Pittsburgh metalcore up and comers 156/Silence self-released the very promising Irrational Pull earlier this year (and won over The Acacia Strain's Vincent Bennett as the local opener at one of their recent Pittsburgh shows), and now they've inked a deal with SharpTone Records, who will give the album an expanded reissue on November 27 (pre-order). It'll include three bonus tracks -- two new original songs and a cover of Alice In Chains' "Them Bones" -- and one of those new originals, "Vexation," is out now. It's yet another very promising taste of this band's sound: heavy and crushing metalcore that's accessible without being poppy, and recalls the genre's classic early 2000s era without feeling overly retro or derivative. Listen and watch the video below.

SharpTone also recently signed another very promising metalcore band, Dying Wish.

Sharptone also added a YouTube playlist of the ten songs from the original Irrational Pull (including three music videos) and you can check that out too if you haven't already:

Irrational Pull Deluxe Tracklist
1. High Dive In A Low Well
2. God’s Departure
3. Taste Of Ashes
4. Upset/Unfed
5. Lost Visual
6. Problem Addict
7. Conflict With Interest
8. By A Thread - I Suspend
9. Irrational Pull
10. Denouement

Bonus Tracks:
11. Vexation
12. No Angel
13. Them Bones (Alice In Chains Cover)


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