photos by Ebru Yildiz

During the last month of Brooklyn DIY venue Death by Audio's existence, photographer (and BV contributor) Ebru Yildiz practically lived at the space, shooting both the live shows and taking candid pics of life behind the scenes of those who lived and worked at DbA. Those photos are the basis of Ebru's new book We've Come So Far - The Last Days of Death By Audio, which also features an oral history of the space by DbA co-owners Oliver Ackermann, Matt Conboy, and Edan Wilber, as well as other staff and residents. The book is out, and you can order it now.

Needless to say, there were a lot of great photos that didn't make the the book, and Ebru has been posting some of them to her Instagram account. When we asked her if we could run some of the outtakes, she graciously said yes and sent more than we were expecting. "Basically it's a whole other book," she joked... but she is not wrong. You can check out 172 great photos from the final days of DbA, none of which are in the actual book, below.

There is also a book release event happening at Rough Trade on Thursday, August 25, featuring a panel discussion with Ebru, Oliver Ackermann, Matt Conboy and half a dozen other DbA family members. That is free, and you can buy the book there as well. 7 PM. A full list of who's on the panel, below.


We've Come So Far: The Last Days of Death By Audio Book Release @ Rough Trade
Panel Discussion with...

Oliver Ackermann ( A Place To Bury Strangers )
Heather Bickford - DBA resident ( Past Lives Vintage )
Matt Conboy - DBA co-owner and filmmaker (Goodnight Brooklyn - The Story of Death by Audio )
Edwina Hay - photographer and former photo editor of Impose
Jay Heiselmann ( GROOMS )
Travis Johnson ( GROOMS )
Mark Kleeback - Death By Audio Arcade
Eric Phipps - photographer and former photo editor of Impose
Ebru Yildiz - photographer
with moderator Stephanie Gross

Order We've Come So Far: The Last Days of Death by Audio HERE.

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