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photo: Foxing at Brooklyn Night Bazaar in January (more by Mimi Hong)

Foxing are currently on the road with mewithoutYou and they ran into horrible luck last night. They write:

Our hearts are truly broken.
Last night while we sleeping our trailer stolen. Literally all of our gear, a lot of Lithuania's gear, most of our clothes, personal items, and all of our merchandise was taken from us. We've contacted the police and filed a report; but as most bands who have been in our position can attest to, chances of recovery are low. We've known so many bands who have gone through this ordeal; at this point in history it truly feels like it's not a matter of if but rather when. Still, there is a difference between witnessing it and living it, and we are definitely 'living it' right now. I gotta tell you, it's just as soul crushing as one might imagine. There are a myriad of emotions running through our collective right now; just writing this is a bit overwhelming. I am grateful this isn't a message in regards to a car accident or a personal injury, we are all together and trying to remain positive, but like I said at the beginning: this is truly heart breaking.
This may be self-aggrandizing but I look at musicians, and artists a whole, as social servants. It is function and duty of the artist to bring something to other's lives; in a very small way offer ourselves and our work to the world and hopefully bring people together. Perhaps this is trite, but simply put, the arts saved my life. I know I can speak for everyone in the band when I say that our lives have been forever changed by witnessing and playing music in a live setting. Further more, from meeting and talking to strangers around the country, I believe that we are not alone. Our joy comes from playing our songs for friends and strangers alike, and in so, our instruments were an extension of ourselves; whoever took our things last night took our ability to perform; they took away a part of all of us. We are devastated.

-We are putting all of our shirt designs up on our store; if you've ever felt like you want a Foxing shirt, snagging one now would directly help us stay above water: http://foxing.merchnow.com/

-Also, this is really hard for me to write because we've always prided ourselves on our self-sufficiency, but we are hurting right now--if you feel like making a donation, you can send something via PayPal: FoxingTheBand@gmail.com

If you've read this far down: thank you for your time. We will update you as soon as we can.
Today is a sad day; let's hold onto to love

Sad to hear. As the above message says, if you'd like to help them out, you can pick up some merch or donate via PayPal (FoxingTheBand@gmail.com).

The tour with mewithoutYou hits NYC on July 17 at Bowery Ballroom. Tickets for that are still available.

All remaining dates are listed, with music from both bands, below...

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photo: Fat White Family at Levitation 2015 (more by PSquared)

UK psych rockers Fat White Family just wrapped up their North American tour, having played NYC and Levitation fest, but unfortunately it ended with some bad luck in San Francisco. Their van was broken into, and they had gear, a laptop, and more stolen. They write:

Fat White Family and LA Drugz van was broken into at the Travellodge on Market and Valencia last night. $20K or more in gear was stolen.

Please keep your eye out at Oakland Coliseum Swapmeet and Mission area pawn shops for the following

Vintage Baby Blue Dan Electro guitar (Saul)
Green Eastwood guitar (Adam)
Japanese white Fender Mustang bass (Taishi)
Brown Korg CXR Keyboard (Sharif)
Red Suitcase with clothing (Justin)
Purple green backpack with clothing (Saul)
Black suitcase with laptop (Taishi)
Black Bag with clothing (Jack)
Yellow Peli Case with name "Pete Hambly" on it containing microphones (Pete)
Silver suitcase with tools, name "Pete Hambly" on it
Bag with clothing (Jessica)
Yellow Suitcase with clothes (Taishi)

That sucks. Best of luck to the Fat Whites.

Victor with his Les Paul
Victor Villarreal

Victor Villarreal, of Cap'n Jazz, Owls, Joan of Arc and more, brought his solo tour New York over the weekend for a Record Store Day in-store at Rhino Records in Kingston on Saturday (4/18) and a NYC show at Leftfield on Sunday (4/19). Unfortunately, after the RSD in-store, he ran into some trouble. Victor writes on Facebook:

Dear New York queens sunnyside wood side area,
Last night while loading into a friends house after a record store show, my Gibson (studio) les Paul seemed to have vanished. We're talking in a matter of like 4 minutes. If anyone in this area happens to see a used GLP studio wooden finish with black pick guard and black hardshell guitar case sitting in a pawn shop window or a local music store, would you please get in touch with me here (or on my band page). Thank you
Bummer. Hopefully he gets it back, and if you hear of anything his Facebook page is here.

TEEN at Bowery Ballroom in September (more by Amanda Hatfield)

NYC's TEEN, who have been on a tour with Sondre Lerche (which hit NYC a few weeks ago), have run into some trouble on the road. While in San Francisco, the band's gear was stolen, and they've now launched a Pledgemusic campaign to raise money to replace what was stolen. Here's what they wrote:

Dear Friends,

Thank you for taking the time to read this. As you may have heard, our van was broken into after our show in San Francisco. Most of our gear was stolen, including a very rare '79 Fretless P-Bass, a Gibson Les Paul, a Roadworn P-Bass, and three cases filled with various pedals we have collected over the years (Moogs, Micro-synths, expression pedals, etc.)

We have been on tour for six weeks in a minivan packed to the gills. The gear that was stolen was precious and in some cases very rare - an essential part of our analog sound.

But as they say - the show must go on! We have three more weeks ahead of us and so we are asking our dearest friends, family and fans to give however they can. Your pledge will help us replace what was stolen.

We've already received so many messages of love and support - thank you! If you're inspired to help us rebuild, anything you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Please take a look at the pledge levels below. We've set up a few special offers and will be doing some fun things for pledgers in the updates section here. Stay tuned for more info.

In the meantime thank you all again for your kind words and constant support.

Thank you!

Remaining list of tour dates below...

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Sannhet @ Studio at Webster last night (via Bryan Rivera)

Last night (9/16) the Whirr / Cloakroom tour stormed into NYC for a very loud night at The Studio at Webster Hall (pictures and more on that coming shortly), but local post-metal rippers Sannhet, who were also on the bill, unfortunately ran into some trouble. They tweeted that bassist AJ Annunziata had his black Gibson RD stolen. If you hear of anything, their contact info's on Facebook.

Sad day for musicians getting gear stolen, with Mineral's van getting broken into in St Louis last night too.

Sannhet have more upcoming local dates, including one with Year of No Light and another with Virus.

Update: Pictures of last night's show are posted.

Mineral at Riot Fest Chicago 2014 (more by James Richards IV)

Mineral are in the midst of their first tour in 17 years which began with four nights in NYC (after a surprise hometown show in Austin), hit Riot Fest Chicago this past weekend, will hit Fun Fun Fun Fest (Nite shows included), and more. Unfortunately, they've now run into some bad luck. The band posted on Facebook:

ALERT: After our show this evening in St Louis at the Firebird we went to celebrate Chris' birthday by going bowling at Flamingo Bowl. Shortly after 1am our van was broken into and all of our belongings were stolen. Thousands and thousands of dollars in personal electronics, a cash box with several shows worth of merch sales, clothing, invaluable intellectual property, and many many other items. Our rear cargo hold with most of the gear was thankfully left safe. The van was locked, we specifically paid to park in a well lit lot with an attendant. When we came out 30 min later, attendant was gone, locks popped off, and belongings gone. Please if anyone in the area has any information email us at mineral@officialmineral.com. There have been many burglaries targeting band vehicles and clubs in the St Louis area, please repost/share and help spread the word so other traveling bands are more aware and alert of their surroundings and decision making.
Total bummer to hear. Best of luck to them.

If you haven't, you can read our interview with Mineral singer Chris Simpson. Their remaining list of tour dates, below...

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Arcade Fire (more by Eric Kayne)
Arcade Fire

Oh no! Arcade Fire reports that something (much more valuable than a basketball) went missing in CT:

Richy's bobblehead mask was taken from our show in Bridgeport, CT. This mask is a one of a kind piece that is an essential component to our live show. We have photos of the theft but rather than press charges we would prefer if the person who took it would get in touch with us to return it. Perhaps this is all an innocent mistake and you meant to leave the venue with your own oversized paper mache rendition of Richard Parry's head? Please contact: info@quest-management.com with any information.
I hope they get it back. Meanwhile, check out pictures and the setlist from that very show (maybe one of those masked crowd members is the culprit!).

photos by Greg Cristman

Liars @ Le Poisson Rouge - 5/19/13

Onetime Brooklyn residents Liars returned to their home city for two shows over the weekend. The first happened on Saturday (5/18) at The Met and the second happened on Sunday (5/19) at a more traditional concert space, Le Poisson Rouge, where it was relocated to from its original Brooklyn Masonic Temple location. Pictures from the latter are in this post.

Lower Dens were initially supposed to open that show but quickly dropped off and were replaced by Toronto's Doldrums. However, Doldrums never made it across the border (missing their Ran Tea House show too) as their van got broken into and Airick Woodhead's laptop and passport got stolen. Via Twitter: "hey my van was broken into & along with my laptop with a years worth of writing and a box containing nothing but my fav CDs from teenagedom."

So Liars ended up taking the stage at their originally schedule time of 8:30 with no opener, and played a set that was a little over 75 minutes and included three encores. More pictures from the show (including one of the setlist) below...

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The stolen guitar...

Hi -- Thurston Moore had his 1966 (circa) Fender Jazzmaster stolen from the Best Western in Philadelphia (501 N 22nd St) last night 12-12-12 around 12 midnight. It's Thurston's iconic Sonic Youth black Jazzmaster with all the stickers on its body. Here's a couple of photos. A police report has been filed. Please email us if anyone tries to sell this relic to yur store, it would be appreciated. Please forward to other guitar stores you may know in the area.



Be on the lookout! Additional info: "it has a Mastery Bridge, and the pickguard has been changed so stickers might be different. it's a 1960 serial#41927." Hope you get it back Thurston.

Thurston played SPACE in Philly last night as part of a short string of dates that included Union Pool the other night and includes an upcoming show at Bowery Electric. Another shot of the guitar is below...

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Pinback and their Alembic at MHoW in 2008 (more by Tim Griffin)

Now unfortunately we've all heard the story of band's gear getting stolen. But how many times have we heard of a band's gear being stolen mid-set, then getting it back, all without halting the music? Lets give a round of applause to Pinback.

The celebrated local indie-rock band was playing at Sunset Temple in North Park to a packed crowd as part of San Diego Music Thing. The show started at around 11 p.m., and everything was going great until about half an hour into their set, when Pinback bassist / keyboardist / singer Zach Smith glanced over to the backstage area to his right.

"Hey," he said, "did somebody steal my second bass over there?"

The show ground to a halt as the three members--Smith, guitarist / singer Rob Crow and drummer Chris Prescott--dashed offstage to investigate. A few minutes later, a visibly frazzled Crow came back onstage to explain to the audience that Smith's bass had, indeed, been swiped mid-set.

The custom-built bass is very rare, very expensive and made by the company Alembic, Crow said...Pinback's drummer saved the day. While surveying the block, Prescott explained, he spotted a man stuffing the bass into a trashcan, and then saw the man run down the street. Prescott tried to stop him several times--at one point, he says, the man begged just to be let go--before successfully intercepting him inside Queen Bee's, a venue located a few blocks away from Sunset Temple on Ohio Street -[SDCity Beat]

The thief was arrested and taken into custody.

Rob Crow played a solo set while the rest of the band searched for the bass, returning to stage after 40 minutes and continuing as a band for the next 50 minutes. The band returned for two encores.

The show was part of a string of West Coast dates that preceed their East Coast jaunt in November. The boys stop at Irving Plaza on November 12, tickets are still available.


As you can see in the tweet above, Grimes got all of her gear stolen at the Manchester show on her European tour last night (8/30). This is unfortunate news for Grimes, who has otherwise been having a pretty great year and is on an extensive world tour right now. Her tour is scheduled to continue at Dublin's Electric Picnic this weekend, and eventually hit NYC for four sold out shows in October. It hasn't been announced if she'll need to cancel any dates because of the theft.

Best of luck to Grimes in recovering her equipment. A list of all remaining dates on her tour is below.

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Matt Pike and his Les Paul at SXSW 2012 (more by Greg Cristman)
Matt Pike

Matt Pike of High on Fire and Sleep just encountered some pretty terrible news:

Matt Pike's Les Paul guitar has been stolen from storage in a North Bay studio. Please be on the lookout.

Details of the guitar:
1992 Les Paul Standard, tobacco burst finish.
Serial number 92462499.
Lace "Pike" signature pickups installed.
The 70's style strap has no strap locks, it's screwed directly to the guitar with fender washers.
The truss rod cover on the headstock is says "Jimmy" in script letters.
The SKB case has "pike" stenciled in 3" white old english letters on the lower left corner.
There is a label on top that says "TEMPEST".

This guitar is legendary and has been used in both High On Fire and Sleep.

If you see this guitar listed on eBay, Craig's List, a web classified forum, pawn shop, etc, please contact us immediately at info@weedian.com or info@thersegroup.com

Note: there are many Tobacco burst Les Paul's out there, please contact us if you see this specific one only.

Best of luck to Matt, and we hope he recovers the guitar.

Ulcerate at Public Assembly last night

We had our van broken into in New York last night at our accom. We've lost all our guitar gear (preamps, effects units), some drum equipment, stage banner and all of Svart Crown's merch was also ripped off. We're going to keep going but this is a fucking terrible start. We had phenomenal shows in Philadelphia and NYC last night so this is an absolute kick in the fucking teeth. -[Ulcerate]
Ulcerate and Svart Crown played Public Assembly last night (5/19) as part of a bill with Tombs. The band's tour forges on. Best of luck guys.

The show was the same night as the sold-out Loss, Pallbearer, Sewer Goddess show at Saint Vitus. Pallbearer also played a boozy aftershow at Acheron later that night.

Memoryhouse (more by Dominick Mastrangelo)
Record Store Day

Despite a recent, horrible gear theft (list below) which caused the cancellation of last night (Philadelphia) and tonight's (Boston) shows for Memoryhouse, the band are continuing on their tour with Washed Out and they've even added a third NYC show! In addition to their sold out shows with Washed Out at both Highline Ballroom and Music Hall of Williamsburg, and their own show Saturday night at Public Assembly with Ex Cops, Memoryhouse will play a free afternoon in-store at Permanent Records in Williamsburg on Saturday too. P-recs says:

The big day is upon us. Record Store Day is this Saturday, April 21st.

We are opening at 11am. We will have countless exclusive & limited edition releases to commemorate the occasion. We will have special giveaways throughout the day. We will have treats for our earliest customers. We will have live performances from Mattison at 1pm & 5pm. We also have Sub Pop's Memoryhouse coming in at 3pm for a special acoustic performance.

A few more notes to remember going into this special occasion:

-We have gone to great lengths to make sure we have stock on as many RSD exclusive titles as possible. However, due to the highly limited nature of some of these releases, quantities are often extremely limited. Many titles sell out instantly, so arrive early to avoid disappointment.

-*We are doing absolutely NO holds or special orders for any RSD exclusive titles.* They are sold on a first come, first served basis.

-We generally don't receive our RSD product until VERY shortly before the big day, so please don't call asking what we will have in stock. We are not holding out on you! We are trying to get as much as possible, but like you, we generally don't know specifics in advance.

It's gonna be a great day. Can't wait to see you all then.


More Record Store Day events HERE. More Memoryhouse tour dates and their stolen gear list (with info on how to help them), below...

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Dev Hynes w/ CANT @ Mercury Lounge in 2011 (more)
Dev Hynes

Blood Orange, aka the R&B-leaning solo project of Dev Hynes aka Lightspeed Champion (ex-Test Icicles), was in Australia for a couple shows earlier this month, possibly losing some of his equipment along the way. "I want to go home. I love NYC," the NYC-via-the-UK musician wrote on his Tumblr after reporting a theft last week (bummer!).

Though slightly more rare lately, there have been plenty of chances to catch Blood Orange around town since Dev started using that name in 2009. Apparently none of them have been headlining shows though because Dev will play his first headlining Blood Orange show in the city at Glasslands on February 25. Tickets are on sale now.

Dev released Coastal Grooves, his Chris Taylor co-produced debut LP for his Blood Orange moniker, last year. You can buy it on eMusic and watch the video for album single "Sutphin Boulevard" below. The "Dinner" 7" is still on sale now at Chris' Terrible Records, though they note: "FEW MORE LEFT. HOT." Listen to that single below too.

In other news, Dev and Pharrell Williams have been producing the new album for Solange Knowles (who recently became an aunt).

"Dev was a complete surprise, his role changed substantially throughout the process," Solange says of the singer-songwriter who's written for Florence and the Machine, the Chemical Brothers and more. "It's very rare that you work with someone with whom you have this creative chemistry, it's almost like a relationship. You have a sort of musical love affair." [Billboard]
The new album will be released sometime this year.

Blood Orange video/songs below...

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Dinosaur Feathers @ Hopscotch 2011 (more by Alex Broadwell)
Dinosaur Feathers

Their whole sad letter below...

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Phantogram WITH guitar @ "Rocked" (more by Chris La Putt)

Two stories, both related to the launch of Rocked: An Exclusive Photography Exhibition by Mick Rock... First, Karen O told US Magazine at that party that she "recently wed longtime love Barnaby Clay"...

"I'm a married woman!" the rocker (real name: Karen Lee Orzolek) told Us at Wednesday's launch bash for Rocked: An Exclusive Photography Exhibition by Mick Rock at the W Hotel Downtown in NYC.
The "Maps" singer, 33, sweetly thanked Clay in the program notes for Stop the Virgens, a rock opera she co-created that was performed earlier this fall at St. Ann's Warehouse in the Dumbo neighborhood of Brooklyn.
Clay directed his future wife in the 2009 video for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs single "Zero."
In more horrible news, Phantogram, who played the party (where all of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs were in attendance), were robbed. Yesterday the band wrote on Facebook: "Some scum bag stole Josh's guitars last night. If anyone has any information, please contact us. Love, phantogram." Bummer. Keep an eye out!

"Please keep an eye out for Jake's white three string guitar, it was stolen out of our van last night along with amps" - Jeff The Brotherhood

Jeff The Brotherhood

The gear was stolen from JEFF The Brotherhood's van in their home base of Nashville last night (7/20). Keep an eye out! Hopefully the band will recover or replace the gear before next week when they play a free NYC show. They hit the road with Pentagram and Valient Thorr in August (and play LPR on 8/21, tickets). Even more tour dates are listed below.

JEFF released We Are The Champions in late June and more recently contributed to a Nirvana tribute album. Their last NYC show was in Brooklyn with Fucked Up & Iceage.

In related though much happier news, Valient Thorr has a new video for "Sleeper Awakes" which made its premiere at Metalsucks. All tour dates and that video is below.

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Chat Logs @ Silent Barn (more by Amanda Dandaneau)
Silent Barn

Hi everybody! Here is a list of the major sound gear that was stolen from the Silent Barn. There's plenty more that was stolen, including a bunch of bikes, personal stuff, cash, computers, etc etc. But if anybody thinks they may know where these are, please contact us at Silentbarn@gmail.com

2 powered QSC K8 speakers
2 powered behringer Eurolive B1800D-PRO subwoofers
1 Yamaha MG166CX 16-Channel Mixer
1 snake with 8 XLR inputs and 4 1/4"" inputs
2 Yamaha passive PA speakers (painted white)
Peavey Bass Cab
Two Peavy power amps
Soundcraft Spirit 4 mixer
Tape Decks
Ampeg bass amp BA 115 bass combo
Peavey bass combo amplifier
Silver Stanton USB turntable
behringer bcf2000 usb mixer

Thanks!!! Your support has literally kept us from folding and giving up. Everybody's warmth has been totally amazing and uplifting.
PREVIOUSLY: Silent Barn Robbed.

UPDATE: Now there's a kickstarter too

photos by Chris Gersbeck

J Mascis @ BV/Partisan/KF Day party @ Swan Dive Friday
J Mascis

"As you might have heard by now, Kurt Vile had a backpack full of guitar pedals, miscellaneous gear, and personal items stolen at SXSW on Friday night. According to various online reports--including Matador Records' Twitter--the stolen equipment includes an Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man, an Electro-Harmonix Graphic Fuzz, and a Roland 404 digital sampler. (So, if you're still in Austin and some sketchy dude tries to sell you one of these things--or you see one in a pawn shop in the area--let someone in Kurt's camp know ASAP.)

After Vile's show the following afternoon, WXPN General Manager Roger LaMay--who, along with Assistant General Manager For Programming Bruce Warren, was at the festival--interviewed Vile about the loss of his equipment." [The Key]

The video of Kurt discussing his stolen gear (which totally sucks) is below.

Friday was also the day J Mascis played a headlining set at the BrooklynVegan Day party at Swan Dive in Austin - just J in a chair and his guitar and a mic (unfortunately hard to see for those standing in the back, but it sounded great). Pictures from that set are in this post.

J and Kurt are on tour now, and that tour hits Mercury Lounge tonight (3/24) and Music Hall of Williamsburg Friday (3/25). Both shows are now sold out. All dates, and more of those pictures and that video, below...

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this is insane!
the police have recovered the van
all of our gear is in there
and appears to be un-damaged

speechless right now,
more soon, love phos

note from label/management: we will of course return everyone's generous donations. thanks so much for your love and support!

Crazy. Phosphorescent's van and gear were reported missing on Friday, right after their Thursday night NYC show with Dawes. Just yesterday they announced they only had to cancel two shows and were leaving on tour with borrowed gear.

Continue reading "Phosphorescent's van AND gear recovered by police!"

Phosphorescent's management and label are offering a $5000 for the return of Phosphorescent's stolen gear, or $1000 to anyone that provides a tip that leads them to the return. Contact phosphorescentgearfund@gmail.com if you know anything!

Phosphorescent @ Pier 54 last night (more by Chris La Putt)

Last night, after an amazing show at Pier 54 in New York City, Phosphorescent's rental van -along with all of their equipment - was stolen from outside a residence in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Last night's show was the first night of their scheduled six-weeks US Tour. Among the stolen items was Matthew Houck's custom, irreplaceable 1955 Gibson ES-125 guitar, vintage amplifiers, and a vintage pedal steel with losses totaling around $40,000. If anyone has ANY information or leads on what might have happened, or if you see any of this gear in pawn shops, on Craigslist, etc, please call the NY Police Department, Vector Management, or anyone you think might be able to help recover this gear. The van rental company is insured - they are covered for their van and are therefore not greatly concerned with recovering it. Phosphorescent DOES care though, greatly, about recovering any of this gear possible, and figuring out how to rally up and make this US Tour happen. Anything anyone can do to help would be simply amazing. We have set up a Paypal account for anyone wishing to donate funds to help replace gear - anything helps. We will be sending updates about the upcoming tour dates ASAP. Thanks in advance for any goodwill and assistance and thank you for your support over the years.

Paypal donations can be made here:

Vector Management:
Nick Stern


They're offering a reward for the return!

Stolen equipment list below...

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by BBG

Torche at Beerland during SXSW (more here)

After their recent van robbery in Chicago, Hydra Head Records said that, "Torche is already sorting out potential DIY gigs in the states...tentatively for Vermont, Providence, and Wilkes-Barre, PA". Add NYC to that list. Torche have scheduled a benefit show on May 25th show at The Charleston in Brooklyn with Tournament and Passive Aggressor! The band plays Rumsey Playfield with Coheed & Cambria the next day (5/26, tickets) and previously had 5/25 listed as a day off.

All dates, their recently-released video for "King Beef", and the full list of items missing from their van, below...

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by BBG

Torche at BV Day Party at Emo's (more by Samantha Marble)

When we woke up [Saturday] morning there was a frowny face text from Stevo saying Torche's van was broken into overnight while in Chicago, and piles of shit was stolen....needless to say, it hasn't been a good day for them. We're getting a full listing from them of what was stolen, but the quick rundown is that equipment, guitars, laptops, passports, personal belongings and, sadly, more was taken. They are out with Coheed and Cambria this month, and unfortunately had to cancel [last nights] show in Detroit, and are also forced to cancel the Canadian dates as well due to passports having been stolen. While C 'n C is in Canada, Torche is already sorting out potential DIY gigs in the states...tentatively for Vermont, Providence, and Wilkes-Barre, PA. We will have updates on these (presumably) basement shows the second we get them from the band...(which pretty much means we'll have an update for you an hour before they play the shows;)

Many of you have emailed us and the band about donating to help the band through this stretch. You guys are all sweet and thoughtful, THANK YOU. The band ain't livin' large, and although this Coheed tour is a chance to play in front of a shitload of potential new fans, its still a very hand to mouth touring commitment for them. That's the round about way of saying that these boys could use any love right about now.
- [Hydra Head]

Frowny face indeed. If you would like to help out Torche, a paypal donations email address was set up: TLCforTorche@gmail.com. Torche is scheduled to be at Rumsey Playfield in NYC on 5/26 on that Coheed & Cambria tour (tickets), and Steve Brooks will be back in NYC a month (to the day) later at Europa with his old band Floor (tickets).