NYC's Nokia Theatre on Friday, March 12th. For the days on either side of that, they stay close by. The tour stops on March 11th at Philadelphia's Trocadero and on March 13th at Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ.

Tickets for the NYC show currently have a few presale options. All dates give you the chance to preorder Alkaline's forthcoming record, This Addiction. For NYC, there's currently an AmEx presale, and from 8am to 8pm today (1/7) there is a password presale (Password: ADDICTION). Philly tickets have the password presale too. All those and Starland tickets go on general sale Friday (1/8) at 10am.

All dates are below...

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words by BBG, photos by Nicole Kibert

Walter Schreifels band @ Bowery Ballroom

Free Booze. Walter Schreifels. Best combo ever? Walter and band, which features Art of Gorilla Biscuits and musician/comedian Dave Hill on six-string, have scheduled a pair of NYC shows this week in celebration of the holidays. The first show kicks off tonight (12/14) at The Charleston with Birds of Paradise and Give and will feature free Jameson whiskey while supplies last. Flyer below.

The second show is Wednesday (12/16) at The Studio @ Webster Hall (it's their holiday party). At that show Walter & band will be supporting Telepathe. Gordon Voidwell is also on the bill. And yes, Nick Zinner will be there... this time spinning between sets. To cap it all off, the party will feature free booze courtesy of Pabst Blue Ribbon and although a limited number of tickets are currently available for a meager $5 a piece, I ALSO have a metric shit-ton of them to giveaway! For more on how to win entry to the show, dig on details at the bottom of this post (where the flyer can also be found).

Walter Schreifels's last show was as part of the Split Lip / Chamberlain reunion at Bowery on 12/7. The provided support for the reunited headliners along with Atlantic Pacific (ex-Texas is the Reason).

Walter's set included a cover of Quicksand's "Thorn in My Side". Split Lip was joined onstage by their long-time tour manager who belted out an Op Ivy cover. Full setlist from Split Lip / Chamberlain, tons of pics from the show, contest details, and flyers from both upcoming Walter shows are below...

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Mae is emo

Van and Trailer Stolen, But The Show Must Go On!

Hey everyone,

We awoke [Thursday] morning in Philadelphia to discover that both our van and our trailer had been stolen from the parking lot of the hotel we were staying in. Needless to say, this was an absolutely devastating discovery! All of our instruments, equipment, merchandise, and many personal items are gone. This misfortune has fallen among many of our friends in the past and we suppose that after touring for 8 years this sort of thing is bound to happen. However, we will be finishing the remainder of the (a)fternoon Tour to the best of our ability! We have four dates left on our tour and will play the shows with the help of our friends in Deas Vail and Jenny Owen Youngs.

It's in these moments that our fans lift us up and remind us why we do what we do. We thank you for the immediate outpouring of love and support. If you would like to help us out, you can make a donation using the button below or by clicking here.

We love you!

Mae's next show is tonight (11/6) at Irving Plaza in NYC. Bright Eyes plays NYC tonight too, sort of. All Mae dates below...

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by BBG

Split Lip LIVE 5/2/09

Split Lip is responsible for the Midwestern emo-core sound, together with bands like Endpoint, and a group they inspired, The Get Up Kids. After gaining acclaim in the small international hardcore community for their debut album, the band switched gears to more country-leaning pop rock... and changed the name of their band to Chamberlain, re-releasing their second album (Fate's Got A Driver) under the new moniker.

In late 1995, the band again returned to Detroit to record "Fate's Got A Driver" It was this record that set the gold-standard for emo-core. The intricate guitar work and soulful emotive lyrics laid the foundation for bands to come, such as The Get Up Kids. The summer of 95 saw the band hit the road again, this time with Ohio's Colossus of the Fall, and DC's Samuel. It was during this month-long outing that the decision came to change the name, and direction of the band. Moore and Rubenstein returned to the studio in late 1995 and re-recorded the vocals and re-mixed the album, and Chamberlain was born. -[Wiki]

It's not the first show they've played this year, but now Split Lip / Chamberlain have scheduled an NYC show at Bowery on 12/7, their only current US date. Tickets are on sale. Show flyer and some videos are below...

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photos by Kurt Christensen

"...Sunny Day Real Estate about to take stage at Terminal 5. Been waiting 10 years for this show." - Kevin Vasconcellos

"terminal 5 with my favorite season. never heard of sunny day real estate but they're pretty decent." - Dan Colonna

"...last nights Sunny Day Real Estate show at Terminal 5? Most amazing show I've been to in ages" - soynutz7

Sunny Day Real Estate

"The band was flawless and all the hits from both "Diary" and "LP2" were represented with amazing tenacity and one of the best sets I have seen in recent years. After they played the new song from the set, I yelled "10 more". Interesting note as of course I was wearing my Washed Up Emo logo shirt and at one point Jeremy looks up at the 2nd level and he squints, what feels like reads my shirt then laughs as he starts back into a verse. Was there a giant blow up of Pete Wentz's ego? Not sure but my point had been made, the crowd was washed up and old but we are here Sunny Day Real Estate and we aren't going away.
After a pleasant turn of events, I got to meet all the members of the band and some quality time was had. In those moments I learned and will share with some that will be helpful for this blog and hope you find exciting.

- They consider emo a bad word and use it as an insult.
- Possible recording of a new album is a GOOD possibility when they get back from tour.
- They wanted to end with "Days Were Golden" as on the "How it Feels Tour..." but no dice.
- Dan from SDRE heard me yell "10 more" and agrees with me that the vibe is so good now it could happen!
- Dan also approves of WashedUpEmo.com and wants it to continue for its good work on education on his band and others like it.

Nuff said, I pretty much take that as if President Obama said it to me. I take your challenge Mr. Dan (was in Dashboard Confessional for a hot minute) Hoerner and will continue my fight against all that has been ruined with this genre, all that has been put in neon lights, tight pants and keyboards.

Take back the loud/soft dynamic, take back the screaming and heartfelt lyrics and TAKE BACK what is rightfully ours. Sunny Day Real Estate are back and God help me but I think we are making progress." [WashedUpEmo.com]

The Jealous Sound (who play Southpaw tonight/Tuesday, 9/29) opened up Sunday night's Yom Kippur Sunny Day Real Estate show at Terminal 5 in NYC (9/27). All reunion tour dates HERE. More pictures, some videos, and the setlist from the show, below...

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The Get Up Kids

"If this is the world we helped create," guitarist James Suptic said, after looking into the crowd at a reunion gig, "then I apologise."

The Get Up Kids were either second- or third-wave emo, depending on who you ask. What is certain is that they formed in 1995, released four albums, broke up in 2005 and reunited last year. And yet their earnest, heart-on-sleeve punk pop inspired much of the more theatrical late-noughties emo boom.

"There should be a How to Be a Pop-Punk Kid Starter Kit with bands like the Get Up Kids, so kids would know whose shoulders bands like us are standing on," Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz told Alternative Press in 2005. "Fall Out Boy would not be a band if it were not for the Get Up Kids."

"Honestly, I don't often think about the state of emo," Suptic told Drowned in Sound. "We played the Bamboozle fests this year and we felt really out of place. I could name maybe three bands we played with. It was just a sea of neon shirts to us ... the punk scene we came out of and the punk scene now are completely different. It's like glam rock now."

While acts like Fall Out Boy pay tribute to Get Up Kids, the feeling isn't mutual. "If a band gets huge and they say we inspired them - great," Suptic said. "The problem is most of them aren't very good. What does that say about us? I don't know. Maybe we sucked." [Guardian]

Tour dates HERE.

by Black Bubblegum

The Get-Up Kids

The Get Up Kids

The Get Up Kids came back strong earlier in the year, playing a few shows including a pair in the NYC-area at Bamboozle and a quickly sold-out Gramercy Theater (setlist below). Now comes word that the band has added another huge tour with THREE more NYC shows: Oct 30th at Gramercy, Halloween at Irving Plaza, and Music Hall of Williamsburg on November 1st. Support for MHOW will come from Kevin Devine and The Life & Times. Presales are going on right now for the whole tour. MHOW tickets go on general sale on July 23rd at 1PM which is also when Irving Plaza tickets go on sale. Gramercy tickets aren't up yet as of this posting. All dates below.

On a related emo-but-don't-call-me-emo note, Jonah Matranga has scheduled a show at Southpaw in Brooklyn for August 10th (tickets here), but much more interesting is a show that he is putting a few days later in LA:

Aug 13, 14, 15: onelinedrawing at Knitting Factory LA
A onelinedrawing 'reunion'? Why not? :) The plan is to play the entire onelinedrawing catalog over 3 nights, should be fun. And yes, the robot will be in full effect :)
While you could hardly call a solo project a "reunion" (which judging by Jonah's quotes, he knows that), the entire catalog over three nights could be very interesting. Tickets for all three nights are here or get individual nights "with a treat" here.

In other Jonah related news, Far recently announced "The Scream-A-Long Project" where they asked their fans to participate by contributing gang vocals to an upcoming song.

Full tour dates for The Get Up Kids & Jonah Matranga, and some videos, below...

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by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: Errortype:11 - "Better Than The Superbowl" (MP3)

ET11Post-hardcore/emo-y NYCers, Errortype:11 will play a reunion show at Mercury Lounge on August 8th with Joshua English (ex. Six Going On Seven), and I Hate Our Freedom. Tickets are on sale. Pilot To Gunner was also originally scheduled to play the show, but has cancelled.

"Errortype: Eleven was formed in 1998 shortly after the demise of World's Fastest Car, the Walter Schreifels-led band [Arthur Shepherd, Guitar] had joined the year before. Over the years, band members included Phil Hanratty, Adam Marino (Saetia), Scott Martin, Erik Matheu, Keith Moore, Sammy Siegler (CIV, Gorilla Biscuits, many others), and Ty Krek. ET11 released their S/T debut as well as their follow-up, Amplified to Rock, on Schriefels's imprint Some Records, with the The Crank EP appearing on (you guessed it) Crank in 1999. The band toured the US and UK and eventually split in 2002 when Phil Hhanratty left the band. The remaining members went on to form Instruction with Tom Capone (Quicksand)
Walter Schreifels has a few shows of his own coming up: one "solo" show going down on June 17th at The Studio @ Webster Hall (tickets now on sale), and a short tour in Rival Schools with Eagles Of Death Metal including Webster Hall on August 6th (tickets here).

Videos below...

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INDIE-O FEST 08 * MEXICO CITY (BenedicteDesrus)
Emo and Punks

INDIE-O FEST en el Vive Cuervo Salon * Mexico City * 29 de marzo 2008 con: Broken Social Scene, The National, Apostle of Huste, Chikita Violenta, San Pascualito Rey, Estereox. (BenedicteDesrus)
PREVIOUSLY: emo kids are being attacked & beaten in Mexico

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emo war

A bizarre wave of mob emo-bashings is sweeping across Mexico. The movement is being generated on message boards and social networking sites by non-emo youth who highly dislike like the emo look and attitude. [the Daily Swarm]
The Daily Swarm is staying on top of this bizarre story. Some related YouTube videos below....

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Hipster BingoAm I Emo

I present to you two lame videos by confused "artists" - both using lame stereotypes. The first song is supposed to be about "emo bitches", and the second one was.... performed by some....

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