If you've spent any time on Instagram lately you've seen people's selfies turned into sparkly anime versions of themselves via the Meitu app (or 美图绣绣 to some). Maybe we were bored or just trying to think about something else for one minute today, but we thought it might be fun to put classic album covers through the Meitu app, data privacy be damned. It was fun! So here's a gallery of some of the ones we tried. Note: the app won't allow for multiple "humans" in one photo, sometimes it doesn't recognize faces at all (sorry David Bowie's Heroes), and it wants to crop everything into a trading card shaped frame, so aspect ratio and that sort of stuff goes out the window. So it goes. Among the albums Meitu-ized: Iggy Pop, Bowie, Bob Dylan, Adele, St. Vincent, Patti Smith, Aphex Twin, Dr. Dre, Morrissey, Ozzy Ozbourne... and we coudn't resist a picture of Mark E. Smith. Check out our creations in the gallery above.