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by Andrew Sacher

The Firebird Band

It's a good time to be a Braid fan. Last year they put out their first album in 16 years, No Coast, and co-frontman Bob Nanna released his first City on Film album since 2005 (both on Topshelf). Now Braid's other co-frontman, Chris Broach, is getting set to release the first album from his electro-rock band The Firebird Band since 2004's The City at Night. They're recording it with in-demand producer Will Yip, who did the new Braid record and a lot of other cool stuff lately like mewithoutYou, Title Fight, Pianos Become the Teeth, La Dispute and more. They're currently funding the album on Kickstarter, and they say:

Most of the songs are written and ready to be completed in the studio, though there are a few more to write (as there's always something magical about getting into the studio which leads to creating some great on-the-spot music). Not to mention, we're asking some of you for a song title and themes, if you should accept the challenge.

What do we need the money for? We're pressing it ourselves, paying for recording ourselves, paying for travel and studio time needed to record / mix / produce / master the record, and paying for anyone who might be working this thing (PR/Radio, if we meet some of our stretch goals) ourselves.

You can read more, donate, and check out the various reward options here.

The Firebird Band don't have any dates coming up, but Braid will be in NYC for day 3 (7/26) of Gigawatts Fest with Beach Slang, Swearin', Cheap Girls, Laura Stevenson, Chumped and more. Tickets are still available and we're also giving away a pair.

While you wait for the new Firebird Band record, stream The City At Night below...

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Murder by Death in Chicago in 2012 (more by Sarah Frankie Linder)
Murder by Death

Murder by Death, who we just mentioned play New Year's Eve in Colorado with Lucero, will head out on a headlining tour not long after that in 2015. The tour includes an East Coast leg with another death band, O'Death (who were robbed and need your help), including two NYC shows. Those happen Bowery Ballroom on February 28 and Music Hall of Williamsburg on March 1. Tickets for those shows are on AmEx presale now and go on sale to the general public Friday (11/7) at noon. All dates are listed below.

Murder by Death have also announced that they'll have a new album out by then. Their seventh long player, Big Dark Love, will be out February 3 via Bloodshot Records. It's up for pre-order via Kickstarter with a number of different bundles, including options with a split 7" with Samantha Crain, a covers EP, an art book, private shows and more. You can check out the Kickstarter video for the LP, artwork and the tracklist below.

Meanwhile, O'Death will be in NYC even sooner on their tour with yet another death band, Death Vessel. That tour hits The Bell House on November 14 with Stone Jack Jones. Tickets for that show are still available. Again, if you want to help them out following the robbery, head to Gofundme.

All dates are listed, with the video, artwork and tracklist, below...

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Patton Oswalt

Patton Oswalt will host the 18th annual Webby Awards at Cipriani Wall Street in NYC tonight (5/19). Those without tickets can watch the action on demand starting Tuesday at 9am via www.webbyawards.com. Will Ferrell, Jay Z, Medium, Google, Netflix, Mashable, Vine, QuizUp, Zach Galifianakis, Justin Bieber, Airbnb, Lawrence Lessig, Kickstarter, De La Soul, Freddie Wong, and The Jamaican Bobsled Team are among those who will be honored for their web prowess at this year's event.

Speaking of web prowess, in honor of tonight's event, Patton Oswalt devised a scheme to confront the anonymous losers who were trashing him on the internet. See how that turned out for him, courtesy of Funny or Die, below...

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By Doug Moore


For those who don't remember: Crisis were an oddball NYC-based progressive metal band who put out four albums between the mid-'90s and the mid-aughts. Though they never broke through to a wide audience, they developed a cult following, largely thanks to frontwoman Karyn Crisis's vocals -- a dynamic mewl-to-growl range of deliveries that recalls Mike Patton's chameleonic voice.

Crisis (the band) kicked the bucket in 2006, but Crisis (the person) has remained periodically active as a visual artist and singer; her most recent appearances include a guest spot on Giant Squid's 2009 masterpiece The Ichthyologist and the lead vocal performance on the Italian progressive metal unit Ephel Duath's 2013 LP Hemmed By Light, Shaped By Darkness. (She and Ephel Duath composer/guitarist Davide Tiso are married.)

Crisis must've found the process of recording that Ephel Duath album rewarding, because together with Tiso, she's put together a lineup for an upcoming solo album under the name Gospel of the Witches. (Presumably after the book that provided the foundation for modern Wicca; this is a woman who offers paid psychic readings, after all.) Along with Crisis on vox and Tiso on guitars, the album will feature performances from Ross Dolan of Immolation on additional vocals and drummer Danny Walker (Intronaut, Exhumed, Phobia, Uphill Battle).

That lineup alone is enough to make this project noteworthy, but there's a catch: Crisis is funding the project via Kickstarter. Personally, I'm always a little skeptical of music-related crowdfunding, especially when the impetus for going the crowdfunding route in this case appears to be "record labels are a bummer." But maybe you feel differently! If you do, the campaign offers a variety of rewards for your dough, from the basics ("Digital copy of album, Karyn Crisis photo Thank You," $8) to some far more exotic, big-ticket deals, like this one:

Pledge $4,000 or more:

You get to collaborate with Karyn via Skype video for 30 minutes to conceptualize a large painting, oil on canvas, that will also become your own one-of-a-kind GOTW album Vinyl and CD cover. In the meanwhile, you will receive email updates as to the painting's progress, and receive a digital download of the album to tide you over. You will own this painting. Plus, handmade hardbound lyric book at Tshirt. Also included: original sketches, mock-ups for album artwork, lyrics journals, and other prototypes for the cd and album artwork packages, digital download of album.

Nobody's sprung for the painting yet, but if you're the #1 Karyn Crisis superfan and you have a few grand lying around, it could be yours.

The campaign currently has 15 days left to go and has raised about $6,000 of its $15,000 goal. (Since this is Kickstarter, it has to reach that goal in order for the project to go forward.) You can read more about the album here; if you're already a believer, you can pledge here. The campaign page also hosts a pair of stripped-down (and strangely non-embeddable) demo versions of songs from the album. You can also watch the pitch video and stream an old Crisis tune and that Ephel Duath record below; between all that, you should be able to get a good sense of what to expect from Gospel of the Witches.

Videos and streams below...

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by Doug Moore


Old-school death metal dudes seem to be catching on to crowdfunding in a big way. Obituary ran a very successful Kickstarter campaign a few weeks ago; in its wake, fellow Floridian Chris Barnes (of Cannibal Corpse and Six Feet Under fame) has launched a PledgeMusic campaign for his unfortunately-named side project IHATE. Barnes has this to say in campaign's pitch video:

We're putting this out ourselves. No record label, no middle man, nothing. Just a machete and you guys. So if you wanna be the machete, if you wanna be the weapon, if you wanna prove that death metal is real music supported by real fans, then make a pledge and help us make this album a reality.
Click here if you desire to BE THE MACHETE. The opportunity to BE THE MACHETE requires a donation of $10 minimum, which will also net you a download of the album. Additional benefits (on top of MACHETE-dom) for more generous donations include everything from signed schwag ($25-$50) to a Carl Kasell-esque personalized voicemail message ($250) to a guest vocal spot on the new album ($2,500). IHATE have so far raised a little over 10% of their goal, so they'll need many more people to BE THE MACHETE before they reach their (unspecified) goal.

If Barnes's promotional efforts for this campaign seem a little odd to you, rest assured that they're at least consistent in weirdness level with with the rest of his recent behavior. This is the same guy who got into a he-said-she-said altercation (and fistfight!) with a tourmate last year, and who did a commercial spot for a local Porsche dealer at no charge in 2011. So yeah, his PR strategy is unpredictable.

Stream an IHATE song and check out the Porsche ad in question below.

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Zombie Shari Lewis & Zombie Lambchop at 2011 's parade (more by Chris La Putt)

It was canceled, then it was maybe still happening and then finally canceled for real. The 2012 Village Halloween Parade was among the many event casualties of Hurricane Sandy. The parade will be back this year to celebrate its 40th Anniversary. Unfortunately last year's last-minute cancelation took a financial toll on the parade which will launch a Kickstarter to help fund things this year. That launches September 19, so stay tuned for the link when it's live. If you just want to donate to the parade outside of Kickstarter, you can do that too.

Meanwhile, lets all cross our fingers for no hurricane this year.

by Doug Moore


We mentioned a few weeks ago that death metal legends Obituary are hitting the road in October. We also mentioned at the time that Obituary are funding their upcoming album via Kickstarter. At the time, Obituary had already hit their initial $10k goal.

Now, with four days left in their campaign, Obituary are a few thousand bucks shy of the $50k mark. This figure is relatively small potatoes by Kickstarter standards, but it's still impressive for a traditionally impoverished genre like death metal.

How do Obituary plan to spend their embarrassment of excess riches? By throwing a barbecue, of course:

We're going to invite all of our band member friends (from all of your favorite Florida Death Metal acts) to the studio for what will be a sort-of BBQ shindig, beer drinking, hell raising, free-for-all jam session / album release party...and we will perform a new song from the album!

We're calling the whole thing "Obituary's Redneck Studio BBQ and Free-For-All Jam Session" and we will be live streaming the entire thing, including the new song for all of the backers. We'll be doing this thing around November (may change), and we will update you on who will be there as they confirm. It's been a while since our last album release party, and this guest list is looking pretty unbelievable right now.

To top it off - we will be taking and answering questions from the backers during the live stream.

I have some qualms about bands using Kickstarter to fund their albums, and this is kinda why. How many people who backed the album will really have a chance to attend this party? That said, I bet this plan will go over well with said backers, and I have no doubt that the "Redneck Studio BBQ and Free-For-All Jam Session" will have some delicious, uh, proteins for consumption (and perhaps some vegan options?).

Contribute to Obituary's Kickstarter if you really want to find out what Jon Tardy looks like in a speedo. Their tour kicks off with a two-night stand at Saint Vitus on October 9 and 10; tickets are still available.

Check out the full run of Obituary tour dates, listed below.

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Jonah Matranga w/ Far in 2009 (more by Chloe Rice)

Over the next handful of months, I'll be writing, recording and pressing my next album. I'll likely be doing the lion's share of everything involved with the creation and distribution of the album. The idea behind making the album this way is to stay in a long and simple tradition of making art without anyone needing to make (or pay) a gazillion dollars. When you choose to be a part of this, I can promise that you'll be supporting a truly DIY process. Though sometimes making all this happen can be pretty overwhelming (as with anything that requires sustained focus and dedication and just plain old boring work), it's so satisfying and fun for me. Doing all the little things, even when they're not 'artistic' (such a silly word), somehow makes the music and showing it to you so much more full and fun. Knowing that lots of friends, family and folks I've met through the music are trusting me and encouraging me to make something worthwhile is the best sort of motivation. I've always wanted the money part to be as creative and collaborative as the music part. Given that this whole new batch of tunes center around the idea of relationship, I want to take it even further this time, playing with all the ways to make this and experience this together.
Jonah Matranga (Far, Onelinedrawing, Gratitude, etc) is currently working on his new solo album, and that above statement is excerpted from his Kickstarter page, where he's currently funding the record. As of this post, he's got 34 days to go and is at $2,057 of a $3,600 goal. The video for the project is below.

Jonah has a couple upcoming shows scheduled at the moment, including one in San Francisco this month, and another in NYC happening on September 22 at Mercury Lounge. Tickets for that show are not on sale yet, but you can check Ticketmaster for updates.

All dates are listed, along with that video, below...

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DOWNLOAD: John Vanderslice - Raw Wood (MP3)

John Vanderslice

To say that John Vanderslice's experiment with Kickstarter was a success is an understatement. Not only has he released both Dagger Beach (an album of all new originals) and a song-for-song cover of David Bowie's Diamond Dogs, he raised almost $80,000 and has been releasing sepcial fan gift songs too. One of those is "Song For Clay Miller", "a song written for, and released exclusively to the 1,200 supporters of his campaign" and for a few people who buy the limited Flexi Disc version. Listen to the song below, and to "Vitas At Wimbledon" which is also on the disc. The MP3 above is from Dagger Beach, as is "How The West Was Won" which is in video form below.

John will head out on tour this fall, hitting Illinois in time for Halloween and NYC at Mercury Lounge a few days later. Tickets for the 11/5 NYC show with Samantha Crain go on sale this Friday (8/16) at noon. All dates are listed with the songs, below...

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Anamanaguchi is a boy band made up of hackers and producers born & raised on the Internet, currently living in New York City.

On May 14th, they [released] Endless Fantasy through their own brand new label, dream.hax - their first album since soundtracking Scott Pilgrim vs. The World in 2010.
The "boy band" will celebrate that album with possibly one of their biggest headlining shows to date in their "current" home of NYC at Irving Plaza THIS Friday (5/16) with Pictureplane and Hot Sugar. Tickets are still available. Get 'em while they're hot, sugar.

Meanwhile, you can also catch Anamanaguchi in a slightly more intimate setting at The Space in Hamden, CT tonight (5/16). It's the start of a tour that was recently extended throughout the summer. All dates, many with Chrome Sparks and Kitty Pryde, are listed below.

Anamanaguchi @ BV-SXSW 2013 (more by Sarah Frankie Linder)

Anamanaguchi, who we were happy to host for a 2nd time at SXSW in Austin this year (watch their ENTIRE performance below), has also been keeping busy with a very successful Kickstarter related to their new album release. Head over there to add to the $176,317 they've already raised in 13 days and for more info. Head below for more album info, songs and videos to consume, and all tour dates...

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Mermaid Parade 2012 (more by Sachyn Mital)
Mermaid Parade

Dear Friends of the Mermaid Parade:

I have two important announcements for you today:

1) Registration for this year's Mermaid Parade is now open. Click here to register.

2) We do not know whether there will be a Mermaid Parade this year.

Don't panic just yet-we have a plan. But first I want you to understand where we are and what we're up against.

Our first parade back in 1983 had more participants than onlookers. It is because of you-whether you've been marching for years or are joining us for your maiden voyage-that the Mermaid Parade has grown into the largest arts parade in the country.

A Free Parade is Expensive

This year we face unprecedented challenges. As the crowds have grown over the past years, the city has begun imposing new regulations and restrictions that have sharply increased the cost of the event. On top of that, Hurricane Sandy, that malevolent sorceress, wreaked havoc on the Coney Island community. We as an organization, like many others, are still recovering from the damage. What this all means is that the Mermaid Parade now has a budget shortfall of $100,000. This is an impossible gap for a tiny non-profit arts organization like ours.

The Plan

On May 7th , we'll be launching a "Save the Mermaid Parade" Kickstarter campaign to raise $100,000 for the Parade. We'll be actively updating our website and sending out news and information as the campaign to "Save the Mermaid Parade" progresses.

Next week you will receive a link to our Kickstarter campaign. Once you have it, please spread the word. If we don't meet our funding goal, there'll be no parade.

Registration this year is more important than ever before, but we also need to ask for even more from you to preserve our beloved cultural institution. Be advocates. This is your parade - get on your bullhorns!

Dick Zigun
Founder & Artistic Director
Coney Island USA

Here's some April 1 news you may have missed....

Amanda Palmer at T5, NYE 2012 (more by Amanda Hatfield)

Music biz insider Bob Lefsetz reports today that Warner Brothers will fund all new albums on the label via Kickstarter:

Perennially third, the smallest of the three majors saw a need to shake it up, to move ahead of Sony and Universal in the game of music production. Lucian Grainge bought EMI, believing it was all about market share, economies of scale...but that's positively old school. Today you drill down into the niches, you solidify your relationship with your fan base, you grow from the bottom up, not the top down.

Yes, Stephen Cooper has just thrown a curve ball so wide, Doug Morris won't even see it.

Believing it's about radio and retail, septuagenarian Morris is putting himself out to his own pasture. Didn't he get the memo? Newspapers are dying, young people ignore mainstream media, to try to close young people via old media is like insisting baby boomers give up their Lipitor. Raw stupidity. Then again, the music business was always about muscle.

But now it's about data.

The new deal, which includes fan-funded fave Amanda Palmer, ties in Facebook, Amazon Prime and Google.

Speaking of, Google Labs have just released the beta of Google Nose, with an Aromabase of over 15 million "scentibytes."

Boards of Canada

Scottish electronic shoegazers Boards of Canada are finally following up 2005's The Campfire Headphase with a new double album, Quetzalcoatl, reports FACT.

In similar news, legendary metal outfit ISIS have reformed, reports Nefarious Realm. The crew are launching a nationwide tour with Pelican, Converge and Cave In. In what is surely a new world record, they'll be playing all 26 dates on the same day (that would be today).

The White Stripes Mk2

On a related reformation note, Australian site Beat has this exclusive: Jack White is getting The White Stripes back together, though now with actress Tilda Swinton on drums. It may seem like an unexpected choice, but anyone whose seen her 1992 film, Orlando, knows that Swinton can play anything. The White Stripes new album, Evangelical Trout, is due later this year.

What else? A mere two weeks after SXSW 2013, popular Austin venue Mohawk announces, much like Emo's and Antones, it's moving from it's iconic Red River locale.

In in other sad news, nightlife socialite and white jeans wearer Andrew WK is giving up his signature activity. He tweeted earlier today, "As of today, I've officially decided to never party again."

But in happier partying news, Seth Rogen and James Franco are making a sequel to stone comedy Pineapple Express and you can watch the trailer below.


And finally, here's news we've all been waiting for. My Social List has the scoop that Daft Punk's return to the live stage will happen at Williamsburg DIY space 285 Kent on May 12. No, we don't know what time they're on.

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG

Cobra Commander, with the double invisible oranges

Finally a kickstarter I can get behind! Help Cobra Commander rebuild his "non-profit organization COBRA" and its home base Cobra Island, which was sadly destroyed by the tyrants in GI Joe:

We are COBRA, a worldwide organization devoted to making advancements in science and defense technology.

Recently our home and secret base of operations was destroyed in an attack by the terrorist militia known as GI JOE.

So after discussing a plan of action with my colleagues DESTRO, DR. MINDBENDER, and our business analysts TOMAX and XAMOT, we reached the conclusion that we need $94 billion to fully restore COBRA ISLAND and the COBRA organization.



Help anyway you can at their Kickstarter (which isnt live yet), which currently has a goal of $21,474,836. For more details, consult the video below.

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by Klaus Kinski

Funny Business

Finally, a Kickstarter campaign that gets the coveted Klaus Kinski Seal Of Total Approval and Gold Pass! Photographer Seth Olenick has been on the NYC comedy and music scene since 1997 and has amassed a gigantic and truly astounding portfolio of images of comedians, bands, and famous people. The images span a variety of scenarios; some are portraits that make use of props and environment, some are super in-the-moment live shots from shows, and all are masterfully executed and realized.

Although I've never really met him personally, I know Seth as an all-too-familiar face within the comedy scene. A friend to comedians coast to coast, Seth is entrenched in the comedy mix and comedy-related photographs is where he shines the most. Now, finally, some of his finest shots of funny business will be made available to the public (hopefully) in a Taschen-worthy book called Funny Business:

Funny Business is going to be an 11"x13" portrait-oriented, hardcover coffee table book with approximately 250 pages containing 200 full-color photos on glossy paper. This Kickstarter covers the 1st edition run of 1500 copies, 200 of which will come with a hand-printed special edition slipcase. I'm still finalizing the design that will be printed on the slipcases, and hope to unveil it before the end of this campaign. The book designer is Adriana Garcia, a Brooklyn-based graphic designer with years of experience on magazines, and a couple of books under her belt as well. The digital imaging guru is Jeff Spitery who has nearly 30 years experience with photo preparation for print, and is helping me with the retouching of all of the files as well.
I say "Taschen-worthy" because this book has all the attributes of a top-shelf Taschen art book. I also say "made available to the public (hopefully)" because this book is going to be self-published and requires us, fans of funny things and great photography, to put this sucker into production via Seth's Kickstarter Campaign. The campaign, which ends on March Monday Mar 11, 10:58am (SOON!!) allows potential donors to contribute anything from $1 to $5000 (or more). Each donation starting at $5 and more has assigned to it some pretty flippin' cool rewards as thank-yous for your generosity. For example, donating $2000 gets you the following:
Tim and Seth from Les Savy Fav will write a song about you based on information that you supply us about yourself. We will also make a video for the song, directed by animator/director Edmond Hawkins and myself. You will also get 2 copies of the special edition book, the ebook and the audio book, plus major bragging rights. You also get a double special thanks in the book.
Even a reasonable $150 donation will get you a copy of the book along with a limited edition 8x10 print of Patton Oswalt signed and numbered by Seth. This print is an edition of 25. You will also receive the audio book. Such an awesome book from an awesome local photographer. Get to donating! Every buck helps!

Cannibal Ox

Harlem underground hip hop duo Cannibal Ox made their live return this year at Knitting Factory Brooklyn after a long hiatus, and once again promised they'd finally release a followup to their 2001 debut, which has been delayed multiple times. Now, Can Ox member Vast Aire has taken it one step further and launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for their new record and Iron Galaxy Clik Records, the label that the duo plan to launch and release the new album on. The Kickstarter page reads:

Cannibal Ox is launching their own label Iron Galaxy Clik (IGC) Records and have reunited for their long awaited sophomore album. Cannibal Ox has already completed their first leg of their tour and funding will help us with videos, more US and International touring, the label, our spring 2013 single entitled "GOTHAM {OX CITY}" and most importantly the completion of the album. Instead of complaining about the quality of hip hop, make a change and support a real movement. 100% of your pledges will go to the funding of the sophomore album of Cannibal Ox, new videos, touring support, marketing and promotion, street teams (physical and digital), and production budget for other featured artists on the album. This label and album is 10 years in the making and needs the fans support to bring it to life.
In November, the duo said they were working with producers Bill Cosmiq and Melodious Monk on the album, rather than El-P, who produced their debut and said in 2011 that he'd never produce another Can Ox album. But that was then, and now we're living in a post-apocalyptic time where even new My Bloody Valentine albums get released, so fingers crossed that El-P and Cannibal Ox can work things out.

Head over to Kickstarter to help Cannibal Ox reach their goal, and check out the campaign video below...

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John Vanderslice will release two albums this year: the first is Dagger Beach, an album of all new originals; and a song-for-song cover of David Bowie's Diamond Dogs. (He's done the latter live before.) The records will be released concurrently in May and John has decided to put them out himself. (His last album, 2011's White Wilderness, came out on Dead Oceans.) He also launched a Kickstarter to fund their release (both albums are in the can) which only launched on Tuesday (2/19) but has already more than tripled his goal with 28 days left to go. Here's John on going it alone:

I decided to tour much less (with the exception of house shows, which always feels right to me) and release music on my own label, Tiny Telephone.

For me, the best part of making records and touring was always the friendships I made with fans. Many of you reading this will know exactly what I mean.

There were only two aspects of what I was doing that had to stay: recording my songs and nurturing the relationships with people who have supported my music. That means you.

So you see, it's now just you and me. The label has one employee, and you're looking at him. I'm trying to bring this stuff back to its essence.

Honestly, I'm terrified to put out my own records. For a week after I made the decision, I had intense insomnia and deep regret. Later, I moved to something like terror + incredible excitement. Now, after further reflection, it's clear to me: I was born for this.

Here's a little more on both records:
The Dagger Beach vinyl issue is a 200g pressing from QRP, the best vinyl plant in the country. It sounds HELLA GOOD. I'm really proud of this record, it's dirtier and weirder than anything I've done since Cellar Door.

I've also made a full-length cover of Bowie's amazing Diamond Dogs. A *very* limited run of 200g vinyl records will be available through Kickstarter as well. We've got two new t-shirts (including an updated version of the Library Card), digital downloads, and tons more stuff.

As with all Kickstarters, there are many levels of funding and some of those come with pretty cool rewards, including, "LIMITED EDITION SCREEN PRINTS, I WILL MARRY YOU (to another person), HOUSE SHOWS, I WILL PRODUCE YOUR EP, LISTENING PARTY FOR DAGGER BEACH, TINY TELEPHONE / TAQUERIA TOUR in San Francisco, UNRELEASED RARITIES CD, and ohh so many more." You can check it all out over at John's Kickstarter and watch his pledge video below.

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Hunters @ final Dead Herring show, 1/28/2013 (more by Ebru Yildiz)

As you may know, Williamsburg DIY venue Dead Herring hosted its final show on S. 5th street a couple weeks ago. But this herring isn't really dead, it's just moving. And apparently changing names, though they don't say what the new name is going to be. But they say a lot of other stuff on their Kickstarter page where they're looking for help in converting the raw space into a theatre/art gallery/venue. Here's more:

We're just not done making awesome things happen in Williamsburg. And we got SUPER lucky: we found a new space! And while no place could ever replace Dead Herring in our hearts, we have to say, this new building is even better than Dead Herring's old space! Huzzah!

We're all abuzz with the possibilities offered by this new space. Towards the end of our time at Dead Herring, we were just starting to make more theatre and host more variety shows in addition to DH's bread and butter, awesome rock shows. Our new building is perfectly suited to this emphasis on creating original performances and stretching the boundaries of a DIY space for theatre, art, comedy, dance, and music.

So: while the crew behind this new venture is the same group of hooligans who brought you Dead Herring, this is a whole new adventure for us.

The "Dead Herring Lives" Kickstarter is currently at $3,982 of its proposed $8000 goal with 25 days to go. You can watch their campaign video below.

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"For 16 years Rooftop Films has screened thousands of new indie films in cool outdoor spaces but we can't continue without your support." Watch their video below...

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Bob Mould at Williamsburg Park, 9/7/2012 (more by Sachyn Mital)
Bob Mould

Bob Mould, who ended his Copper Blue tour last month, has announced two NYC shows for next year, which happen at Bowery Ballroom on February 26 and 27. Tickets to those shows go on AmEx presale today (12/12) at noon with the regular on-sale beginning on Friday (12/14) at noon.

In other news, his Kickstarter for the "See a Little Light" concert documentary is about 75% towards its his $95k goal with 10 days left. Of the film, Bob said in a recent Facebook post:

Last night, I watched the rough cut of See A Little Light (The Movie). Fun times. It's shaping up to be a really cool document of a very special evening. There's funny backstage banter with fellow musicians, philosophic ramblings from me, and lots of shots of Jon Wurster singing along from behind the kit. What more could you want?
Bob's only other upcoming dates are in Australia, and his tour schedule is below along with the trailer for the "See a Little Light" movie.

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BEAUTIFUL NOISE is an in-depth exploration of a music movement in the late 20th century, a fascinating period when some innovative musicians mixed guitar noise into conventional pop song structures while maintaining a philosophy of letting the music speak for itself.

Although many of the people interviewed are notoriously press shy they have opened up about their music and experiences from over 20 years ago; how they defied the rules and became sonic innovators that have inspired so many.

Currently the documentary is in the final stages for worldwide release, and we need your help to raise the $75,000 to pay for limited run licensing and finishing costs to distribute in Film Festivals and on DVD/Blu-Ray.

This documentary will finally be released only if the fans of this music believe in this project and contribute.

Legendary shoegaze/dream pop bands My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins, and The Jesus and Mary Chain are subject of new documentary, Beautiful Noise, who have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise enough money for the film to be distributed in film festivals and released on DVD/Blu-Ray (via Pitchfork). In addition to those three bands, the film will feature interviews with/appearances by members of other shoegaze pioneers like Ride, Slowdive, Lush, Curve, Swervedriver, Medicine, Pale Saints, and more, plus appearances by Wayne Coyne, Trent Reznor, Billy Corgan, and Robert Smith, and performance videos (and some interviews) with current bands like Sigur Ros, M83, A Place to Bury Strangers, Grouper, Serena Maneesh, and others. The Kickstarter campaign has reached just over $17,000 of its $75,000 goal as of this post, and is open until December 15. More info and rewards details at the documentary's Kickstarter project page.

This comes shortly after the news that My Bloody Valentine plans to release an album by the end of the year.

Campaign video below...

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Bob Mould at one of the last Copper Blue shows, FFF 2012 (more by Glen Brown)
Bob Mould

After trotting out jams from his Sugar catalog earlier this year, Bob Mould has put the records, in their entirety, to rest

And now it's time to say farewell to Copper Blue. I'm not retiring the songs -- many of them will be in my live sets forever -- but I am putting the "start to finish" reading of Copper Blue to rest after playing it at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles, CA on October 30 and then at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin TX on November 2.

It was wonderful to pay tribute to Copper Blue by opening the 2012 shows with a start to finish reading of the album. By the end of the North American tour it felt a bit predictable. The longtime followers know my restlessness all too well, so my need to shake things up should be no surprise.

Sugar's catalog was recently reiussed by Merge in the US, and will see a UK/EU release via Demon Music Group on December 10th.

It's not that Bob Mould is one of those types of guys who would always rather showcase new material, in fact, he's always been one to celebrate his back catalog. Case and point, his See a Little Light documentary which is currently seeking funding via Kickstarter.

Last November at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, some of today's most influential artists gathered to celebrate the music of Bob Mould. Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters), Britt Daniel (Spoon), Ryan Adams, No Age, Craig Finn and Tad Kubler (The Hold Steady), Margaret Cho with Grant Lee Phillips, and Jessica Dobson (The Shins, Deep Sea Diver) all performed songs from Bob's historic catalog... Fortunately, the entire evening was captured in stunning audio and high-quality video quality by filmmaker Justin Mitchell.
Mould is currently around 20% toward his $95k goal, which ends in 37 days. Contribute if you can. Video on the project is below, beside a string of tour dates.

Bob Mould's next date with NYCers goes down on 2/8/13 at Highline Ballroom, where he'll be DJing alongside his Blowoff partner Richard Morel (tickets). Their last Blowoff party at the venue was on 11/9.

While we're on the subject of Kickstarter, Of Montreal is also looking to do a concert film of their own titled Song Dynasties. The band is currently around 1/3 of the way toward their $75,000 goal in 26 days. Contribute here, but first check out their video presentation below. below.

Of Montreal is on tour this fall, and will play NYC at Webster Hall on December 11th as part of a larger tour. All dates are listed again below...

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New Brooklyn Theater

Another day, another Kickstarter:

New Brooklyn Theater is a 501(c) 3 theater company which is on a mission to purchase and restore the historic theater at 1215 Fulton Street in Bedford-Stuyvesant, NY. New Brooklyn Theater plans to restore the building and turn it into a performing arts center with three stages that will develop the work of Brooklyn artists for Brooklyn audiences.

Our Kickstarter campaign is set at $200,000 which is the total needed for a down payment on the building. The space is an architecturally impressive and historically significant building that needs to be saved before the city of the New York forecloses and it is auctioned off to developers that will tear it down.

We estimate that the complete restoration and rehabilitation of the Slave as a multi-purpose performing arts center will cost between $3.5 and $5 million.

We are deliberately foregoing other more traditional development formulas that would require unnecessary and costly plans. Instead we turn to you to help spark Brooklyn interest in the restoration of this landmark space.

"We are raising the $200,000 down payment in this way because we are willing to put our vision up to a vote of public opinion," says Artistic Director Solari. "When the Kickstarter campaign ends, if we are successful, we will approach our many potential corporate funders and development partners with something quite valuable, a mandate."

Sadly, the Kickstarter is only at $39,000 and it ends on Thursday.

Deakin w/ Animal Collective at Prospect Par in 2011 (more by VIncent Cornelli)

Earlier this week, we mentioned that fans were complaining that Animal Collective member Deakin (aka Josh Dibb) never got any of the rewards they were promised by donating to his Kickstarter campaign in 2009. He's since apologetically spoke to Pitchfork about the issue:

"I feel sad, but I've set up a situation where that could be the perception and I understand that", he said. "There are a couple things that are being misconceived."

The primary misunderstanding, Dibb told me, is the belief that he received any of the $26,000. In reality, all of that money has gone directly to TEMEDT, he says. "I think the [Kickstarter] was up for a day or two before I realized that I felt incredibly uncomfortable about the idea of asking people to fund a trip for me to go to Africa... that's why the project turned into a charity thing."

Still, the question remains as to why Dibb failed to follow through on the merchandise promised to donors. Why not just throw together some photos and notes and send them out? The answer can be interpreted as unsatisfyingly simple or as logical and justifiable.

"The gifts were supposed to be based around the music that I had been writing at that time, and when I came back, I personally felt really dissatisfied with it," he explained, and spoke of the struggles he's experienced in recording his first solo record and sticking to his self-imposed deadlines. "For me, as an artist-- whether or not people can be sympathetic to this or not-- it's just been a much slower process to do things on my own than with the band."

What Dibb seems especially apologetic about is his failure to provide donors with regular updates about the project, and to ensure that all the donors have received his messages. "I haven't been the best at updating people in the last two years," he said.

He also mentioned that he sent an update to his Kickstarter donors in August, but that he wasn't sure who actually received the message. The message reads:
I am writing to you once again to thank you for the tremendous support that you all gave back in December of 2009. I am writing you now to deeply apologize for the amount of time it has taken to come back to you with the rewards of your support. I have heard from a number of you expressing deep disappointment in the way that I have handled this project...

I also want to be clear so that all of you know that none of the money you donated was used for my trip. Nor is it being used to fund the materials that you will all be receiving (yes, you will!). All of these things are things that I have paid for myself or will be paying for myself. All of the money that you donated is being used by TEMEDT to continue their work to change the social dynamic in Mali...

...The crux of what has held this up is to record the songs that I was working on around that time in a way that I really felt good about. I am sure it seems inexplicable to some of you that that has taken nearly three years. On a personal level I have been coming to terms with my own creative process and some of that has been to accept that things take a long time to work through me.

So despite the fact that I know that I intend now and have always intended to turn this all into something that you all would be psyched about, I know that I have not been good about keeping you up to date and feeling included in the process which you all have the right to feel. I promise that for the rest of year my only two priorities will be to finish this and to be on tour with Animal Collective. I will keep you updated monthly on what is going on. Lastly I would like to speak to all of you directly if that is something that you would like...

Animal Collective will be in NYC soon for their Williamsburg Park show (10/5) with Micachu & the Shapes.

Young Rascals

Earlier this week we posted that E Street Band member Steven Van Zandt is working to fund the reunion of fellow Jersey band The Rascals, who haven't played live with their original lineup in 40 years. As of this post, their Kickstarter is just about halfway to its goal with 26 days to go.

At the time we had no idea how quickly the actual shows would be announced, but it has already been revealed that the reunion is set to make its debut in Port Chester, NY with a three-night run at the Capitol Theatre from December 12-15. As mentioned, the shows are dubbed "Once Upon A Dream" and are being produced and directed by Van Zandt with lighting and projections being handled by Mark Brickman (who has done lights for Pink Floyd, Paul McCartney, and more). Tickets for all three shows go on sale today, 9/28, at 11 AM.

You can watch the Kickstarter video below...

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the Rascals

The Rascals' original lineup--Felix Cavaliere, Gene Cornish, Eddie Brigati and Dino Danelli--will reunite for their first public performances in over 40 years with "Once Upon A Dream," a combination concert/theatrical event produced and directed by Steven Van Zandt and lighting/projection wizard Marc Brickman. It's a Rock N Soul dance party meets The Jersey Boys.

In addition to the concert experience, the history of The Rascals, and the history of the '60's through their music, will be dramaticized by a combination of narration, filmed scenes of actors acting out key moments in the band's history, news footage, and archival footage of the band.

There will elements of the staging and light design never seen before just as Marc Brickman has done in his previous groundbreaking work with Bruce Springsteen, Pink Floyd, Paul McCartney, Blue Man Group, the Olympics, and Roger Waters' recent 'The Wall' tour. [Kickstarter].

Steven Van Zandt spent this past weekend with Bruce Springsteen playing shows as part of the E Street Band at Metlife Stadium in NJ. We talked about the first night. How were the second two?