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photos by Amanda Hatfield; words by Bill Pearis

Parquet Courts & Lee Ranaldo / Rainer Maria & Meredith Graves / Kurt Vile & Kim Gordon / Waxahatche & Mac McCaughan / Titus' Patrick Stickles
Ground Control Touring 15th Anniversary
Ground Control Touring 15th Anniversary
Ground Control Touring 15th Anniversary
Ground Control Touring 15th Anniversary
Ground Control Touring 15th Anniversary

None of the acts on any of Webster Hall's three stages last night (12/2) asked if anyone actually knows what Ground Control Touring is, but their name was on the marquee and many of them thanked them. I guess for those not in the biz it doesn't really matter when in one night you get to see Kurt Vile, Superchunk, Parquet Courts, Deer Tick, Rainer Maria, Screaming Females and more.The booking agency, who usually do their magic only behind the scenes, handles tours for many of indie rock's biggest names and was celebrating 15 years in business. The main ballroom was already packed when Hop Along kicked off the night and things stayed that way.

Very few of last night's acts played what you'd call a normal set, instead opting for fun collaborations and covers. Waxahatchee brought out Superchunk's Mac McCaughan and The Clean's Hamish Kilgour to cover The Clean's "Getting Older." Kurt Vile, with Violators guitarist Rob Laasko, played two songs before bringing out Kim Gordon, former Violater Steve Gunn (who'd just played a great solo set in the Marlin Room) and Woods' Jarvis Taveniere for a cover of Velvet Underground's "Sister Ray."

Kurt Vile would later turn up at Woods' set in the Marlin Room to cover Dylan's "Knockin' on Heaven's Door." Woods also had Parquet Courts' Andrew Savage out for two Neil Young covers" "Barstool Blues" and "Powderfinger." Parquet Courts' performance in the Marlin Room, meanwhile, basically had them as Lee Ranaldo's backing band, performing Sonic Youth's "Mote" and "Eric's Trip." (For those who already thought that Parquet Courts' Austin Brown looks like Thurston Moore, this underlined it.) That was the whole set. But cool. It was that kind of night.

Elsewhere at Webster Hall: Rainer Maria had Perfect Pussy's Meredith Graves onstage for "Tinfoil" ("Rainer Maria are my favorite band", Meredith said to the crowd); Titus Andronicus' Patrick Stickles played solo to a sardine-packed Studio; and Perfect Pussy finished off the night with a typical crazed energy, and Meredith Graves writhing on the floor. They played a new song. Superchunk, meanwhile, just did what they always do: knocked out the hits with an energy most bands half their age can't muster. Tonight's sold-out Superchunk show at Baby's should be a treat.

Deer Tick can sell out Webster Hall on their own, but were added last minute to a show full of big names after it was already sold out, so that surely contributed to them closing out the main room to a less than full crowd, but it was a special treat for their fans that were there, and John McCauley and his seasoned band still gave it their all. Catch them again twice this month at Brooklyn Bowl.

As the night progressed there was overlap, and with navigating Webster Hall's stairs (fine going up, slower going down) and set times which weren't always adhered to so closely, meant missing some acts. (Sorry Porches, Frankie Cosmos, Beach Fossils, Speedy Ortiz and Felice Brothers) But it was a fun, unique night even if don't know what the hell Ground Control Touring is. More pictures from the whole night (our photographers actually did catch everyone), plus some videos of those special collaborations/covers (with more on the way), below...

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Robert Scott's resume is pretty impressive, logging time in two of NZ label Flying Nun's best bands, The Clean and The Bats. He also makes time for solo records, and will release his third, titled The Green House?, which will be out through Flying Nun on November 4. Through all his projects, Scott has a spooky sense of melody, favoring jangly minor chords. That's apparent here as well and can be heard on gorgeous new single "Lights Are Low" which is a duet with Hollie Fullbrook of Tiny Ruins. (She appears on half the album's songs.) That song premieres in this post and you can stream it, and watch a video for another song from the record, below.

Robert Scott was in NYC not too long ago playing two shows with The Clean.

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Peter Gutteridge @ Palisades 9/1/2014 (via @brooklynvegan instagram)

We are greatly saddened to learn of the passing of Peter Gutteridge today.

Peter was a Flying Nun original, a founding member of The Clean, The Chills and of course his own brilliant band Snapper. A great talent, he was also member of the Great Unwashed, involved in many Dunedin bands and went on to release beautiful solo material across the years.

All of us, and so many people around the world, have been touched and affected by his music, whether it be the swirling fuzz of the guitar or haunting piano melodies, Peter was a true hero of New Zealand music, and will be deeply missed.

Our thoughts and sympathies are with his family and friends at this very sad time.

Thank you Peter for all the music, may you rest in peace.

-Flying Nun Records

Very sad news indeed. Gutteridge just played his first-ever US show two weeks ago at Palisades in Brooklyn. Rest in peace, Peter.

by Bill Pearis


North American fans of '80s/'90s kiwi pop have had it good lately. The Clean are touring in support of Merge's great (and affordably-priced) Anthology box set; Flying Nun has set up American offices and have reissued LPs by The Bats, The Verlaines and The Clean; and just today we got the news that Peter Jefferies would be touring for the first time in 20 years.

More news, though mainly just for folks in (or visiting) NYC. Peter Gutteridge happens to be in town and has been convinced to play a show while here -- his first-ever American performance. Gutteridge spent time in original line-ups of both The Clean and The Chills before starting noise-rock band Snapper in the early '90s. In 1989, he put out a solo album, Pure, which was reissued recently by 540 Records and which he'll be performing in full at the show. You can stream that in full below.

Also on the bill is Mega Bog, aka Seattle resident Erin Birgy, whose new album, Gone Banana is out September 23 on Couple Skate. (That label is now part of the Omnian Music Group umbrella which includes Captured Tracks, Flying Nun and more.) It's hazy, charming bedroom indiepop and you can stream a couple tracks from it below.

The Palisades show also has IJI of which Birgy is also a member, plus EZTV who make Marshal Crenshaw / Nick Lowe style powerpop (they were pretty good at Baby's All Right opening for Jacco Gardner earlier this month). $10 at the door. Flyer for the show, plus streams of all on the bill, below...

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photos by P Squared Photography; words by Bill Pearis

Ira Kaplan w/ The Clean @ Glasslands 8/22/2014
The Clean
The Clean

New Zealand indie rock icons The Clean are on tour in North America and just played two NYC shows, both of which had notable surprise guests: Will Butler of Arcade Fire played a solo opening set at Rough Trade on Thursday (8/21), and at Glasslands on Friday (8/22) Ira Kaplan and Georgia Hubley of Yo La Tengo joined the band onstage for a good chunk of their set. Pictures and (dark) video of "Getting Older" from Glasslands are in this post.

I was at the Rough Trade show (missed Butler's set) but enjoyed's The Clean's loose -- very loose -- hour-long set that included such Flying Nun standards as "Tally Ho," "Draw(in)g To A (W)hole" and "Anything Can Happen." David Kilgour's famous dislike for practicing had songs stopping more than coming to an end, but the group seemed to be in good spirits.

David's brother, Hamish, pulled double duty on Friday night, as his new Brooklyn-based band, Roya, opened the night. Pics from their set, plus more of The Clean, below...

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Will Butler @ Rough Trade 8/21/2014 (via @ArcadeFiretube)
will butler

Folks who went to Rough Trade on Thursday (8/21) to see The Clean's sold-out show and got there early were treated to a surprise: an opening solo set from fellow Merge artist Will Butler who would soon be playing three nights at Barclays Center with Arcade Fire. It was Will's second-ever solo show apparently. Anyone catch his set? How was it?

Friday's night's Clean show saw Ira & Georgia of Yo La Tengo join the band onstage.

Boogarins @ Festival Bananada 2014

Brazilian band Boogarins are headed up to North America for their a summer tour, including a NYC stop next weekend at the free Seaport Music Festival on August 15 with Jacco Gardner as well as a couple shows opening for Guided by Voices. Since we last posted, Boogarins have added dates, including a number of shows opening for The Clean.

To get a taste of what the band are like live, we've got the premiere of a live video of Boogarins performing "Doce" (from their terrific debut, As Plantas Que Curam) at Brazil's Festival Bananada back in May. The nine-minute clip shows the young band in all their psyched-out glory and you can watch it below.

All Boogarins dates are listed, along with the live video, below...

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by Bill Pearis

David Kilgour & the Heavy Eights

David Kilgour & the Heavy Eights will release their new album, End Times Undone, on August 5 via Merge. The album was recorded in short bursts over three years, mainly out of rehearsals. "We've become so obsessed with capturing the creative moment as early as possible when we get together," says Kilgour who also fronts legendary NZ band The Clean. That process seems to have paid off, the new album is a real gem, sparkling, with an off-the-cuff charm that compliments their melodic sensibilities. Fans of Real Estate who have never dipped a toe into Kilgour's pool, time to jump in. A prime example of the album's creative process is single "Comin' On." Says Kilgour, "That was one of the ones where it was a rehearsal really, and I missed the first chorus. That was the wrong arrangement... but we just ended up liking it so much." You can stream it below.

He and the band will be on our side of the world this summer, playing Merge 25 next month, and then playing a few shows on the West Coast. Then in August, Kilgour will hook up with his brother Hamish and Robert Scott for The Clean's tour that hits NYC on 8/28 at Glasslands which is now sold out. Luckily, The Clean have added another another NYC show, playing Rough Trade on August 21. Tickets for that one go on sale today (6/20) at noon. If you'd like to go for free, we're also giving away a pair, and details on that are below.

The Clean's four-LP Anthology is out July 15. All Clean and David Kilgour dates are listed, along with the new Kilgour song, below...

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by Bill Pearis


Roya is a brand new Brooklyn trio with a pretty strong pedigree: singer Rahil Jamilifard fronts Habibi, drummer Hamish Kilgour is a member of legendary band The Clean (as well as NYC's Mad Scene), and Jay Heiselmann is in Grooms (and formerly French Miami). Their sound isn't too far from what Rahil does in Habibi, and you can stream a song below.

The band just played their first show last week at Cake Shop and Roya will be playing this week at the Northside Festival, Friday (6/13) at Knitting Factory. That show is the previously mentioned Palladia & VH1 House show that Perfect Pussy are headlining, and Shilpa Ray is on the bill too. Tickets are still available, or you can try and get in with your Northside Badge (based on capacity).

The Clean will be here in August. Roya song stream below...

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Legendary New Zealand band The Clean are one of the most influential bands of the last 35 years, having touched most bands who consider themselves at all "indie rock," either directly or by proxy. As part of Merge Records's 25th anniversary, The Clean compilation Anthology is getting released as a four-vinyl-LP set encompassing all recordings of The Clean through 1996's Unknown Country. You can preorder it now and it'll be out July 15.

The Clean's David Kilgour will be heading to North Carolina in July for the Merge 25 Festival. After that, he and his band, The Heavy Eights, will play a few other US shows before hooking up with his brother, Hamish, and Robert Scott for a Clean tour in August that includes a NYC stop at Glasslands on 8/22. Tickets for that show go on sale Friday (6/6) at 10 AM. The tour ends with a stop at the Harvest Records Transfigurations II fest in Asheville, NC.

In related news, New Zealand food shop and truck Dub Pies, whose owner Gareth Hughes is a huge music fan and used to manage music club Gluepot in NZ before coming to NYC, recently started selling records in his new West 3rd Street location:

As NZ Music Month comes to a close - we launch a little ?#?NZMusic? experiment-gallery-vinyl collection at the West 3rd cafe/pie shop.
The first 3 vinyl records we're making available in-store are:
- CLEAN, THE Vehicle (one of our favourite NZ records of all time)
- SKEPTICS Amalgam
The Skeptics were as the saying goes - "well before their time" and are perhaps one of NZ's best and criminally unknown bands.
This is will be a tightly curated 3 album presentation of NZ vinyl.
Stop in for a record or one of their pies (the Curry Vegetable is now 100% vegan and also available in their Windsor Terrace location, and on their food truck).

All tour dates for The Clean and David Kilgour & the Heavy Eights are listed, along with some videos of Clean classics, below...

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Reigning Sound at Wicker Park Fest 2013 (more by Lindsey Best)

As you may know, Memphis garage rockers Reigning Sound are releasing their new LP, Shattered, on July 15 via Merge (their first for the label), and they've been touring in support of it. That tour hit NYC for a show at Brooklyn Bowl last week (5/22). It has since been expanded and will bring them back here for a larger show on August 28 at Bowery Ballroom. Tickets for the Bowery Ballroom show go on sale Friday (5/30) at noon with an AmEx presale starting today (5/28) at noon.

That NYC show is just before they play the Harvest Records 10th Anniversary festival in Asheville, NC (8/28-30) which also includes The Clean, Lee Fields, Mudhoney, Michael Hurley, Angel Olsen, Mount Eerie, The Sadies, Hiss Golden Messenger, DIsappears, Kevin Morby, Quilt, Pete Swanson, William Tyler, Sonny & the Sunsets, Axxa/Abraxas and many more. Full lineup below. 3-day passes are on sale now and single day passes go on sale in June.

All Reigning Sound dates are listed, with the Harvest lineup, below...

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The Clean
The Clean

today in NYC
* Gregg Kallor @ Barbes
* Kelli Scarr @ Joe's Pub
* Hannah Cohen @ The Stone
* Slavic Soul Party @ Barbes
* Blind Pilot @ Webster Hall
* Tell Your Friends @ Lolita Bar
* Labrinth @ Santos Party House
* Johnny Gandelsman @ The Stone
* Knife City, Aimes @ Glasslands
* Jimmy Cliff @ Prospect Park Bandshell
* Man Man, Diamond Doves @ Brooklyn Bowl
*  Hayes Peebles, Last Good Tooth @ Cake Shop
* The Liza Colby Sound, The Juggs @ Mercury Lounge
* Alejandro Escovedo, Jesse Malin @ Bowery Ballroom
* Emeli Sande, Selah Sue @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
* The Temper Trap, School of Seven Bells @ Terminal 5
* The Dandy Warhols, 1776, Psychic Ills @ Irving Plaza
* Rodney Crowell & Mary Karr w Steuart Smith @ Joe's Pub
* Beast Patrol, The Stationary Set and Clementine @ Cameo
* Apollo the Great, Freeway, Sean Price @ Apple Store SoHo
* The Clean, Times New Viking, Day Eye @ Le Poisson Rouge
* Cochemea Gastelum, Smoota, Morricone Youth @ Union Pool
*  Tim Rogers (You Am I), Daniel Wayne @ Mercury Lounge
* Beechwood, Glass Vaults, Earth Science, Laura Airaksinen @ Pianos
* Ed Schrader's Music Beat, The Holy Shakes, Mr. Transylvania @ Death By Audio

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Celebrate Brooklyn in Prospect Park kicks off tonight with a free Jimmy Cliff show.

New Zealand indie rock legends The Clean play tonight at Le Poisson Rouge with Times New Viking and tickets are still available. Watch a documentary on the band below.

We're giving away tickets to see Friday's (6/8) The Cult and Against Me show at Terminal 5. Visit the BV Facebook page for details.

Calexico just released a video for "Para," the first single from their new album Algiers which is out September 11. Watch it below.

Regina Spektor played Jimmy Fallon last night and you can watch that below.

What else?

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The Clean @ Cake Shop (by tim soter)
The Clean

The Clean are returning this year for Chaos in Tejas, and following their performance at that festival with a tour with Merge labelmates Times New Viking. That tour hits NYC on June 5 at Le Poisson Rouge. Tickets are on sale now.

All dates and a TNV video below...

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by BBG

Saint Vitus @ Irving Plaza in 2011 (more by BBG)
Saint Vitus

Chaos in Tejas (May 31-June 3 in Austin) have announced ANOTHER batch of bands to add to their ridiculous lineup including Saint Vitus, Church of Misery, No Statik, Toys That Kill, Pegasus, Martial Canterel, Anasazi, Bloodwing (mems of The Spits, who are on tour soon), Harm's Way, Hatred Surge, the Hex Dispensers, John Wesley Coleman, Joyce Manor, and many many others. The current full lineup and flyer is below and tickets are FINALLY going on sale TODAY (1/31).

Doom legends Saint Vitus are currently preparing their new LP Lillie: F-65 for Season of Mist. The record, their eighth and first in seventeen years (!), is tentatively set for release at the end of March. More details are forthcoming.

In related news, members of Mind Eraser also serve as personnel in Magic Circle, another Chaos in Tejas band. Look for Magic Circle to team with Pilgrim (who we recently interviewed), Windhand, and Natur at Public Assembly on March 1st.

The updated Chaos in Tejas lineup is below along with the flyer.

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by BBG

Ted Leo & The Pharmacists at Bell House (more by Erik Erikson)
Ted Leo

The Chaos in Tejas lineup expands more with another round of additions including the first Breakdown show in 25 years with the 87 demo lineup, Ted Leo & The Pharmacists (one of two upcoming Austin shows for Ted), the Clean (first Texas show ever), Deviated Instinct, Death Evocation (1st show), Mass Grave, Pierced Arrows, Australian garage rockers Royal Headache, No Fucker, New Orleans Bounce artist Katey Red, the Impalers, Cold World, Creem, Avon Ladies, Backtrack, Bi-Marks, Phobia and many others. Full list of new additions and the latest flyer is below.

The additions joined previously announced bands like Antisect, Winter, The Mob, Varukers, Best Coast, Moss Icon, Dropdead, Ringworm, Midnight, and many more.

Chaos in Tejas will add another 40+ bands in the coming weeks and tickets will go on sale on January 31st. More details are forthcoming.

Show flyer, video, and the list of all new additions below...

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DOWNLOAD: RIchard Buckner - "Traitor" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: David Kilgour - "Chord" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: David Kilgour - "Son of God" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: David Kilgour - "Sept 98" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: David Kilgour - "BBC World" (MP3)

Richard Buckner
Richard Buckner

RIchard Buckner is releasing his new LP Our Blood on August 2 via Merge. You can pre-order the album at the Merge webstore now and check out the lead track, "Traitor," above.

He'll go on an August tour in support of the album with his Merge labelmate David Kilgour of The Clean. That tour hits NYC on August 27 at The Bell House. Tickets are on sale now. Richard Buckner will also play Truck America in the Catskills in September. All dates are listed below.

David Kilgour offers some free song downloads on his website of songs not available elsewhere. Grab a few of those tracks above. David Kilgour & The Heavy Eights' new CD Left by Soft is out now on Merge where you can also stream it.

All tour dates and a video of David performing the title track on his new album, below...

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by BBG

Guided By Voices at Matador 21 (via)

"Anyone who walked into the popular casino during the three-day venture witnessed a culture shock like no other as hundreds of well-established, middle-aged rockers filled the building to see label legends Sonic Youth, Pavement, Belle and Sebastian, Guided by Voices and more. Performing inside the small and intimate Pearl, most of the bands were playing in Vegas for the first time.

"It has run smoothly but with a lot of help from the staff and all the people that are working for us," said founder of Matador Records, Chris Lombardi. "It's come together. We were very conscious of all the potential snafus that could arise and so far it's been fun."

Potential snafus were rife but any real problems were kept to a minimum during the first two days, besides Pavement's performance on Friday. Having paved the way for some of the most well-known artists of our generation, (think Weezer and Ben Kweller), the '90s rockers had continuous difficulties with their sound that caused problems both onstage and offstage for the band.

But that didn't seem to faze the crowd, which was made up of fans from all over the world, all who were more than ecstatic to see their favorite Matador artists. The festival went so well, actually, that it's kind of surprising." [The Rebel Yell]

While NYers were fast asleep and trying to stay warm at 5AM, Matador 21 was officially coming to a close in the Las Vegas desert early Monday morning (10/4) with a two hour set from Guided By Voices. Over the course of a full-set and two encores, both Hamish Kilgour (The Clean) and Matt Sweeney (Chavez) made unscheduled appearances with GBV (as a stage-diver/crowdsurfers) as the band tore through classics like "A Salty Salute", "Tractor Rape Chain", "I Am A Scientist", and around 30+ (!) others.

The label's 21st anniversary party kicked off on Friday with sets from Pavement and Sonic Youth (who played the Hollywood Bowl in LA) along with Chavez, Fucked Up, Guitar Wolf (whose flights were delayed, forcing a late Friday night performance), and Harlem. Saturday featured a headlining set from Belle & Sebastian (who recently played Williamsburg Waterfront), in addition to Spoon, Superchunk, Cat Power, Perfume Genius, Come, Esben & the Witch, Cold Cave, and Girls. Collaborations seemed to be the order of the day: Yo La Tengo hopped on stage with The Clean, Hamish returned the favor, Ted Leo joined Liz Phair...

A selection of videos and setlists from the festival, below....

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The Clean at Cake Shop in 2007 (more here)
The Clean

The Clean will hop on the bill of the recently added Teenage Fanclub show (their third in NYC overall) with Radar Brothers at Bowery Ballroom on 9/28 (tickets). Tickets are also still available for TFC's appearance with Belle & Sebastian on 9/30 AND their first Bowery show (without The Clean) on 9/27 at Bowery.

The show is one of two NYC area shows of the five scheduled in the US so far (Chicago, two on the west coast), as the band will also play Maxwell's on 9/29 (tickets). Dump (James McNew of Yo La Tengo) and Italy's Vermillion Sands (who also play Knitting Factory and Cake Shop while they're here) will support the band at that WFMU-presented NJ date.

The Clean released their LP Mister Pop last year on Merge Records. Full tour dates and some video is below.

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by Andrew Frisicano

I snuck this picture of the t-shirt...

Chris Knox

"Chris Knox (born September 2, 1952) is a New Zealand rock and roll musician, cartoonist, and DVD reviewer who emerged during the punk rock era with his bands The Enemy and Toy Love. After Toy Love disbanded in the early 1980s, he formed the group Tall Dwarfs with guitarist Alec Bathgate, much loved for their honest, unpolished sound and intense live shows. His 4-track machine was used to record most of the early Flying Nun singles." [Wiki]
Jeff Mangum played a set of Neutral Milk Hotel songs for the first time in nine years at the benefit for his friend, musician Chris Knox, last night, Thursday, May 6th. From opener "Oh Comely" to encore "Engine," and "A Baby For Pree," "Two Headed Boy Pt. Two" and "In The Aeroplane Over The Sea" in between, Mangum's voice was clear and strong as he sang from a chair into microphones set up a few feet away. Most of the audience looked somewhere between giddy excitement and shock. Some quietly sang along, others broke out into tears - one person choked on frantic, shallow breaths as "Oh Comely" climaxed, another stood with his hand over his gaping mouth, unable to move.

A few photos were furtively snapped in defiance of the posted signs, but most were content to just listen. Though "just listen" doesn't really describe the gasps, tears and unending applause. Mangum played with his eyes mostly closed, neck vein tensed, rocking and swooping to the contours of the songs. His eyelids fluttered open on the chorus of "A Baby for Pree" to reveal eyes rolled back into his head. Between songs Mangum gulped down water and was gracious, bordering on triumphant as he popped up at the end of "Aeroplane." He encouraged the crowd to contribute to the encore, "Engine." After the set, someone caught his attention with a book to sign, which he did. Most people up front looked anxious and ready for a post-show smoke.

It was fitting maybe that the bill for Mangum's last show, in 2001 in New Zealand, was with Chris Knox, who suffered a stroke in 2009. Though Jeff Mangum was a clear pinnacle, the rest of the benefit gig was an engaging, full evening which covered 12 bands and 2 comedians, and ran more than five and a half hours (though at least 1/3 of the venue cleared out after Mangum's 8:50pm set). The show ended at 1am, amazingly, exactly as scheduled.

Coasting (set time: 6:20pm) opened up with appropriately coastal guitar sounds and surefire drums, Sharon Van Etten played three songs with nuanced dynamics on electric guitar. The Magnetic Fields' Claudia Gonson played only one song as a trebly synth trio to cover "Beauty" which the band does on the Chris Knox tribute CD Stroke.

Robert Scott (of the Clean) and TVOTR's Kyp Malone (aka Rain Machine) both played solo guitar sets. Kyp, who told the crowd they should check out the new Devendra Banhart video (he checked it out in a cafe because he doesn't have internet), was joined by Emilyn Brodsky for what he said was a Bob Marley cover. Rachel Feinstein did raunchy comedy.

After that, there was New Zealand band Dimmer (who are in town for a while), The Mad Scene (Hamish Kilgour of the Clean's other band), David Kilgour of The Clean (backed by Yo La Tengo and one other band member) and comedy from John Mulaney (who killed it) (and who you may have seen doing a bit about girl scout cookies on a recent episode of SNL).

"Portastatic" was Mac backed by Yo La Tengo. They closed with Superchunk's "Slack Motherfucker" complete with windmill guitar moves and pogoing from some of the crowd (even though the concert was going into its fifth hour at this point). Yo La Tengo, with extra member David Kilgour on guitar, covered a Chris Knox song, said many kind words about Chris and closed with two songs from their 1993 album Painful, which Chris Knox contributed art work to.

The Clean, who Ira introduced as the greatest band in the world, and who'd already been up several times as their solo bands, closed the night right, both jangly and poppy. And despite the mass exodus after Jeff, a respectable amount of people were still there right until the last song. Catch the Clean again (if you have a ticket because it's sold out) at The Bell House tonight (5/7).

Editor's note: Ben Goldberg did an amazing job organizing the event, keeping scalpers away, and making sure that pretty much every person in that venue (except maybe the bartenders) paid their $75 donation to Chris Knox to get in the door (or $20 if you showed up after Jeff went off). Ben did less of an amazing job during his pre-Yo La Tengo stand up routine, but nobody's perfect!

Illegally shot (not by us!) audio and video from the event, and the new Devendra Banhart video, and Jeff Mangum's setlist again, below...

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by Bill Pearis


Most people (well, ones reading this blog) know that New Zealand indie rock icons The Clean are in town this weekend, playing tonight at Le Poisson Rougue as part of the enormous Chris Knox benefit, and then tomorrow at the Bell House (both sold out). But what seems to have slipped under the radar is that another Flying Nun band are here as well: Dimmer. It may be because, though forming in the mid-90s, the band didn't release an album until 2001 (on Sony). They then released another three years after that on Flying Nun, a bit past Flying Nun's heyday, but they've got a long pedigree with the label. Dimmer is fronted by Shayne Carter who used to lead the mighty Straightjacket Fits, whose first two albums, 1988's Hail and 1991's Melt are both Flying Nun classics.

While still including the indie guitar heroics of Straitjacket Fits, Dimmer are a groovier affair. At times almost funky.  After one album on Sony and two back on Flying Nun, Dimmer's guitar-heavy fourth album, Degrees of Existence, was self-released last year.  You can listen to it (and buy it) at their Bandcamp site.   There are a couple cool videos at the bottom of this post too.

Though both shows with The Clean are sold out, Dimmer also play Knitting Factory on Sunday (5/8) with Starcrossed Signs, Milk And Blood, and John Reagan.

Their tour dates also list a Saturday show at Bruar Falls, but Bruar Falls doesn't list it. They're hosting the Prince event that night instead.

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DOWNLOAD: The Clean - In Dreamlife You Definitely Need Rubber Soul (MP3)

The Clean
The Clean

"We went back and forth to the edge of insanity on [the $75] ticket price, but we decided this was the fairest price to make it, er, affordable, as well as getting Chris a worthwhile amount of money. A few details about purchasing tickets:

• Tickets on sale at noon Tuesday on Kickstarter. Info will be up there shortly. Show is 18+ which I'm sorry to say is the best we could do in terms of making it as open to as many people as possible.

• You will be limited to choosing one or two tickets per person. You will need to be able to provide the name of the other person if you are buying two. Those are the names we will have at the door and who will get into the club. Nobody can give their tickets to anybody else, you will need to provide ID and match the names on our list... [BaDaBen]

Kickstarter is promising that the ticket link for the 5/6 Chris Knox benefit will appear on their homepage at noon. Meanwhile tickets are already on sale for another show by The Clean, one day later (5/7) at The Bell House in Brooklyn.

Chris Knox

LPR will be hosting a benefit on May 6 for New Zealand artist Chris Knox who suffered a series of strokes last year. Many of the aritsts performing at this show have contributed to a fantastic tribute/benefit album for Knox that was recently released.

Tickets for the benefit will go on sale through Kickstarter on March 30 (more details coming soon).

Artists appearing will include Yo La Tengo, Kyp Malone (of TV on the Radio), Portastatic, Claudia Gonson of the Magnetic Fields, Sharon Van Etten, and The Clean. There will also be a short acoustic performance by Jeff Mangum (formerly of Neutral Milk Hotel).

DOWNLOAD: The Clean - In Dreamlife You Definitely Need Rubber Soul (MP3)

Polvo (above) & The Clean (below)
The Clean

This September Merge Records will be releasing new albums by both The Clean and Polvo.

Polvo's new disc, In Prism, their first in 12 years, will come out September 8th. The band's upcoming shows in June and July include a free Friday, July 31th gig at South Street Seaport with the Obits. A few days before that, the band plays the XX Merge celebration. More tour dates for the fall are on the way.

The Clean's new record, Mister Pop, also comes out September 8th. That'll be that band's first record in eight years. Check out a track from the new disc, above. In 2003, Merge put out a retrospective of the band called Anthology. In 2007, the band played some NYC shows. I'm sure there will be more with the new album, though none are scheduled that we know of at the moment.

Hamish Kilgour of The Clean is also on The Mad Scene who play with Times New Viking at The Bell House this Saturday, June 13th. Tickets are still on sale.

Polvo tour dates and track list below...

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DOWNLOAD: Times New Viking - (My Head)/R.I.P.Allegory (new MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Times New Viking - We Got Rocket (MP3)

Times New Viking @ Johnny Brenda's, Philly - Dec. 2, 2007 (CRED)
Times New Viking in Philly

Times New Viking is opening the eighth of eight Yo La Tengo Hanukkah shows at Maxwell's in Hoboken tonight (Dec 11). Times New Viking also recently opened some shows for The Clean, and the Clean also opened a Hanukkah show for Yo La Tengo. One of those MP3s on the top of this post (which is two songs combined) will appear on "Rip It Off" - Times New Viking's new album that comes out on Matador on January 22, 2008.

The New Pornographers opened for Yo La Tengo last night. The play the Apple store tonight.