L.A. band The Urinals basically began as a parody of the local late-'70s punk scene, but displayed a lot of songwriting chops amid sloppy playing and snotty jokes. The band got more serious -- musically, lyrically -- when they morphed into 100 Flowers but minimal, agit, funny, melodic Urinals songs like "Black Hole," "Dead Flowers," and "Sex" still sound great, and their influence extends well past their short, original three 7" discography. Their songs have been covered by Yo La Tengo, The Minutemen (and other Mike Watt preojects), Ceremony, The Meatmen, No Age, Metz, Gun Club, Women (pre-Preoccupations) Grass Widow, Mika Miko (pre-Bleached) and tons more. You can listen to their three original EPs as well as some of the many, many Urinals covers that exist, below.

The Urinals reformed in 1996 and have continued to play sporadically ever since -- mostly in California. They'll be in NYC on October 18 at Brooklyn Bazaar with Palberta, Honey, and Sweet Baby Jesus also on the bill. Tickets are on sale now.

Music below..

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