The year and decade are both winding down, and we're in the process of recapping both over at Invisible Oranges, with best metal of 2019 and best metal of the 2010s lists. Meanwhile, this week offered up plenty of new stuff too, including songs from Wake, Insect Ark, Power Trip (Outburst cover), Haunt, Lotus Thief, Gnaw, Panopticon, and more. Read on for those songs and more, and check out the latest edition of Upcoming Metal Releases on IO for new metal albums from this week through January 5.


Canadian extreme metallers Wake are releasing their new album Devouring Ruin on March 20 via Translation Loss. It was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Dave Otero, and the song "Mouth of Abolition" features a guest solo by Ben Hutcherson (Khemmis, Glacial Tomb). The first taste is "This Abyssal Plain," which covers a lot of ground in its four-minute running time, from a brutal blend of black, death, and grind, to harsh noise to beautiful post-metal, and beyond, and it all comes together seamlessly. What can't they do?



Insect Ark -- whose current lineup is band leader (and Swans collaborator) Dana Schecter and former SubRosa drummer Andy Patterson -- will release their new Colin Marston-engineered album The Vanishing on February 28 via Profound Lore. The first single is the dark, sludgy, instrumental "Tectonic."



A tribute album to NYHC legends Outburst is on the way, featuring Higher Power, Fury, Wild Side, Krimewatch, Initiate, Mizery, and more. You can hear Power Trip's contribution now and read more about it (and the next Power Trip album) here.



Prolific NWOBHM revivalists Haunt are releasing another new album, Mind Freeze, on January 10 via Shadow Kingdom, and new single "Light the Beacon" is a real shredder.



Lotus Thief's new album Oresteia comes out January 10 via Prophecy. Read more about atmospheric new single "Liberation Bearers" and an interview with the band at Invisible Oranges.



Gnaw, the current project of Alan Dubin of Khanate, is releasing the Barking Orders EP on January 31 via Sleeping Giant Glossolalia. It includes a cover of Einstürzende Neubauten's 1981 song "Kollaps," and it also includes this creepy new song "Rid The City," which was inspired by the 1977 Son of Sam murders.

"While researching the specifics of the Summer of Sam murders in Queens and Brooklyn in 1977, a particular aspect of David Berkowitz's pathology was striking: one of his earliest traumas was discovering that his young, dark-haired mother conceived him in a car during a careless summer fling with a father he never met. This seems to be the motivation for killing young couples in cars later in life, that he is essentially trying to murder his mother and father so that he — or anyone else — might be spared from living," Dubin tells Revolver.



Black metal and folk musician Panopticon (aka Austin Lunn) is releasing a split with Aerial Ruin on January 31. His four contributions explore his folk side and include Chris Knight and Blaze Foley covers. The first song released is the rustic "The Pit." Austin says, "This is a collection of folk songs that are very personal to me. Some I wrote, some I didn't. Recording this record was a time of helped me get through a dark time in my life. Don't let the fire burn out."



Italian experimental metal band have shared another single off their upcoming album Immoto (due 1/24 via Season of Mist), and this is the most chaotic song they released from it yet.



Blackened punks Raspberry Bulbs haven’t released a new album since 2014’s Privacy, but they’ve now signed to Relapse and will release their first album in six years, Before the Age of Mirrors, on February 21 via their new label home. The first single is “Ultra Vires,” which makes it sounds like no time at all has passed since Privacy.



Windhand have uploaded demos from their last three albums, a live at WFMU session from 2013, and a collection of miscellaneous demos and alternate mixes to Bandcamp. All proceeds from downloads go towards helping Windhand recover from the gear that was stolen from them on tour last month. You can stream/download all five of the new releases at their Bandcamp page, and here's one of them:


For even more new songs, browse the ‘New Songs’ archive. For new metal albums, browse ‘Upcoming Metal Releases’ on Invisible Oranges. And browse our ‘Metal’ category for even more heavy music news.

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