Despite the attack on Tuesday afternoon that left eight dead on a bike path in lower Manhattan and that the NYPD are calling terrorism, the annual NYC Village Halloween parade went on as planned, though attendance was notably thinner. From The New York Times:

Two longtime parade workers stood watching the crowd near Houston Street in the West Village, feet away from two heavily armed police officers.

They had worked at the parade upward of a dozen years each, they said, and they agreed that while the performers were as exuberant as ever, the crowd of onlookers was somewhat thinner than in years past, and a bit muted. “It’s been quieter tonight, and there’s less of the general public showing up,” said Reneé Nicole Gray, one of the workers.

“It’s more of a tense environment, but we feel safe because of the police presence,” said Ms. Gray, who wore a candy corn crown and a black skirt trimmed with tinsel ghosts. “They know what they’re doing.”

Despite smaller attendance, there were still tons of people both in the parade and watching on Sixth Ave. Day of the Dead was a recurring theme from those who entered the parade, and we saw a lot topical costumes, including all things Trump-related, and there was no shortage of people dressed as Pennywise and Wonder Woman. Check out a gallery of pics from the 2017 Village Halloween Parade in the gallery above.


photos by Sachyn Mital

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