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by Bill Pearis

The March Violets

No '80s goth mix is complete with The March Violets' driving 1984 single "Snake Dance," a classic of the era that still sounds pretty good today. The band, originally close comrades with Sisters of Mercy, broke up in 1987 but frontman Tom Ashton reformed the group in 2010 and they've been going ever since. Having only released a handful of singles in their original six-year run, The March Violets recorded their first proper studio album, Made Glorious, last year which pretty much picks up where they left off. (Not bad.) You can stream the whole thing, and check out some '80s cuts, below.

The March Violets are currently on tour in North America and will be in NYC on Friday (10/9) at Mercury Lounge. It's a late show (doors 10:30 PM) with a preceding DJ set from Patrick & Sean. Tickets are on sale now. All tour dates are listed below.

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by Bill Pearis

Mac McCaughan @ HiFi during CMJ (via @marcviloria

I make no bones about my love of '80s goth: Bauhaus, Siouxsie, Xymox, Xmal Deutchland, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, The Bolshoi etc...I'm all for it. (Fields of the Nephilim, not so much.) But my favorite is probably The Sisters of Mercy whose first two albums -- 1985's First and Last and Always and (especially) 1987's Floodland -- are pretty much stone-cold classics that I can listen to anytime of the year, but I tend to OD on around Halloween. I was, in fact, listening to them today when I saw that Superchunk frontman and Merge mogul Mac McCaughan had just posted a cover of "First and Last and Always" on his soundcloud. Mac keeps the inherent drama but gives it the Portastatic treatment, stripping it down to acoustic guitar and synths. (Mac adds, "Doktor Avalanche was not available for the session.") You can stream it below.

Mac was just in NYC for CMJ, playing a solo show at HiFi. Anybody catch his set? Mac's take on the Sisters, plus a mix of classic '80s goth for your Halloween listening, below..

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Tempe, AZ band Lycia's underappreciated '90s gem Cold has been resurrected by Handmade Birds. For the unaware, the record is an icy, unforgiving and ultimately brilliant, sprawling darkwave touchstone, and is highly reccommended for fans of the genre.

In addition to Cold, Lycia is also on the move with new material too, releasing a new set of tunes called Quiet Moments, also via Handmade Birds. Don't let the smooth-jazz-sounding title fool you, the new effort is a similarly inspired piece of icy darkness, and includes the new track "Greenland" available for stream below. Order copies of both the new LP and Cold at Handmade Birds.

Streams below...

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by Maria Sherman

Body of Light

Tempe, Arizona's sibling duo Body of Light formed last year, originally as the solo project of vocalist Alex Jarson. After experimenting with soundscapes and drone,  Jarson decided to institute the help of his younger brother Andrew, and a noise-y synth project was born.

After releasing a series of limited edition tapes on their own art collective Ascetic House (Avon Ladies, Marshstepper) alongside Destruction Unit's Nick Nappa and Jes Aurelius, the band have readied their latest on Chondritic Sound. The release, Volonta di Amore (out 9/1), roughly translates to "Willingness to Love," a romantic posturing for a tape that both nods to early Christian Death and danceable synth pop (think of a slowed Linea Aspera.) For fans of Night Sins, Youth Code (who are touring together) and the like. Maybe you caught them in NYC at Nothing Changes back in June?

The tape comes from the latest batch of Chondritic Sound releases, including new ones from Hive Mind, Aaron Dilloway, and Spine Scavenger.

Stream that Body of Light record in full below.

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Starred at The Paramount in July (more by Greg Cristman)

NYC goth label Pendu Sound has announced that it will do its CMJ showcase at Europa on October 17 this year. It's a lineup of all local duos, including Starred, Tempers, and Azar Swan (whose members were both in Religious to Damn). Tickets for the showcase on sale now.

Meanwhile, Tempers have other hometown shows coming up too, including a previously mentioned Union Pool (9/13) show with Xeno & Oaklander and Bootblacks (tickets); and another supporting Martin Rev (of Suicide) at his Glasslands (10/9) show with Infinity Shred (tickets). Stream their recent "Strange Harvest" single and their cover of Swans' "Killing For Company," below.

Meanwhile, Starred recently made a video for "LA Drugs" off 2012's Prison to Prison EP, and they had one of the standout tracks on this year's Sub Pop 1000 compilation. We recently caught them in Brooklyn and Long Island on their tour with Courtney Love.

All streams below...

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Belgrado at Acheron, Nov 2012 (more by Phil Maler)

Spanish post-punk goth band Belgrado are readying the release of their new LP Siglo XXI. The effort will see release via La Vida Es Un Mus on September 10. Stream that , along with a live video from Acheron last year and some prior material, below.

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by Fred Pessaro

Crash Course in Science

Reunited synth post-punk group Crash Course in Science headlines Le Poisson Rouge tonight (August 8th), dipping into their catalog of late 70s/early 80s tracks to get the crowd moving on Bleecker Street.

The band began when art school students Dale Feliciello, Mallory Yago and Michael Zodorozny became intrigued by punk music and performance art. They began to experiment with crude electronics and off beat writing, and the raw homemade electronic sounds they created became the vocabulary of the band's music.

CCIS released "Cakes in the Home" a seven inch vinyl single on Go Go Records in 1979, followed by the twelve inch "Signals From Pier Thirteen" in 1981. The latter contained the club hits "Cardboard Lamb" and "Flying Turns". At that time CCIS performed in clubs and galleries in New York City and Philadelphia, including Hurrah, The Hot Club, and CBGB.
If you're unfamiliar, check out some tracks by the band below. Xeno & Oaklander's slinky goth-inflected synth pop provides the perfect opening soundtrack for the night, and tickets are still available.

Stream some tracks by the Philadelphia band below.

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by Fred Pessaro

Youth Code @ Nothing Changes, 5/15/2013
Youth Code

Los Angeles duo Youth Code played Nothing Changes at Home Sweet Home last night (5/15), their only show in the NYC area. Employing harder than hard EBM that reminded me of Ministry and Nitzer Ebb, the duo danced around their rigs and screamed into microphones while cranking out tunes from their latest demo cassette and their forthcoming LP on DAIS. Hardcore clearly runs through their veins (judging by their membership in Carry On, a Cro-Mags tee, and on stage discussion of the Judge reunion), and it was that high-energy that made their set so compelling despite almost endless gear issues. Check out pictures and video from their set below, along with a stream of their demo available now for pay-whatever on Bandcamp. Recommended.

Embarassingly enough, this was my first trip back to the former grounds of the party known as WIERD (eulogy here), and I don't quite know what I was waiting for. Nothing Changes has similarly good DJs, live bands, smoke machines cranked to 11, and much the same vibe. Change is always good in the long run, but if Nothing Changes can stay with a similar WIERD vibe and I'd be completely content. Upcoming Nothing Changes events include Craow, Outmode, Halves & Thirds on 5/22 and Tempers on 5/2.

More pictures, that stream and  video are below...

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Krallice at Saint Vitus in April (more by Fred Pessaro)

Krallice will play an all-ages event at Public Assembly on July 14, joined by support from Vaura, Psalm Zero (mems Extra Life & Castevet) and MV Carbon. The show is the only Krallice show on deck, and the last show in the back room at Public Assembly until the fall due to upcoming renovatiosn. Tickets are on sale.

In related news, Vaura will enter Colin Marston's studio to record the follow-up to their Selenelion LP. Look for that to surface this fall on Profound Lore.

Vaura frontman Josh Strawn has been busy with personal endeavors, Azar Swan and now another new project Vain Warr. The band, the name of which is derived from Milton's Paradise Lost, are preparing to release a pair of songs via Sacrement. Look for the Sanford Parker-mixed Deadline Season to see the light of day this summer.

Azar Swan isn't slouching either, readying a new single for Pendu's Single Series, and scheduling a local show as well, this time with LA goth-electronic band Bestial Mouths. Look for the pair to team up for a show at Glasslands on July 15. Tickets are on sale, and you can stream some Bestial Mouths material below.

Stream fromAzar Swan, Bestial Mouths and Vaura are below.

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG

Dangerous Boys Club

Though Dangerous Boys Club features members of Heroin, Antioch Arrow and Get Hustle, don't mistake their latest effort, Pris, for another hardcore-centric entry. The release, which features appearances from names like Joe Preston (Thrones, who recently played Saint Vitus), Mark Burden (Litanic Mask) and Kaetlin Kennedy (Lost Lockets), is more of a synth-based, over-driven slab of darkwave that stretches nine tracks across 23 danceable minutes. Look for the witchy album when it releases via Dais Records on April 9. In the meantime, though, blast the fog, turn the lights down low and slither the day away while you stream the record in full below.

DBC has a few live dates in their future, though nothing set for the NYC area thus far. Check out those live dates, listed below.

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Rozz Williams
Rozz Williams

It was fifteen years ago today that Rozz Williams, better known as frontman of Christian Death and Premature Ejaculation, decided to take his own life. One of the last statements that the deathrock pioneer made was the short film Pig, co-directed with Nico B, who last year made a follow-up, 1334. Both films will be screened along with some giveaways on Friday (4/5) at Spectacle Theater in Williamsburg:

Created imminently before and after Rozz Williams's April 1, 1998 suicide, Pig has acquired the hallowed aura of something that seems to exist primarily as rumor. Mostly seen through extremely limited, long out-of-print home video releases, this shot-on-16mm and Super 8 film is now spotlighted by an new 2K restoration. Rather scrubbing away the film's mystique, the sharp transfer enhances the film's inherent grime and grain, taking away nothing from the film's unparallelled ability to inspire awe and revulsion. Williams's industrial soundtrack is more gripping than ever in a new 5.1 surround mix. PIG is now paired with its highly anticipated follow-up 1334, which harrowingly folds past and present, real-life tragedies and imagined histories into a hallucinatory, eschatological exploration of Rozz's suicide.
Co-creator/director Nico B will be in attendance at the two screenings that night, which will also feature some "music videos/shorts/ephemera" related to Williams and his various projects.

Head below for a video trailer of the event, and head to the Spectacle's website for more.

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Liar in Wait

In addition to Jeff Wilson's undertakings (pardon the pun) in Wolvhammer and Chrome Waves, the guitarist has announced another new death-rock/gothic project in Liar in Wait. The band, which also features members of Mourner, Iron Thrones and more, have released the first track from their forthcoming EP for Profound Lore, Translations Of The Lost. Stream that below in full.

That EP will be released while Wilson is out on the road with Wolvhammer, part of a trek with Glorior Belli in late May/early June which sponsored by Invisible Oranges. Union Pool gets the look on May 24. Check out the tour flyer below.

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG

Vulgar Fashion

Denton crew Vulgar Fashion wows 'em with the new track "Pact with the Devil," the latest song to emerge from the band's Colin-Marston-produced self-titled debut 10". Due via Handmade Birds on March 19, you can check out that noise-damaged gothic-synth-punk track below for the first time along with another track "Golden Showers" (not an R.Kelly cover)(sorry, couldn't resist).

Handmade Birds honcho R.Loren will join BV/ IO contributors Kim Kelly and Andy O'Connor and yours truly as part of the DJ squad set for the Pitchfork Show No Mercy showcase on 3/13 at Mohawk during SXSW.

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG

Natural Assembly
Natural Assembly

Natural Assembly's gothic, synth-heavy beats will sit alongside appearances from headliner AlberichEndless Humiliation and Âmes Sanglantes as part of a show at Saint Vitus tonight (1/11). The appearance is one of only two for the duo (who played Philadelphia's Kung Fu Necktie last night), half of which will also perform as part of power electronics band Cremation Lily. Tickets are still available.

Head below for a stream of Alberich, Natural Assembly and Cremation Lily material...

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Profligate will headline this week's WIERD party, bringing Noah Anthony's John Carpenter-y industrial beats to Home Sweet Home tonight (1/9) alongside a set from Brooklyn's Young Male and DJs Goutroy and Frankie Teardrop. The show is in celebration of the release of the Come Follow Me LP and Videogames 12", both of which hit late last year. Check out a video for one side of the 12" and a stream of the other side below, and get your copy via Not Not Fun. Snag a copy of the LP via Bandcamp (also streaming below).

All Profligate streams plus a stream of a Young Male set from 12/30 are below.

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Soft Kill art for "Seven Hundred"
Soft Kill

Portland's Soft Kill have started off the new year right with a new album AND a 7" available via Handmade Birds. The former, titled Circle of Trees, dropped on January 3rd and is currently available for purchase via their Bandcamp site (and is streaming below). The new single will be out January 22, is currently available for preorder and sees the gothic post-punk band channelling The Cure on "Current," the B-side on this "Seven Hundred" 7". Stream that below, alongside all of Circle of Trees...

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photos by Phil Maler

Belgrado @ Acheron, 11/23/2012

Spanish darkwave crew Belgrado played a rare show in NYC last Friday at Acheron (11/23) with Unholy Thoughts, Anasazi and Devil's Hand, part of a close to a larger US tour (Perdition reportedly didn't play).

Pictures of Anasazi and Belgrado from that show are below, along with video of Belgrado's set, as well as streams of Belgrado's latest 7" and 2011 long-player.

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG

Night Sins
Night Sins

Though the band passed through these parts a few weeks ago with the similarly great Nothing (who have a new LP and play A389), Philadelphia darkwavers Night Sins (mems Salvation/Mother of Mercy who also have a new LP) will play the Rituals party at K&M tonight (11/29 at 225 N.8 St) alongside an appearance from fellow Philly band Hot Guts. The party is FREE.

Speaking of Nothing, the band recently released a video for "Downward Years To Come" and you can check that out below.

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King Dude at Home Sweet Home, April 2012 (more by Phil Maler)
King Dude

In addition to a recently acquired opening slot for Psychic TV on 12/7 at Europa (tickets), King Dude has also added a headlining show of his own at Union Pool on 12/9 with Cult of Youth. No word on advance tickets just yet. The show is part of a string of dates for the gothic crooner, who will play select cities on the eastern seaboard, as well as a stop in Chicago a month before his other stop in Chicago. Full tour dates are listed below.

King Dude recently released Burning Daylight which you can order a copy of at bandcamp and stream in full below.

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG

Slug Guts, not Sisters of Mercy, @ Home Sweet Home, 10/17/2012
Slug Guts

Post-punk maniacs Slug Guts joined headliner Cult of Youth with Soren (of Rosenkopf) for an appearance at the hazy, fog-dense basement of Home Sweet Home for the WIERD party last night (10/17), the first of three area appearances. Though Cult of Youth and Soren both ripped excellent sets, Slug Guts were mesmerizing in the tiny space, packing it to the gills.

If you missed the Australian band, make sure and catch them at either The Acheron on Friday (10/19) with Pop 1280 and Vaz or at the Life or Death showcase at 92Y Tribeca on Saturday (10/20).

More pictures from last night's WIERD are below.

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG

Night Sins

As discussed, gothic post-punk crew Night Sins (mems of Salvation, Mother of Mercy) are out on the road with A389 signees Nothing, logging their first date on the road last night as part of their joint tour together. Much like Nothing, Night Sins are also proudly welcoming a new baby, the New Grave LP freshly birthed via Avant! Records. Check out the video for "Playing Dead" and the track "Wild Eyes," is making its debut here.

All streams and tour dates are listed below.

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Kirin J Callinan

While we patiently await the arrival of Australia's Kirin J. Callinan to the US during/around CMJ, the spacey, gothic post-punk guitarist has graciously dropped off a new mixtapes of jams to peruse. Spanning thirteen tracks, check out that mixtape for the first time below.

Since we posted about him last, Kirin has added a few NYC shows while here for CMJ. He'll play a live taping of "ESP TV" at Interstate Projects on Saturday (10/13) with Narcissister, Black Marble, Haribo, and Paul Haney.

Then during CMJ, he'll play the Terrible Records CMJ Party with LE1FTrue and Regal Degal at Glasslands on 10/16 (tickets); and another Terrible Records party at Shea Stadium on 10/18 with Mirror Mirror, Regal Degal and New Look which is $8 and all-ages.

Then on Monday, October 22 he'll play Bowery Electric with Jack Ladder And The Dreamlanders, Kirin J Callinan, Plastic Flowers, The Dreebs, and Arc & Stones.

Mixtape stream and those dates in list form are below.

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Chelsea Wolfe at Highline Ballroom, Aug 2012 (more by Greg Cristman)
Chelsea Wolfe

Chelsea Wolfe is back with Unknown Rooms, hew new LP out one week from today (10/16) via Sargent House. The collection of acoustic songs is streaming in full below, alongside a recent video.

So far tour dates for Chelsea and her band are few here in the states, mostly on her side of the country (West Coast), but you can check out all listed dates (mostly in Japan and Australia), alongside that stream, below.

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DOWNLOAD: Heavenly Beat - "Messiah" (MP3)

Xeno and Oaklander at BV-CMJ 2011 (more by Amanda Hatfield)
Xeno and Oaklander

Brooklyn synth goths Xeno and Oaklander have an upcoming local show this week at Public Assembly on Friday (5/11) with Frank (Just Frank), and DJ sets by Bauhaus/Love & Rockets bassist David JCREEP and Todd Pendu. (There's also an open Asahi beer bar at 9:30.) Tickets are still available.

Next month, the band will head to Austin for Chaos in Tejas, and upon returning home, they'll play another NYC show at The Studio at Webster Hall on June 11 with fellow goths Plastic Flowers and Religious to Damn and fellow electronic artist Autre Ne Veut. Tickets are on sale now. The flier for this show is below.

In related news, Martial Canterel (aka Sean McBride aka 1/2 of Xeno and Oaklander) is opening for Iceage at LPR on 7/22 with Dirty Beaches and RØSENKØPF. Tickets are still available

RØSENKØPF also plays Glasslands with King Dude soon, in celebration of a new record. That record has a song called "Light The Way" which has a video which you can watch below.

In addition to DJing the Friday Public Assembly show, David J is also DJing tonight (5/10) at Elmurst club Arena Queens. Besides his gigs in Bauhaus and Love & Rockets (and Porno for Pyros and The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy), David J has a long solo career as well, having released his eighth album, Not Long for This World, last year on Starry Records. You can stream some of it here.

In more related news, Plastic Flowers have a NYC show coming up at Glasslands on July 10 with Captured Tracks bands Cosmetics and Beach Fossils side project Heavenly Beat (who has a new song out, download above), and Psychobuildings. Tickets are on sale now.

Speaking of both Cosmetics and Dirty Beaches, Exclaim points out that Montreal's Grand Trine have broken up and member Shubhayan Roy has joined Dirty Beaches while Tobias Rochman has joined Cosmetics.

All dates, stream, and flier below...

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DOWNLOAD: Living Things - Oxygen (MP3)

Dee Dee?? (Living Things @ Highline / more by Leia Jospe)
Living Things

St. Louis garage rockers Living Things are about to appear as one of their hero bands, the Ramones in the now-filming The Runaways, the biopic about the groundbreaking 70's all-girl hard rock group led by Joan Jett. Kristen Stewart of Twilight fame plays Jett, with Dakota Fanning as Cherie Currie and Academy Award-nominated actor Michael Shannon as the band's "Svengali" Kim Fowley...Living Things have already recorded a cover of "We're A Happy Family."

In addition to having a useful resemblance in attitude to the punk progenitors, the band has a direct line into the production - singer Lillian Berlin is the husband of the film's writer and director Floria Sigismondi.

That makes two Twilight actors with roles as rock stars in upcoming movies. Living Things' new record, Habeas Corpus came out earlier this year on Jive Records. A track from it is posted above.

In other movie news, the The Sun UK reports that "drug-guzzling shock-rocker" Marilyn Manson will be filming a musical, "Goth-inspired" version of Cinderella with Harry Potter's Emma Watson. 500 Days of Summer, starring She of She & Him, has an indie rock soundtrack that includes Feist, The Black Lips, and She & Him. Funny People, in addition to featuring characters wearing indie rock t-shirts, also has an indie-friendly soundtrack. Oh, and Patton Oswalt is a Big Fan.

A pic from the set of The Runaways movie, with Living Things tour dates, and some trailers, below...

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