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photo: FKA Viet Cong in London in June (more by Rachel Jaurez-Carr)
FKA Viet Cong

The rumors are true. Viet Cong will be changing their name. The band posted a statement, which reads:

Our band lives to play music. We don't particularly like doing press, most of us are fairly private people and we have social media for the band only reluctantly. Most of us generally don't follow online criticism. Over the last year we have essentially lived our lives in a tour van and in music venues, playing over 130 shows. In that time we've met many amazing people and had many great conversations with people in person.

Over this time we've been listening, talking and having lots of valuable conversations with the members of the Vietnamese community about the name. Through this dialogue and hearing about what the name means to so many people, we have decided we will be changing the name of our band.

Art and music are about creative expression. However, our band name is not our cause, and we are not going to fight for it. This is not what our band is about.

There are many individuals more eloquent than us who have recently had a lot to say about the topic of the name and our appropriation of the name Viet Cong. For more insights into the arguments we encourage you to read some of these. We are a band who want to make music and play our music for our fans. We are not here to cause pain or remind people of atrocities of the past.

The truth is, we've been planning to change the band name for the next record for months; it has not been an easy decision by any means. We are a band of four people with four individual voices; this debate has been long and difficult for us and it took time for everyone to settle on a plan of action.

We don't know what the new name of our band will be, and we owe it to our fans to honour the concerts we have booked. We rushed into our last band name decision, we don't plan to rush into this one, but know that will be rolling out a new name as soon as we agree upon one.

We realize this won't satisfy everyone, but that's certainly not the goal of this band. We never expected this kind of attention in the first place and just want to return to playing music, which is the only thing we (kinda) know how to do.

We've had an incredible amount of support from fans, and we have to thank everyone who has said supportive words to us as we struggle with this. As always, we welcome people talking to us in person.

- Matt, Mike, Monty & Danny.

Part of the initial rumor was that they would be changing it at the Polaris Prize gala this Monday (9/21), though maybe that's just when they were going to make this announcement because the statement says they "don't know what the new name of our band will be" yet. Stay tuned to find out what they change it to.

The band played Pop Montreal last night (9/18). We missed their set, but we did catch the one-off 17-piece version of The Besnard Lakes and more. Check out our Pop Montreal day 3 review.

UPDATE: They're changing it.

photo: Viet Cong at Pitchfork Fest 2015 (more by James Richards IV)
Viet Cong

The Polaris Music Prize gala takes place this Monday (9/21) in Toronto, and one of the bands shortlisted is Viet Cong, who have been under fire this year for their controversial band name.

The most recent person to comment is April Aliermo of Toronto bands Hooded Fang and Phedre, who published a piece on Exclaim this week about their name. Here's an excerpt:

We all know people -- all of them white, mostly straight men -- who are either indifferent or ask the same thing: "What about Joy Division?"

Well, what about Joy Division? The late '70s British post-punk band named themselves after camps that held Jewish women who were used as sex slaves by Nazi soldiers. After their lead singer died, the existing members formed the band New Order, a reference to Hitler's political ideologies. In an interview with Israeli news outlet Haaretz earlier this year, founding member of both bands, Bernard Sumner, described how they just liked the way it sounded. He admitted, "Now, in my more mature years, I probably wouldn't pick it, because I know it would offend and hurt people, but back then, I was very young and well, selfish. Calling ourselves Joy Division was a bit mischievous."

The bands Gang of Four, Black Pussy, British India and Slaves are equally unacceptable names. All these bands are comprised of white men who have named themselves after something to which they have no tangible emotional or socio-political connection. All these bands chose their names because they felt it gave them an edge and liked the sound of it. (There's also no small amount of irony in using the "historical precedent" argument of previous offensive band names in the face of the real historical precedent of war, violence and extreme loss.)
Following that piece being published, an article on Yahoo suggested that Viet Cong's album should win the Polaris Prized based on the music, but it shouldn't win unless they change their name. An article on Chart Attack says it's rumored that they actually might:
This week's hot CanCon rumour, grapevine gossip and telephone game is that Calgary band Viet Cong will change their name at the gala for the 2015 Polaris Prize, for which they've been shortlisted, this coming Monday.
No official word from Viet Cong yet. Stay tuned.

Viet Cong are currently on tour with Greys and they play a POP Montreal show tonight (9/18). BV's own Bill Pearis is currently at POP and he says a lot of people are bringing up Viet Cong's rumored name change. If you haven't yet, check out Bill's recaps of day 1 and day 2 of the fest.

Pity Sex at BV-CMJ 2013 (more by Chris La Putt)
Pity Sex

As previously discussed, UK post-hardcore band Basement ended their hiatus and will be touring North America this year, which includes a NYC show at the Grand Ballroom in Webster Hall on August 19 (moved from the Marlin Room, which had been moved from the Studio). Since we last spoke, two of Basement's Run for Cover labelmates, the shoegazy Pity Sex and the '90s alt-rock-loving Superheaven, have been added to the most of the US dates. Another '90s-loving band, Ovlov (but more Dino Jr/Sonic Youth-style love) also open the NYC show, and a few other Northeast dates. Tickets for Webster Hall are still available. Updated dates are listed below.

Also, you won't have to wait that long to see Pity Sex, because as previously mentioned, they're first touring with other RFC labelmates, Tigers Jaw, and hitting NYC on 6/18 at MHOW with Petal and Loose Planes (tickets).

Superheaven are also touring sooner with Nothing, which hits The Studio at Webster Hall on 6/14 (tickets). When we last spoke, we mentioned that Superheaven is actually Daylight, though at the time we thought it was them being billed under a secret name. Turns out, Daylight have actually officially changed their name to Superheaven. You can read their letter explaining why (legal reasons), with the lists of their dates and Pity Sex's dates, below.

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by Andrew Sacher

Salvia Plath (fka Run DMT) in Brooklyn in 2010 (more by Erez Avissar)
Salvia Plath

Perhaps you're familiar with Run DMT, the psychedelic project fronted by Baltimorean Michael Collins, who released the trippy Dreams, among other things. That project is not to be confused with the dubstep artist Run DMT, and possibly in an attempt to be less confusing, Michael has renamed his project Salvia Plath. But... to make things confusing again, there's also another artist from LA who goes by Salvia Plath. Are you getting all this?

Anyway, the Michael Collins-fronted Salvia Plath is set to release its first album under the new moniker, The Bardo Story, which is due out on July 8 via Domino imprint Weird World. The first single for the album, "House of Leaves," is more in the realm of mid-fi than Run DMT's rawly-recorded material. It's an excellent update of the folky psychedelic pop of late-'60s Byrds or much of what John Philips was writing around that time, but without sounding strictly like rehashed material. You can watch the video for that song, along with the album artwork and tracklist, below.

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG

Ghost at Roseland, April 2012 (more by Rebecca Reed)

Citing legal reasons, painted Swedish metal crew Ghost have changed their name to Ghost B.C., which will be reflected on their forthcoming LP, Infestissumam, due on April 9. Could the name change be related to the Michio Kurihara project?

Meanwhile, Michio Kurihara, the guitarist of Japan's Ghost, will perform as a member of Boris during their upcoming "residency tour"; while Ghost B.C. will hit the road with Ides of Gemini. Fan presale for the Ghost B.C. tour begins Wednesday(2/6) at 12PM (password is "Infestissumam").

Chaos Chaos (photo by Christopher Gabello via Interview Magazine)
Chaos Chaos

I just realized that the band "Chaos Chaos" who played Bowery Ballroom with Tegan & Sara, and who will be at SXSW this year, are the band previously known as Smoosh.

Snoop Dogg / Lion in 'Reincarnated'
Snoop Lion

Snoop Dogg, who now goes by Snoop Lion, plans to release his first album under the new moniker later this year via Vice. The album is called Reincarnated, it's reggae based, and was produced by Major Lazer. Reincarnated was influenced by Snoop's trip to Jamaica, regarding which he said:

"I didn't want to be Snoop Dogg on a reggae track...I wanted to bury Snoop Dogg and become Snoop Lion, but I didn't know that until I went to the temple and received the name Snoop Lion from the Nyabingi priest." "From that moment on, I started to understand why I was there and was able to create something magical in this [Reincarnated] project...something I haven't done before in my career."
A documentary, also titled Reincarnated, about Snoop's time in Jamaica which delves into his time with Rastafarian elders and recording the album with Diplo in a Jamaican studio is also in the works. It will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, which happens on September 6 - 16. Check out the trailer for that documentary and his new Snoop Lion single, "La La La," below.

Snoop recently debuted the song live at Osheaga in Montreal, which went down from August 3-5. If you haven't been keeping up with our Osheaga coverage, pictures of day 1 are HERE, pics of day 2 are HERE, and pics of day 3 are HERE. A video of him playing "La La La" at Osheaga is below.

Though he wants to "bury Snoop Dogg," he hasn't forgotten totally about his past. He performed his classic debut LP, Doggystyle, which turns 20 next year, in full at NYC's Catalpa Festival, which went down late last month (pics from that fest are HERE). Some videos of Snoop's Catalpa performance are below. He also mentioned in an interview with Metro, that he's got other 20th anniversary plans for the album too: "I got sumthin on tha back burner but u gotta stay tuned in to see what that is. Be on da lookout for sumthin real special to keep ya knockin for anutha 20, ya dig?!?"

Snoop Dogg/Lion will going on tour this year which hits the NYC area on September 26 at The Paramount in Long Island and September 27 at Wellmont Theatre in Montclair, NJ. Tickets for the Paramount show go on sale Friday (8/17) at 10 AM with a venue presale starting today (8/16) at 10 AM. Tickets for the Wellmont show go on sale Friday (8/17) at noon.

A list of all currently known dates, videos, and song stream are below.

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Jonny warming up outside Mercury Lounge 8/1/2012 (via @JRB3000)
Johnny Corndawg

"Y'all can still call me whatever the hell you want. I just cannot get the words to come out of my mouth anymore. We are now Jonny Fritz and The In-Laws" -- Jonny Fritz.

Johnny Corndawg played his final show under that name on Wednesday (8/1) at Mercury Lounge. On stage that night he announced he was ditching the Corndawg moniker and would henceforth go by his given last name of Fritz. He also told the crowd that he has a new album in the can with a release date TBA.

You can catch Jonny Fritz and The In-Laws' first-ever show at Union Pool tonight (8/3) with The Extraordinaires. Advance tickets are no longer on sale but there may still be tickets available at the door. Jonny, who also recently played the Newport Folk Festival (video below), just added a bunch more tour dates, including a few with Lucero, which are listed below.

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photos by Andrew St. Clair

Hilly Eye @ Acheron
Hilly Eye

Hilly Eye (Amy Klein and Catherine Tung) played a Permanent Wave presented benefit for C.L.I.T. Fest at Acheron last Friday (5/11) with Claire's Diary, Lost Weekend, and The Shivering Brigade. Pictures from that show are in this post.

As mentioned, Hilly Eye signed to Don Giovanni, and their debut 7" will be out on the label next month. Stream the a-side of that 7", "Jacob's Ladder," below. The duo will play a release show for the 7" at Cake Shop on June 9 with Shellshag, Necking, and Queening. The flier for this show is below.

Meanwhile, Amy Klein's other band, Amy Klein and the Blue Star Band, have changed their name to Leda and they've got a show TONIGHT (5/15) at Big Snow Buffalo Lodge with Cindy Lou Gooden, Young Unknowns, and Emerald Lakes. The show is a Permanent Wave benefit for Hollaback, "an international movement using mobile technology to end street harassment against women and LGBTQ folks." Doors are at 8 PM for tonight's show.

Leda also have upcoming shows at Cuddle Cave on Saturday (5/19) and Union Pool on June 1.

Speaking of C.L.I.T. Fest (Combating Latent Inequality Together), it's going down from July 13-15 in Highland Park, NJ. The festival is "a three day DIY event that showcases bands, workshops, tablers, and artists across the country to actively combat againt sexism, homophobia,transphobia, racism, and other forms of discrimination." All proceeds go to Women Aware. Bands playing include Screaming Females, Shellshag, Trophy Wife, Slingshot Dakota, Thulsa Doom, Lost Weekend, and more. The full lineup is listed below. Ticket info TBA.

More pics from the Acheron show, song stream, and C.L.I.T. fest lineup below...

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Blip Festival

Thrift-store electronics collide with dancefloor sensibilities as Blip Festival makes its long-awaited return to New York City. Produced by 8bitpeoples in association with The Tank and Live Nation, the Blip Festival 2012 finds Manhattan once again at the center of the chipmusic universe. From May 25-27, musicians and visualists from all corners of the globe assemble at the Gramercy Theatre to perform astonishing music & motion graphics, produced on & inspired by early-generation home computers and gaming consoles.

With six years and ten international editions under its belt, Blip Festival brings together shining examples of the global chipmusic underground -- performers conscripting devices like the Commodore 64, the Nintendo Entertainment System, the Game Boy, and the Sega Genesis into the service of music spanning every conceivable style, with results that are shockingly futuristic. Rounding out the event's three nights of explosive live performances will be supplementary daytime programming including workshops, how-tos, presentations and screenings -- offering a glimpse into exactly how it's all achieved, and perhaps even inspiring some 2013 Blip Festival performers-to-be.

For those of you not heading out of town Memorial Day Weekend, the 2012 Blip Festival happens May 25 - 27 at the Gramercy Theatre. Tickets (individual or three-day passes) are on sale now. Full schedule is below.

In related news, Blip Fest regulars Starscream are changing (some might say transforming) their name to Infinity Shred. Starscream play their final show under the old name on Saturday (5/12) at Shea Stadium. Says the band:

Due to unfortunate legal circumstances this will be the last show we ever play as STARSCREAM! We'd rather turn this bad news in to a fun time though so let's have a great party! Our new name is INFINITY SHRED and this will also be the release party for our first EP under that name.
The show also features Idiot Glee, and the Strongbros Crew. They will then make their debut as Infinity Shred at the Blip Fest on Sunday, May 27.

Speaking of Idiot Glee, the Kentucky artist who is playing with Starscream Saturday is in town for more than just one show. As previously mentioned, he also plays Public Assembly tonight (5/11) with Nick Diamond of Islands/Unicorns.

Full Blip Festival schedule is below.

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by Andrew Sacher

DOWNLOAD: Wymond Miles - "Pale Moon" (MP3)

this is VÅR...
Var /> </p>

<p>When <a href=we mentioned that Crystal Stilts played 285 Kent with Woods over the weekend, it was their only announced non-festival date. I guess technically that's still true, but not really, because they're now set to play the Sacred Bones party at the Northside Festival on Glasslands on June 17. The lineup also includes Amen Dunes, Iceage side-project War who are now called VÅR, Wymond Miles (of Fresh & Onlys), and Warthog. Tickets are on sale now.

It's probably a good idea that War changed their name, and according to the band, VÅR (which translates to "spring") is not just a change in name, but also a change in direction. They've released their first new video as VÅR (pictured above), for the track, "In Your Arms," which you can watch below. Their debut LP is set to come out next year on Sacred Bones. The Northside party will be the US live debut for VÅR.

Amen Dunes in Chicago in February (more by Grant MacAllister)
Amen Dunes

Speaking of Amen Dunes, he just released the Ethio Covers 7", which consists of three covers of Ethiopian songs. One of those, "Ethio Song," can be streamed below.

For Wymond Miles, the Northside show is part of a June tour he'll be going on, most of which is with labelmates Psychic Ills (who plays Death by Audio on 5/25 with Ex Cops and PC Worship). That tour will be in support of Under the Pale Moon, his debut full length and followup to the Earth Has Doors EP, which came out earlier this year. Under the Pale Moon will be released on June 12 via Sacred Bones. Download the track, "Pale Moon," above or stream it below.

Lastly, Warthog (formerly Chain Wallet) is a new Brooklyn "supergroup" which includes Chris Hansell (who left The Men in 2011 to be replaced by Ben Greenberg aka Hubble) and members of Nomos, Nude Beach, Creem, and Dawn of Humans. They played their first show at 538 Johnson on April 8 with Hoax, Veins, and Raw Nerve. Check out footage of most of that show below.

All dates, videos, and streams below...

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by Bill Pearis

DIIV, pre-name change, at Red 7 in Austin, April 14 (more Tim Griffin)
Lower Dens

While currently busy out on the road supporting Frankie Rose, Dive have changed their name to DIIV. While Allmusic.com lists about 10 artists with the name Dive, Cole Smith tells Pitchfork that the spelling change comes specifically "out of respect" to the Dive that was the pseudonymn of German industrial musician Dirk Ivens. "A name is nothing," Smith told Pitchfork. "I don't really give a fuck what the band is called. I originated this project in a bedroom with no internet and didn't know it would ever leave." Whether the rest of his apartment or his phone had the internet and access to Google.com is undetermined at this time.

DIIV's tour with Frankie Rose, recently hit the Mohawk in Austin and wraps up this Saturday (5/5) with a sold-out at Mercury Lounge that also features Scotland's Spectrals and ex-Team Robespierre duo Black Marble. The band's debut album, Oshin, is out June 26 and you can stream a new song from it, "Doused," at the bottom of this post. DIIV (who played our Hotel Vegan parties during SXSW this year) will headline a record release show at Glasslands on June 23 and tickets are on sale now.

After the record release show, DIIV's only other scheduled show is opening for Grimes and Wild Nothing at Hudson River Rocks on August 9 (DIIV was just added to that bill). Click though for all DIIV tour dates and the stream of "Doused."..

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POP ETC (fka The Morning Benders) at Webster Hall (more by Andrew St. Clair)
The Morning Benders

The Morning Benders (whose frontman was spotted at Fiona Apple Friday) posted a statement to their website announcing that they've changed their band name to POP ETC. The statement, reprinted in full below, explains that after getting way bigger due to the success of their sophomore album, Big Echo, they made their first trip to Europe to learn that "the word 'bender' in the UK and many parts of Europe is a slang term for 'homosexual.'" "We were told our band name was the equivalent of 'The Morning Fags' in America," they said. They continued saying, "We simply cannot go on using a name that is demeaning to the gay community. The reason we are making music is to reach and unite as many different kinds of people as possible, and the idea that our name may be hateful towards anyone makes us sick."

In honor of the name-change announcement, they've released a new mixtape, which includes a cover of Bjork's "Unravel." You can download the mixtape at the POP ETC website or stream it in full below. The new material suits their new name really well, complete with dance beats and auto-tuned vocals. A full length album is reportedly on the way too.

Mixtape stream and full statement below...

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Jonah with Far in 2009 (more by Chloe Rice)

Onelinedrawing, the moniker that Jonah Matranga used to record solo material under before reverting back to his own name, will make a return (unless maybe too many people object).

As previously mentioned, Jonah recently scheduled a tour that hits the NYC-area on March 7 at Maxwell's (tickets) and March 14 at Mercury Lounge (tickets). Both of those are still listed as "Jonah Matranga", but the just added Brooklyn show at Union Pool on March 6 is up as "Onelinedrawing". Tickets are on sale now.

Updated tour dates, including a San Francisco Noise Pop show with Christie Front Drive (who played a Brooklyn reunion show over the summer), are listed below...

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By Bill Pearis

Bleeding Rainbow

At the end of 2011 Philadelphia's Reading Rainbow (who had recently expanded from duo to trio) changed their to Bleeding Rainbow, something I only realized when I saw them open for Cloud Nothings at the Studio at Webster Hall this last Thursday. (And I only caught the last song.) If you're wondering why they did this, they have an answer (via their Tumblr):


- We like the name Bleeding Rainbow better.

- It is trippy as shit.

- We didn't want to get a cease and desist letter from PBS.

- We were sick of being named after a children's t.v. show.

- We were sick of people fixating on it and making dumb jokes/comments about it. (even though it was our own damn fault.)

- Carrie Brownstein didn't like the name Reading Rainbow.

So there you go.

Bleeding Rainbow are gearing up to hit the road with Crocodiles, a tour that doesn't appear to be stopping in NYC. (Or Philadelphia for that matter.) They will however be playing Knitting Factory on Saturday, February 11, opening for Nashville's The Black Belles and Bleached. All upcoming Bleeding Rainbow tour dates are at the bottom of this post.

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Buke and Gase @ Celebrate Brooklyn (more by Toby Tenenbaum)
Buke and Gass

In their own words:

Your phonetic struggles are over! We know it's been hard on everyone trying to figure out the pronunciation of Buke and Gass. Is it bass like the fish, or bass the unusually funky instrument? Well, now there's no more subtly trailing off as you tell your friend about this great new band you love so much. ("Oh, you should really check out that band Buke and Guh-aa.....yeah, that one.") The band has decided to officially change their name to (insert drum roll here) Buke and Gase. Aron and Arone wrote their own explanation:

A limerick announcement addressing the mis-pronunciation of our name:

If there was one thing to replace
It would be the last S in Gass,
There isn't much class
When rhymed with sassafras,
So we changed it to E just in case.

With Love,
Buke and Gase

So, there you have it. We're busily updating lots of important looking file folders with the new name, and hopefully the internet won't take too long resolving itself to the change. (Bang, you are so damn fast, Mr. Internet.)

But wait, we have yet more announcements about Buke and Gase (née Gass). News flash #1: The band was recently nominated in the Best Art Vinyl 2011 contest, for their Riposte record! You still have time to vote for Aron and Arone, who created the cover themselves, both of their hands & with their hands. Cast a vote right here.

Finally, hopefully you're already aware that Buke and Gase have been tooling around Europe on tour! You have until December 14 to see them live so we suggest you take a look at the updated list of Buke and Gase shows here.

That is, AFTER you cast a vote in for the Best Art Vinyl. We're trying to be thorough here.

Want to make your own limerick about the name change? You can do so on Brassland's Facebook page. If they like yours best you win a pair of tickets to their January 12th New York Guitar Festival show. They're performing the score for Buster Keaton's The General with Lee Ranaldo, Kaki King, and Twi The Humble Feather. Thurston Moore, Nels Cline and many others are playing the Guitar Fest too. Most updated lineup HERE.

by BBG

The artist soon to be formerly known as Mos Def
at Rock The Bells (more by Dana (distortion) Yavin)
Mos Def

Countdown is on. Only 3 months and 10 days left of "Mos Def":

Following a lengthy line of rappers that have hung up their show names, rapper Mos Def says he's definitely giving up his rhyme alias come 2012.... the artist born Dante Smith revealed that he's changing his name to Yasiin. After more than a decade in the business, though, he won't be mad is you slip up and call him "Mos."
"No, no, not at all... 'Mos Def' is a name that I built and cultivated through the years... I feel that I've done quite a bit with that name. It's time to expand and move on."
...He's usually credited as Mos Def during cast listings. But his several identities will soon just be that one.
"I also don't want to have to deal with having any moniker or any separation between the self that I see and what [people refer to me as]," he continued.
At press time, his publicist wasn't able to confirm what Mos' full name will be after it's changed or if he'll simply just be Yasiin. -[EW]
Anyway, Yasiin is currently on the road with Talib Kweli as Black Star until early October. They play two shows in Chicago Friday night and will hit Irving Plaza in NYC on 10/5. Tickets are still available. All dates are listed below.

In other Talib Kweli and Mos De.. -ahem- Yasiin news, the pair will also cross paths on 10/8 at the previously mentioned Restoration Rocks! Music Festival on Fulton Street between Marcy & Brooklyn Ave. The FREE show, now with an expanded lineup, kicks off at noon and will close at 5PM, featuring appearances from Idle Warship (with Kweli), Pharoahe Monch, and the Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra with Mos Def. Flyer is below. More Mos Def & Philharmonic appearances listed HERE.

Talib Kweli and Pharoahe Monch will also cross paths at the just-announced Duck Down vs Blacksmith CMJ showcase at Music Hall of Williamsburg on 10/22 with Pharoahe Monch, Buckshot, Jean Grae, Smif N Wessun, Kidz in the Hall, Promise, and a Statik Selektah "Population Control" All-Star Set. Tickets go on sale at noon on 9/23, or you can use your CMJ badge (if you're one of the first 150 to try and do so). Flyer below.

All Black Star tour dates and flyers below.

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by Andrew Sacher

DOWNLOAD: Born Gold - "Alabaster Bodyworlds" (MP3)

Born Gold (via Gobble Gobble's facebook)
Born Gold

Canadian electropop futurists Gobble Gobble changed their name to Born Gold last week. The members are the same, the music is even more paralyzing. They'll release their debut LP under the new name, Bodysongs, on September 20 via Hovercraft/Crash Symbols. You can pre-order the album now on Insound and receive a digital download on September 9. Megan James of Purity Ring, the duo in which Born Gold's Corin Roddick is also a member designed the cover art. Check that artwork out below, along with the tracklist.

Grace your ears with the album's lead track, "Alabaster Bodyworlds," which you can grab above. It's skittering jungle beats and tropical electropop sounds like the perfect thing to throw on as you're cruising through rainforests in your spacecraft. You know, because people do that, right?

Born Gold will tour the US and Canada in support of their new album and new name this September and October. The tour includes dates with Blood Diamonds, Dan Deacon, Washed Out, Magic Mountain, Braids and more. They'll play Brooklyn on September 20 at Glasslands and continue to tour for the next month before culminating their run with CMJ shows in NYC. Those shows have not been announced yet. Tickets are on sale now for the Glasslands show. No opener has been announced yet.

Purity Ring also has shows coming up with Neon Indian including the Webster Hall show during CMJ.

Blood Diamonds and Magic Mountain (DJ), who play some shows with Born Gold, share a bill at Glasslands on August 26 with Tanlines (DJ) and Braille (DJ). Tickets for that show are still available.

Braids have other shows coming up too.

Washed Out have an upcoming tour with Cut Copy and Midnight Magic.

All dates, album art (NSFW?) and tracklist below...

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Viva Brother

The band Brother have changed their name to Viva Brother following a legal challenge from another band of the same name. The Slough band came to the attention of another act - an Australian "powerhouse Celtic tribal trio" based in the US who combine "the deep pulse of the didgeridoo, the soaring highs of the bagpipes and tribal percussion". To avoid a court battle, the band briefly renamed themselves Brother UK, like the Charlatans UK before them, before deciding to adopt Viva Brother instead." [Guardian]
Viva Brother (formerly Brother) play Bowery Ballroom on August 2nd with Kitten and Frenchkiss band 1,2,3 (who should also change their name) (actually Kitten should too) (Kitten, Brother and 1,2,3 may be the most un-Googleable lineup of all time).

Meanwhile, Moonface is still Moonface.

by BBG

DOWNLOAD: Wolvserpent - "Serpent" (Edit, MP3)


It's hard enough to make a name for yourself in the music world, but to go and change it after a succession of releases is another thing entirely. That's what Northwestern doom duo Pussy Gutt has done with their new LP due on 20 Buck Spin, Blood Seed. Over two 10+ minute tracks of decidedly punishing dooooom (note the extra o's), the band currently known as Wolvserpent (not to be confused with Wolvhammer) is up to its same old riffing as displayed in the edit of one of the tracks, "Serpent", available above.

Wolvserpent will take their dark stormcloud on the road, as the band will beat down the US for a string of dates that will include Acheron on Oct 5th with Archon (who are playing Saturday (8/14) at The Charleston with Unearthly Trance and Coffinworm) and Bezoar. Full tour dates, and some video is below. If you would like to help Wolvserpent out with a show in your town, email wolvserpent (at) gmail (dot) com.

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by Bill Pearis

DOWNLOAD: Ty Segall - Caesar (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Royal Baths - Nikki Don't (MP3)

Ty Segall
Ty Segall

Ty Segall may crank out the records but, so far, they're all good, and each platter goes somewhere new. (Well, new for Ty.) The latest, Melted, just out on Goner Records, adds a nice '60s psych pop flower power vibe to the proceedings, including some trippy flute courtesy Oh Sees frontman John Dwyer. Above all else, Ty Segall has the sound but, more important, he's got the songs, which is what keeps the records in rotation. Check out Melted's first single, "Caesar," above.

It's been almost a year since Ty last played New York but he'll remedy that next month when he stops at Cake Shop on August 12 and Death By Audio on August 13.

Royal Baths
Ty Segall

Both NYC shows -- and the bulk of this tour -- are with San Francisco neighbors Royal Baths, who used to be known just as Baths until they added the Royal so as not to be confused with the other Baths, from L.A., who are signed to Anticon. In fact, they were still called just "Baths" when they played our Noise Pop show in February. Royal Baths are kind of bad trip acid rock, dark and seedy but not atonal. But it's definitely down the rabbit hole. In a good way. Royal Baths debut LP is due out on Woodsist in September and you can check out album track "Nikki Don't" at the top of this post.

All Ty Segall/Royal Baths tour dates are below.

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"Taking notes? Good. First off, Pyramiddd is no more. Starfucker switched monikers awhile back, going with Pyramid at first, then eventually settling on Pyramiddd.

But according to the band's Shawn Glassford, "None of us ever settled with that name, cause it's fucking stupiddd. We're going back to Starfucker for our May tour, then we'll see. Maybe we'll change it again after that to a more suitable name."" [Portland Mercury]

Well, I guess they decided to live with "Starfucker" because that's what they're billing themselves as for a fall tour with Octopus Project that hits Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn on October 8th. Tickets are on sale now. All dates below...

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Owen Pallett

"Owen Pallett has announced that he will no longer be using the name Final Fantasy for his musical work. Owen Pallett's new album 'Heartland' will be available on Domino on January 12, 2010. Owen has issued the following statement:"

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It's been an exciting year for Portland, OR's favorite breakout band, Starfucker, and today is an exceptional day. Last month, just as the four-piece were poised to set sail on an extensive North American tour, they announced a name change contest that allowed fans to play a pivotal role in re-naming the band. After many votes and infinite good ideas, the guys have chosen PYRAMID as their new moniker. They will perform their last ever show as Starfucker at Portland's venerable Wonder Ballroom on Halloween, so if you have a hankering for infectious beats and a costume contest judged by some of the members of the band, then look no further.

In addition to the name change news, PYRAMID are will self-release their debut UK single via their new imprint DDD featuring "Medicine," from 2009's Jupiter EP. "Medicine" will be available exclusively at London's Rough Trade stores as a limited edition, deluxe white vinyl 7"....

For more information on all things PYRAMID, check out the guys' new website here: www.pyramidlovesyou.com [PR]

As of this second, that link just redirects to their MySpace that still says Starfucker. Pyramid was not one of the ideas that was proposed here on BrooklynVegan.com. Pictures from their recent show at Santos Party House, HERE.

by Bill Pearis

"what a dumb name." -- Anonymous comment, April 20, 2009 11:35am.


Portland, Oregon's Starfucker are in town playing two shows: tonight (9/22) at Bruar Falls and tomorrow (9/23) at Santo's Party House. It will likely be the last NYC shows they'll play under their current moniker, as the band are about to change it. What to? Like that falafel place on St. Marks / Bowery, they're running a contest to pick the new name:

We know our name sucks...so here is YOUR chance to help us pick a new one.

*Email your ideas to: newnameideas@gmail.com


*tell in person at the merch table at a show

If your name is selected, you will get tons of cool shit... tons!

Deadline for ideas is October 1st-ish.

This is weird, we know... but its something we've been thinking about doing for a long time. And the truth is, we never thought we'd make it this far with Starfucker. It started as just a fun little house-show project, but now that we have the opportunity to do this full-time, travel and continue making music, we don't feel like the name makes sense anymore...

They elaborated to the Portland Mercury:
We never thought starfucker would make it as far as it has, and never had any expectations of success. At this point we need to be able to either put more into music, or just stop doing it so we can get 9-5 jobs to pay our rent. Right now we're in this bardo where we don't quite make a living off music but we put so much energy into it that we can't put any time into a real job either. We just need to get serious about one or the other. The name has been a problem for us in a lot of ways. We've missed out on opening slots with bands we really like, and we hope to tour europe soon where there is already a Starfucker. Someone booked us once thinking we were the European Starfucker. The list goes on and on...

Portland Mercury: Why did you decide to come up with your new name via a fan submission contest? Who will be picking the new name, and what will your selection criteria be?

The reason we decided to have a contest is because we always want to keep a close connection with our fans, we started off playing house shows, which we love, and want to keep that level of intimacy as much as possible. So having a contest with our fans is a way that they can participate and have a say in what we should be called. We did a contest before with a t-shirt design and it went really well. It gives people an opportunity to be creative and do something they might not have a chance to do otherwise, which is rad. In the end, the four of us have to agree on the name, and we all have to like it.

The band are on tour with fellow Portland residents Deelay Ceelay, a "a collaboration between video artist/musician Chris Lael Larson and percussionist Delaney Kelly, fusing live instrumentation with synched projected visuals. Deelay Ceelay blur the divide between music, experimental film and performance while emphasizing the creation of a two-way exchange with audiences." You can download their "album" (20 minutes, four songs is an EP, guys) for free at their website.

All Starfucker/Deelay Ceelay tour dates, plus a video, below....

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