We were recently looking back at 7Seconds' 1984 classic The Crew and were bummed to realize it's not on streaming services, so it's good news that that's one of three classic BYO Records albums set to be reissued and added to streaming in 2021 by the new Trust Records, whose first reissue will be the deluxe Circle Jerks 40th anniversary of Group Sex.

The label -- launched by Matt Pincus (Judge, Some Records) and Joe Nelson -- will also be giving the reissue / streaming treatment to Youth Brigade's 1982 debut album Sound & Fury and Agression's 1983 album Don't Be Mistaken, with more to come.

"Matt came to realize through Know Your Rights [a non profit music publishing company for '80s-era hardcore artists] that there was a real chance we would lose some of the great punk and hardcore albums as label owners and artists started to die off," Joe told No Echo. "So, from that we formed Trust Records to try and ensure that never happens."

No Echo also asked, "For someone reading this who doesn’t understand why so many pivotal hardcore/punk releases aren’t up on the streaming services, how would you explain it in simple terms?," and Joe replied, "This exact question is why Matt and I started this label. Some of the reasons are political, some are just basic neglect, and some are just because of internal fighting over a bands digital rights. You have to understand that all of this music we are championing was created where there was no thought ever regarding digital streaming."

Stay tuned for more info on the 7Seconds, Youth Brigade, and Aggression reissues, and more from Trust Records. The Circle Jerks reissue is up for pre-order now. Read more about it here.


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