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Christine and the Queens (aka Héloïse Letissier) has let loose a third single from her anticipated sophomore album Chris (due 9/21 via Because Music). "5 Dollars" is the most '80s sounding song Christine and the Queens has released... probably ever, and it's keeping our hopes high for this album.



New Zealand indie greats will release their new album, Snow Bound, on September 14 which follows 2015's terrific comeback Silver Bullets. This record is shaping up to be more of a rocker, as new single "Scarred" shows. "It's about realising that you have become too accommodating to all the people who just wish to souvenir a little part of yourself," says main man Martin Phillipps. "It’s also a comment about the demands of online networking versus the maintenance of privacy." Listen via your online network:



UK producer/singer TJ Carter has credits on Adele's 25 album, Mark Ronson and Diplo's collaborative Silk City release, and more, and he also releases his own music under the name Lil Silva. He's got a new project in the works, but he's keeping most details under wraps for now, though he did release the new single "Making Sense." It's sort of like if Rhye's silky smooth pop had more of a shuffling UK garage backbone. It's good stuff.



Bronx rapper Maliibu Miitch is one of the best new-ish artists around, and we're very much looking forward to her debut album. While we wait for that, she just dropped another new song, "Bum Bitch," which is another great example of her ability to channel '90s-style aggression and make it sound modern.



Ladytron returned from a seven year hiatus in March with the sleek, icy "The Animals", and now they've shared a second single, "The Island," from their upcoming album. Helen Marnie told Paper that "The Island" hearkens back to the band's early sound, and flirts with pop - "but not pop in that cheesy sense of the word."



Say Anything is gearing up to release what may or may not be their last album, OLIVER APPROPRIATE, and the first taste is "Daze." They debuted this song live at SXSW earlier this year, and Max Bemis introduced it by saying the new songs sound “kind of like the demos [he] made between Baseball and …Is A Real Boy.” You can definitely get that vibe from "Daze," which is a promising lead single for this album. Max also posted a lengthy open letter where he discusses how Say Anything is coming to an end (for now at least), and gives a lot of insight into this new album. Read more here.



Kurt Vile has been teasing a new album, and today he released his first new song in three years, which we wrote more about HERE.



This new single is one more reason Low's Double Negative is one of our most anticipated fall albums. Read more about it HERE.



Jason Quever is back in October with his first Papercuts LP in four years and first for Slumberland. Check out "Laughing Man" and read more about it HERE.



Seattle, Washington's Whitney Ballen is streaming a new single off her upcoming full length debut album, and we wrote more about it HERE.



NYC's Guerilla Toss rev up the sonic blender for a new album of wonderfully weird grooves. Check out "Green Apple" and read more about it HERE.

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