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by Bill Pearis


Spectres hail from Bristol, UK and make the kind of hazy, dark din that's not too far off from what Ride or Swervedriver did in their early days. Their debut album, Dying, came out back in February via Sonic Cathedral and is definitely worth a spin. Listen to the whole thing below. With the new James Bond film bearing a title very similar to their name, Spectres have done the logical thing and recorded their own unofficial Bond theme that mixes the sweeping elements inherent in the genre with their noisy predilections. And unlike Sam Smith, they dare to both title it and rhyme "Spectre." (Its b-side is a song called "Bondage.") It's out today via Sonic Cathedral (on gold vinyl!) and you can watch the video for it below.

In other indie James Bond news, label wiaiwya just released A Girl and a Gun - a Global POP Subterfuge, a new 007 tribute album featuring covers of the many movie themes by indiepop artists such as Hefner's Darren Hayman ("Goldfinger"), Black Tambourine's Pam Berry ("Underneath the Mango Tree" from Dr. No), onetime Voxtrox singer Ramesh (who collaborates with Charm Bracelet for "For Your Eyes Only") and 31 others. (This thing goes deep.) You can stream the whole thing below.

Spectre, the movie featuring Christoph Waltz as a Blofeld-like baddie, is out November 4.

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Ramesh in Austin in 2012 (more by Tim Griffin)

Former Voxtrot frontman Ramesh began a solo career not long after his band broke up, and he's been saying that his debut solo album is on the way. Still no announcement on that album has come, but Ramesh did just release two new songs, "Youth Trip" and "Paradise (For Keith Haring and the Legendary Children)." You can check those out below.

Ramesh is also going on a short tour of his home state, Texas, this week with fellow Austin artist Orthy. All dates for that tour are listed at BV Austin.

Song streams below...

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Ramesh at Mercury Lounge, March 2012 (more by Chris La Putt)

Bad news: Ramesh has cancelled his upcoming shows including the NYC gigs that were scheduled to happen this week (Glasslands tonight [6/25], the FOTP BBQ at City Winery on Saturday [6/30]) have been canceled. From Ramesh:

Hey Everybody,

We are really sorry about having to cancel the tour dates, but issues have come up, which have forced us to do so. New dates, along with other news, will be announced soon.

Once again, our apologies, and thank you so much for you support.


That's all we know.

UPDATE: Ramesh will still play the Finger on the Pulse BBQ at City Winery on Saturday (6/30), but it will be an acoustic, stripped down set. Tickets are still on sale.

Oh and speaking of Finger on the Pulse, they were just announced on a new show at House House of Vans too.

DOWNLOAD: Ramesh - Berlin Without Return (MP3)

Ramesh at Mercury Lounge (more by Chris La Putt)

Food-minded DJs Darin and Greg Bresnitz (aka Finger on the Pulse aka 2/3rds of Punches) will release Vol. 2 of their Snacky Tunes compilation on June 24, which collects live performances from their internet radio show of the same name that broadcasts on the Heritage Radio network (whose booth is in Roberta's back yard). Vol. 2 of Snacky Tunes will feature Light Asylum, Hands, Warm Ghost, Mark Vetri and will be a free download, but right now you can check out Ramesh's reworked version of "Berlin Without Return" by his old band Voxtrot (it sounds entirely different). You can download that at the top of this post or stream it below.

Ramesh will be in New York later this month, playing Glasslands on June 25 with openers Heaven and Eastern Midwestern. Tickets are still available. He'll also play the Finger on the Pulse Summer BBQ Blowouton June 30 at City Winery that also features a performance from Rewards. Details and tickets are here. Ramesh's three song EP is still streaming at his website and you can stream two newer tracks, "Dancer" and "Requiem" below.

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Ramesh at Mercury Lounge in March (more by Chris La Putt)

Voxtrot frontman Ramesh played his first solo NYC show this past March with Feathers at Mercury Lounge. He just announced that he'll return to NYC for another show show which will take place on June 25 at Glasslands in Brooklyn. No openers have been announced yet but tickets are on sale now.

Ramesh's three song EP is still streaming at his website and you can stream two newer tracks, "Dancer" and "Requiem" below.

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photos & video by Chris La Putt

Ramesh & band @ Mercury Lounge

Austin represented at Mercury Lounge in NYC on Monday night, 3/5, when Ramesh of Voxtrot, complete with a new band and a new EP, performed along with Feathers (who have since continued on to the UK to play Koko in London tonight and ATP in Minehead on Saturday). Both bands will be back in Austin in time for SXSW.

Ramesh's set included an acoustic take of Voxtrot classic "Raised by Wolves" which Chris caught on video. That video with more pictures from the whole show, below...

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by Bill Pearis

Feathers at Mohawk, October 2011 (more by Tim Griffin)

Feathers are making the trip from Austin with former Voxtrot singer Ramesh to play Mercury Lounge on March 5. The band have been making waves in Texas over the last few months and this will be their first NYC show, and their only scheduled show at the moment outside of SXSW.

Feathers is the new project from Anastasia Dimou who you may know from NYC band Cruel Black Dove (who are now broken up). Galexy from Ringo Deathstarr is also in the band. Band member Destiny Montague was in Shock Cinema and Midnight Masses too.

At this point, Feathers only have a couple tracks to check out -- you can stream them at the bottom of this post -- but "Land of the Innocent" is a good one, all pulsing synths and siren-song harmonies. Comparisons will be made to Austra and Zola Jesus, but Feathers are a little more dancefloor oriented, with some glammy stompers in their repertoire as well. The other track is a remix of the song "Dream Song" (which has no released regular version yet). The remix was done by Maya Postepski of Austra and Trust (who just signed to Arts & Crafts).

While waiting to hear more -- or see them live -- check out photos from our man in Austin, Tim Griffin, from their first-ever show back in October when they opened for Washed Out, and from a show they played not long after that at Beauty Bar, AND from last week's 'Free Week' show as well.

Songs below...

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Ramesh @ a Fun Fun Fun Fest Nite in November (more by Tim Griffin)
Ramesh @ Empire Auto - 11/04/2011

Last year, we discussed that Ramesh (formerly of Voxtrot) kicked off a solo career with a 3-track EP that you can stream at his website. At the time, he had no shows scheduled. Since then, he's played a number of shows (none in NYC) including a Fun Fun Fun Fest afterparty, which we just posted a belated set of pics from on the new BV Austin.

Now he's finally scheduled a NYC show, set to take place at Mercury Lounge on March 5 with Feathers who will be making their NYC debut at that show. Tickets go on sale Friday (1/13) at noon with an AmEx presale starting on Wednesday (1/11) at noon.

The Mercury Lounge show is the only announced show for Ramesh at the moment, but stay tuned for a possible Brooklyn show too.

by Andrew Sacher


Ramesh Srivastava, formerly of Voxtrot who broke up in 2010, is now recording solo material as Ramesh. He's recorded a short 3-song EP aptly titled EP1 which is streaming on his website. The first track, "The King" pretty much picks up where Voxtrot left off with their "Berlin Without Return" b/w "The Dream Lives of Ordinary People" single recorded the year before breaking up. Like those songs, "The King" features Ramesh's earworm vocal melodies backed by simple mid-tempo drums and, catchy lighthearted strings. You can download "The King" for free at RCRDLBL.

The EP takes a complete 180 on the next track, "Romeo (Void)" and delves into polyrhythmic 80's synth-pop with a much less relaxed vocal delivery than Ramesh had been delivering lately. The video for "Romeo (Void)", directed by Elizabeth Skadden (Flaming Lips, No Age), can be watched below. EP1 then shortly ends after a brief instrumental track centered around a melancholic piano piece and accompanying string arrangements.

Ramesh's rather intriguing website is fleshed out with more than just his music. The home page is a paragraph written in large letters that begins, "I wish I could have understood that the hardest part of becoming a man would not be the part where you had to find yourself, but rather the part where you had to lose your center, by walking away from everything that you love." Continue reading. He also has an obscure photo montage that he's titled Head Game.

Ramesh has also posted a podcast of him DJing the Radar Lisboa Radio Show. His set consisted of Nicolas Jaar (who plays Le Poisson Rouge tonight), Mary J. Blige, a demo of one of Ramesh's non-EP tracks "Lux," and others.

The Black
The Black

Unfortunately, Ramesh has no tour dates announced at the moment, but his ex-Voxtrot bandmate Jared Van Fleet (Sparrow House) plays Bruar Falls on Saturday (5/28) with The Black, the band in which Voxtrot's Matt Simon plays drums. The Black, currently on tour through June 10th, also play a NYC show at Cake Shop on Sunday (5/29).

(Voxtrot's Jason Chronis also played in The Black briefly, but now only focuses on his JC & Co project. Mitch is keeping busy with International Waters.)

Tour dates and videos below...

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Voxtrot: "Goodbye, Cruel World" tour

Voxtrot have added a second Bowery Ballroom show to their farewell tour. That will happen on Friday, June 25th, which was the originally announced date for their other Bowery Ballroom show which is happening on Saturday, June 26th. Tickets for the new, first show go on sale Friday, April 30th at noon. Tickets for the second night (which is their last show ever) are still on sale.

Videos from a recent Voxtrot gig in late '09 are below...

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I forgot this in today's big on-sale post. Tickets for Voxtrot's final show which happens to be in NYC at Bowery Ballroom are on sale. Note that the date is June 26th, not the 25th as originally announced by the band. All dates in the previous post.

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DOWNLOAD: Voxtrot - The Start of Something (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: International Waters - Olympia (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: International Waters - Cycle of the Chain (MP3)

Voxtrot @ the Mohawk in Austin - Nov 2009 (more)

Voxtrot are officially calling it quits, but before they go they'll play some final shows with all original members. That includes Ramesh Srivastava, Matt Simon, Mitch Calvert, Jason Chronis and even Jared Van Fleet (aka Sparrow House) who left the not-very-active band a little while back. I last saw them in November when they happened to play a show in their hometown of Austin during Fun Fun Fun Fest (see above).

There are seven goodbye shows total and the final one will take place right here in NYC at Bowery Ballroom on June 26th (tickets TBA will be on sale Friday). It will be a sad evening for sure. All dates and a long letter from Ramesh about this is below, but first let's discuss what all the individual members have been up to.

Mitch has a new band called International Waters, which has a new 10" record called It Felt Like that they'll be releasing soon. Meanwhile you can get two of those songs for free above. They'll be opening the West Coast Voxtrot shows.

Jared is still working on solo material as Sparrow House, and opens for Inlets at Union Hall on April 23rd.

Matt and Jason both play in Jason's band called JC & Co.. They're readying a full-length for July. Both Jason and Matt also play in The Black and Belaire.

Not part of the reunion, but once a member of Voxtrot, Jennifer Moore continues to do her thing in YellowFever.

Voxtrot, thanks for all the memories. Ramesh's letter and all dates below...

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Jared Van Fleet

Actually I have no idea if Jared dropped his solo moniker "Sparrow House", but he is billed at just "Jared Van Fleet" at the show he's playing tonight (12/18) at Sycamore in Brooklyn with Sebastien Schuller (and I wanted the post title to resemble the earlier one about Final Fantasy). Also it's true that he's not in Voxtrot anymore. Also he lives in Brooklyn at the moment.

Speaking of ex-Voxtrot members, YellowFever just came through town. How were those shows? Videos from the Death By Audio one, below...

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DOWNLOAD: Voxtrot - Trepanation Party (MP3)


The real story here is that Voxtrot still exists! Or at least they did for one night at the Mohawk in Austin on Saturday (11/7). It was one of a few Fun Fun Fun Fest afterparties and the Octopus Project was also on the bill. They're now a four piece (Jared left the band), and the little I caught of their set (I got there late) brought me right back to the pre-backlash stage of the band. It helped that the show was in their hometown of Austin and the crowd wasn't afraid to cheer and dance.

It's unclear what the band's future plans are (probably even to them), but they did release a limited edition 7-inch & digital single called "Berlin, Without Return" in August. Earlier in the year they posted the new song that you can download above.

As mentioned, this show happened after a full day of music in Waterloo Park (which is only like six blocks away). More pictures from the Mohawk below...

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DOWNLOAD: The Glass - Wanna Be Dancin' (Radio Edit) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: The Glass - Come Alive (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Grum - Sound Reaction (Heart Beats) (original mix) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Grum - Sound Reaction (Heart Beats) (radio edit) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Grum - Sound Reaction (Heart Beats) (the Revolving Eyes remix) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Grum - Sound Reaction (Heart Beats) (the Phantom's Revenge remix) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Hostage - Special Brew (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Hostage - Concrete Mix (MP3)

Fake Blood @ Cheeky Bastard - 213 N. 8th St., Williamsburg (more by Nicky Digital)

Last week in dance was another busy one as usual. I wasn't around for the weekend but managed to get out a bit before then. On Thursday I caught an awesome set from Fake Blood in Williamsburg, followed by a great night of dancing downstairs at APT on Friday, where Trus'me dropped everything from disco, house, and techno to soul at Disco3000. The dancing continues this week, starting with Thursday and Friday:

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Black Dice @ Warsaw in December (more by Chris La Putt)
Black Dice

The artist formerly known as Santogold is performing for free tonight, 2/20, at the Apple Store in SOHO (7-8 pm). Santigold is also on the lineup for this year's Sasquatch Festival.

Blank Dogs has three NYC shows coming up in the near future. The first is tonight (2/20) at Le Poisson Rouge with Black Dice. The second is somewhere on March 7th. The third is March 14th at Music Hall of Williamsburg with Crystal Stilts and Women.

Voxtrot keeps popping back up randomly. Frontman Ramesh is DJing at Le Royale in NYC tonight (2/20), and the whole band is listed as playing SXSW in their hometown of Austin in March (though I hear there have been some lineup changes).

Ramesh solo @ The Syrup Room in 2006 (more by Bao Nguyen)

French house legend, Alan Braxe, is probably best known for the single "The Music Sounds Better With You" which he produced under the name 'Stardust' with Thomas Bangalter of Daft Punk and Benjamin Diamond......

Lifelike on the other hand you will know from his classic track "Discopolis" with Kris Menace... but that's just the tip of the iceberg... he has produced and remixed more great tunes than you can wag a stick at. Alan and Lifelike will be playing in the main room [of Webster Hall], with Justin Miller (DFA Records), Jacques Renault a.k.a. Runaway (DFA Records), Alex English & Daisy O'Dell

In the Marlin Room [of Webster Hall], Grandmaster Flash and Dimitry!!! will be holding it down...

Downstairs in the Studio, we are very happy to announce that we will be joined by the lovely DJ Jess and DJ Alex Malfunction of the Trash! par ties... and there will be an early live performance by Ramesh of Voxtrot!!!

That message comes from party promoter GBH. The whole night - Alan Braxe to Lifelike to Grandmaster Flash to Ramesh, is $10. Ramesh also sent out the following message...

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Even if you've never heard of Belaire, you might recognize one of the members in the picture above. You can catch the Austin band TONIGHT (June 27) at Cake Shop with Adventure and Jeffrey Lewis and then again tomorrow at Market Hotel with the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players. All tour dates below.

Speaking of Jeff Lewis, he's been so busy lately playing shows with everyone and their mother including two local ones just this past week with Herman Dune. Now tonight he has two shows scheduled. First is the Cake Shop thing (he's on at 8pm) AND then I guess he's rushing over to Sound Fix as quickly as possible because they've also got him listed:

Jun 27, 2008 8PM Jeffrey Lewis & more (Jesse Garbacik benefit)
Jeffrey Lewis (anti-folk on Rough Trade) + Kate Ferencz + Archipelago + The Best Thing Ever + Laura Stevenson. Benefit for the Jesse Garbacik scholarship at USM. Free show/donations accepted.
All dates below....

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Greg of the Little Ones & Voxtrot - Oct 14, 2007 (CRED)
Music HAll of Williamsburg

Voxtrot play Music Hall again tonight (Oct 15), and then tomorrow (Oct 16) @ Bowery Ballroom for the BrooklynVegan CMJ showcase. Ramesh is obviously doing better.

The National - Oct 13, 2007 (CRED)
Music HAll of Williamsburg

The band started out with a song they claim to have never played live before: "Santa Clara." Though it's a B-Side that some of us have heard before, it was cool to hear the ballad in its premier. They continued to play tracks almost exclusively off of their latest two albums - "90 Mile" being the lone exception. Matt Berninger was spot on all night with his vocals and crowd interaction (though he did almost kill the guy standing beside me with his mic stand), and the band was very much in sync. My highlights definitely included "Mistaken for Strangers," "Abel," "Ada" (surprisingly great, especially the second half), "Mr. November," etc. "Daughters of the Soho Riots" was absolutely brilliant - I forgot how potent that ballad really is. And the encore, I mean come on. Nice work boys. They even brought out Marla Hansen who sang on Boxer for a few tracks. Though they still didn't play "The Geese of Beverly Road," I can forgive them considering how awesome the rest of the night was. [Cafe Eclectica Music]

The National ended their 3-show run in NYC on Saturday night. Yes, they're playing a fourth show in NYC again tonight, but that one is invite-only. The first show was the opening night of Terminal 5.

More below....

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DOWNLOAD: Voxtrot on AOL Interface (MP3)

"Ramesh not feeling so well" - Oct 7, 2007 in DC (CRED)

Voxtrot just had to cancel a few Canadian shows....

Sorry everyone, but Voxtrot is canceling off of both the Hamilton and Toronto, ONT shows. If you've seen the band in the last couple days, I'm sure you're aware that Ramesh has been a bit under the weather. He was taken to the hospital after last night's show in Philly, and underwent minor surgery this morning. Thankfully he's okay.

We're unsure whether Ottawa and Montreal will happen, but will definitely keep you in the loop.

That sux....both for Ramesh, for Canada, and potentially for NYC.

I say "NYC", because (I'm being selfish because) Voxtrot in fact have THREE NYC shows coming up. First let me say that sometimes people bill "special guest" on a show to try and trick people into showing up for something they deem to be "BIG". I like people to know what they're getting. Voxtrot also didn't want to trick anyone, BUT the only way I could get them to play my BrooklynVegan CMJ showcase at Bowery Ballroom on October 16th, was if we all agreed to keep it quiet until the time that their other two already-scheduled shows in Brooklyn (the two days before) were closer to selling out - it makes sense. Well, that time is now.

BrooklynVegan CMJ showcase @ Bowery Ballroom
October 16, 2007, NYC (the whole lineup)
6pm - Bon Iver ("recommended")
7pm - The Shaky Hands (not to be confused with...)
8pm - Miracle Fortress (those crazy Canadians)
9pm - Most Serene Republic (those crazy not actually Canadians)
10pm - Dean & Britta (Luna)
11pm - The Rosebuds (dance party)
12am - Voxtrot
For $16, you're getting your money's worth (even without the added bonus of Voxtrot) - tickets are still on sale, or use your CMJ badge to get in. Tickets are also still on sale for their Music Hall shows (with the Little Ones & 1990s). Feel better Ramesh!

BONUS: Sparrow House (Jared from Voxtrot solo) is also playing the free BrooklynVegan afternoon party at Pianos (upstairs) the next day - Wednesday, October 17th.

Voxtrot's new video for "Firecracker", and all tour dates, below.....

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DOWNLOAD: Allen Toussaint - Do The Do (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Weird Al Yankovik - Bob (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Division Day - Enjoy the Silence (Depeche Mode cover) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Hot Hot Heat on AOL Interface (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Voxtrot on AOL Interface (MP3)

Nick Lowe @ 7 WTC, NYC - Sept 19, 2007 (CRED)
Nick Lowe @ 7 WTC

* Celebration & High Places are playing a free show
* Beirut & Fifth Veil are playing in Fort Greene
* Joe's Pub in the Park continues w/ Patty Griffin & Allen Toussaint
* Weird Al Yankovik at Beacon Theatre
* Foo Fighters are at Irving Plaza
* Apples in Stereo are at Maxwell's
* Happy Birthday Friction @ Mercury Lounge

Come out TONIGHT to The Mercury Lounge and celebrate FRICTION's 2-Year Anniversary with a stellar lineup featuring:

What else?

Little Ones @ ACL

A little scruffier than the last time I saw them, but just as fun-loving, poppy and tight as ever - The Little Ones played even earlier (11:45 am) than Yo La Tengo at Austin City Limits on Sunday (Sept 16, 2007). Their next NYC show is October 14th at the Music Hall of Williamsburg - with Voxtrot who they're also touring with. Tickets are still on sale. All tour dates, and more pictures, below...

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DOWNLOAD: Yellow Fever - Culver City (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Yellow Fever - Joe Brown(MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Sparrow House - When I Am Gone (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Art Brut - Direct Hit (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Art Brut - St. Paulie (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Art Brut - Moving to L.A. (acoustic) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: The Rosebuds - You Better Get Ready (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: The Rosebuds - Blue Bird (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: The Rosebuds - Get Up Get Out (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: The Rosebuds - Leaves Do Fall (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Grizzly Bear - Knife [girl Talk Remix] (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Grizzly Bear - Knife/heartbeats [GB Vs The Knife By Parrka] (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Grizzly Bear - Knife (cover By Born Ruffians) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Grizzly Bear - Lullabye (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Grizzly Bear - On A Neck, On A Spit (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: St. Vincent - Paris is Burning (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: St. Vincent - Now, Now (MP3)

Yellow Fever
Yellow Fever

At some point I asked, "What ever happened to the girl in Voxtrot?" And it was then that I found out that Jennifer Moore had dropped out of the band, and that she was in a different band called Yellow Fever - also from Austin, and Austin is where the next BrooklynVegan (& friends) concerts will be, and at those shows you'll be able to see Yellow Fever, Sparrow House (another Voxtrot-related project from Austin), and all of the artists whose MP3s are available above as downloads.

Ramesh signing autographs in France - Aug 17, 2007 (CRED)
Ramesh signing autographs

Some may have already noticed that The Coral suddenly disappeared from the upcoming Arctic Monkeys tour that includes a sold-out show at Central Park Summerstage in NYC (and also included a separate Coral show at Mercury Lounge). Well, good news for those who like Voxtrot. The Austin band will be taking The Coral's place. That means Voxtrot's upcoming NYC schedule looks something like this at the moment:

Sep 5 @ Summerstage (opening for Arctic Monkeys)
Oct 14 @ Music Hall of Williamsburg w/ The Little Ones (TIX)
Oct 15 @ Music Hall of Williamsburg w/ 1990s (TIX)

All Voxtrot tour dates (and more info) below....

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