With coronavirus cancelling just about every concert, many musicians are taking to livestreamed performances instead. For musicians whose work translates well to acoustic guitar or piano, that's not too hard to quickly put together, but for metal and hardcore bands, it's a little harder. Thankfully, some heavy bands have been streaming full-band sets, and some of those sets have been archived for your rewatching pleasure. Here are five great ones from the past couple weeks that you can watch right now.

Code Orange @ Roxian Theatre - 3/14/20

This album release show for Underneath performed in an audience-free venue and shot by Hate5six, and it's basically a concert film. Code Orange went in as if they really were playing to an audience, and the music video-style clips that are spliced in with the performance make it even more of a spectacle and an experience that lends itself to watching the band on a screen.


Metallica @ Slane Castle - 6/8/19

This wasn't livestreamed, but Metallica launched Metallica Mondays yesterday, for which they'll stream a pro-shot concert in full every Monday. Metallica remain a tremendous live band, and this epically shot video -- which is full of classic songs -- has no trouble conveying that.

Here's the setlist and timestamps:

3:16 - Hardwired
6:58 - The Memory Remains
12:54 - Ride The Lightning
19:41 - Whiskey In The Jar
25:39 - The Unforgiven
34:27 - Now That We're Dead
42:02 - Moth Into Flame
50:41 - Sad But True
56:58 - Halo On Fire
1:07:22 - Rob & Kirk Doodle
1:09:56 - Bass Solo
1:13:27 - Frantic
1:19:30 - One
1:28:01 - Master of Puppets
1:38:56 - For Whom The Bell Tolls
1:43:26 - Creeping Death
1:51:05 - Seek & Destroy
2:02:00 - Spit Out The Bone
2:08:33 - Nothing Else Matters
2:15:00 - Enter Sandman w/ Frayed Ends of Sanity Outro


Huntsmen (w/ Bruce Lamont) @ Treehouse Records Studio - 3/20/20

Chicago prog/folk/doom band Huntsmen released their killer sophomore album Mandala of Fear on Prosthetic Records on March 13, and the following week they recorded a live-in-studio album release show in their hometown with local great Bruce Lamont joining them on sax for a portion of the set. As we wrote in our album review, Huntsmen could easily appeal not just to metalheads but also to fans of Yes or Pink Floyd or Jethro Tull, and that very much came across during this killer performance.


Year of the Knife @ Landmine Studios - 3/20/20

Delaware metalcore up and comers Year of the Knife (whose new Kurt Ballou-recorded debut full-length Internal Incarceration is due in May via Pure Noise) were supposed to open Code Orange's postponed tour, and like Code Orange, they took the opportunity to livestream a show shot by Hate5six. They did theirs live in studio at New Jersey's Landmine Studios, and even with no crowd, they were rocking out and vocalist Tyler Mullen was hopping around and getting in the camera person's face.


Two Minutes to Late Night @ various locations

Two Minutes to Late Night, the heavy metal talk show that tapes at Brooklyn metal club Saint Vitus, got together some of their talented friends to all team up on a heavy metal cover of Weird Al‘s Devo parody “Dare To Be Stupid” from their individual bedrooms, and they put it all together in a video that you can watch now. It’s got Two Minutes‘ Gwarsenio Hall, “Weird Al” Vira, and Kevin the Transformers Fan joined by Stephen Brodsky (Cave In, Mutoid Man, etc) and Ben Koller (Converge, Mutoid Man, etc), who are both in the Two Minutes house band, as well as special guests Ben Hutcherson (Khemmis, Glacial Tomb) and Mitch Wells (Thou). The whole thing looks like it was a blast to make and it’s fun to watch too. You’ve never heard Weird Al or Devo like this.


Not live music but in one last bit of related news, Saint Vitus Bar is doing a livestreamed interview series every night at 8 PM ET on Instagram. It began last night (3/23) with Russian Circles' Brian Cook (who also made us an isolation playlist) and tonight's (3/24) guests are Brian Audley and Brendan Garrone of Incendiary.


For more livestreams in all genres of music, we keep you up to date on what's happening here. For more live concert videos from over the years, head here. For more metal news, explore our 'Heavy Metal News' category and Invisible Oranges.

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