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Here's the second single for Reward, Cate Le Bon's first album for Mexican Summer. The video for "Home to You" was directed by by acclaimed filmmaker Phil Collins (and not the acclaimed Genesis drummer) and shot in collaboration with the residents of Lunik IX neighborhood of Košice (Eastern Slovakia) that is home to a large Roma community, a group who have been persecuted in increasingly right wing times. “In an age of discord, in which the politics of division and xenophobia — from Brexit to Trump — tears communities apart across nations and continents, it is crucial to stand in solidarity everywhere with those subjected to routine discrimination and denied a sense of belonging,” says Collins. “With its invocation of yearning, absence and loss, Cate’s hypnotic canon expresses this conviction with the lithe, acute awareness found in the best of critical pop, and speaks to its moment just like ‘Ghost Town’ or ‘Private Armies’ spoke to theirs.”



Foxygen have pilfered the '60s and '70s for riffs on previous album but with new single "Work" there is a distinct '80s vibe going on, between the heartland rock melody and the kitschy hard-working samples of clinks, clanks and pressure valves. It's pretty tongue-in-cheek, and pretty catchy too. New album Seeing Other People is out next week.



“It’s the leadoff track, kind of a Rosetta Stone, decoder ring, instruction manual to light the way,” says The Dream Syndicate's Steve Wynn of “The Way In" which opens new album These Times. “It’s all about clearing the decks, dusting off, fastening the spacesuit and bracing yourself for what might come next. It sounds like something we might have heard on the radio in 1981 when we were forming the band thinking, ‘Maybe we ought to sound like that.’”



Earth have shared a second single off their upcoming album Full Upon Her Burning Lips, and more so than the psychedelic lead single "Cats on the Briar," this one really sees them in evil doom territory.



Los Angeles-via-Toronto songwriter and composer Lydia Ainsworth releases her third album, Phantom Forest, on May 10. New single "Diamonds Cutting Diamonds" is aptly named, as its crystalline synths shimmer like jewels. "Lyrically," Lydia says, "I am singing about the entrance to Phantom Forest, and how one must draw from the innate feminine wild within to unlock obstacles along the path."



State Faults' 2013 sophomore album Resonate/Desperate immediately registered as one of the better modern screamo albums, but the band never got around to putting out a followup... until now, six years later. Their new LP Clairvoyant will be out on June 21 via No Sleep, and going by the 54-second lead single "Moon Sign Gemini," they sound even more furious than ever. "'Moon Sign Gemini' deals with the exploration of the self, the unlocking of past traumas and dealing with intrusive anxious thoughts," vocalist/guitarist Jonny Calvert-Andrew tells Revolver. "Trying to unravel who you are now and what made you how you are, and then contextualizing that within the uncertainty of the future."



Full of Hell have shared another in-your-face song off their anticipated new album Weeping Choir, and they say, "Silmaril is about the upheaval of forbidden knowledge. We enlisted Paulo Paguntalan, NYC's own purveyor of gore and death for additional vocal duties on this song. 'All goes onward and outward, all collapses'."



The Cranberries have shared the title track to their upcoming final album, due out April 26. It's a wistful ballad with slightly subdued vocals from the late Dolores O’Riordan, who tragically died in January of 2018.



UK artist Hannah Rodgers, aka Pixx, is releasing her sophomore album Small Mercies on June 7 via 4AD. About grungy new single "Bitch," she says, "I wrote this song in the cellar of my flat in South London; it happened very quickly. At the time I was feeling pent up and frustrated with myself and others. I was in the middle of reading The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan, finding it hard to digest and communicate. That’s why this song means a lot to me; it’s about accepting and forgiving yourself for struggling; not being too hard on yourself for getting stuck in your head, and finding the relief in waking up and getting out of your hole to show the world you’re a strong bitch."



Veteran New York rappers Erick Sermon (of EPMD), Raekwon, and Noreaga teamed up for this head-nodding throwback "My Style." Over a soul sample-driven beat by Boogeyman, the three veteran rappers do what they do best and sound great together.



Former Wax Idols leader Hether Fortune continues to release new solo singles; following "Sister" and "Forget the Night," she's shared "Birds of Prey," a haunting, atmospheric track unlike anything we've heard from her before.



Former Only Ones frontman Peter Perrett is having a nice second coming, sounding in very fine form on this new single "Once is Enough" from the forthcoming Humanworld. The video, meanwhile, was directed by Douglas Hart who some of you may know as the original bassist for The Jesus & Mary Chain.


SIMON BONNEY - "A Sweeter Kind of Pain"

Crime & The City Solution's Simon Bonney is releasing Past, Present, Future in a few weeks that collects tracks from his two '90s solo albums as well as unreleased songs from a third. Here's another of those never-before-heard songs, "A Sweeter Kind of Pain." There's a dark twangy vibe to this one which is amplified by its video featuring vintage footage of rodeos and cigarette commercials.



NYC-via-New Orleans singer-songwriter Erin Durant is releasing her sophomore album, Islands, on June 21 via Keeled Scales. On new single "Highway Blue," a harmonica adds a nice helping of twang to Erin's singing and piano playing.



"Punk fucking metal" trio Zig-Zags will release They'll Never Take Us Alive on May 10 and they've just released another ripper from it that someone should immediately set to some gnarly skate footage.



Last year, Australian electronic/experimental pop singer/producer Penelope Trappes released her album Penelope Two, and she's now gearing up to release an album of remixes of songs from that album, Penelope Redux, on June 7 via Houndstooth. It includes remixes by Mogwai, Cosey Fanni Tutti, and more, and you can hear the Mogwai remix now.



Detroit rapper Kash Doll released a six-minute "mini movie," which includes the new song "Hustla." "‘Kelly Chronicles’ is a story based on things I’ve seen in the real world strip club life, although thankfully it’s not my own experience. I wanted to show girls that it’s not all glitz and glamour. Sometimes women sacrifice their peace of mind, dignity and most importantly self-worth," Kash Doll says about the mini movie. "‘Kelly Chronicles’ will be an ongoing story. As a former dancer, I used to be in that world, and I want girls to know it’s not just what you see on social media. There are stories of missing girls with cases still open because of situations like these. With this mini movie series, I’m speaking on situations that come from living that lifestyle. There is a lot of peer pressure and you can easily get led in the wrong direction. I want to give these women a voice, and make sure these stories and cautionary tales are told."



Athens, Greece musician Stella Chronopoulou, aka Σtella, signed to Montreal label Arbutus with a new art pop-gone-disco single, "Samba." Stella co-directed the accompanying video with Isi Charbila, and she told Gorilla Vs Bear that it's "about two people coming closer. It celebrates how freeing it feels when all the pieces fit, sweet and easy."



Gothy L.A. duo Drab Majesty will release new album Modern Mirror on July 12 via Dias. The album features appearances by Jasamine White-Gluz (No Joy) and Justin Meldal-Johnson (NIN, Beck, M83, Air) and you can check out the toe-tappingly mopey single "Ellipsis" below...



Chris Staples is releasing his new album Holy Moly on June 28 via Barsuk, and the lead single is the gentle, melancholic ballad "Everybody Said."



Florida Man's sophomore LP will be out in May via Spartan Records, and we wrote more about the new Fugazi-esque single "Holy Roller" here.



"Stand Up" is the second single from CJ Ramone's upcoming solo album, which we wrote more about here.



Slowdive’s Rachel Goswell has announced The Soft Cavalry, which is a new duo she formed with her husband Steve Clarke. Check out the first single from their debut album.


Philly hardcore crew Fixation (featuring former and current members of The Dividing Line, New Heart, Drowse, and Time’s Up) signed to WAR Records (run by Strife’s Andrew Kline) last year, and now they’re set t release their Into The Pain EP on May 10. We wrote more about lead single "The Role" here.


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