De Facto Enscripture is a new screamo collective made up of 39 musicians, and they've just released their debut album Sardonic Entropy Nexus, which features different vocalists on almost every track, including Jeremy Bolm (Touche Amore), Kathleen Stubelek (Circle Takes The Square), Seth Babb (Funeral Diner), Pierce Jordan (Soul Glo), Tom Schlatter (Hundreds of AU, You and I), Steph Maldonado (Lord Snow), Megan Cadena-Fernandez (Foxtails), Chloe June (Annakarina), Nina Palumbo (Indisposed), Amy Christine (Obra-skai), Eve Beeker (To Be Gentle), Logan Rivera (Gillian Carter), Edie Quinn (Coma Regalia), Justin Pallas (We Were Skeletons), David Norman (Our Future Is An Absolute Shadow), and more, and also features bass on all tracks by Tom Schlatter, drums and guitar on all tracks by Edie Quinn, and guitars by members of Hundreds of AU, Senza, Overo, Crowning, and more.

The album is out now on Middle-Man Records, with all proceeds benefitting mutual aid, and it's raw, underground, '90s-style screamo at its finest. Stream the whole thing and see an infographic with the full credits below...


De Factor Enscripture


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