We've been rounding up some of our favorite metal livestreams, quarantine performance videos, and newly-released archival live footage/recordings, and here are 12 more that have been released since our last roundup. Happy watching/listening and stay tuned for more!

Barishi - Old Smoke Release Show

Vermont prog/sludge metallers Barishi celebrated their great new album Old Smoke (Season of Mist) with a live-streamed release show from an empty venue in their hometown over the weekend, and if you missed it, you're in luck because it's been archived. The video quality isn't the best, but the audio is great and it really gives you an idea of how crushing these new songs would be live.


Metallica - "Blackened" (Quarantine Version) & Live In Michigan 1991

Metallica continued their weekly archival live video series last week, and after kicking off the series with a handful of recent videos, they finally dug out something a little more historic from their vaults. This one (which they said was literally on a "dusty old VHS tape" in the band's vault) is from the Black Album tour with Jason Newsted on bass, and as you'd expect from that era, the setlist is loaded with classics: "Creeping Death," "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)," "The Four Horsemen," "For Whom the Bell Tolls," "Fade to Black," "Whiplash," "Seek & Destroy," "Battery," their Misfits ("Last Caress") and Diamond Head ("Am I Evil?") covers, and much more. The band looked and sounded fantastic at this show, and it's a real treat for something like this to get unearthed.

Fast forward to present-day, Metallica also put out something new this past week. They did a rustic new version of the classic ...And Justice For All opener "Blackened," quarantine style, and go ahead and make your snarky jokes but it's pretty cool to see how Metallica are staying creative during these times. Lars also says they might be writing new music in quarantine too.

Lastly, the has a new SiriusXM channel, which will air a different concert every day this month, and SiriusXM is also free for the entire month.


Anthrax, Lamb of God members - Discharge covers & Anthrax, Testament, Suicidal Tendencies, Crobot members - Rush cover; Anthrax, Living Colour members - Living Colour cover

Anthrax/Stormtroopers of Death drummer Charlie Benante is keeping his quarantine video series going, and it continues to get more and more interesting. What started out as instrumental jams with his talented/famous friends has turned into full-fledged cover songs with different guest vocalists. First, Charlie, Alex Skolnick (Testament), and Ra Diaz (Suicidal Tendencies) did another of their Rush covers, "Freewill," and this was the first one with vocals, thanks to Crobot‘s Brandon Yeagley, who did a pretty fine Geddy Lee impression. Then, Charlie, his Anthrax/SOD bandmate Scott Ian, and his SOD bandmate Dan Lilker (also of Nuclear Assault) did two Discharge classics with Lamb of God's Randy Blythe on vocals. Whether you're an LOG fan or not, Randy pretty much always kills it when it comes to classic hardcore, and this was no exception. And just today, Charlie roped in Living Colour's own Corey Glover to sing on Living Colour's "Funny Vibe," with bass by Ra Diaz and guitar by Butcher Babies' Henry Flury. "Well, if you gonna cover a Living Colour tune one thing is for sure: you better have someone who can sing. So... Why not having Mr. Corey Glover himself?!" Charlie wrote. Indeed.


Chelsea Wolfe + members of Mutoid Man, Dillinger Escape Plan, Two Minutes To Late Night - "Crazy Train" (Ozzy Osbourne cover)

Two Minutes to Late Night, the heavy metal talk show that tapes at Brooklyn’s Saint Vitus Bar, has been doing these guest-filled quarantine cover videos, but this is probably the first one that's completely serious and genuinely worth listening and re-listening to even after the initial novelty has worn off. They transposed the song into a minor key and made it a little slower and doomier, taking inspiration from John Carpenter’s Halloween theme, Type O Negative, and Chelsea Wolfe’s own material. You've probably heard this song a thousand times, but you've never heard it like this.

Not a live recording, but related: Chelsea Wolfe released a Cramps cover last week.

UPDATE: Two Minutes To Late Night also just released a Danzig cover with members of Baroness, Old Man Gloom, and more. Watch that below too.


Every Time I Die @ 'Tid the Season 2019

In addition to all the livestreams/quarantine performances/etc, a lot of artists have been releasing archival videos, and here's one of Buffalo metalcore vets Every Time I Die at last year's edition of their annual hometown holiday festival, 'Tid the Season. It was shot by hate5six, and it's especially pro-quality -- this could easily be released as a concert film. ETID look and sound great, and the hometown crowd is eating it all up.


Brutus @ Hellfest 2019

Not long after Belgian metal/punk/post-rock fusers Brutus put out their great new single "Sand," Hellfest put out a pro-quality, multi-cam video of Brutus' Hellfest set from last year. As we witnessed in Brooklyn last year, Brutus are as intense on stage as they are on their great 2019 album Nest, and this video really drops you into the action.


Pelican - Live at The Grog Shop

Some bands are also using these concert-less times to release live albums, and here's one that the great post-metal band Pelican recorded on their Nighttime Stories tour at Cleveland's Grog Shop. "We were particularly into this one: it seems to really capture the excitement and energy of the night (and tour, overall)," the band says.


Inter Arma - Live at Club Congress

Pelican were supposed to tour this year with Inter Arma, who also recently put out a live recording, Live at Club Congress, which they recorded in Tucson in 2017. It gives you a good idea of how mesmerizingly heavy Inter Arma's live show is, and proceeds from purchases of these recordings go to Direct Relief.


Thou & The Body - Everyday, Things Are Getting Worse (Live at Roadburn 2018)

Thou and The Body released their caustic collaborative set from Roadburn 2018 (with the very timely title of Everyday, Things Are Getting Worse), and proceeds from purchases go to Electric Girls, an organization launched in 2015 to "develop leadership skills in young girls through their learning of electronics and computer programming skills."


Integrity - Live at Northwest Terror Fest 2018

Metallic hardcore legends Integrity put out their Northwest Terror Fest 2018 set as a live album, and guitarist Justin “Sexman” Ethem wrote a very entertaining screed about these crazy times to go along with it. As he says, "Lets kick this COVID19s ASS!!"


Death - TIJUANA 10-09-1990

Relapse continued its DEATH: Non Analog – On Stage Series of archival concert recordings of death metal legends Death with this whiplash-inducing show from 1990.


Orange Goblin - Rough & Ready, Live & Loud

British stoner metal vets Orange Goblin are celebrating their 25th anniversary with a live album that was recorded between 2016 and 2019.


For some stuff happening today (5/4): Cloak are doing a two-hour radio special on Gimme Radio at 1 PM ET, Metallica Mondays continues today on YouTube at 8 PM ET, and Saint Vitus' interview series continues on Instagram at 8 PM ET with YOB’s Mike Scheidt.

In case you missed them, check out our previous roundup of metal concert streams, and stay tuned for more.

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And here's a gallery of photos Anthrax at Riot Fest 2019 and at Jones Beach in 2018:

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