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Marvin Gaye's "lost" What's Going On followup, You're The Man, is finally being released on March 29 via Motown/UMG. Along with the announcement comes a new mix of "My Last Chance" (which was reworked a couple of times over the years and surfaced in its original version on a 2001 compilation). The new mix was done by Salaam Remi, who also provides new mixes of two other songs to the upcoming album, and it sounds great. You can read more about You're The Man and pre-order it here.



Storied soul singer Lee Fields has shared a second single off his upcoming album It Rains Love (due 4/5 via Big Crown), "Will I Get Off Easy." As you'd expect from Lee, it sounds like the era of classic '60s/'70s soul that birthed him but totally fresh today too. The song comes with a live session video filmed at Diamond Mine in Queens, which really shows you how powerful a performer Lee still is after all these years.



R&B singer Khalid is planning to release a new album in April, and for its new single "Talk" he teamed with Disclosure, who co-wrote and produced the song. It's not everyday you hear Disclosure work on an R&B slow jam like this, but their rubbery synth style does wonders for it.



Diplo's Europa EP comes out February 22 via mad Decent, and today he shared a new song from it featuring fast-rising UK rapper Octavian (who was also just on a song with the "Mo Bamba" producers and won BBC Sound of 2019). Octavian is in more of a melodic, sing-song mode on this song, and it works well with Diplo's laid-back production.



Rising pop artist Kim Petras calls her three latest singles "the last songs of this era." They include "1, 2, 3 Dayz Up," her irresistible collaboration with SOPHIE, the more subdued "Homework," and '80s inspired power ballad "If U Think About Me..."



Atlanta garage punks The Coathangers accompanied their new protest song, "F the NRA," with an essay on The Talkhouse. "'F the NRA' was written out of anger with the escalating and persistent gun violence we saw last year," guitarist Julia Kugel writes, "and frustration with the current stranglehold that the National Rifle Association (NRA) and similar groups have on our political system."



Bridie Monds-Watson will release Grim Town, her new album as SOAK in April and here's a well-timed new single just in time for a certain holiday, though it's definitely on the lovelorn/jilted side. Birdie says the song is "the result of both giving into hallmark and being a dramatic bitch."



Japanese noise metallers Endon are releasing their new album Boy Meets Girl (recorded by Atsuo of Boris) on February 15 via Thrill Jockey, and the chaotic new single "Love Amnesia" is out now. Endon are also playing Tokyo with Converge and Neurosis the day after the album comes out, and then touring EU/UK with Sumac and Baptists.



All Your Sisters (aka Jordan Morrison) is releasing his new album Trust Ruins on April 12 via The Flenser, and lead single "Dividing Lines" is streaming now. He recorded it with Jack Shirley, who's best known for his work with Deafheaven and other rock bands, but All Your Sisters is rooted firmly in '80s goth, industrial, and synthpop. Talking about the new song, Jordan tells, "It has a lot to do with the 2016. There was a feeling of a dark cloud cast over the U.S. and it seemed to be growing larger every time I looked. Every other day there was either a black person murdered by the police, another mass shooting in public area or another horrifying act of some sort. Then came the presidential election. The results left me and so many friends with this feeling of helplessness while forcing the sense that lines have been drawn and I needed to pick a side. People leaning to the left felt betrayed and lost trust in the system. Dreams of a dystopian future with cities left in ruins were plentiful and all too close to reality. Part of me dealing with all this came out in the form of a song."



Upstate NY hardcore band Brick By Brick are releasing a new album, Hive Mentality, on February 22 via Upstate Records, and it features guest vocals from Tony Foresta (Iron Reagan, Municipal Waste), Jessica Pimentel (Alekhine’s Gun), and Vincent Bennett (The Acacia Strain). The song with Vincent Bennett is here now, and it's exactly the kind of chugging crusher you'd expect. You can catch Brick By Brick at Black & Blue Bowl.



Irish band Fontaines DC have just announced their debut album, Dogrel, which will be out April 12 via Partisan. They've just released a new single, too: "Big," which is all about dreaming of escaping your childhood confines. The video takes that idea and puts the words into the mouth of an actual child. Say the band, "“We felt that great ambition was a sickness, and we got Grian's 11 year next-door neighbor to say it to you all because he's got the presence of a hundred frontmen.” You can catch Fontaines DC on tour with IDLES later this year.



Glasgow's Honeyblood announced their third album, The Third Degree, due out May 24 via Marathon Artists, and shared its first single, the garage-y "The Third Degree." Stina Tweeddale worked with producer John Congleton on the album, and parted ways with drummer Cat Myers, previously the other half of the band. "I started writing this at home on my own," Stina says. "At first I felt like a bit of a loner. But once I got used to the cabin-fever, I couldn’t turn back."



The Love Language, who released Baby Grand last year, will be on the road soon opening for fellow Merge band Teenage Fanclub, and to celebrate the trek have released a new single. "For about a week or so last December, I tried to do a song-a-day exercise. Some were ok, some were really bad, but this one stood out," says frontman Stuart McLamb. "I’ve been listening to a lot of fuzzy pop/punk stuff (Exploding Hearts, Buzzcocks, Wire, Strokes, GBV, etc.), and this definitely came out of the feeling I get from those records. I wrote and recorded it to a drum machine track and sent it over to Kris Hilbert at Legitimate Business to track real drums on it with our drummer, Tom Simpson, then mix it all in the same day. I think that quick process helped give it a really immediate vibe that I love." "Bees" has a vibe Gob Bluth may also love, if only mistakenly.



"Black Sun" and "Harris" are two newly-surfaced b-sides from Lume's 2018 Equal Vision debut Wrung Out, and we premiered and wrote more about them here.

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