Record Fair

As previously mentioned, the bi-annual Brooklyn Flea Record Fair is hosting a miniature version this weekend from 10am-6pm at the indoor Smorgasburg Winter Market in Williamsburg. The number of vendors at this weekend's fair will be substantially smaller than the outdoor event, but there are still lots of crates to dig through. Vendors include DFA Records, Mexican Summer, the Captured Tracks shop, and Other Music, among others. Alongside the vinyl vendors will be various DJs who should keep your vinyl purchasing experience a lot more interesting. Other Music will have about a thousand 7"s to sell, some of which will be spun during Moldymann's DJ set on Saturday.

Label vendors such as DFA are known to sell lots of record fair-exclusive rarities and hard-to-find vinyl such as split singles, white labels, and out of print items. (Also mugs and other merch.) Many vendors at the fair, who are often up for conversation, will also sell exclusive merchandise such as turntable slipmats and t-shirts.

The time and date, as well as the list of vendors and DJ time slots are below. Further info can be found at the Brooklyn Flea website.

Record Fair

Saturday, February 8 + Sunday, February 9
Inside Brooklyn Flea + Smorgasburg Winter Market, second floor of building
81 North 4th St. (btw. Wythe Ave. + Berry St.), Williamsburg

Athan Maroulis/Sepiatone
Captured Tracks Shop
DFA Records
Have A Killer Time
HPRS Records
Mexican Summer
Orivious Records
Other Music
Raelian Raecords
Software Recording Co.
Unbreakable Records


12-1- Moldymann (Call the Doctor)
1-1:45- DJ Demby
1:45-2:30 -DJ Sportcoat (eMusic/Universal Melody)
2:30-3:15- Steve McGuirl (Prince Rupert's Drops)
3:15-4 -Justin Miller (HAKT)
4-4:45 -Andy Bodes/Capeshok
4:45-5:45- Ning Nong

12-12:45 - Amanda Chouette
12:45-1:30 - James S (Orivious)
1:30-2:15-DJ Gregorious (HPRS)
2:15-3:00- KrisDFA
3:00-3:45- Pam (Other Music)
3:45-4:30-Gerald Hammill (Other Music)