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Offensive Weapon, offensive indeed, at Acheron - 9/21/13
Offensive Weapon

Brooklyn punk/metal venue Acheron faced some controversy over the weekend when they booked an Oi! skinhead show with Oxblood, Offensive Weapon, Stormwatch, The Wolverines, and Maddog Surrender on Saturday (9/21). Certain events that took place at the show prompted the venue to apologize to their regulars. A Facebook post from the venue reads:

It's 2013 and this should not have to be said, but let it be known that the Acheron has no patience or sympathy for any form of intolerance or fascism. The bullshit debate over Death in June is nothing compared to the unfortunate surprise we were presented with tonight. To any regulars that felt they needed to leave, please accept our apologies and know that more vetting will be done on all future shows.
In the comments they continue:
To be clear: this is not directed at the promoters of the show, but at a certain segment of the crowd who made my patrons and staff uncomfortable, and me as well.

...No one was out of line and the crowd was generally very polite and under control. I have no personal issue with anyone at the show and certainly not with the promoters. As a promoter myself for nearly 20 years. I am certainly sympathetic and understanding. Nonetheless, when a member of the crowd says to my door person "you don't get to talk to me. You're not even white". I have a responsibility to address that.

...I just want my regulars and those that see offensive things posted on the internet to know that we do not support the views espoused by some members of the crowd last night and would rather not, at the end of the day, be party to those who would literally wear intolerance on their sleeve. As a business owner, I will always be polite and treat customers with respect. However, I would rather not invite customers that would alienate other customers.

The show was initially kept somewhat of a secret; Acheron never listed the show on their Facebook or website, and didn't even reference any details in their apology. The venue and address are even absent from the show's Facebook event on the label's site and from the flyer. The show is practically non-Googleable, and in a YouTube video we found of Offensive Weapon's set at the show (which also doesn't list the name of the venue), the singer (at 5:50) mentions that they kept the show a secret because of their "friends in the Antifa" who they then dedicate a song called "Yellow Journalist" to.

Antifa is an anti-fascism group who makes it a point to try and shut down shows they believe include bands with fascist beliefs (like Death in June for instance). Members of Offensive Weapons and/or their associates have been pictured wearing Anti-Antifa shirts (not to mention red suspenders). According to record label, Pure Impact, Offensive Weapon are "one of THE non-PC American skinhead bands of the moment, tough Oi! with a touch of hardcore, true heirs to the old Youth Defense League style." But according to some, "All 'no politics' means for these lowlifes is: boneheads welcome."

Regarding the political or non-political motives of the bands on the bill, in response to the venue's Facebook status, Heidi Cavegurl Witmann (self proclaimed girlfriend of Oxblood's drummer) commented:

Seriously? There WERE NO NAZI BANDS THERE LAST NIGHT...there was a mixed crowd there and a few with opposing viewpoints and sure, I saw a few white power skins there...but I actually had a GREAT time last night, as ALMOST everyone was on their best behavior...funny that it seemed like it was the "ladies" who caused the only real ruckus. Fuckin sad...I actually dug the Acheron and it's staff until this thread. This is just another reason why I don't even make it out to see my own boyfriend drum for Oxblood. I have known them all for years and and this racist talk about any of those bands is so fucking tired already. I don't date or cohort with racists and I certainly don't stay commited to one for 13 years. I went to see our best friends (Frank and Val Bruno) come from Texas and to see and hear some kickass Rock and Roll...oh yea...and to watch my man kick some ass on the drums!! FUCK THE POLITICS and enough with the bogus racist hype already! Sheesh...way to ruin a gurl's night out. Ug.
Two videos from the show in question can be watched below...

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG

Dropkick Murphys bassist heads over to deliver justice to a Nazi-saluting skinhead
Dropkick Murphys

I've never been the biggest Dropkick Murphys guy, but maybe I should reevaluate that after their performance at Terminal 5 last week.

It was St Patty's Day week, the shows were packed, and people were getting drunk. And Rowdy. Really Rowdy. As has become tradition the band invited the ladies to come onto the stage for their encore of "Kiss Me Im Shitfaced" 50+ ladies made it past the barricade and onto the stage and danced the song away. The band then kicked into "Skinhead on the MBTA" and a ton of dudes werre getting past security and the stage ended up being packed tighter than the underside of a real man's kilt. As the band kicked into T.N.T. by AC/DC some moron started seig heiling (the nazi salute) in time to the beat.

Dropkicks singer / bassist Ken Casey noticed this and ran right over to the guy, smashed him in the face, took off his bass and hit him with that and then jumped on him and all out chaos ensued. We could only assume from our vantage point that said nazi got his ass kicked. About 30 seconds later Ken emerged from the pileup with his shirt torn and made his way back to the front of the stage. He strapped on his bass and said into the microphone "Nazis are NOT FUCKING WELCOME at a Dropkick Murphys show." -[Rocks Off]

Catch Dropkick Murphys on tour this spring for dates from coast to coast including Long Island at Paramount Theater on June 12. Tickets go on presale on Wednesday (3/20) at 10AM and regular sale on Friday. If you go, make sure and shake hands with bassist Ken Casey.

All tour dates and video of the incident is below.

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Label 56

Label 56, the Linthicum-based record label that released music by End Apathy -- the band fronted by alleged Sikh temple shooter Wade Michael Page -- released a statement Monday afternoon, responding to Page's relationship with the label. It reads:

Label 56 is very sorry to hear about the tragedy in Wisconsin and our thoughts are with the families and friends of those who are affected. We have worked hard over the years to promote a positive image and have posted many articles encouraging people to take a positive path in life, to abstain from drugs, alcohol, and just general behavior that can affect ones life negatively. Likewise we have never sought attention by using "shock value"/ symbols and ideology that are generally labeled as such. With that being said, all images and products related to End Apathy have been removed from our site. We do not wish to profit from this tragedy financially or with publicity.

In closing please do not take what Wade did as honorable or respectable and please do not think we are all like that.

Thank you, Label 56

The record label is owned by Clemie Richard Haught Jr. and was incorporated on Nov. 30, 2005, according to legal documents. In addition to releasing music from End Apathy, Label 56 distributed albums such as Bully Boys' "White Kids Gonna Fight," Sadus' "Out For Blood" and the White Wash/Brutal Tactics split "Southern Aggression."

Last February, Label 56 released a split seven-inch record featuring two songs each from End Apathy and Definite Hate. In an email describing the releases, End Apathy is described as "aggressive California 80's skate punk sound." Definite Hate is described as "Southern White Boy Music ;) [sic]." [Baltimore Sun]

"Please do not think we are all like that." Is it okay if we still think you're all scumbags though?

Wade Michael Page with a rather suspect tattoo, playing in front of what looks like a rather unsavory flag
Wade Michael Page

The man who allegedly murdered six people at a Sikh temple in suburban Milwaukee yesterday, identified in media reports as Wade Michael Page, was a member of two racist skinhead bands -- End Apathy and Definite Hate, a band whose album "Violent Victory" featured a gruesome drawing of a disembodied white arm punching a black man in the face. In the drawing, the fist is tattooed with the letters "HFFH," the acronym for the phrase "Hammerskins Forever, Forever Hammerskins."

The Hammerskins is a nationwide skinhead organization with regional factions and chapters that once dominated the racist skinhead movement in the United States.

Both of Page's bands played with a revolving lineup of musicians, and their music was at one time featured on the Hammerskin Nation record label. In 2010, Page and his band mates -- including Brent Rackley, a member of a Confederate Hammerskins chapter in North Carolina -- played at a racist music festival called Independent Artist Uprise in Baltimore. Other bands featured at the show were Blue Eyed Devils and Max Resist, both influential mainstays on the hate music scene. -[SPLC]

Really, really sad.

UPDATE: The jerk's idiot record label has issued a "statement"

photos by Jason House

The Business

Oi! is a melodic type of punk-rock which originated in Britain around 1980 and has since spread throughout the world. The forefathers of Oi! (Sham 69, Menace, The Lurkers, Slaughter And The Dogs, Cockney Rejects, Cock Sparrer, Angelic Upstarts, etc.) played what some of the smarter press of the time dubbed, "real-punk" (i.e. punk-rock with a message/theme of "social realism"). A lot of the press who courted the original wave of punk-rock, wholly ignored or wrote-off what was soon to be called Oi! as "thug-rock," and thus insured unfair treatment of the genre right from the get-go.

Around 1980, bands like the 4-Skins (East London), Infa Riot (North London), The Last Resort (Herne Bay), Red Alert (Sunderland), The Business (South London) and Blitz (Manchester) began to pop-up all across Great Britain. This phenomenon of strikingly similar-minded, yet unrelated bands was quickly clumped together as "Oi!" by Sounds journalist Gary Bushell, taking the name from the classic Cockney Rejects song, "Oi! Oi! Oi!" Bushell not only gave Oi! its name, he compiled and gave the world the first Oi! compilation, "Oi! The Album" (released by EMI injunction with Sounds magazine). "Oi! The Album" -- though not a truly stellar record or even completely representative of the Oi! genre of the time -- set the precedent for the compilation as an important part of the Oi! movement, as witnessed by the release of countless Oi!-focused compilations world-wide ever since its release. Musically, Oi! is generally distinguished by anthemic melodies, terrace-style backing vocals and a pace/tempo more suitable for pogoing and singing along, than slam-dancing and stage-diving. Together with ska and reggae, Oi! forms the musical focus of the traditional skinhead subculture, and together with hardcore and classic punk-rock, it forms the musical focus of the punk subculture. [FAQ for skinheads]

Oi! punks The Business kicked off a US tour at Mercury Lounge in NYC on Friday night (9/2). Pictures from that NYC show continue below...

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Murphy's Law @ the Khyber in Philly (via)
Murphys Law

Three men who showed up in full Nazi regalia to a hardcore punk show at an Old City [Philadelphia] bar Friday night were attacked by as many as 50 people on the streets after leaving the venue, according to witnesses and club management.

The headlining band at the Khyber that night was Murphy's Law, led by front man Jimmy G, who formerly went by the moniker Jimmy Gestapo.

In an e-mail to the Daily News, Jimmy G confirmed that some guys had showed up to the concert in "full Nazi field dress."

"And they did get their asses kicked," he wrote. "Again."

Khyber owner Stephen Simons, who was not at the show, said he had been told that the crowd inside "largely ignored and mocked" the three men. But after they exited the club, on 2nd Street near Chestnut, they were attacked by a group of up to 50 people, he said. "I guess being on 2nd Street in SS uniforms on a Friday night is a way to incite a semi-riot," Simons said. [Philadelphia Daily News] (via)

Philebrity points out that there was "a gay-themed DJ night" going on upstairs at the same club too. Awesome.

Murphy's Law will celebrate Jimmy Gestapo's birthday once again on a Rocks Off Concert Cruse this year. Tickets for the August 12th NYC boat show are on sale.

No pictures of the actual incident, but one night after Philly, the band played at Ralph's Diner in Worcester, Mass. Jimmy discussed the incident on stage. And though some people are saying maybe the nazis didn't get beat up, Jimmy says they were bloody (and that he warned them). Video of that below...

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Gelatin's dad, bottom left of the picture

gelatin posted this on November 9th, 2008 @ 2:12:06 pm

So, I met up with my dad at the Dirty Dog Saloon [in Austin, TX] before the [fun fun fun] fest. I didn't get a chance to eat anything, and we decided we'd have a couple of drinks and then go get some food. Well, about 8 pints later and I still hadn't eaten and it was time to go to the fest.

My dad didn't buy a ticket, so he hopped the fence and somehow didn't get busted. I almost immediately lost him in the crowd. And many hours later when I eventually found him, he was totally wasted and missing a shoe. Apparently, a "skinhead" had pushed him into the mosh pit. My dad didn't take kindly to that so he poured his beer over the dude's head and they got into a fist fight. I guess the cops pulled my dad off the dude and that's when he lost his shoe.

Somehow the cops decided my dad was an innocent victim in all of it and they let him back into the fest, even though he didn't have a wristband. After the fest we couldn't remember where he parked so we walked to my friend's car which was really really far away, and I guess the walk really fucked up my dad's foot.

We finally found his car, but for some reason he had brought a gas-powered generator with him, and it had tipped over in the car (which was a rental). So the car just overwhelmingly reeks of gasoline. However, he insisted he'd be fine and was just gonna sleep in the car for a while. And I left with my friends.

He called me this morning and somehow made it home. Still with only one shoe.

While searching for my dad I ran into Teebro, and The Dead Milkmen were every bit as terrific as I hoped they'd be. I think I've had enough my dad for a while. [gelatin]

I never thought I would find out who the man I saw almost die in the pit during Integrity's set at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin on Saturday was. I also never thought I would find out how the fight started. Somehow, not only did I find a message board with a description of the incident (see above), the whole thread is amazingly dedicated to this man who "gelatin" claims is her/his dad.

I noticed the fight when, all a sudden, all of the scariest members of the pit acknowledged knowing each other by packing together with their eyes locked on this guy (gelatin's dad), and with their faces clearly reading "kill". I was really scared for their target. Now I understand why they were so pissed off.

On a related note, when I saw gelatin's dad (I realize stereotyping is not good), my first thought was, "this guy paid to come to this festival?". I now know the answer to that question. And speaking of sterotyping, it is unconfirmed whether these guys actually consider themselves "skinheads" (You'll notice gelatin also put "skinheads" in quotes), but it worked for the title, and I'm sure they're very nice guys normally..... More pictures of the attack below...

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Rooftop Garden not approved?
Banker St

Angry Neighbors?

This is the spectacle that awaited Mr. Heather and I as we strolled down Banker Street last Saturday afternoon. If my memory serves me correctly the time was 3:30 or 4:00 p.m. One tends to muddy such matters when she sees a bunch of skinheads in a fistfight. And that is exactly what I saw. A fistfight. In the middle of the street. At 3:30 or 4:00 in the afternoon.

skinheadsWishing to get the 411 about this incident I asked my fabulous colleague, neighbor and former proprietress of 11222 about this incident. She has the dubious honor of having this establishment as a neighbor.

Miss H: Last weekend Mr. H and I walked by there (Studio B) when Grand Theft Auto had their party last weekend. We had the pleasure of watching a bunch of skinheads get into a fight.

11222: I got to watch all of that from my window. The police were called. The trash generated on the street when it was done was unprecedented. [newyorkshitt.com]

That's just the beginning of the anti-Studio B post. It eventually gets to the part about the Rooftop Garden (Firemashall Bill shout-out included).