Last month, we rounded up five great quarantine-era metal concert streams that have been archived for your viewing and re-viewing pleasure, and now we've got some more for you that have come out since then. It's a list of livestreamed videos, unearthed live videos for the vault, and some unearthed live recordings from the vault too. Happy watching/listening and stay tuned for more!

Baroness - "Tourniquet" (Socially Distant)

It's not as easy for metal bands to do livestreams as it is for bands with a lead singer/songwriter who can get the point across with just an acoustic guitar, but Baroness are 1) a metal band who can do that and 2) ambitious enough to attempt a socially distant version of the whole band playing together. They did this version of "Tourniquet" from last year's Gold & Grey with each member playing from home, and it came out pretty great. Read more background from the band here.


Enslaved @ Verftet Online Music Festival

Norwegian vets Enslaved are gearing up to release their anticipated new album Utgard this fall (and the first single is coming May 22), and meanwhile they played a bunch of their older songs in an empty venue for the virtual Verftet Online Music Festival, including the first performance of "The Dead Stare" since 2006. They had lights, visuals, and a great stage show that looked and sounded a lot closer to a real live show than what you might expect from what was kinda technically an in-studio session.


Kvelertak @ Artilleriverkstedet, Norway - 4/10/20

Kvelertak did a "one day world tour" (their words) at Norway venue Artilleriverkstedet on April 10, and if you didn't watch when it streamed live, you can now watch the archive whenever you please in exchange for 10 bucks. The rest of the videos/streams on this list are free to watch/listen to, but bands could use your support in these times and Kvelertak went all out for this performance. It's not a scrappy Instagram Live bedroom video; there's an epic light show, killer sound, and the band rocked the fuck out as if there was an audience present. "The only bad thing is I can't spit on people," the band's new vocalist Ivar Nikolaisen said.

Watch HERE.

Update (5/4): Kvelertak released a video of "Bråtebrann" from this show:


Metallica @ Outside Lands 2017

Every Monday, Metallica unearths a pro-shot live video from their archives (and encourages you to donate to their All Within My Hands foundation to help with COVID-19 relief), and this week's was their headlining set at Outside Lands 2017. They tore through the classics and looked and sounded like beasts the whole time, not that you'd expect anything else.

And here's a gallery of photos that we posted in 2017 of that very Metallica set:


Slipknot @ Download Festival 2019

Like Metallica, Slipknot are unearthing different pro-shot live sets weekly, and they're also doing accompanying Q&As along with the streams. The first one is from last year's Download Festival, which happened shortly before We Are Not Your Kind came out and included two songs from that album, along with plenty of classics. It's badass, obviously.

Also, Slipknot are donating a portion of the proceeds from the Knotfest webstore and Slipknot webstore to COVID-19 relief efforts.


Mutoid Man @ Saint Vitus in 2018 + a new Two Minutes to Late Night cover

Our last metal concert stream roundup had metal talk show Two Minutes To Late Night (which usually tapes at Brooklyn's Saint Vitus) and friends covering Weird Al from home, and since then they unearthed a full-set video of house band Mutoid Man's December 1, 2018 set at Saint Vitus (with guest appearances from 2M2LN host Gwarsenio Hall and heavy metal drag busker Mrs. Smith) and also did another guest-filled cover. The cover is a heavy, riffy take on Steely Dan’s “Reelin’ In The Years" with Marissa Nadler, Dave Hill, and members of Spirit Adrift, Wear Your Wounds, and more, and it manages to be both funny and a legitimately cool cover. As for the Mutoid Man set, it's as rippin' as you'd hope.


Anthrax, Testament & Suicidal Tendencies members cover Rush

Alex Skolnick (Testament), Charlie Benante (Anthrax), and Ra Díaz (current bassist of Suicidal Tendencies) recently teamed up from the comfort and safety of their own homes to do a quarantine-style cover of Rush's "YYZ" and they "had so much fun doing [it and were] blown away by the positive response [so they've] decided that the best way to say thank you is to do one more song," so they even more recently did Rush's "La Villa Strangiato." "This one has been requested by some and again, will be recognized by every fan of Rush," they add. Both are cool to watch, and we're also glad Alex Skolnick is in good health (since some of his bandmates were affected by COVID-19).

Also, Alex did this Dua Lipa cover on his own:


Code Orange - You and You Alone

Following Code Orange's excellent livestreamed release show/concert film Last Ones Left: In Fear of the End, they decided to launch a weekly livestream series where they'll do something different each Monday. The first week had an "improvised performance/visual experience" by the band’s electronics wiz Eric “Shade” Balderose and the second week had a guitar clinic with guitarist/vocalist Reba Meyers.


Outer Heaven @ Saint Vitus - 2/22/20

Modern-day death metal greats Outer Heaven had been working on their sophomore album and first with Tomb Mold's Derrick Vella as a member when the pandemic hit, and they also played their first show with Derrick at Brooklyn's Saint Vitus in February. Relapse actually put out the video of that show before quarantine began, but as of last week, it's out now as a live album too.


Death in Montreal in 1995 & Chicago in 1987 (Live Albums)

Death metal legends Death are unearthing live concert recordings from their vault for Relapse's Death: Non Analog – On Stage Series, and so far they've got one from '95 and one from '87. Both are great.


Tombs - Abraxas Ritual: Live in Chicago (Live Album)

Tombs had just released their killer Monarchy of Shadows on Season of Mist in late February and they were going to tour with Napalm Death until COVID-19 got in the way. Since we can't see 'em, they decided to release this live album of a Chicago show they played last year. You can buy the whole thing at Bandcamp for $5 or more and stream one track here;


In case you missed them, check out our previous roundup of metal concert streams, and stay tuned for more (including Toke on 4/17 and the daily interviews that Brooklyn's Saint Vitus Bar is doing on Instagram).

For more livestreams in all genres of music, we keep you up to date on what's happening here. For more live concert videos from over the years, head here. For more metal news, explore our 'Heavy Metal News' category and Invisible Oranges.

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