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Belgrado at Acheron, Nov 2012 (more by Phil Maler)

Spanish post-punk goth band Belgrado are readying the release of their new LP Siglo XXI. The effort will see release via La Vida Es Un Mus on September 10. Stream that , along with a live video from Acheron last year and some prior material, below.

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Psychic Teens

Somewhere between the post-punk of Joy Division and the noise rock of middle period Young Widows sits Psychic Teens, a hard-driving Philadelphia trio. Two years after releasing the impressive TEEN, the band is readying the release of their new LP Come via SRA Records on August 13. You can check out "H#TE" and "RIP" from the LP in this post.

So far the band has very few tour dates to speak of besides a hometown Record Release show on August 9 at Long in the Tooth. Look for that to change very soon. Until then, stream those two PT tracks below.

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Creative Adult

Somewhere in between the maniacal noise-punk of Pissed Jeans and the propulsive post-punk of Joy Division/Bauhaus lies Creative Adult, a Bay Area four piece prepping to let loose their new EP, Bull In The Yard, via Run for Cover Records. The release is their second overall, following the Dead Air 7" which dropped late last year.

Though a quick gloss over their material may point to the band's punkier side, CA definitely takes their tunes in interesting places by dabbling in noise, goth and the louder side of indie. In fact, the opening notes of "Rushing Toward The Cemetery" steers dangerously close to the opening bars of the Sonic Youth classic "Teen Age Riot." Check out that tune for the first time below and order your copy via the label.

So far the band only have a single date to speak of, April 26 in Oakland, CA at Eli's with Sabertooth Zombie, but look for shows to be announced in the coming weeks in celebration of the new EP. Until then, dig on the new jam below.

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Soft Kill art for "Seven Hundred"
Soft Kill

Portland's Soft Kill have started off the new year right with a new album AND a 7" available via Handmade Birds. The former, titled Circle of Trees, dropped on January 3rd and is currently available for purchase via their Bandcamp site (and is streaming below). The new single will be out January 22, is currently available for preorder and sees the gothic post-punk band channelling The Cure on "Current," the B-side on this "Seven Hundred" 7". Stream that below, alongside all of Circle of Trees...

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG

Night Sins
Night Sins

Though the band passed through these parts a few weeks ago with the similarly great Nothing (who have a new LP and play A389), Philadelphia darkwavers Night Sins (mems Salvation/Mother of Mercy who also have a new LP) will play the Rituals party at K&M tonight (11/29 at 225 N.8 St) alongside an appearance from fellow Philly band Hot Guts. The party is FREE.

Speaking of Nothing, the band recently released a video for "Downward Years To Come" and you can check that out below.

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The Men at Pitchfork, Chicago, July 2012 (more by Fred Pessaro // BBG)
The Men

The Men said:

We're playing a show this Sunday with our very good friends and one of the best bands in the world, Destruction Unit, who are on tour all the way from the Sonoran Desert. Come out, it's gonna be wild.
Since then they wrote "The show at Don Pedro tonight is ON. Don't need no subway trains in hell." Pampers and The Guts are also on the bill. Flyer is below.

Destruction Unit also played the mega-show at Acheron on Friday (10/26) alongside names like Leather and Shoxx.

The one off NYC appearance is one of the Men's last scheduled shows before they head to Not Dead Yet. In January they play a sting of dates down under. Their tour schedule is below...

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Killing Joke at Irving Plaza, December 2010 (more by Greg Cristman)
Killing Joke

The Death and Resurrection Show is a feature length music documentary charting the turbulent, dramatic and often unbelievable journey of the British post-punk industrial legends Killing Joke. The film brings together three decades of archive footage with two decades of never before seen new documentary footage and unprecedented access to the members of Killing Joke, their management, music producers, industry figures and associates.

The film explores the progression of the band and their music; the in-fights, splits, reformations, legal tussles and side projects into classical and trance music, but it also delves deep into the other side of Killing Joke and it's core members. Brought together by a ritual ceremony performed in London, the 30 year experience that followed saw them constantly experimenting with the ritual, esoteric and mystical in their lives and their music.

So far no release date for the doc that explores the world of these post-punk legends, though the filmmakers are still "aiming for" a 2012 release. Check out the trailer and a clip below.

Killing Joke does, however, have a U.S. release date for MMXII, the band's new LP which hits shelves on Tuesday (10/30) via Spinefarm. You can stream "In Cythera" below.

So far no gigs are set for KJ, but word is that the band may hit US shores in 2013. Until then, stream the new track and check out videos from the upcoming documentary below.

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG

Slug Guts, not Sisters of Mercy, @ Home Sweet Home, 10/17/2012
Slug Guts

Post-punk maniacs Slug Guts joined headliner Cult of Youth with Soren (of Rosenkopf) for an appearance at the hazy, fog-dense basement of Home Sweet Home for the WIERD party last night (10/17), the first of three area appearances. Though Cult of Youth and Soren both ripped excellent sets, Slug Guts were mesmerizing in the tiny space, packing it to the gills.

If you missed the Australian band, make sure and catch them at either The Acheron on Friday (10/19) with Pop 1280 and Vaz or at the Life or Death showcase at 92Y Tribeca on Saturday (10/20).

More pictures from last night's WIERD are below.

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG

Night Sins

As discussed, gothic post-punk crew Night Sins (mems of Salvation, Mother of Mercy) are out on the road with A389 signees Nothing, logging their first date on the road last night as part of their joint tour together. Much like Nothing, Night Sins are also proudly welcoming a new baby, the New Grave LP freshly birthed via Avant! Records. Check out the video for "Playing Dead" and the track "Wild Eyes," is making its debut here.

All streams and tour dates are listed below.

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photos by Greg Cristman

Public Image Limited at Hammerstein Ballroom 10/13/2012
Public Image Ltd.

Public Image Ltd completed their reign of New York City with the second of two NYC area shows at Hammerstein Ballroom on Saturday (10/13). Much like their appearance at Music Hall of Williamsburg on 10/11 (pictures), it was "An Evening with PiL," with no supporting acts. Opening with their classic 1983 single "This is Not a Love Song," Lydon and the rest of the band powered through a set that included other favorites like "Rise," "Disappointed," and "Death Disco" as well as cuts from this year's worthy This is PiL. Setlist is below.

Speaking of their new album, PiL recently dropped the "Reggie Song" / "Out of the Woods" as a 12"/CD single/download. The downloadable version features a slew of bonus live tracks and some video, totalling more than 45 minutes of content. Order yours at iTunes.

More pictures from Hammerstein are below.

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG

Swans @ Bowery Ballroom, 10/10/2012

No alarm, no text message notification, no construction site noise, no rowdy kids outside my window. Something far more sinister jarred me awake at 6AM on Wednesday... the thundering jackhammer of a migraine beating down on my head. My world was collapsing. After several hurried trips to the bathroom to vomit profusely, I shut all of the shades and tried to soundproof my room. Mental note: invest in a silent coffin.

Though my symptoms had mostly subsided by early that afternoon, I was still in positively no shape to see one of my favorite bands live later that night at Bowery Ballroom (10/10), the pounding, cro-magnon gods of no-wave known as Swans. I'm a man of my word though, so there I was on Delancey St. at the moment doors opened. Not to sound anything but blessed, but sometimes it's a good thing to force yourself out.

Easing into my night were the simple, the gypsy-laden carnival sounds of A Hawk & A Hacksaw who were light and fun, peppered with a shirtless dance from masked men. Accordian, dulcimer and electric violin were the main weapons of choice for the duo, who also employed an odd cross-breed between a violin and a horn that seemed to work off of contact mics and a single broken violin string. Regardless of instrumentation, A Hawk & a Hacksaw was far less brooding than Swans on their lightest day, but still fascinating and worth a watch. I felt the need to wear castanets.

Clad in black, Michael Gira just oozes intensity. His square jaw seemingly comes off the hinges for his anguished screams and he heaves his thrashing body, leaving trails of white hair in streaks behind him. Backed by a crew of five including a percussionist, drummer, guitar, bass and lap steel, Gira proceeded to hammer his way through new material at Bowery Ballroom last night. If there is one thing that Swans know that many others probably should, it is the value of a good crescendo. Swans take the lightest moments and build upon them gently, eventually crashing down in a full on primitive sledgehammer assault. Swans are a singular breed of brutality.

In the midst of a positively amazing set from Gira & company, I came to and remembered the hours that lead up to the Swans show... the migraine, the doubling over and subsequent blackout and isolation from society. The aches and pain were gone. I may have figured out a new cure for recovery... smash away the pain.

Pictures and the setlist from Bowery Ballroom are below. If you missed it last night, Swans play a pair of NYC dates at the end of October.

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photos by Dana (distortion) Yavin

Public Image Limited

When you see them live the music is so intense that I always end up feeling like I'm on some type of crazy journey that involves a great deal of swimming, submerging and resurfacing, lol - no I'm not on drugs but I know how good you're supposed to feel and I certainly feel that way when I hear PiL's music live. They create these canvases filled with layers of sound but wrapped in a monotonous sick reggae or house influenced bassline - I apologize if I sound insane but this music speaks to me like no other. And when I finally tell myself to stop dancing and take a minute to listen to lyrics of songs I don't know, I'm always blown away by how much Lydon gives to you emotionally. -[Warehouse]
Public Image Limited played the first of two NYC area shows at Music Hall of Williamsburg last night (10/10). Pictures are in this post.

With no supporting acts, the veteran post-punk crew ran threw fifteen tracks in total, three of which appear on the band's new LP This is PiL. Check out the full setlist below.

If you missed the show, luckily you can catch Lydon and co at Hammerstein Ballroom on 10/13. Tickets are still available for you procrastinators. For the rest of you, live vicariously through the photos and the setlist from MHoW below.

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