Over the past ten years Vice co-founder (who no longer works at Vice), creator of "Do's and Don'ts", and "the Godfather of hipsterdom" Gavin McInnes went from being somebody who fit right in on a bill with future Run the Jewels collaborator Despot, comedians David Cross & Eugene Mirman, and Marnie Stern, to somebody you're more likely to associate with things like Trump, Fox News and the "alt-right". His extremely controversial online endeavor Proud Boys has a motto of "The West Is Best". On Friday night (2/3) the hardcore cover band member was scheduled to speak at NYU, and not surprisingly, things turned ugly.

Eleven people were reportedly arrested outside NYU's Kimmel Hall after things turned violent during an Antifa protest. From Gothamist:

The first round of fighting broke out around 6:30, as McInnes and members of the Proud Boys arrived outside of Kimmel Hall. Some protesters charged the group, while many in the crowd shouted “Fuck you, Nazis.” McInnes was allegedly pepper sprayed at some point, and a man in a Make America Great Again hat was seen throwing a punch. A few minutes later, protesters burned a red MAGA hat—though it was unclear whether it belonged to the puncher.

McInnes was eventually escorted into the building, but many of the Proud Boys were unable to make it inside. About ten of them gathered around the corner to express their disappointment about not seeing the talk, and their general frustration with a leader who they felt abandoned them. One of the Proud Boys urged the others to join him in battling the “faggots wearing black that won’t let us in,” then, perhaps believing that I fit the bill, ended up taking a few swings at me (see the last few seconds of below video). He ended up shoving me into a tree, though some of his fellow Proud Boys did attempt to restrain him. The man was later arrested for punching a DNAinfo reporter.

An NYPD spokesperson said the eleven people arrested face various charges, including criminal mischief, resisting arrest, criminal possession of a controlled substance, disorderly conduct, and harassment.

Video from the protest of a screaming woman claiming to a NYU professor went viral, but she is actually not a professor but performance artist Rebecca Goyette whose works include "lobster porn." Video of that and other heated moments from Friday night's protest, below:

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