Following the controversy that Amazon Web Services is presenting Las Vegas music festival Intersect, over 150 musicians (UPDATE: now over 200) have signed a "No Music for ICE" open letter "ledging to boycott participating in Amazon-sponsored festivals or partnerships until the company stops supporting human rights violations through its contracts with ICE and other US government agencies." The letter was organized by "an ad-hoc group of artists and activists," including Sadie Dupuis (Speedy Otiz), Evan Greer, Adult Mom, Joey La Neve DeFrancesco (Downtown Boys), @k8_or_die, Carmen Perry (Remember Sports), and Jes Skolnik. The letter reads:

It has recently come to light that Amazon Web Services, an Amazon subsidiary with known ties to ICE and law enforcement, is hosting a festival marketed as an experience “where music, technology, and art converge.” We the undersigned artists are outraged that Amazon continues to provide the technical backbone for ICE’s human rights abuses (read more). We pledge to not participate in Amazon-sponsored events, or engage in exclusive partnerships with Amazon in the future, until Amazon publicly commits to:

* Terminate existing contracts with military, law enforcement, and government agencies (ICE, CBP, ORR) that commit human rights abuses

* Stop providing Cloud services & tools to organizations (such as Palantir) that power the US government’s deportation machine

* End projects that encourage racial profiling and discrimination, such as Amazon’s facial recognition product

* Reject future engagements w/ aforementioned bad actors.

We will not allow Amazon to exploit our creativity to promote its brand while it enables attacks on immigrants, communities of color, workers, and local economies. We call on all artists who believe in basic rights and human dignity to join us.

Follow @NoMusicForIce on Twitter for updates and information related to this letter. *Note that partnerships refers to Amazon Exclusives, Amazon Originals, Research & Development collaborations, and all other exclusive content partnerships To add your name to the letter, fill out this form.

Sadie Dupuis added:

My music peers’ collective outrage at the announcement of Amazon’s Intersect festival made several of us realize how desperately we need to formalize our concerns. Cartoonists Against Amazon, No Tech for ICE, Whole Worker, and other groups against Amazon’s partnership with Palantir and support of ICE have set tremendous examples, showing solidarity with those most impacted by invasive technologies. They’ve demonstrated how powerful it can be to take a hard stance against accepting money earned on the suffering of others. Navigating the ethics of the music industry can be tricky, but it shouldn’t be tricky to say no to opportunities that are complicit with ICE. Doing so would be antithetical to many of our missions as artists, and it’s time to say we won’t.

Deerhoof's Greg Saunier said:

One would think that shame would be enough. One would think that providing AI and facial recognition technology to military and law enforcement, during a time of mass deportations, crackdowns on popular protests, and flagrant incidents of police brutality would give one pause. But that's not the way Amazon works. As Teresa Carlson, vice president of the worldwide public sector of Amazon Web Services, explains Amazon's priorities during this era of what many are calling a neo-fascist takeover of several world governments including our own, ‘We are committed to our customer, and we are unwaveringly committed to the U.S. government and the governments we work with around the world.’ We musicians are therefore organizing something more than shame. A boycott!

Indie rapper Sammus said:

The powers that be at Amazon have been relentless in their pursuit to make this company indispensable to the ways many of us live -- and even with an understanding of Amazon's complicity and centrality in reinforcing various structures of oppression, it often may feel too difficult to evade their reach. This is one way that we can and must push back. As creatives we have to recognize the power we possess in effecting change and sending a message not just through the art we produce but also the channels through which we share it. We have to draw lines and this is one I am choosing to draw because nobody should ever have to live under the kind terrorism that ICE has inflicted upon countless immigrant communities.

Evan Greer said:

Lots of companies do unethical stuff. Amazon seems to enjoy it. They’re trying to bonegraft themselves to government agencies and authoritarian structures to make their monopoly status impossible to challenge. As big tech and surveillance capitalism creep further and further into the music industry, it’s no surprise that artists are fighting back.

And last but not least, Immortal Technique added, "Power without accountability is tyranny."

"No Music For ICE" is following in the footsteps of "No Tech For ICE." As The Washington Post points out, protesters interrupted the Amazon Web Services Summit at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in NYC in July. It was one of eight cities that immigration activists rallied in that week, according to an Al Jazeera article that explains "Amazon's role in the US immigration crackdown."

Here's the full list of artists who signed the "No Music For ICE" letter;

25th Hour
2nd Grade
Abby Weems / Potty Mouth
Absolute Value
Adia Victoria
Adrian Jade Matias Bell (Nightjars)
Alanis Alvarez
Alex Anwandter
Alex Chips
Alex Edgeworth, Bed Bits
Alex Menne
Alicia Velasquez/Alice Bag
Ally Einbinder / Potty Mouth
Alyssa Milman, Puppy Angst/Blushed
Amar Lal
Amber Capwell
Amy O
Andy Chervenak
Andy Molholt
Angel Aura
Angela Seo & Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu
Anna Berlin
Anna Burch
another cultural landslide
Ashley Ninelives
Audrey Zee Whitesides
Ava Luna
B Taylor
Baby Jessica
Battle Ave.
Beck Kitsis, SIGNAL
Bethlehem Steel
Big Joanie
Big Ups
Bobby Brown (Rentboy)
Boneth Ahaneku
Branwen Shoop
Bri Adams (Many Rooms)
Brian Browder
Brian Kupillas
Cam LaFlam
Camino 84
Carlos Truly
Casey Weissbuch
Cave Babies
Chastity Belt
Christopher Santiago
Circuit des Yeux
Clear Channel
Corbin Jones
corey foxton
corey marc fogel
Cortez disecado
Curt Oren
Dama Scout
Damon & Naomi
Dave Sweeten
David Settle
Devon Geyer
Devon Welsh
Diet Cig
Don Giovanni Records
Dougie Poole
Downtown Boys
Dylan Baldi (Cloud Nothings)
Dylan Hanwright
Echo Vessel
Ellen Kempner
Emily Yacina
Emma Lee Toyoda
Eva Treadway (Pllush, The She’s)
Evan Greer
Fellow Robot
Fern Mayo
Flash Trading
Floral Tattoo
Flying Fish Cove
fuck yeah, dinosaurs!
Funeral Cone
G. L. Jaguar / PRIESTS
Generacion Suicida
Geoff Rickly / Thursday
Ghost Voice
Girl Underground Music
Glen Robinson
Gold Light
Grace Coleman
Greg Rutkin: LVL UP / Cende
Gregory Cordeira/ Goblin USA
Guy Picciotto of Fugazi
Hannah Epperson
Hannah Moroz
Harry and the Potters
Heaven’s Club
Hether Fortune
Holy Gifts
Hopeful Utopian
Human Futility
Hurray for the Riff Raff
Hurry Up
Immortal Technique
insignificant other
Ivy Gray-Klein, Corey Flood
J. Mamana
Jacquie Cotillard
Jeff Rosenstock
Jes Skolnik, Daddy’s Boy/National Tattler
JJ Demon
Joe Piotrowski
Johanna Warren
John Rossiter
Jon Lipscomb
Jon Samuels, Yowler & Friendship
Jonathan “Bällz” Ramer of The Chode’s, Rotted Remains,Devil Fish,Toxic
jordan c weinstock!, american poetry club / it takes time records
Jordan Lee (Mutual Benefit)
Jordan Price
Josephine Shetty, Kohinoorgasm
Josie Wails (JJ Demon and Greaze)
Julia Shapiro
Julian Fader
Juliet Quick
K / Damage Control
Kaeley Pruitt-Hamm
Kal Marks
kamikaze nurse
Kate M. (Hellrazor, The Glow, Potty Mouth)
Katie Alice Greer, Priests / Sister Polygon Records
Kelly Moran
Kiana Saroce
Kliph Scurlock
Krissy Lassiter, Krissanthemum
Kristel Jax, Brigitte Bardon’t
La Neve
Lala Lala
Lee Bains III
Leo Heikkila, Butterfly
Lightning Bug
Lilah Larson
Lily Mastrodimos / Long Neck
lina tullgren
Lisa Prank
Lizzi Bougatsos
Lola Johnson
Lola Kirke
Lorenzo Gehlen
Lowercase Roses
Lucas Knapp
Lydia Ainsworth
Mac Nero Music
Madeline Babuka Black / Yucky duster
Mason Lynass
Math Erao (Absolute Fantasy)
Mayah Kadish
Michael Cormier (Friendship, Hour, Michael Cormier, Dear Life Records)
Michael DeForge (Moul D, Creep Highway)
Michael Falcone, Hellrazor (guitar) / Speedy Ortiz (drums)
Mike Caridi / LVL UP / The Glow
Mike Huguenor
Miserable chillers
mister goblin
Mister Lies
Mitchell Fisher
Mixed Deuce
Myst Mach
Nat Baldwin
Needle Teeth
Neilson Family
Neutral Shirt
New Bomb Turks
Nicola Leel
Night Witch
Noah Klein
Owen Ashworth
Peter Katz (Peaer)
Phil Harty from Smile for the Sky
Pictoria Vark
Pill Wonder
Privacy Issues
Puppy Angst
Rachel Levy
Radiator Hospital
Red Widow
Remember Sports
Ricky Eat Acid
Rituals of Mine
Rosie Tucker
Ryan Vo
Sadie Dupuis (Speedy Ortiz / Sad13)
Sam Farzin / Media Jeweler
Sam Gas Can
sammus / dr. enongo lumumba-kasongo
Sarah Tudzin - illuminati hotties
Scooter Jay
Seán Barna
Semaphore Mgmt
Shady Bug
Sheer Mag
Spencer VH
Star Rats Records
Stevie Knipe (Adult Mom)
SUPER of the Rio Grande Valley
Tara Thiessen
Ted Leo
Terror Pigeon
The Acid Flashback at Nightmare Beach
The Black Madonna
The Cowls
The Ensuing Disaster
The Holy Dark
The Kominas
The New Adventures
The Ophelias
The Roland High Life
The True Jacqueline
Thin Lips
Tim Kasher
Told Slant
Told Slant
Tom Wherrett
Tough Age
Tristan Whitehill (Euglossine)
Troy Colby
TV Flesh
Tyler Andere
Tyler Bussey
Walking Bombs
War On Women
What Cheer? Brigade
Xenia Rubinos
Zach Burba, iji

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