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King Gizzard are making videos for every song on new album Butterfly 3000 and the latest, "Catching Smoke," is one of the most fun they've ever shared. Directed by Danny Cohen, it features the band going though a major metamorphosis. “Here's a clip that might feel like the past, or the future, maybe both, the present?” says Cohen. “It's set wherever you want it to be, whenever too, in a time that's everyone's. It's a story of a fleeting fleet, straying the course to inhabit their inner instinctual insect, I think. Or maybe it's precisely what it is, Sgt. Pepper's Bug's Life Matrix Band but more fun." The band's Stu Mackenzie adds, “Catching Smoke is about chasing the feeling that’s impossible to catch. You’ll never get your hands on it, but you’re gonna try anyway."



South Korean-born, LA-based artist 박혜진 Park Hye Jin has shared another song off her debut album Before I Die, and this one finds her going in a moody hip hop direction, with rapped verses in her native Korean.



Kevin Basko has been very busy, having released dozens of records as Rubber Band Gun over the last couple years. His latest, Cashes Out, will be out on November 2 via Earth Libraries, and features Foxygen's Jonathan Rado, The Lemon Twigs' D'Addario brothers and more. “This album was an attempt at making a Rubber Band Gun modern pop album, but we used all kinds of equipment used for making more sample-based music and then ran that stuff back to the tape machine in new ways,” Basko says. “It was all recorded out of the box and some of the sounds we got on this record were completely new to my discography.” "My Time" sounds like a late-'70s pop record.



Texas singer-songwriter Alex Montenegro releases her debut album as Skirts, Great Big Wild Oak, on Friday (7/30) via Double Double Whammy. The latest single is "Swim," which Alex says is "a song that took many times to record because it never felt right until the last time. It is a special song to me and I needed it to feel a certain way. It reminds me of watching a page ripped out of a journal, folded into a paper boat and placed into a river, float away."



“Songs are like cats—sometimes they just pick you," says Duszynski of their new single. "Emily and I first heard 'Going Out' while we were playing at a record store in Austin a few years ago. I went to the counter to ask who it was, and the album (Dinner’s Three EPs) is still in rotation at our home/studio. We couldn't resist making our own version because it always cheers us up. Who doesn't need that right now?"



‘Punk Professor,’ journalist, author and all-around cool person Vivien Goldman, whose classic debut single "Launderette" turns 40 this year, is finally releasing her debut album. It's titled Next is Now, was produced by Youth of Killing Joke (who most recently worked on U-Roy's great final album), and will be out August 20 via Youth Sounds / Cadiz Entertainment. New single "Saturday Afternoon" features an edit by dub reggae icon Dennis Bovell.



"'ET (Densha)' is our soundscape for the world we currently live in," the band says. "Darkness and light, chaos and harmony, intensity and ease - they seem to be black and white, but are they really? Where are we going? Take the ET (electric train) and let the journey begin." Buffalo Daughter's first album in seven years is out in September.


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