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Landmine Marathon with Krysta Martinez
Landmoine Marathon

Landmine Marathon have waved goodbye to their enigmatic vocalist Grace Perry (on good terms!) and have welcomed the shredded throat of Krysta Martinez to the front position. The frontwoman, also of Portland's Transient, has already laid down vocals for the track "Dead Horses" from their recent Gallows and you can check that out below.

The band issued the following statement regarding Perry's departure and the arrival of Martine on lead throat:

"This summer, Grace decided to leave the band to pursue non-musical endeavors. We are grateful for all of her contributions to LANDMINE MARATHON and wish her nothing but future successes."
Martinez offered the following regarding her recruitment
"I'm stoked to be creating music with Landmine Marathon and look forward to hitting the road with them in coming months. Grace is an amazing vocalist, and filling her shoes is a great challenge. Things have been incredibly enjoyable so far and the best is surely yet to come."
Godspeed to Martinez, see you on the road.

Check out the revamped "Dead Horses" below, along with the original, plus a couple Transient streams as well.

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Royal Baths circa now
Royal Baths

Royal Baths are opening for Moon Duo tomorrow night (10/5) at Knitting Factory and the show will be their first with a new line-up that includes Lesley Hann of Friends on bass (who seems to have left that group, along with Matthew Molnar, if their most recent 285 Kent show is any indication). Tickets are still available.

If you can't make it tomorrow night, Royal Baths have a bunch of other shows coming up, including Sunday (10/7) at Bowery Electric (whose booking seems to be getting more interesting now that Sam Mickens has been handling some of the shows there) with Larkin Grimm, Behavior & M. Lamar; Wednesday (10/10) at Glasslands with Grooms, Dum Dum Girls offshoot SISU and Punks on Mars (tickets); October 16 at 285 Kent with Forma and the Golden Awesome; and a CMJ show at Cheap Storage on October 19 with King Tuff, Habibi, Turnip King and Total Slacker (tickets). Royal Baths tour dates are listed below.

Meanwhile, Royal Baths' Jeremy Cox features on Blasted Canyons' version of "Venus in Furs" that will be on the upcoming Castle Face Velvet Underground tribute album we told you about. That album is out November 6. Royal Baths most recent album, Better Luck Next Life, came out back in February.

Speaking of Total Slacker, the band have had a sad week with the death of their drummer Terence Connor in a hit-and-run. The band will pay tribute to him this Saturday (10/6) at Cheap Storage with a dance party featuring DJ sets from Weird Rivers, Cool Serbia, DOM, and Prince Rama. Suggested donation is $5 and all procedes go to Connor's family. More info here.

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Sonic Youth

Sonic Youth are promising some kind of "news" at noon Monday. Meanwhile we can hope it's related to Steve Shelley leaving Disappears (but we'll keep our expectations low by listening to the Facebook commenter who wrote " Likely announcing one of the archival releases Lee already mentioned in an interview: '85 live show, '86 tour film or the deluxe Sister reissue.").

UPDATE: It's a live album.

The new look Dirty Projectors (sans Angel and any of her replacements)
Dirty Projectors

Pitchfork: Keyboardist and singer Angel Deradoorian is currently on hiatus from the band? Did you have any songs written for her that you had to change around?

David Longstreth: No, I had already written all the songs by then. Basically, I started writing songs on Amber's birthday, in June of last year, so we had everybody come up and it was the first time we'd seen each other in a couple months. It had been the longest time we'd been apart from one another as a band for years. So we all hung out for a week. It's like that line: "Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans."

Angel is in the midst of the first big relationship of her life, and that's super important. Being in a band can be really toxic to being in a relationship, considering all the touring and everything. Sometimes when you're on tour, it feels like you're living the same day over and over again. She joined the band when she was around 19 and she had been in it for five years. It's important to grow. The energy was just like: Is this the best thing right now? It wasn't. We were both feeling it. It was difficult to start the conversation, but once it started, it felt clear that it was the right thing. She's got to figure out her steez as a songwriter, too.

Dirty Projectors' new album, Swing Lo Magellan, is out next week (7/10) but is currently streaming in full at The NY Times. Highly recommended!

And though they don't seem to be discussing it (like in the interview above), Dirty Projectors recently filled the void left by Angel at live shows with Jenn Wasner of Wye Oak. This happened at their recent Fallon appearance and again Saturday (6/30) at The Surf Lodge in Montauk...

Dirty Projectors (with Jenn singing) in Montauk - 6/30/12 (by Snackytunes)
Dirty Projectors

Wye Oak are also opening on a good portion of their upcoming tour too, but despite this, it looks like Jenn won't keep the job. Dave Longstreth instead found another fill-in for Deradoorian to sing alongside Amber Coffman and Haley Dekle for the tour that begins tonight (7/5), and we have learned that the position goes to none other than Olga Bell of Bell (and now ex-Chairlift). Congrats Olga!

Olga Bell (more by Tim Griffin)
Dirty Projectors

That DP tour kicks off tonight in Ottowa and includes two NYC shows: a sold-out Music Hall of Williamsburg on July 9th with Dustin Wong which will  stream live on YouTube, and Prospect Park on 7/10 (tickets) with Wye Oak and Purity Ring.  A listing of all dates, and the 2:08 trailer for "Hi Custodian", "a Dirty Projectors film by David Longstreth featuring music from the band's upcoming album Swing Lo Magellan", below...

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Beach Fossils @ South Street Seaport last Friday (more by Chris La Putt)
Beach Fossils

Captured Tracks confirm that Beach Fossils guitarist Sennott Burke has left the band. Sennott himself got in touch and told me, "I have nothing but love for the band and everyone in it. I just need to do my own thing." He added that, "If you are interested in playing guitar for Beach Fossils, get in touch via email beachfossils@gmail.com ASAP and be ready to leave Friday." Friday is the date of their Toledo, Ohio show.

This may or may not have something to do with a bass being lobbed into a river.

This news comes the same day that Vivian Girls & Best Coast announce new drummers.

Beach Fossils are scheduled to play Mercury Lounge with Small Black on Wednesday night (7/14, before Friday, before Toledo) (and the Bug Jar in Rochester tonight, even more before Toledo). It's unclear if these shows are affected at the moment (update: Sennott says, "Yeah, I'll be there, I'm going to finish this leg of tour and possibly longer, pending replacement."). All dates below...

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  1. Feb 2008: Vivian Girls start making a name for themselves on the scene
  2. Sep 2008: Frankie Rose leaves Vivian Girls to play with Crystal Stilts full time
  3. Sept 2008: Ali Koehler replaces Frankie Rose in Vivian Girls
  4. July 2009: Frankie Rose makes her 1st appearance as Dum Dum Girls member
  5. Sept 2009: Frankie Rose leaves Crystal Stilts & starts Frankie & the Outs
  6. Dec 2009: Best Coast getting popular, announce tour w/ Vivian Girls
  7. June 2010: Frankie Rose leaves Dum Dum Girls to focus on Frankie & the Outs
  8. July 2010: Ali Koehler leaves Vivian Girls and joins Best Coast
  9. July 2010: Fiona from Coasting replaces Ali in Vivian Girls
(note: dates may not be exact)

A video of Best Coast covering WAVVES' "I'm So Bored" at Primavera Sound in May, and a picture of Coasting, below...

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Frankie Rose as Dum Dum Girl @ Webster Hall (more by Brian Reilly)
Dum Dum Girls

WebCuts Music: You've just had band practice -- how are you sounding today?

Dee Dee Dum Dum Girl: We're sounding great. I'll let you in on a secret we've had a line-up change so we have a new drummer and our bass player is now singing. It's been a pretty intense week of rehearsals. We've had a lot of ground to cover.

WebCuts Music: What's going on there? Is it musical chairs in Dum Dum Girls?

Dee Dee Dum Dum Girl: Not so much musical chairs, Frankie Rose was drumming for us and she also sang, so we have a drummer now who's just drumming. So it was a matter of teaching Bambi the high harmonies so that we would still have those.

WebCuts Music: Was that because Frankie was just too busy? She's spent that much time in that many times, did she have other stuff to do?

Dee Dee Dum Dum Girl: She finally has got her own project underway and has been working on a record and she's not the hugest fan of touring, she would probably do it for her own band. But it was probably time to do her own thing.

Thanks Anonymous for the link to the above interview which confirms that Frankie Rose is no longer a member of the Dum Dum Girls who are about to tour with Crocodiles and Vampire Weekend.

As previously also mentioned, Frankie (Rose) & the Outs play a Northside Festival show on June 26th. They also play another Brooklyn show on July 17th with at "TBA" with "Special Guests".

There's also a mysterious show this Wednesday night, June 16th, at Death By Audio which Frankie may or may not know something about.

PREVIOUSLY: Frankie Rose leaves Crystal Stilts, starts band


Hey gang,

We'd like to take a moment to introduce you to our new editions:
Two fresh faces who will be joining us live on our upcoming tours.

On Bass: Dave Pajo

Pajo has a vast body of work. He was the guitarist for Slint. He has recorded as Papa M and Ariel M. And he has worked with Tortoise, Will Oldham, Zwan, and numerous other artists. So, you know....do the math.

On Keys and Vox: Brandon Curtis

Curtis is a member of the Secret Machines. Enough said.

We are very excited and honored to be working with such talented individuals.

Come and see why.


Enough said?

Dave Pajo, the new Carlos D, was also recently a member of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Interpol recently cancelled most of their upcoming tour dates.

Papa M is playing ATP New York in September.

DOWNLOAD: Takka Takka - Silence (MP3)

(the new) Takka Takka @ Glasslands Gallery in Brooklyn - CMJ 2009
Takka Takka
photo by Erin Molitor

Brooklyn band Takka Takka are playing a show in DUMBO tonight (11/5). This gig follows a few shows that the band played in town during CMJ. You can see them playing at one of the showcases in the picture above. If you're familiar with the band, you may notice some changes including one less member, and no it's not front-man Gabe Levine aka Samuel Izdat. Gabe/Samuel has started playing solo, but that's in addition to being in the band.

In light of all this, I asked Takka drummer Conrad Doucette if he would answer a few questions...


BV: Name and position?

Conrad: Conrad Doucette, second base

BV: Did you watch the last game of the World Series last night?

Conrad: I did.

BV: Were you jumping up and down and screaming really loudly when the Yankees won?

Conrad: I was jumping up and down and screaming loudly in the alternate universe where the Cincinnati Reds have a chance to win a World Series.

continued below...

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DOWNLOAD: A Sunny Day in Glasgow - Ashes Grammar / Ashes Maths (MP3)

A Sunny Day in Glasgow

So many people have been in ASDiG since the project started in 2006 - touring members especially have come and gone. But I am happy and excited to let you know that we now have what could really be called a stable line-up now. The sad news is that Robin & Lauren are no longer singing with ASDiG. For various reasons (out of state grad school; boyfriend's broken limbs, work) neither were readily available while we were recording Ashes Grammar. These were dark times! But then all of this great stuff started to happen where Josh and I just said fuck it and kept working on the album. And then longtime fan and west philly neighbor Ryan Newmeyer wrote out of nowhere to ask what kind of fuzz pedal I use (<3<3<3 love you so much zvex fuzz factory <3<3<3) and I asked if he knew any singers. And he did! And her name was (is) Annie Fredrickson. Josh, Annie, and I would spend many many many late nights in Lambertville and West Philly and South Philly and anywhere we could make noise starting from scratch, ultimately finishing the album, and generally coming together as friends and as a band. Good times!

And then, when Ashes Grammar was done and we all got really drunk and got some normal sleep and listened to songs that weren't our songs etc... and the three of us decided we really liked the album and wanted to go on tour for as long as we possibly could to support it. But no one else wanted to go, so it was kind of dark times again. But then it turns out that Ryan plays bass! And then Josh's friend Adam Herndon joined to play drums (Josh now plays guitar/synths/whatever and sings)! And then we had this singer search where so many incredibly talented singers from all over the world sent us demos and tried out and it was crazy, we had no idea there were so many people who would want to join our little band. It was a really hard decision but in the end we are very happy to introduce you to Jen Goma when we go out on tour next week.

Anyway, things feel really good now. Everyone in this band really wants to be in this band and they are all talented people. It feels like we actually are a band and can give alot of ASDiG songs the live treatment (I think) they deserve.

Also, we've already recorded another album's worth of new songs and we are going to be touring so so so much next year in addition to this fall. Hope to see you out there! - A Sunny Day in Glasgow

A Sunny Day in Glasgow's new lineup will hit the road on November 12th and stay on it for a month until they eventually hit NYC for two shows: 12/12 @ Union Hall (tickets) & 12/13 @ Le Poisson Rouge (tickets). All dates below...

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Aleks Campesinos! (in the red dress) @ Coachella 2009 (more by Darren Kim)
Los Campesinos

I don't really know how to start this. I'm not sure I can really find the right words to express how I feel about leaving the band. Not in a vaguely coherent manner anyway so I'm sorry if this all comes across as either overly-sentimental or strangely detached.

Making the decision to leave was very difficult and even though I'm excited about what the future has in store for both me and the rest of Los Camp! (once they unveil their bright spangly new line-up), I still get a lump in my throat every time I think about my time in the band coming to an end. Trust me, I'm gutted. The past 3 years have given me some of the best times of my life full of incredible experiences and wonderful people. I am really grateful to have been a part of the Los Campesinos! story. I'm going to miss so much about the whole thing and no doubt regret this move a thousand times over when I'm stuck in some dark corner of a library, while the band are busy playing to thousands in some paradise location...

On the other hand, I can't wait to attend my first Los Camp! gig and watch from the audience: I'll be like a proud parent. (Or a bitter heckler, we'll see how it goes) I know they can only get better. In any case, they better put me on the guest list.
And now our Wikipedia page will have a "Former Members" section: won't that look impressive...

That all seems massively inadequate.

To sum up:


Leks x

Aleks is leaving Los Campesinos!, but not before one more record and US tour. The tour in question kicks off August 4th in NYC with a show at Webster Hall, brings them to Chicago for Lollapalooza, and ends at the end of August with their appearance at San Diego's Street Scene Festival.

Almost all dates are with San Francisco's Girls who will also be making a trip to NYC even earlier...


:: Real Estate
:::: Girls
:::::: Beach Fossils

128 River St @ Metropolitan Ave | Williamsburg, Brooklyn
L-Bedford, G-Metropolitan, JM-Marcy | 8:30pm | all ages | $7

Girls are also playing Mercury Lounge on June 25th with The Paper Chase, Free Energy, and Radical Sons. Tickets are on sale.

Tickets for the Webster Hall show are now on AmEx presale. All dates below...

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by Black Bubblegum

Red Sparowes with touring guitarist Brendan Tobin (Made Out of Babies)

Red Sparowes have announced a new axe-wielder to their ranks, replacing the departed Josh Graham. The band comments:

I think it's safe to announce our new guitar player is Emma Ruth Rundle. She's an unbelievable guitar prodigy. A better guitarist than any of us. And, she works building and repairing guitars. Pretty awesome.
What role Rundle will play on the bands upcoming full-length is not known, but the band have completed seven demos to be recorded in August for release on an upcoming LP due in 2010. Look for some of those tracks to surface while the band plays a few dates "in Oct/Nov" including a date at the Fun Fun Fun Fest with the previously announced Jesus Lizard. More details about FFF Fest and the Red Sparowes tour are forthcoming. The band plans a full US tour, followed by a European tour in spring 2010.

Red Sparowes next release isn't that LP follow up to Every Heart... though, it's the Toshi Kasai co-produced (with the band) Aphorisms DVD+12" which is due this fall. That EP along with the entire Red Sparowes catalog is now available for download as "pay what you want" (over $2.50 that is) from the band. Check that out here.

Some videos below...

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