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Ted Leo of CITIZENS ARREST (more by Dominick Mastrangelo)
Ted Leo

Citizens ArrestAfter months of talk (and practice sessions), the word is finally out via Hardcore Gig Volume: "Citizens Arrest (reunion) / Mind Eraser @ Knitting Factory, Brooklyn on Friday December 17th. Ticket info coming soon." For the unaware, Citizens Arrest was....

...a New York-based band that existed from 1989 to 1991 and reformed in 2010. The group often blended hardcore punk, Grindcore and Powerviolence styles. Their main inspiration in the early days of the band were from Boston area hardcore from the 1980s like DYS and SSD. They also derived influence from early Powerviolence pioneers - [Wiki]
The reunion will include the original lineup of: DARYL KAHAN, JANIS CHAKARS, JOSEPH MARTIN, PATRICK WINTER, and TED LEO. Yes, that is Ted Leo of Ted Leo & The Phramacists fame and Daryl Kahan of Born Against/Funebrarum/Disma fame. Not sure whether Ted Leo will sing this time around. The band explains the past and present lineups like this:


Stay tuned for more info, dates, etc.

Speaking of the supremely BRUTAL Disma, the new-ish five piece has joined on as support for the previously announced Hour of 13 / The Gates of Slumber show happening 10/16 at Union Pool . As previously discussed, the show will be Hour of 13's North American debut. Disma supported Immolation at The Studio at Webster Hall in July. The band is currently working on material for release on Profound Lore, but have a Limited Edition 7" in The Manifestation on the way via Necroharmonic Productions.

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The Dismemberment Plan

"The Dismemberment Plan are pleased to announce that their underground classic Emergency & I will be released on vinyl for the first time on January 11, 2011 by Seattle indie label Barsuk Records. In the eleven years since its release, Emergency & I has been widely regarded as the definitive artistic statement from the beloved Washington D.C. quartet and has found its way onto many best-of lists, including the #16 spot of Pitchfork's Top 100 Albums of the 90's.

In celebration of this reissue, the band, who performed their last concerts as an active band in 2003 (followed by two benefit shows in D.C. in 2007 that sold out in 4 minutes) will play five shows on the east coast in January of 2011.

Originally released on DeSoto Records, this vinyl re-issue will be presented in gatefold 180-gram audiophile-grade vinyl with a giant full-color photo collage and in-depth liner notes, plus four rare bonus tracks, also never before available on high quality vinyl."
The DC post-punk band will play their first reunion show at the Black Cat on January 21st and end it eight days later at Webster Hall in NYC. Tickets for the 1/29 show go on sale Friday at noon. All dates, a note from the band, and the reissue tracklist, below...

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by Bill Pearis

DOWNLOAD: Strapping Fieldhands - Boo Hoo Hoo (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Strapping Fieldhands -  Copper Rings (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Strapping Fieldhands -  Aeroplane Ticket (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Strapping Fieldhands -  The Author in Her Ear (MP3)

Strapping Fieldhands

We've been waiting for this reissue for 16 years. In fact, we briefly entertained the idea of trying to release it ourselves. It's a record we have been obsessed with since it came out in 1994, a super limited self released lp, a record we taped for everyone we knew, played for everyone we knew, the kind of record that inspired that sort of undying dedication, a totally unsung, indie pop gem from the early nineties, that attained a degree of infamy with a handful of weirdo music obsessives, but remained well removed from the spotlight it so richly deserved. Spin magazine even declared it one of the "Ten Best Records You've Never Heard", which probably sadly still applies, 15+ years later, but maybe not for long. Not if we have anything to say about it.

...all the kids who have been digging the new wave of home brewed retro lo-fi garage pop are gonna be in for a shock when they realize their favorite bands are basically doing what the Fieldhands were doing 15 years ago, and if anything Discus is WAY weirder, WAY poppier, and WAY BETTER! [Aquarius Records]

Philadelphia's low fi legends Strapping Fieldhands reissued their lost '90s classic Discus last year, the first time ever on CD and digital (What, no vinyl?). Since then, the band reactivated with the promise of new music soon. You can check out a few MP3s from throughout the bands career at the top of this post.

Strapping Fieldhands launched a short East Coast tour Saturday night in their hometown, and they play Bruar Falls tonight (Sunday, 9/12), along with The Mad Scene, and a couple of Siltbreeze recording artists The Doozer from the UK, as well as U.S. Girls. (The latter two are on tour together, all dates are at the bottom of this post.) If you can't go tonight, NYers have a couple more chances to catch them. They play Secret Robot Project on Friday (9/17, also with The Doozer and U.S. Girls) and Cake Shop on October 9. The band will also be at this year's Gonerfest (Sept 22 - 26)

All Strapping Fieldhands dates are below, along with video from a recent session they did for the Shaking Through series, plus those Doozer/U.S. Girls dates as well...

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Government Issue

Government Issue was an American hardcore punk band from Washington, D.C. active from 1980 to 1989. The band experienced many changes in membership during its nine-year existence, with singer John Stabb as the only consistent member in an ever-fluctuating lineup that at various times included notable musicians Brian Baker, Mike Fellows, Steve Hansgen, J. Robbins, and Peter Moffett. Government Issue originated from the Washington, D.C. hardcore scene but added elements of heavy metal, New Wave, and psychedelic rock on later records. Though this has caused the band to be sometimes overlooked in relation to other Washington, D.C. hardcore acts, their stylistic diversity made them influential to later punk rock groups. -[Wiki]
Government Issue will reunite for a single show in DC at The Black Cat on December 11th with The Goons and Set To Explode, their first show in 21 years. The band, which will feature John Stabb, J. Robbins, Tom Lyle, and Pete Moffett, will play the venue as part of a benefit for DJ Stereo Faith (aka Steven McPherson of the defunct DC band Brace), a local DJ who is recovering from removal of a tumor from his auditory canal. Tickets are on sale. If you can't make it to the show, you can paypal donations for Steven McPherson to keepingthestereofaith (AT) gmail DOT com.

words and photos by Keith Marlowe

The Gories, gettin' down
The Gories

The Gories played Bowery Ballroom on July 30th (with Chickensnake and The Revelons), one of three shows scheduled for the reunited Detroit threesome. Keith Marlowe's viewpoint of the show, with more pictures, can be found below...

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DOWNLOAD: Universal Order of Armageddon "Switch Is Down" (MP3)

Universal Order of Armageddon (photos by Jeff Winterberg)
Universal Order of Armageddon

Well, let's not say "reuniting." Writes drummer-turned-Del Posto pastry chef Brooks Headley: "It's not a reunion! It's a money losing labor of love!" Of all the bands from the first great American early '90s post-hardcore wave--Born Against, Moss Icon, Man Is the Bastard, etc.--Universal Order of Armageddon seemed like one of the longest shots to reunite: their reign was brief and fierce and lasted only a couple of years in the first place. But a benefit for Baltimore's Wham City drew them back in, and now Headley brings news that the band will perform in New York at Death By Audio (with locals Silk Flowers) the day after their already announced July 24th return at Whartscape. - [Village Voice]
That's right, Universal Order of Armageddon will reunite for a one-off show on July 25th at Death by Audio at 11pm. Members of UOA have gone on join bands like Born Against, Bellmer Dolls, The Great Unraveling, Men's Recovery Project, Moss Icon and many others. If it's one tenth as good as the Rorschach reunion, you had better be there.

Whartscape has quite a few killer bands slated for appearance including Lightning Bolt, Arab on Radar, Dan Deacon Ensemble, and many many more. Tickets are on sale in daily and "megapass" (aka all weekend) varieties (though if you want to seee UOaA, take note). Full updated Whatscape lineup and some videos are below...

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"Tickets for "The Lost Weekend" aka Matador's 21st birthday celebrations at The Palms will go on sale this Friday morning at 9am, PST. Here's the details you've been hassling all of us about over the last week (and don't think we don't appreciate it)...
That message is from Matador Records, and is continued below...

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Alien Lanes

Matador's 21st birthday fest will be happening in Las Vegas October 1st-3rd. For it, they've pulled the cream of the indie-rock crop. Previously speculated headliners Belle & Sebastian and Pavement will be there - on top of that, Guided By Voices will be reuniting to play, "in the band's "classic '93-'96 lineup!" The most recent show for GBV was New Year's Eve 2004/05.

In addition to those three, the lineup includes Sonic Youth, Spoon, Yo La Tengo, Cat Power, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, New Pornographers, Superchunk, Ted Leo & the Pharmacists, Guitar Wolf (who also play NY), Chavez, Girls, Fucked Up, Harlem, Cold Cave, Shearwater, Kurt Vile and Jeffrey Joe Jenson. More will be annonuced July 5th.

A flyer is below...

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Godflesh at Hellfest (photo by Shinji @ Salival)

Justin Broadrick issued a statement regarding Godflesh's recent reunion performance at Hellfest. You can read it with some videos from the show, below...

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As early as 1989 or 1990, a band came out of the moderately sized North Dakota town of Fargo. They were called Hammerhead. The line up was Paul Sanders on guitar and vocals, Paul Erickson on bass and vocals, and Jeff Morridian Jr on drums. At some point early on they relocate to Minneapolis, Minnesota...[where] they hooked up with Amphetamine Reptile Records, the invincible indie label that rose from the ashes of Treehouse Records and Glitterhouse Records. Between 92' and 96', Hammerhead released 4 full length albums, including many singles and comp songs as well... [helping to] propel Amrep to greater heights of popularity, and ...define that "minneapolis/amrep" sound of the early 90's. Some time in 96', however, Hammerhead suddenly broke up [as] Paul Sanders left the band. ...About a year later, word started to spread of a new band, called Vaz, featuring Paul Erickson on vocals, guitar and bass, and Jeff Morridian Jr on drums and vocals. Paul Sanders [reemerged] ...with The Heroine Sheiks, that disbanded in 2009.
You won't have to fly to Minneapolis or wait until August to catch the return of AmRep badasses Hammerhead, as the band will play a reunion show on THURSDAY (6/24) at Death By Audio alongside Pink Reason, CCR Headcleaner (ex-Long Legged Woman, ex-Hospitals), Bogan Dust, and Divorce Money. According to Pink Reason, the show will be a "one time only NYC reunion gig", so get there! (thx Mark!)

The only other tour date on the sked for BOTH Hammerhead and Vaz is the AmRep anniversary show in Minneapolis on August 28th alongside Melvins (who just played two shows with Isis), Boss Hog, Today Is The Day, and many esteemed others.

Some classic videos from Hammerhead are viewable below...

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Black Army Jacket Demo Tape cover
Black Army Jacket

Black Army Jacket was an American grindcore / power violence band... Their ex-members can now be found in bands like Hope Collapse, Municipal Waste, Matt Pond PA, Burnt By The Sun and Birds of Prey.

The band was started by Andrew Orlando (ex-guitarist of Milhouse and owner of Reservoir Records) and Carlos Ramirez... both fans of bands like Terrorizer, Assück and Napalm Death and wanted to create a band in those styles. ...Queens, NY-based Chainsaw Safety Records would go on to release the band's The Path of Two Swords As One 7" and the band started to tour regionally shortly after... [Soon after] Dave Witte joined the band on drums. Now a four piece, they toured with California's Benumb and Noothgrush.

In 1998, BAJ... wrote throughout the year and entered the studio with Dean Rispler (Killing Time, 25 Ta Life) in the producer chair. The resulting album, 222, saw the musicians incorporating hints of death and black metal along with some more traditional elements of hardcore to their sound. They toured extensively to support their debut.

... Rob Lawi and the band parted ways shortly afterwards. Bassist Carlos Ramirez then became their vocalist and New Jersey native Tom Hayden joined in to fill the bass slot. Another native Jersey musician, John Adubato, was also asked to join to make Black Army Jacket a two guitar unit.

They came home from tour in mid 1999 and began to write newer, more technical material... [but] after a tough show in Worcester, MA the band decided to break up. Adubato and Witte then formed Burnt by the Sun, whilst Ramirez started melodic rockers Lakota a few years later. Andrew Orlando went on to join Anodyne and then Disnihil in the early 2000s. - [Wiki]

We are proud to announce that NYC powerviolence/grind greats Black Army Jacket will return to play a reunion show at Cake Shop on September 4th! Support is still TBD. Tickets are on sale.

The show is one of two lined up for the great Black Army Jacket with the second being Best Friends Day in Richmond, VA on Aug 19 - 22:

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The Oblivians...
The Oblivians

The Oblivians, whose upcoming reunion and solo shows we outlined previously, have added another date for the NYC area. In addition to the free Scion Garage show at Knitting Factory on July 1st (RSVP is now closed), they'll be playing a July 2nd gig at The Irish in Kearny, NJ (a mile away from the Harrison PATH station). Andre Ethier opens the Scion show, and for New Jersey Andre & his old group The Deadly Snakes reform to open the show. Tickets are on sale.

Other recent shows at the Kearny Irish American Association include Ted Leo, Titus Andronicus and Screaming Females.

The previously mentioned Jack Yarber (Oblivian) show at Southpaw on July 21st (tickets) is actually part of a larger tour that Jack shares with fellow Memphis garage-punk act John Paul Keith. All of their tour dates are below...

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Cap'n Jazz reunited @ the Empty Bottle - Jan 2010 (DrLama)
Capn Jazz

While we wait patiently for Jelly to announce this summer's lineup of seven free Pool Parties at the Williamsburg Waterfront, one of which may be a July 25th Cap'n Jazz reunion day time show, tickets have gone on sale for a July 25th night time "Tim Kinsella" show at Maxwell's in Hoboken (thanks Keith).

In related news, you can download a soundboard recording of the above pictured reunion show, for free! Updated Cap'n Jazz dates below...

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words by BBG, photos by Greg Cristman

Paul Delaney wants YOU!
Black Anvil

After more than a year since calling it quits, Deathcycle will reactivate for two special shows in honor of Lee Altomare:

Reunion shows July 30th and 31st, Long Island and Brooklyn. 2 shows to honor the passing of our friend Lee Altomare, who died unexpectedly on 4/16/10. We will Be joined by all bands that were in the direct circle of Lee's friendship. Still sorting out all the details, so we will make the announcement as soon as we have our facts straight. Sat, the 31st is definitely at 538 Johnson St. in Brooklyn.
More details on Long Island as they come in.

Meanwhile, two members of Deathcycle (Paul Delaney and Gary Bennett) are plugging away at their current (and awesome) project Black Anvil. The band has a handful of shows sprinkled throughout the summer (while Paul plugs away at a new None More Black album) including the absolutely unmissable show at Europa on SATURDAY (6/12) with Eyehategod, Brutal Truth, Nachtmystium and Tombs (tickets). Full tour dates are below.

Black Anvil played Brooklyn Masonic Temple on 3/30 with Immortal. We posted the Immortal pics, but never the opener. The belated pics from that show, and all dates, are below.

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photos and interview by Keith Marlowe

Chrome Cranks @ Cake Shop
Chrome Cranks

The recently reunited Chrome Cranks played two shows over Memorial Day weekend - Friday at the Cake Shop and Saturday at the Knitting Factory. I went to, and photographed, both. Unlike last year's reunion shows, the bands first since 1998, this outing featured many new songs which will be on an album the Cranks are recording this week. I had a chance to talk with William Weber and Bob Bert before their Knitting Factory show.

The Chrome Cranks first formed in Cincinnati around 1988, consisting of frontman Peter Aaron and William Weber on guitar. Weber recalls, "We tried playing with a lot of people, but we never had a line-up that jelled. We wanted to be a really swampy, raunchy band with a raw noise element and it just never came together." In 1991 Weber moved to New York City and Aaron moved here soon after. They added bass player Jerry Teel, from the Honeymoon Killers, and finally Bob Bert, from Sonic Youth and Pussy Galore among others, on drums.

pics and interview continued below...

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Chrome Cranks

"After last year's already legendary reunion shows, New York City's infamous garage/punk-blues/noise kings the Chrome Cranks are once again ready to roundly kick the world squarely in its soft, pathetic, and pain-deserving ass--this time with two more hotly anticipated performances: at the Cake Shop in New York on May 28 and the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn on May 29.

2009's visceral and devastating shows in New York and Europe by the Chrome Cranks' best and best-known lineup--vocalist/guitarist Peter Aaron, guitarist William Weber, drummer Bob Bert, and bassist Jerry Teel--were a revelation for long-time fans as well as those who'd missed the band during its 1990s heyday. Indeed, many raved that the Cranks are better now than they were the first time around. Since the reunion the group has remained together, working on material for a new album that promises to be every bit as blistering--if not more--than the quartet's pivotal '90s releases."

The shows are tonight (5/28) at Cake Shop and Saturday at Knitting Factory. More details and a video below...

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The Gories, Amsterdam May 1992 Photo by Willem Kolvoort
The Gories

The emergence of The Gories heralded a new Golden Age of Detroit rock beginning in the late '80s; a renaissance of noise and rustbelt rock which lasts through to today. Formed in 1986 by three Detroit natives, none of whom previously knew how to play an instrument -- Mick Collins, Margaret Ann O'Neill (Peg), and Dan Kroha -- they took their name from a band of the same name which appeared in the "Gidget" series of the late '50s/early '60s. Comprised of two guitarists and a drummer (i.e. no bass), the Gories concocted a primal, raw yet soulful blend of garage punk, culling a wealth of inspiration and cover material from Bo Diddley, Howlin' Wolf, and John Lee Hooker. The three-piece also paid homage to the Keggs and Nick and the Jaguars, two other bass-less bands from Detroit.

Since the demise of the Gories, Mick Collins has continued to perform in Blacktop, King Sound Quartet, the Screws, the Dirtbombs, and has contributed to Andre Williams' Silky and The Black Godfather and Speedball Baby's Uptight. Dan Kroha spent some time in Rocket 455, but is primarily known for being one third of another Detroit bass-free rock band, the Demolition Doll Rods. Peg O'Neill recorded a few tracks with '68 Comeback and is in the Darkest Hours from New Orleans. -[allmusic]

The Gories reunited last year for a tour that included shows in their native Detroit, Memphis, and Europe with the also-reunited Oblivians. They'll hit the road this summer for a string of dates including three NYC-area shows: July 29th at Maxwell's (tickets on sale Friday at noon, ), July 30th at Bowery Ballroom (tickets on AMEX presale NOW, general sale Friday at noon) and July 31st "Outdoors at The Lincoln Center".

One of their non-NYC dates is the Ottowa Blues Festival which, over twelve days, will feature a star studded lineup of bands including Arcade Fire, Bear in Heaven, Rush, Iron Maiden, The Flaming Lips, Blonde Redhead, Weezer, Jimmy Cliff, The Swell Season, Passion Pit, Metric, Hole, Elvis Perkins in Dearland, and many others across multiple venues. For more details, check out the Ottowa Blues Festival site.

On a somewhat related note, Reigning Sound play Maxwell's on June 20th and Southpaw on June 19th, and Jack Oblivian will be back at the Brooklyn venue on July 21st.

Full Gories tour dates and some videos are below...

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Floor at The Earl (more by Rich Gaccione)

South Florida's FLOOR were around for roughly 10 years and recorded well over a dozen times during their on-and-off existence... and only in the wake of their demise did underground audio followers finally take note...

From the living rooms and basements of 1992 to the studios of 2001/2002, FLOOR had an incredible evolution from the GODFLESH and early-MELVINS-inspired sludge worship, to the unrivaled sugary doom/pop amalgamation which would eventually pave the way for TORCHE, HOUSE OF LIGHTNING and others. The changes in sound from recording-to-recording... against what would eventually follow, it becomes crystal clear that FLOOR were consistently operating on that fabled "next level". [Robotic Empire]

And now, that next level is RIGHT HERE IN NYC! Brooklyn Vegan & 1000Knives are pround to announce the return of Floor with Unearthly Trance on June 26th at Club Europa in Brooklyn as part of the Northside Festival! Tickets go on sale at NOON TODAY for this all-ages, early show (7pm doors), or get in with your Northside badge. It's gonna be a rager.

It's one of two shows the reunited Floor are going to play during their visit North. The first will take place one day earlier, 6/25 at First Unitarian Church in Philly with two great openers, Gods & Queens and Javelina.

And it's one of two shows that the great Unearthly Trance has in store for NYC, including June 3rd as part of the Tones of Death monthly shindig (which includes Gnaw, Bubonic Bear and Sin of Angels this week, May 6th). For more on that show, head to the Facebook invite.

Floor's Steve Brooks plays Rumsey Playield in NYC on May 26th with Torche as part of their tour with Coheed & Cambria and Circa Survive. Tickets are still available.

Floor at Eruopa is an earlier show, so you should be able to make it across town to catch at least part of BV's other show that same night at MHOW, with Memory Tapes, Twin Sister, DOM and ZAZA. Tickets are up, or try to use your Northside badges.

Floor are supporting their recent mega-boxset, out NOW on Robotic Empire.

Show flyer for Europa and some video from their show at The Earl on 4/3, below...

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Hardly Art says, "I am very happy to today inform you that on July 9th of this year Carissa's Wierd will be playing at the Showbox here in Seattle [tickets]. This will be the band's first show since 2003, and is their only show currently planned. In addition to principals Mat Brooke and Jenn Ghetto, the band will include Sarah Standard, Robin Peringer, and Sera Cahoone. As previously reported, Hardly Art will be releasing a Carissa's Wierd retrospective (They'll Only Miss You When You Leave: Songs 1996-2003) on July 13th, 2010 and subsequently reissuing the band's three studio albums, all of which have been long out of print and never before available on vinyl or digitally."

Band of Horses' Ben Bridwell doesn't seem to be participating.

by BBG

Arab on Radar
Arab on Radar

Arab on Radar are a Providence, Rhode Island based noise rock band founded in the mid-1990s. They went on hiatus in 2002. Members of the band went on to form or join the bands The Chinese Stars, Athletic Automaton, Made in Mexico... Arab on Radar's early sound was typified by thickly distorted, repeated bass grooves, 4/4 drum beats, and two deafening guitars that employed contrasting melodies and near-unison chords that drew comparisons to the Contortions.
Arab on Radar will reform to headline Dudefest 2010 in Indianapolis, Indiana on July 9th and 10th. The band will join a stacked lineup that includes Municipal Waste (playing Knitting Factory Thursday, tix), Trap Them, Voetsek, Landmine Marathon, Weekend Nachos, Get Rad, Coffinworm, and many notable others. Full lineup for the show is below. More info is forthcoming.

It's one of two notable shows recently announced for the Midwest this summer, with the incredible 25th anniversary of Amphetamine Reptile being the second! That show goes down in Minneapolis at Grumpy's on 8/28, and features a plethora of the label's greats including Melvins, Boss Hog, Today Is The Day, God Bullies, a Hammerhead reunion, and many others. For those considering the trek to Minnesota, the label has set up group rates for a hotel. Show flyer is below. Somewhere I hope that Unsane and pre-Betty Helmet's phone is ringing....

The Melvins are touring and playing NYC with Isis. Tickets for Webster Hall are still on sale. The Melvins will welcome their new LP, The Bride Screamed Murder via Ipecac on June 1st.

Weekend Nachos have a new EP on the way, while Get Rad was recently profiled in the latest edition of Short Wave Warfare.

Full dudefest lineup and AmRep flyer/more detals are below.

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"One of the best pavement concerts ever... At the fox in pomona... 30 songs u missed it..." - SANDY EGGO

"2 encores, ALL of Slanted (pretty much), and new lyrics to The Hexx." - Karina Longworth

"Sorry Coachella. Pavement played a gazillion songs for the lifers at Fox Theater." - Scott McDonald

"Holy shit I just saw Pavement." - Brian

Pavement & The Middle East at the Fox in Pomona - 4/15/2010 (tperkins67)

"We were responsible for creating the whole suburban Williamsburg thing," Malkmus says. "You know, the Strokes to Arcade Fire." Translation: Pavement taught the indie-rock underground to love itself without sacrificing the ambivalence and irony and smarts that made it what it was. "We were skeptical of record company guys with ponytails," he adds. "The great '80s bands, the Replacements and Hüsker Dü, tried to change their sound to be on major labels; the records they made weren't terrible, but they'd lost something. We didn't want to do that." [SPIN]
Pavement played their first US reunion show, a warm up for Coachella and then some, last night in Pomona. Pavement, along with Sonic Youth and one band Mark Ibold isn't in, No Age, will return to California to share a bill at Hollywood Bowl on September 30th. Tickets for what appears to be the final show of the reunion tour go on sale Sunday, 5/2, at 10am PDT. Sunday is also the day that the band play their set at Coachella.

The full Pomona setlist and all dates below...

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DOWNLOAD: Cap'n Jazz - Oh, Messy Life (MP3)

Capn Jazz

Cap'n Jazz announced that they were officially getting back together earlier this year. At the time we mentioned there would definitely be dates outside Chicago, and they did announce a few more since then. They're playing Forecastle Fest in KY on July 9th (initial lineup below), and there's a Friday, July 23rd show at The Black Cat in DC (tickets still on sale) and a Saturday, July 24th show at Starlight Ballroom in Philly (sold out). No NYC date has been announced yet, but it's coming and I'm guessing it will be Sunday, July 25th at Williamsburg Waterfront aka at one of the eight free Pool Parties still TBA for this summer. But that's still just a guess.

All dates and the initial Forcastle Fest lineup, below...

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Faith No More @ the Warfield (Dina Marie)
Faith No More

"Faith No More really kicked ass tonite at their first hometown show in many years....Neil Hamburger killed as MC and the ladies (and gents!) of Trannyshack put on a bloody good show too!" [Dina Marie]
Faith No More played their first U.S. reunion show last night (4/12). The show was also their first of three nights in a row at the Warfield Theatre in their hometown of San Francisco. A video, the poster and the setlist is below.

Mike Patton & band (that doesn't include Jim Martin) also revealed more shows, in part via a t-shirt at the show (pictured below). In addition to the previously announced (sold out) July 5th show at Williamsburg Waterfront in Brooklyn, the band will play a show at the same venue three days earlier (Friday, July 2nd), and a show at The Mann Center in Philadelphia one day after that. Tickets for the new Brooklyn show go on sale Friday (4/16) at noon.

All together that makes seven upcoming U.S. dates - the three in SF, two in NYC, one in Philly and this weekend at Coachella. The t-shirt seems to imply there won't be any other dates in 2010. Maybe they'll do a bigger tour later in the year or in 2011? The "Second Coming" dates and other stuff below...

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Godspeed you Black Emperor

"After years of inactivity, the Canadian post-rock juggernaut known as Godspeed You! Black Emperor is rumbling back to life.

The first order of business: curating and headlining ATP's Nightmare Before Christmas, taking place at Butlins Holiday Centre in Minehead, England December 3-5. Other acts performing include Deerhoof, Mike Watt, the Ex, Tim Hecker, Scout Niblett, and Bardo Pond.

Then: In a note on their website, Godspeed promise a tour consisting of "a handful of British and European shows, and then nine American shows." And that's it... for now. As they say, "Until further introspection, WE WILL NOT BE FIELDING ANY OTHER OFFERS." They also aren't doing any interviews, so don't ask." [Pitchfork]

The full note is posted below...

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by Bill Pearis

Concrete BlondeConcrete Blonde

Hard-rockin', goth-tinged Concrete Blonde are reforming for the 20th anniversary of their album Bloodletting, which spawned the band's only Top 40 hit, "Joey." The reunited band, who haven't played together for five years, will play Webster Hall on Thursday, June 10 and tickets are on sale this Friday (4/9) at noon. There aren't a lot of details to be gathered from Concrete Blonde's official website (like full tour dates), but it sounds like another of these "play the album in full" tours.

Formed in Los Angeles in 1982 by singer Johnette Napolitano and guitarist James Mankey, the band was originally called Dream 6 until Michael Stipe suggested they change their name to Concrete Blonde. Bloodletting was the band's third album which, in addition to "Joey", found Modern Rock radio success with the LP's title track -- that has since been used in more than one Vampire movie/TV show over the last 20 years. The band made two more albums before breaking up in 1995.

Napolitano and Mankey revived the band in 2002 for two more albums but got back together for a sixth studio album and tour in 2002 before breaking up again in 2006.

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