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Disclosure are gearing up to release a new album, and after releasing two songs this week, they've now unleashed a third. The duo says, "Taking you on a throwback 80’s vibe today with 'Love Can Be So Hard'... Inspired by our love of 80’s pop artists like Alexander O’Neal and Luther Vandross, we chopped and flipped this old classic by Princess on its head! Hope it’s to your liking."


Super Unison (the band fronted by former Punch vocalist Meghan O’Neil) are following their great 2016 debut Auto with Stella on October 26 via Deathwish. The new album was recorded by the legendary Steve Albini, produced by Don Devore (of Ink & Dagger, Lilys, Sick Feeling, and other bands), and mastered by Deafheaven collaborator Jack Shirley. The first single is "Falcon," which sees Super Unison branching out from the hardcore attack of their debut, and adding in little Slint-style interludes.



Neil Finn and his son Liam Finn will release their collaborative debut, Lightsleeper, this Friday (8/24) and ahead of that they've released a video for its title track. Directed by Anthony & Alex, the video tracks a couple from puppy love through disintegrating marriage, played at all points by two young actors. "It’s an uneasy pairing of childhood innocence with social conformity, an acknowledgement of how under the surface of Western middle-class living brews a frustration and detachment that sometimes spills over into anger, an unmistakable warning sign that there’s something wrong with our societal values," says Neil. The song itself is a pretty acoustic number with Liam on lead.



Having recently released the 'Piffle Sayers EP, The Skiffle Players announced a new full-length, Skiff, due October 12 via Spiritual Pajamas. For this album, the band -- which features Cass McCombs, Neal Casal, Dan Horne, Farmer Dave Scher and Aaron Sperske -- are making it clear that "this is a band where there is NO LEADER." All members write and sing on this one. The first single is Cass' shuffling folk rocker "Local Boy," which is keeping hopes for this album high.



Soccer Mommy has included her cover of this Springsteen classic in many of her setlists, and she's now released a proper studio version. Compared to the chugging original, Soccer Mommy's version is far more subdued, closer to the style of her own material. The cover will be included on an upcoming 7'' single due out in October, which has a re-recording of her 2016 track "Henry" on the A-side.



Jack Tatum will be releasing his newest Wild Nothing LP Indigo later this month, and this latest single is a slice of colorful new wave pop, whose expansive, dreamy sound may please fans of his second album Nocturne. This follows suit with the album's previous singles, which marked a return to the hazier approach of Jack's earlier work.



Laura Gibson has just announced a new record, Goners, out October 26 via Barsuk Records, and the first offering from the album is a stunning mix of pounding drums and gorgeous string arrangements, topped off with Laura's gentle vocal delivery. The real selling point, however, lies in the track's lyrics, which paint a picture of handling grief and pain in the presence of someone special. Laura is also touring.



After releasing music as TWIMM and under his own name, Soren Juul is returning to the moniker of Indians, which he last used four years ago. "The world has changed drastically since 2014, so I feel that it is important for me to elaborate upon this choice," he writes. "Indians has never had anything to do with politics or any group of people. For me, the word represents a human being who merely chooses to celebrate nature and spirituality – someone whose connection with the universe transcends what meets the eye. I felt inspired after reading The Wind Is My Mother, a book that provided me with guidance and understanding. Years later, I recreated that same solace in my own music. I want to celebrate the bigger and more important things in life – the things we don’t see but can feel through music." Soren's new track as Indians, "Leave," is an atmospheric slow burner that explodes into a mostly wordless ending passage of lush strings and horns. He calls it "a love song full of despair," saying, "it is a love song about being trapped in a circle of love, fighting for the good in a life. It is a desire of being close while entertaining the possibility of drifting into the unknown."



Helena Deland released From the Series of Songs "Altogether Unaccompanied" Vol. I & II earlier this year, and she's preparing to follow it with a new EP, volumes III and IV of the same title, on October 19 via Luminelle. She described "Rise," the second song to be released from the EP, to Northern Transmissions as expressing "longing for a closeness that’s always just out of reach."



Kennedy Ashlyn lost her closest friend and Them Are Us Too collaborator Cash Askew in 2016's Oakland Ghost Ship fire. In the wake of the tragedy, Kennedy began making music as SRSQ, and she's releasing her debut full length under that name, Unreality on October 26 via Dias Records. She's shared the first single, "The Martyr," which layers haunting vocals over harsh buzzing synths for a somber, eerie mood.



Lost Under Heaven announced their sophomore album and released a third single from it, "For The Wild," which we wrote more about HERE.



Empress Of shared the second single off her sophomore album Us, which we wrote more about HERE.