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Oso Oso's new album Basking In The Glow comes out August 16 via Triple Crown, and its new single is "Impossible Game," which adds a little Neil Young-ish twang into this band's emo-ish indie rock.



Strange Ranger's new album Remembering The Rockets comes out July 26 via Tiny Engines, and today they've shared the new single "Message To You." It's the only song on the album with lead vocals by keyboardist Fiona Woodman, and her hazy dream pop style puts a nice twist on Strange Ranger's sound.



Converge frontman J Bannon’s band Wear Your Wounds (which also includes members of The Red Chord, Cave In, Trap Them, and more) are releasing their sophomore album Rust on the Gates of Heaven this Friday (7/12) via Deathwish. One last single is out from the album ahead of the release, “Rainbow Fades,” which is a great example of album’s unique take on atmospheric post-metal.



Songwriter Caroline White is releasing a new album as Infinity Crush, Virtual Heaven, on August 9 via Joy Void, and she's shared a new single "misbehaving," which is gentle and yearning with confessional lyrics.



Norwegian black metal greats 1349 released the Dødskamp EP earlier this year, and now they're gearing up to release a new full-length album this fall. First, they'll put out a new 10" single with the new song "Through the Eyes of Stone" and a live recording of "Riders of the Apocalypse" from their 2003 debut album Liberation, recorded in Tokyo. "Through the Eyes of Stone" is out now, and it's a real bulldozer that's getting us excited for the new album. The 10" drops August 16th via Season of Mist and it will be available at their upcoming Florida shows with Cloak and at Psycho Las Vegas.



Lower Dens will release new album The Competition on September 6 via Ribbon Music. "Like a lot of queer and trans people, I've learned that real family is made, and it isn't necessarily blood," Jana Hunter says of the album's sleek new single. "Even my blood relatives, we work for that familial connection and trust. This song is about leaving behind obligations to people who don't love or care about you, being with and about people who do. It's a feeling so strong it's driving me. That's the driving I'm doing."



Dude York have shared another single from their upcoming Falling which is out at the end of the month. Dig into "Should've," a crunchy chunk of indie rock.



Russian feminist punk collective Pussy Riot accompanied their new song and video (which Nadya Tolokonnikova directed) with a series of guerilla actions in Russian forests, and letter from Nadya "to Putin and his cronies," that reads, "I want to talk about rivers of blood, black snow, toxic waste, and acid rain." It goes on to detail various environmental disasters befalling the country, and Putin's negligence in addressing them, which the song, letter and guerilla actions are in protest of. "The inhabitants of Kuzbass are forced to seek environmental asylum in Canada to escape intolerable living conditions, high rates of oncological illness, black snow, poisoned water, and the indifference of local government officials," Nadya's letter continues. "People in Kuzbass ask: 'How can you be a patriot of something or someone who won’t even notice how we live? How we breathe? What we drink?' Listen, this is just completely unacceptable."



Wu-Tang Clan member Ghostface Killah will release his next album, GhostfaceKillahs, in August. The new single is "Conditioning" which comes with a heist-themed video that plays out like an action-thriller where the perfect job goes far from perfectly.



Brooklyn duo The Brother Brothers teamed up with former tourmate Sarah Jarosz, as well as bassist Jeff Picker, for this live acoustic rendition of "Colorado," taken from The Brother Brothers' debut album Some People I Know. Their harmonies sound lovely here, being played around a dining room table for added folksy charm



Alt-pop trio Joseph are back with their first album in three years, Good Luck, Kid, due out September 13 via ATO Records. Upbeat, anthemic first single "Fighter" is, in part, about the struggle to make it through that period without breaking up the band. "This song came from a moment when everything fell apart," Natalie Schepman told Nylon, "and my sisters and I almost broke up our band, but we decided to stay and fight for it—to fight for each other. These are really challenging times, and I know I personally get tired from the weight of it all, but this song looks me in the eye and helps me out the door to stay present and keep fighting. It's also a celebration of those who ARE getting up and getting in the fight every day, in everyday ways. This is for them, and it's for all of us who woke up today and decided to keep trying." It's both a rallying cry and a celebration of the determination and angst that has pulled us all through these toxic times."



UK post-punk group Dry Cleaning will release their debut EP, Sweet Princess, in August and keeping with the Royal theme, the first single is about a Duchess.



Death Before Dishonor have shared another song off their first album in ten years, Unfinished Business. "True Defeat" is another killer taste of the new LP, with mosh-bait rhythms, shout-along gang vocals, the works. Listen at No Echo.



Year of the Knife have shared a song from the upcoming five-way Pure Noise Records split. Bassist Madi Watkins says, "'Sick Statistic' is one of our most personal songs to date. The weight of the lyrics are matched only by the intensity of it's instrumentation. Lyrically, it represents true hopelessness and the seemingly unbreakable patterns of self-destruction that accompany it."



This isn't exactly a song, but it teases several new ones of Blood Orange's new mix tape, Angel's Pulse, due out July 12. "I performed, produced and mixed the entire thing myself," Dev Hynes says. "I’m calling it a mixtape.
I have a habit through the years of making records that I just give to friends, or on tape to people on the street, or no one. Usually this material is made directly after the album I’ve just put out. Somewhat of an epilogue to the thing I’ve made before. This time.. I decided to release it. I put as much work and care into it as I do with the albums I’ve released, but for some reason trained myself into not releasing things the rate at which I make them. I’m older now though, and life is unpredictable and here you go mates."



Devourment have shared another single from their first album in six years, Obscene Majesty (due 8/16 via Relapse), and it's another slam-inducing dose of brutality.



Cleveland hardcore vets In Cold Blood (who have former members of Integrity) are releasing their new album, Legion of Angels, on August 23 via Fast Break! Records, and the first single is "No More Lies." "Musically, [it's] probably the most ambitious song on the record," guitarist/vocalist Blaze Tishko tells Revolver. "Drawing from At the Gates and Integrity, with a bridge that resembles something that is so off the wall I'm not even sure where it came from. When our producer and engineer Bill Korecky first heard it, he described the bridge as something that reminded him of William Wallace triumphing over bloodied bodies in a field in the hills of Scotland. The lyrics were inspired by an ex-friend who had spend the better part of his life lying to all of us about his intentions with our music." That bridge really is something, as you can hear for yourself right here:



Pharmakon will release her fourth album in August via Sacred Bones, and you can read more about the lead single here.



Country singer Michaela Anne's Yep Roc debut comes out in September, and you can read more about new single "Child of the Wind" here.


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