By Doug Moore


Here is the definition of black metal, as told by the experts in Norway's Immortal:


There you have it. We already posted a playlist of snow-themed pop songs, but if anyone should be celebrating NYC's current crystalline entombment (single digits tonight!), it's the metal set. Sadly, there aren't any black metal shows of note happening tonight, so you won't have much cause to venture out into the bitter winds of nowhere in pursuit of icy tremolo riffs and goblin vocals. (Though there are some metal shows going down.) Still, those of you who are weathering the storm at home can enter the grim and frostbitten kingdoms with these 14 black metal celebrations of all things cold, frozen, freezing, icy, wintry, and so forth.


Immortal - "Frozen by Icewinds"

Darkthrone - "Where Cold Winds Blow"

Agalloch - "Falling Snow"

Dissection - "In the Cold Winds of Nowhere"

Woods of Desolation - "Darker Days"

Imperial Crystalline Entombment (I.C.E.) - "Astral Frost Invocation"

Naglfar - "Into the Cold Voids of Eternity"

Sorcier Des Glaces - "Winter Eternal"

Mayhem - "Freezing Moon"

Forteresse - "Deluge Blanc"

Sargeist - "Twilight Breath of Satan"

Blut Aus Nord - "Our Blessed Frozen Cells"

Leviathan - "Fucking Your Ghost in Chains of Ice"

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