2022 was an amazing year for hardcore, and we won't be surprised if 2023 is an even better one. We've put together a list of 38 hardcore releases we're anticipating this year, most of which are definite and a few that we're crossing our fingers for, and that's surely just the tip of the iceberg--there are bound to be so many great ones that we just haven't heard about yet. Read on for the list, in alphabetical order, and let us know what hardcore you're looking forward to this year.

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American Nightmare

American Nightmare finally ended a 15-year silence with their genuinely great self-titled album in 2018, and now they've got more new music on the way. They're (very strongly) teasing a new EP:


Anklebiter are gearing up to follow their great 2022 demo with a new EP, and it sounds like they're not fixing what ain't broke. "This new shit is definitely catchier, maybe more complex, but nothing that different," vocalist Rachael told For The Punks. "If you can tell the difference between the demo and the EP, I’ll give you my personal blu-ray copy of 8 Mile."

Big Laugh

due 2/10 via Revelation Records

Milwaukee hardcore band Big Laugh's debut album Consume Me arrives this year via the legendary Revelation Records. Lead single "Mask," which we named one of the best punk songs of December, shows off their knack for fusing Japanese-style punk with New York-style hardcore.


Buggin have been one of our favorite newer hardcore bands around for a while, and their new song "Attitude" from the new Flatspot Records compilation has us very excited for their eventual first full-length.


Louisiana metallic hardcore band Capra confirmed to Decibel that their sophomore LP is expected this year via Metal Blade, and they're tentatively eyeing a fall release. Guitarist Tyler Harper said they're "exploring new areas without sacrificing the sound that we're known for on our debut album." I think this one shows a heavier punk side of the band, while giving the vocals more time to shine."


Thrashy hardcore band Drain signed to Epitaph in 2021 and put out the great new single "Watch You Burn." 2022 came and went with no new album, but 2023 is feeling like the year, and our bodies are ready.

Drug Church

Drug Church's last two albums--2018's Cheer and 2021's Hygiene--are two of the best catchy hardcore albums in recent memory, and vocalist Patrick Kindlon said on Axe To Grind that they're "going for the hat trick," and expect to have a new single out soon.

Dying Wish

Portland metalcore band Dying Wish look to be planning a followup to their great 2021 debut LP Fragments of a Bitter Memory. "Ready to reach a new level. See you later this year," they said.


due 3/3 via Safe Inside

Here's a bittersweet one: the great Denver hardcore band FAIM say their sophomore album Your Life and Nothing Else will be their last. "Putting an end date on the band has allowed us to give 100% to this band in a specific time frame," vocalist Kat says.


Post-hardcore band Fiddlehead released one of our favorite albums of 2021, and they announced from the stage at their recent Asbury Park show that a new album is on the way.

Foreign Hands

To quote Knocked Loose's Isaac Hale, "This is THE metalcore band right now." We agree; their 2022 EP Bleed The Dream was one of the best releases of its kind last year, and the two-song single for SharpTone Records that followed was even better. The band's promising an "even crazier" 2023, which hopefully includes their next full-length.

Fucked Up

One Day is Fucked Up's first proper album in five years, and singles like "Found" and the title track find them doing what they do best.

Fuming Mouth

Massachusetts death metal-infused hardcore band Fuming Mouth finally returned to the stage after vocalist Mark Whelan was declared cancer free, and they also revealed on the HardLore podcast that they're in the studio with past collaborator Kurt Ballou of Converge. Whatever they're working on will be their first new music since their 2020 EP Beyond the Tomb, and it's coming out via Nuclear Blast.


NJ's Gel have been winning us over left and right with their 2021 EP Violent Closure, their 2022 split with Cold Brats, and their killer live show, and they're teasing more new music for this year too. Will we finally get a Gel full-length?

The HIRS Collective - We're Still Here

due 3/24 via Get Better

With guest appearances from members of My Chemical Romance, Thursday, Converge, Touche Amore, Garbage, Anti-Flag, Circa Survive, Paint It Black, Gouge Away, Thou, Screaming Females, Melt Banana, The Locust, La Dispute, Fucked Up, Full of Hell, and more, how could we not be anticipating the new HIRS album?


LIHC giants Incendiary haven't released a new album since 2017, which is an eternity in this fast-paced music world, but word on the street is that finally changes this year. We haven't heard a note of it, but our bodies are ready.


Initiate began recording LP at the tail-end of 2021, and they were quite for most of 2022, but they're promising a "busy year" in 2023 so hopefully that means we're finally getting the record.

Jesus Piece

With a new label home at Century Media and the great new single "An Offering to the Night" out now, it shouldn't be long before we get the details on heavy hardcore band Jesus Piece's sophomore LP.

Knocked Loose

Metallic hardcore greats Knocked Loose haven't released a full-length album since 2019's A Different Shade of Blue, but they showed off their continued evolution on their 2021 EP A Tear in the Fabric of Life and they've been talking about a new LP, which hopefully arrives this year.

Kruelty - Untopia

due 3/17 via Profound Lore

Japanese death metal-infused hardcore band Kruelty will follow their 2022 split with Terminal Nation with their sophomore full-length album, Untopia. It was produced by Taylor Young, and the first taste is the brutal lead single "Burn The System."


Just gonna leave this here:

A Mourning Star

Vancouver metalcore band A Mourning Star had a great 2022 that began with their debut EP To See Your Beauty Fade, continued with a split with Serration, and ended with their best song yet, "A World Beyond." That song's the lead single from their debut album, which is due this year via DAZE.

Militarie Gun

Militarie Gun signed to Loma Vista and released All Roads Lead to the Gun (Deluxe) last year, and when we had vocalist Ian Shelton on our podcast, he shed some light on the band's upcoming, as-yet-unannounced new album.

One Step Closer

Hardcore band One Step Closer got more melodic than ever on their new single "Dark Blue," and if that's a sign of what's to come, consider us very intrigued.

Pain of Truth

Long Island bone-crushers Pain of Truth have been on a steady rise, following a 2020 EP, a 2021 split with Age of Apocalypse, and tons of time on the road, and in late December they released a live album recorded at This Is Hardcore 2022 including the new song "Out of Our Hands," which they said is from their new record.

Paint It Black

Paint It Black have been talking about a followup to 2013's Invincible for a while, and at their first NYC show in 8 years this past fall, Dan Yemin told the crowd that a new album is recorded and ready to go.


Chicago's Porcupine make dark, chaotic hardcore somewhere in the ballpark of stuff like Converge and Portrayal of Guilt, and they've been winning us over with a string of EPs, splits, and singles, including 2021's The Sibyl and last year's split with Griphook. Will 2023 finally bring a full-length? Let's hope. (Update: In their Instagram stories, the band replied, "I'm thinking that's a possibility.")

Restraining Order

We've been patiently waiting for Restraining Order to put out a followup to their great 2019 debut LP This World Is Too Much, and then they dropped their killer new single "Fight Back" on Triple B Records this past fall, they said "there's more where this came from."


Santa Cruz hardcore band Scowl may have released their debut album How Flowers Grow in 2021, but 2022 was really their year. They toured constantly, played some truly iconic sets, and won over so many new people in the process. No concrete word on their next release but 2023 seems likely.


Metallic hardcore band Sentinel have the supergroup-worthy lineup of vocalist Ace Stallings (Mutually Assured Destruction), guitarists Mike Shaw (Mindforce, New World Man) and Jack Xiques (Age of Apocalypse, Colossus, Pillars of Ivory), bassist Evan Schlomann (Casket Architects), and drummer Will Hirst (Restraining Order), and they're ready to follow their rippin' 2021 debut EP with an LP this year.

Sex Prisoner

Tucson powerviolence band Sex Prisoner have been pretty quiet these last few years (two members took time off to release the debut album by their industrial project Realize on Relapse), but To Live A Lie Records confirmed that the band's first release since their 2017 split with Harm Done (which followed their beloved 2016 debut LP Tannhäuser Gate) is arriving this year.


Spaced's compilation Spaced Jams was one of our favorite hardcore releases of 2022, and it looks like they plan to keep the momentum going this year:


Since forming in 2020, Bay Area band Spy put out two great EPs (2020's Service Weapon and 2021's Habitual Offender), followed by a split with Maniac last year, and they've confirmed a full-length for 2023, which they call their "most collaborative yet."


St. Louis melodic hardcore band Squint arrived fully formed in 2022 with two of the best EPs of the year, Feel It and Wash Away, and they're kicking off 2023 with the promise of even more.


San Jose metallic hardcore band Sunami put out an awesome promo last year, in advance of their forthcoming debut full-length for Triple B/DAZE. We're still patiently waiting for the album, which hopefully gets an official release date in the next 12 months.

Strange Joy

Melodic hardcore band Strange Joy won us over with their 2022 Five Tracks EP (recommended if you like Title Fight, Drug Church, etc), and we're very excited to learn they've already got a new EP coming this year.

XL Life - The Boogie Down South

due 1/27 via Venn Records

UK band XL Life have garnered a few Turnstile comparisons, but undeniable singles like December's "Baby Steps" prove they've very much got their own vibe too. That and the other two tracks released from their debut LP The Boogie Down South have us very excited to hear more.

Zulu - A New Tomorrow

due 3/3 via Flatspot

Zulu are one of the most exciting newer hardcore bands around, and the lead single off their upcoming debut album is truly killer. Soul Glo's Pierce Jordan, Truth Cult's Paris Roberts, and Playytime’s Obioma Ugonna all appear on the LP, which you can pre-order on limited transparent yellow vinyl.



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