The collaborative 37d03d (aka PEOPLE) Festival wrapped up its first NYC edition on Saturday (5/4) at Brooklyn's Pioneer Works. The brainchild of Justin Vernon of Bon Iver and Aaron and Bryce Dessner of The National, day two of the festival, like day one, found Justin and Aaron (Bryce couldn't be there because of scheduling issues) performing with other acts, particularly for Big Red Machine's set, which ended up as a big family affair. Kate Stables of This is the Kit (who performed backed by PEOPLE musicians earlier in the day, and who we recently saw sing with The National at Beacon Theatre) joined the band for a few songs, as did Eric D. Johnson (Fruit Bats) and Anais Mitchell (both of whom performed with Bonny Light Horseman on Friday). Lazarus and Mike Lewis (on saxophone) appeared for one song, and Living Colour's Vernon Reid played guitar for another, with Justin citing him as an influence. For the grand finale, Resistance Revival Chorus got the crowd singing as they added their voices to the band. See Big Red Machine's setlist, and video clips from their set, below.

Saturday also included two more sets from Resistance Revival Chorus: a short one on the floor to begin and the evening, and a longer one later on the festival's main stage. BRODER, Andrew Broder accompanied by Mike Lewis and JT Bates, came after RRC's first peformance, followed by Lazarus (who charmed the crowd with a solo set before joining Big Red Machine later in the night). Sinkane, Stuart Bogie (on saxophone), Andrew Broder, Greg Fox, Shahzad Ismaily and Michael Beharie played material from a "yet to be named" project next, followed by RRC's longer performance on the main stage. After that was This is the Kit, and then Trevor Hagen and Greg Fox doing a very physical set of distorted trumpet electronica.

Catch up on our 37d03d Festival coverage with pictures and video from night one, too. Aaron Dessner also made us a playlist of the weekend's artists.

Setlist: Big Red Machine @ 37d03d Festival at Pioneer Works, 5/4/2019
Deep Green (with Kate Stables)
Gratitude (with Kate Stables)
Air Stryp
Lyla (with Kate Stables)
Hymnostic (with Kate Stables, Bella Blasko, Eric D. Johnson, Anais Mitchell, Josh Kaufman)
I Won't Run From It (with Kate Stables, Bella Blasko, Eric D. Johnson, Anais Mitchell)
Easy to Sabotage
Misha (with Lazarus and Mike Lewis)
Forest Green
OMDB (with Vernon Reid)
People Lullaby (with Resistance Revival Chorus, Anais Mitchell, Eric D. Johnson, Kate Stables, Bella Blasko, Josh Kaufman)
Melt (with Resistance Revival Chorus, Anais Mitchell, Eric D. Johnson, Kate Stables, Bella Blasko)
This Joy (with Resistance Revival Chorus and "everyone")


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