Philadelphia band 2nd Grade will release their new album, Easy Listening, on September 30 via Double Double Whammy. Fans of Teenage Fanclub and The Posies will find a lot to like in their power-pop hooks and harmonies.

The band have just shared the fuzzy and sweet "Me & My Blue Angels." Says the band's Peter Gill (who also plays in Friendship), "I wrote 'Me & My Blue Angels' about my band, but really it goes out to anyone who you trust 100% to have your back when the shit hits the fan. As a kid I would go to the air show in Brunswick, Maine and be awed by the sights and sounds of stunt planes overhead performing dangerous aerial fugues in tight formation. The melody and overall composition here are meant to emulate the force, grace, grandiosity, and technical precision of the Blue Angels’ flight paths." Listen to that and "Strung Out on You" below.

2nd Grade's only current upcoming show is at Indianapolis' Hi-Fi on November 17 with Slaughter Beach, Dog.

2nd grade easy listening

Easy Listening:
1. Cover of Rolling Stone
2. Strung Out On You
3. Hung Up
4. Me And My Blue Angels
5. Wouldn't It Be Nice To Let It Be
6. Beat Of The Drum
7. Poet In Residence
8. Kramer In LA
9. Teenage Overpopulation
10. Hand Of The Brand
11. Which Itch Are You Scratching Today
12. Keith And Telecaster
13. Planetarium
14. Controlled Burn
15. Hands Down
16. Easy Listening

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