The holidays are upon us, and whether you’re feeling festive or not, musicians are climbing aboard the tinsel bandwagon with new songs for the season. We offer to you a week’s worth of them, nestled in one place, like gifts under a tree. We already posted dozens of new holiday songs this year so far. Here are more that came out this week.


Phoebe Bridgers has teamed with Fiona Apple and The National's Matt Berninger for a Trump-era update of Simon & Garfunkel's "7 O’Clock News/Silent Night." You can read more about it here.



Minneapolis alt-pop duo Now, Now returned in 2018 with Saved, their first album since 2012. They've shared a new single since then, and now they debut their "new Christmas classic," "Lonely Christmas." "This song came about because I always get really lonely and bummed out during the holidays," KC Dalager says. "I try every year to overcome that, so writing this song is another attempt to reclaim the magic of the season. I had the initial concept idea for this song two years ago while sitting in my car by myself listening to the Christmas station on the radio. The world around me was sparkling and cheerful but I couldn’t feel it. So I wanted us to capture that feeling and write a song for anyone else out there who may also be experiencing that. I always loved the freedom in Christmas music. Nothing is too much. Nothing is too far. Nothing is too joyous. Nothing is too desperate. I can openly plead with someone to not break my heart in the name of Christmas."



UK indie rockers The Big Moon have put their unique spin on the classic Christmas carol "Carol of the Bells," turning it into something that's almost a little psychedelic. "MERRY CHRISTMAS MOONERZ! Or, merry whatever is giving you hope and warmth and helping you get through these cold, dark days! We wanted to record you guys a wintry treat," they say.



Anders Trentemøller has shared his take on the holiday classic, “Silent Night.” “I have genuinely loved Christmas since I was a little boy,” he writes, “and I always wanted to do my own version of one of the great Christmas songs. I chose Silent Night as it has such a beautiful melody that, for me, sums up the whole vibe of Christmas. Originally it was a lullaby and since I became a dad, Silent Night made so much sense to me especially as it’s my girlfriend Lisbet Fritze who sings on it. On the cover it’s me with my mom one Christmas night many years ago. I hope you like my take on the song and may I wish you the very merriest of Christmases and the happiest of New Years and thank you so very much for letting me spend this Christmas with you.”



The songs are actually from Bad Religion's 2013 Christmas album, but this yule log video with frontman Greg Graffin is brand spankin' new.


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