Formed in the early '70s in NYC's outer boroughs, Pandora made glammy hard rock, with one boot in metal and the other in the protopunk of the New York Dolls, with a dollop of Bowie in between. The band broke up shortly after recording their debut album, engineered by Joe Battaglia (Granicus), which was never released, and guitarist Martin Butler went on to form The Demons, while other members went on to play with Tom Petty and Bryan Adams. Their album, Space Amazon, was unearthed in the '90s and released on CD by Erik Lindgren's Arf! Arf! Records.

Twenty some years later, Space Amazon is finally coming out in the format it would've if it had been released when it was made, getting a vinyl reissue via Canadian label Supreme Echo and available from Outer Battery in America (pre-order). The 10 track LP was remastered for vinyl by Audu Obaje, and the reissue comes with a bonus 7" and a detailed 16-page booklet. You can listen to Space Amazon's awesome, wild eight-minute title track and the very NYC-protopunk "Crack Your Skull" below.

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